Aug 20th, 2014

[Note: As always, I preface rumor articles with a quick note that none of this information is verified. It should all be taken with a grain of salt until we have official confirmation from Nintendo about the final Super Smash Bros. roster.]

Smashboards has always been a hive of activity for Super Smash Bros. fans, but now several leaks have come forth with supposed new information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While the leaked screenshots only showcase the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, the information that was leaked applies to both. Here’s the text of the leak:

So I got more info…
Unless my friend is pulling my leg, there’s some pretty crazy crap left to be revealed.

-Snake, Lucas, Ice Climbers (Why), and Wolf are cut
-Doctor Mario is back as a clone
-Dark Pit is a newcomer as a clone
-Each character gets 8 alternate costumes, whether they be pallet swaps or new costumes.
-Alph appears as 4 of Olimar’s costumes, while the other 4 are Olimar’s.
-Shulk will be playable with Gaur Plains as his stage, his neutral B changes his Monado mode which essentially makes him dish more damage and take more, or do less damage, and take less.
-Bowser Jr appears as a new comer and allegedly fights from a mario kart… has no alt colors, but instead has the 7 koopalings as alts.
-Duck Hunt is in… from what I’ve been told it’s the duck hunt dog fighting with ducks on his back who assist for certain attacks…

*Edit more info
-Shulk has like 5 different mode swaps
-Bowser Jr rides in a koopa kart that attacks with cannon balls and boxing gloves and stuff that eject from the clowns mouth.

note* The kart sounds more like the koopa clown car to me as I read it.

Now I’m not even sure from this stuff so take it with a grain of salt, but my friend recently quit as a tester due to family reasons, so if he decided he no longer cares what leaks, I could see why he’d tell me.
He was also unclear to me as to if that is the rest of the roster so also be wary.

Of course this is a huge case of hearsay since it’s a “my friend said this”, but a few screenshots from three different leakers were provided as well. Here’s a quick look at them:


There are some head scratchers here that lead us to wonder if any of this is true, mainly because of the positioning of some of the characters. Shulk looks like he has the same positioning as Little Mac and has been photoshopped to look like Shulk. Additionally, Yoshi looks a bit weird in his positioning.

In the first screenshot you’ll see.. the Duck Hunt Dog? It’s long been a running joke that the dog from Duck Hunt would be included in a Super Smash Bros. game, which seems sort of fishy. Either way, it’s interesting to see so many rumors surrounding an upcoming game, especially when some parts of the supposed leaks have turned out to be true. Meta Knight is back!

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  • Mariofan3110

    Edit: its confirmed fake

  • Trirulian

    I don’t care if it’s fake I want shulk to b there!!!

  • Kobe

    was this leaked before the meta knight reveal?

  • CEObrainz

    Of course Meta Knight would make it back, he’s under the Sakurai Seal of Protection. I do hope Ice Climbers aren’t cut as I liked using them, however I’m interested in the possiblity of every character having 8 skins.

  • Bowser Jr. Fights from a Go-Kart? No. That discredited this whole thing. Along with many other things

    Edit: Koopa kart is more believable, bit still, just too many crazy things for them all to be correct

    • Yeah, the outlandishness of some of the claims does seem to strain the author’s credibility quite a bit.

      • “It was my friend, dude! He works for Nintendo!”

        Yeah, okay

        • Alyssa Browne

          I mean I’m sure the people that work for Nintendo have friends and he could be one of them it’s not impossible I’m sure they have some english /american friends 🙂 I’m just glad ness isn’t getting cutt lol

    • TheGamenerd5

      It would make some sence if bowser Jr only used his kart as an stack like wario used his bike

      • TheGamenerd5

        Atack sorry atuo correct messed it up

        • s’all good. I agree. An attack, sure. But driving a kart around? Uh uh

          • Zach Cruz

            I agree especially since bowser jr isnt even in mario kart 8… why put him in a kart…

          • Jesse Ren Saario

            Its Sakurai. He could make it happen.

          • spineripper23

            he can make it happen. But i wonder if he wants…

      • Sean Newman

        however it wouldnt make much sense considering he wasn’t included in mario kart 8

      • Koopaman5

        I think the article meant his clown car from New super Mario bros U and other various Mario titles, this would make sense.

