Feb 2nd, 2013

The Nintendo-published LEGO City Undercover is set for release next month, and we’ve got half a dozen of new screenshots. It’s a sandbox-style action-adventure game set in the LEGO universe. LEGO City Undercover was recently featured in our Top 10 upcoming Wii U games of 2013. The game will be released on March 18, exclusively on the Wii U.

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  • This game keeps looking better and better. 

  • tooby77

    dont know if i or my 7 y is the most exited about this game 🙂

  • Zelly Jeffers


    Gimme gimme gimme! Gimme now! I want this game yesterday.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Who’s getting the mini figure edition? Also will you be getting the Lego City playset that has the bonus missions code? I’m getting the mini figure but not decided on the playset.

  • I have it on preorder right now. I can’t wait until next month! I’ll also be getting the “High speed chase” building set to get the code to unlock the garage (which gives you the “garage” in-game super build for free!

  • Rye Rugovac

    I know this is extremely random…
    but what happened to Troll Patrol and Nintedward?

    • Lol.  Exactly..  Only a few “originals” left!

      • LukeBlackburn

        who are the originals and nintendward is on my nintendo news

        • Laud

          I’m an original. 🙂

          • Destructonator 101

            Me too. I only changed my awesome name. Went from Master Awesomeness to Master of Awesomeness, to Destructonator 101. Originals forever  😀

          • TheLast

            I’ve been here since before the redesign, but under many different names.

          • Destructonator 101

            Many people have. Like me!

        • Linskarmo

           Depends on what you define as original, but I’ve been here for a while now (under multiple aliases.)

    • tooby77

      Iam still here, since aug -12. Changed pic due ppl got offended by a bleeding face. I miss those guys

      • popotiticaca

        i was here since the very begining i am the guy who somthimes writen on posts the word  bacon

    • Kaleb Taylor

      They went to MyNintendoNews.

  • Graphics wise – 

    It looks amazing for a lego game! The ground is incredibly detailed and the characters look detailed also, though the polygon count is a bit mixed but overall its looking great! 

    Gameplay wise –

    Well its GTA with Lego… I already love it 

  • Destructonator 101

    Can we get some news about something we haven’t known or heard before? The only worthwhile news since the Nintendo Direct was PS news about Feb 20, a highly possible PS4 announcement.

    If only Nintendo did something like give a screenshot or info about upcoming games once a week. Yeah silly idea, but at least it would mean they don’t go quiet for months and then satisfy us with news.

    I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud…

  • tooby77

    Of topic i know. But is 10 games + eshop games to much for just owned wii u since 30/11-12? And a few more pre ordered? How many games do u own

    • 6 games on disc and 3 eshop games…. plan on preordering atleast 5 more too….man i need more money…

      • Destructonator 101

        I am just buying essential 1st party games. And some others like Me3 (which I have), then NFS MW when it comes out, Project cars and some more unannounced games.

    • diqus sucks

      1 -.- had black ops 2 and traded it for AC3 since my wifi wouldnt let me play online and now its fixed…and dont have black ops anymore. im such an idiot getting AC3

    • AKT4

      If you have the time to play them, and the money to buy them of course, then why not. Though I think there aren’t that many good games to play at the moment. I have 4 games + 4 eShop games at the moment. Will probably end up buying a lot of games during the year though.

  • Linskarmo

    This game is looking great!