    • Darrell Schreiner

      You obviously just stopped tea finding and commented BJfights from the Junior Clown ar

    • poophead

      Not to mention the screenshots are taken in a way where they would never be. The pictures are pretty convincing but if these are pictures of Smash Bros. for the 3ds, wouldn’t there be like, a 3ds? Y’know where there are borders between the screens.

  • Ducked

    This rumor just seems to be false. Too many gaps. Although I’d love to see Shulk.

  • Nathan C.

    There’s NO WAY Sakurai is going to add two more Mario reps. There’s NO WAY.

    • Nathan C.

      Also, Sakurai deconfirmed DLC a long time ago.

      • Kobe

        He said he might do dlc after the game releases

  • Jeffery02

    I’d love to see Shulk as free DLC to promote Xenoblade Chronicles X when it releases. Maybe even as a temporary code code for buying or pre-ordering XCX. Then maybe it can become publicly available for free a couple months after.

    • James Miller I

      That is a great idea forreal…I like the preordering XCX the best

  • mar laguna

    Give us Shulk please

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Dark Pit isn’t on the character select screen.

    • Colin Kells-Murphy

      If you look at where Lucina is at the bottom right corner, he is next to her on the left

    • Arkamarky

      He is, he’s in the same row as Ness

  • Ian Settlemyer

    It looks very much like a fake, but it’s very certain that Shulk will be in.

  • URTV

    Most suspicious. I would discard these fanciful guesses (which is what they are) and wait for an official announcement. I hate liars.

  • Rinslowe

    Well it is gaming news. Even when it comes from the horses mouth it is unverifiable.

  • Colin Kells-Murphy

    These pictures look believable for some odd reason. The character models look as if they belong with the game, with each of these supposed returning characters getting new character portraits (minus Mr. Game & Watch maybe). Plus, there was that Gematsu guy (whose predictions are now false, but got most of them down) that predicted outlandish characters like the Wii Fit trainer, so for those who think this is outlandish, who knows. With Sakurai focusing more on unique game play, I would imagine some of the characters like Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt dog being outlandish and wacky possibly making some sense. And about the Ice Climbers, Sakurai did say he had difficulty programming the ice climbers into the game, so maybe he would come out as dlc if they were to come back?
    In terms of the characters unannounced shown here that I could be looking forward to, I would be stoked if Mr. Game & Watch is indeed returning (good chance thanks to the Pac-Man trailer) as I loved playing as him in brawl, alongside Sonic, Yoshi, Lucario, and Marth. I have not played an xenoblade game (looking forward to xenoblade chronicles x though), yet I am looking forward to trying shulk out.

    But maybe this is Photoshoped, or perhaps these are nothing more than fake. I am unsure and I’ll remain slightly unsure until the game comes out. And speaking of unsure, if these are indeed fake, hope Bowser Jr. is not in the game. Him in a go kart would be freaking awkward and would be a completely casual character. My brother would probably squeal if Dr. Mario came back as my brother loved to play as him, but Sakurai has been known to not bring characters back into a future installment once they have been cut. The duck hunt dog seems to make slightly sense as he is just iconic enough to possibly work as a character, but seems like kinda out fetched because the gameplay style is a tad too unique, possibly similar to the supposed chorus kids. But as I said before, if someone could predict outlandish characters and got most of them down, maybe this could be right.

    Therefore, I remain neutral on these leaks. While some characters (like Shulk, game & watch, dr. Mario, etc.) are good additions, some do in fact seem a little out of place (bowser jr. cough cough) I want to see some of your guys’ views as replies. I am sure I might not be the only one who might believe into this.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      “Sakurai has been known to not bring characters back into a future installment once they have been cut.”

      Are you serious? Why do people keep making this argument? It’s one of the dumbest arguments anyone makes about a returning cut character. I’ll show you why.

      Smash 64 -> Melee: No cuts

      Melee -> Brawl: Cuts, but no cut characters can return as no one was cut from 64 to Melee.

      Brawl -> Smash 4: For the first time in the franchise’s history there are characters who were cut in previous games. This is the first opportunity that the franchise has had to potentially bring back a cut character.

      Don’t you see the problem with your argument? There has never been a chance for a cut character to return until Smash 4, because the only game that had any cuts was Brawl, the most recently released Smash game. How can you claim Sakurai is known to not bring back cut characters when that literally hasn’t even been possible?

      • Colin Kells-Murphy

        ok good point. in that case, you won in that point. I didn’t really proof read that section, but what I should have said is that he did not appear in brawl and that since he had been expanding alternate costumes, perhaps he would have put him in as an alternate costume. Regardless of that, I stand by my other points

    • Prid

      I tried searching for that Duck Hunt 3D model on the internet, and it didn’t show up at all, and as u said, the new models fit perfectly with the game’s design, so either these images are really from beta test OR someone’s got way too much free time on their hands to make those fake models for an allegedly false leak… Also, you can see that these are pictures taken by a camera by those “pixels” effect, so photoshopping something like that including fake 3D models would require an insame amount of skill and free time. Lastly, the so-called “friend” claims to be a BETA tester, meaning that he probably got hands on the BETA version, which could be stripped of some features, including characters, meaning that this might still not be the final roster. Why would Sakurai risk beta testers potentially leaking game info, anyways?

      • Colin Kells-Murphy

        That is a good point. And as you said, some features may be stripped down. One of the features that was spotted was that the names of the characters were not displayed on the top screen like they were in the E3 build. This would mean that a lot had changed since then and thus this would be entirely possible to have some slight changes.
        Another possible theory is that the 3ds shown could have been one being tested out by the ESRB as if you look at the player names, one of them is ESRB0063 (couldn’t tell if that was a 8 or a 6 due to the slight fuzziness of the image on this page) implying that maybe the friend worked for the ESRB and is testing the game for them.
        But then again, the details are not that specific as to what the friend does, so who knows

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    I could see the Duck Hunt dog as an assist but I don’t see how he would fit in the game. Seems like Nintendo fans REALLY want Shulk. But unless Ice Climbers are getting a new game, which frankly I’d be slightly curious to play, I think they won’t make the cut and there is no reason to assume Snake is coming back since The Phantom Pain ain’t coming to Wii U (which suuuuuuuuuuuuucks – not the Wii U but the fact that MGS5 won’t be on it). Still holding out hope for Wreck It Ralph though! (I know it won’t happen but COME ON!) Also I prefer the term Pittoo even if he doesn’t. Seriously, I loved Uprising!

    • FatMasterBass

      “But unless Ice Climbers are getting a new game, which frankly I’d be slightly curious to play, I think they won’t make the cut”
      Son let me lay some knowledge on you: Nintendo does not call the Smash Bros. shots. Sakurai does.
      Sakurai does not care about promotion or games, he doesn’t care how recently or how long ago a character was relevant, all he cares about is whether they’d make the game fun, and there’s no reason he’d cut a character due to irrelevancy.
      In fact the only character with unique gameplay we’ve seen cut in this series was Mewtwo. The other Melee cuts were all clones, so expecting unique characters to be cut from Brawl is nonsense. Not that there isn’t a chance of it happening, but the possibility is nigh-nonexistent.

    • Teddy

      So you think the Ice Climbers and Snake aren’t coming back, yet you want freakin’ Wreck-It Ralph in? Just….. no.

  • Johny

    Shulk sounded nice until i read “5 different mode swaps” yeaaah.. no

  • Nick Petlock

    Anyone else notice R.O.B. and Ganondorf in the images?

    • Zach Cruz

      I noticed those as well. I guess if he didnt mention a cut then that means theyre back in?

  • Ian Settlemyer

    I’d say all the characters from Brawl will return, and I’m sure that they’ll put in Balloon Kid’s Alice, King K. Rool, Isaac, and Shulk.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      You’d be wrong. Samurai’s already said he won’t be able to bring back all the characters.

      • Seth S. Scott

        you mean Sakurai?

        • Kevin James McAllister

          I said what I said. And I can’t recall if that was a typo, an intentional decision, or autocorrect rearing its ugly head. Either way, I stand by it.

      • Ian Settlemyer

        The Pokemon Trainer won’t return, and maybe neither will Ivysaur and Squirtle.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Looking at the selection screen compared to the E3 build tells me its definitely fake

  • psirockin123

    The picture from leaker 1 has a problem that make me sure that it is fake. One the fire Emblem characters are not grouped together. I know this is still an early build but I’m sure nintendo would group them together. Leaker 2’s picture confuses me because there are more than 4 characters on the top. I could see this being a scrolling banner though. Leaker 3’s picture actually looks real to me.

    • Merry_Blind

      Hum… actually, the Fire Emblem characters ARE grouped together. Marth, Ike, and the blond guy/girl are grouped together. Lucina is in the bottom right corner, yes, but she’s besides Dark Pit and Dr. Mario, and all 3 are somewhat clones, so it kinda makes sense that they are grouped together.

  • Alex

    There is too many crazy thing’s mentioned in the leak, i doubt it’s true. Either way I always wait for official confirmations from Nintendo, that way I wont hype myself up and then be disappointed about some unrealistic expectations x).

  • Milky Bacons

    …Who’s shulk?

    • James Miller I

      :(( …Reference Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii amazing game of the best jrpg I have ever played…..while you at it check out Last story and Pandora’s Tower both for the Wii

      • Dallas Gooch

        Don’t worry bud. I’m hoping for Shulk too. Shulk or Dunban. Speaking of, I really need to finish Xenoblade chronicles.

        • James Miller I

          Well according to Target Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released on 5-31-2015 .Walmart says 03/31/2015 … That possibly is just a filler date ,but gives some hope of an early 2015 release

          • Dallas Gooch

            I hope its that close. I don’t wanna have to wait for fall again for another game I’ve been excited for…

      • Milky Bacons

        I’ve seen Xenoblade before, it doesn’t look that fun to me, but I never gave it a chance, so… I’ll consider it.

        • James Miller I

          Well if you like the JRPG genre you will enjoy it…I clocked in over 100 plus hours easily

  • John Smith

    Ok, i have a wii u….
    i was looking to get another console but i’m not sure which one…
    should i get a $500 pc, xbox one or ps4?

    • Get a $600 PC built from scratch I’d say, if you want Third Party games, PCs your best choice.

    • Merry_Blind

      If you do get a PC, you should invest more than 500$. 750$ is what I’d consider the sweet spot between affordability and performance, for a built-form-scratch PC that is, not pre-built at Best-Buy.
      The thing with PCs, is that it can do a lot more than, say, a PS4, so that’s why you have to pay more to get the same performance as a PS4; you can do more with it.

      So sure, you might think, “damn 750$ is a lot of money compared to a 400$ PS4”, but I’m pretty sure you need a PC anyway for other things than gaming, and a crappy PC + a PS4 will cost you 750$ or more. A good 750$ PC will do PC stuff better than a crappy PC AND will do gaming stuff better than a PS4.

      Otherwise, PS4 is the second best choice for multiplatform games. However don’t forget to look at exclusives. If you’re a big fan of Halo for example, the Halo collection coming out soon might make the X1 more appealing to you.

      I have a PC/Wii U combo myself.

      • John Smith

        I am OBSESSED with call of duty.

        • Merry_Blind

          Good for you I guess…

          • John Smith


          • John Smith

            I’ll build a pc but does $750 include mouse, keyboard, monitor etc.?

          • Merry_Blind

            Nope, but surely you have an old mouse and keyboard lying around?

          • John Smith

            yea but no hdmonitor…

        • FatMasterBass

          You should really branch off from generic trendy bandwagon games and play some real games. CoD is pretty much garbage.

          • John Smith

            Any suggestions?

          • i’mllumiinati

            Halo, Crysis, Max Payne 3, KIllzone, Titanfall, Gears of War, Tom Clancy, Bioshock, Hitman Absolution, Payday 2 , Red Dead Redemption, Wolfenstein, Farcry 3 and GoldenEye 007. Just a few of my all time favorite shooters.

          • FatMasterBass

            Countless. If you’re “obsessed” with COD I’ll assume you’re a fan of shooters, so look into Lost Planet 2, Warhawk, Starhawk, Planetside 2, Vanquish, Borderlands, pretty much anything with some real style and creativity that doesn’t just try to mimic the military and reality.

    • Mariofan3110

      Get a pc 😛

    • 00EpicGamer00

      It depends, are you wanting to play 1st party games from Sony or Microsoft? If so, get a PS4 or Xbox One (whichever has the games you’re most interested in). If you have a Wii U for 1st party and all you want is 3rd party games that the Wii U won’t get, than get a PC. Why a PC? Well, because you can do more things with a PC than with a regular console.

      Really, if you only want a console to just play games on, nothing else, than I think PS4 or Xbox One is your choice. If you want a console to play games, do research, download programs, and countless other things, than PC is your choice.

  • James Miller I

    Bottom Line: Once Shulk is announced I am sold!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zach Cruz

    according to the picture ganondorf is also back..

  • TheBrainJemin

    The only reason I want this to be true is Duck Hunt Dog. I want to spam that laugh so much.

    But other than that, I think this is a fake. Maybe.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    All that needs to be said

  • PS4WiiURocks


  • HotShotGamer13

    This leak just seems too unrealistic to me.

  • Wait…. You can now fight as the Duck Hunt Dog in the new SSB game?

  • yugatsuj

    I hope the duck hunt dog is in it…i have wanted to beat the smoking fire outta that little f*****er for my entire life

    • chris

      Him and his stupid snickering. Even putting the gun up to the screen and firing wasn’t satisfying.

      • yugatsuj

        What would really mess me up for life is if he really is in the game and he is OPx3

  • yugatsuj
  • Gammalad

    Wii U Daily:Where Our Forums is More Accurate Than We Are.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    This is soo fake, where is ridley!!!

  • Hoping this is real

  • ShortyStock

    I really want to believe this leak. But on the first picture, does the dog’s symbol have much better quality than the other 2, or is that just me?

    • It might just be you

    • Merry_Blind

      Just you.

  • Seth S. Scott

    There is no Mii Fighter in the character select screen…….FAKE

    • ShortyStock

      I don’t know how I didn’t notice that. But Sakurai said no miis online and it looks like the selection screen is for smash run. So it still might be real.

  • the_battery

    I really don’t care who makes it, as long as Shulk does.

  • ShortyStock

    I wonder what GameXplain will have to say about this.


  • greengecko007

    Looks bogus to me. That stage selection screen looks awful. As for the characters, I don’t see Snake coming back, let alone as a DLC character. The Bowser Jr. character sounds too far’fetched too.

  • David

    Wasn’t Wario leaked by mistake on the e-shop? Why isn’t he mentioned?

  • MetroidZero


  • Dr.Blackjack221

    Your friend is full of it for several reasons:
    1. Why would Sakurai BRING BACK clones or add in ANOTHER needless one instead of a skin. I thought the goal was to move away from them… LUCINA!
    2. I don’t see a reason for Ice Climbers, of all characters, to be cut.
    3. Bowser Jr in a kart or Koopa Car instead of with the Paintbrush, among the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard, in my opinion.

    • guest

      While I really place no belief in this leak at all, and personally hope Ice Climbers are still in, it would make sense (sorta). They have pulled/separated all “Character with more than one character,” so I could see them following suit with the Ice Climbers. Granted, Ice Climbers is totally different then Samus/Zero Suit, Zelda/Shiek, and Pokemon Trainer in that it’s a “CPU” not another character you play. I hope they are still in, but I could see there being logical reasons for them not to be.

      • Sam

        Rosalina and Luma? Olimar and Pikmin? XD

        • guest

          Hm, I hadn’t though of those. Luma and Rosalina, from what I can tell, are more just one character and the Luma is used in attacks. So I’m not sure you could count them as “two fighters in one.” Pikmin and Olimar are in a similar boat, where the attacks use the Pikmin. To clarify the difference, Ice climbers uses a separate fighter entirely that fights with you.This fighter can get separated from you, sometimes fight on it’s own, and even die permanently. From a balancing in perspective, ice climbers add way too many variables.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      “Bowser Jr in a kart or Koopa Car instead of with the Paintbrush, among the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard.”

      I know right? When I saw “Bowser Jr” I got all excited. But when it started explaining his “fight style” I was like “wtf is this crap!?” Assuming that this “leak” is true, I think maybe the Koopa Car or Kart is his final smash. And he has melee attacks, similar to Bowser’s or fights with the Paintbrush.

  • majora :D

    Fake as f***, but if Ice Climbers are out and Shulk is in it would be awesome

  • Guest

    I feel like this add quite a bit of credibility. This scan just came out today while the leak last night shows a similar stage.

  • Magnapinna

    Wouldn’t these images help validate the leak? The scan was just released but the leak shows something incredibly similar.

    EDIT *Already posted. too slow

    • ShortyStock

      Sorry but… what are the red rectangles trying to point out?

      • Merry_Blind

        Top Right rectangle is on the leak image featured in this article, Bottom Right rectangle is on a legit Famutsu page. So that would land some credibility to the leaks mentioned in this article since the leaked image has legit stuff in it.

        • Luke Todd

          I doubt it. That person could have easily screen capped one of the images and pasted it into the other frame onto the supposed ‘leak’. Play around with the lighting and bam.

          • Shawn Bronald

            The magazine was released *after* the leak.

          • Magnapinna

            Yeah, the scan came out after the leaks did

          • Merry_Blind

            I’m just explaining to ShortyStock what the red rectangles are for.
            And anyway the screen was after the leak, so no what you say doesn’t work.

    • What does that first picture have to do with the new characters?

      • Magnapinna

        The first image is the Famitsu scan that was relased today that contains the stage that looks similar to one seen last night in the leak

        • FatMasterBass

          The Tomadachi stage was revealed before these leaks, son.

          • Magnapinna

            Yes it was, but its a bit much of a coincidence for the leaks to have a room that looks incredibly similar to the famitsu one

  • AM Real

    Sigh…Clones though? Really? I thought that was the one constant in the smash community that clones suck

    • ★Star™Lee★

      Oh well, we will have them. It’s better having like 7 clones, over nothing at all. Ganondorf needs a new moveset though.

  • AM Real

    Sigh…Clones though? Really? I thought that the one constant in the smash community was that everyone agrees that clones suck and take up a spot for a unique or fan favorite character…and what’s this bull shit about them dropping Ice Climbers?! Why? I really hope this is fake (the clones and dropped characters part at least)….who am I kidding?! I’m still gonna get the game regardless -_-‘

  • Merry_Blind

    I think this actually looks pretty legit.

    Haven’t played Xenoblade (yet) but Shulk looks really cool, can’t wait to try him out! Still sad that Bayonetta most likely won’t make it…

  • Looool5000


  • Ninjamonkey72

    Image looked real at first, but as soon as I read the description, I was like “Nope, not real. Total BS”

  • classicgamer20

    I really hope this whole thing is joke

  • Squid

    I have a little critisism. This is a fake to me. But something that I feel helps, is that Rosalina is in front of the luma, when the luma is in the background. In the Wii u version. It’s opposite.

  • aaron666

    Look at game & watch… his hand is going over wario…. faakkee

    • ShortyStock

      That’s Wario’s ‘stache.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Look at the character select screen in the leak 1 section. It has no rhyme or reason. Pit and Palutena are at the 3rd row yet dark pit is in the 5th one.

    Mr Game and Watch is in the same row as all of the Mario characters, but Dr Mario isn’t.

    Marth, Ike and Robin are all sitting next to each other in the 3rd row, yet Lucina is in the 5th row.
    The Brawl character select screen was very well structured, I doubt they would decide to put the characters all over the place in this one.

    • Froakiefan8

      I believe the reason why Lucina, Doctor Mario, and Dark Pit are separated from their own series is because they are clones, so (if this were to be real) Sakurai wanted to put clones in their own little group. I still believe these are fake but that’s the reason why they seemed misplaced.

      • Comments

        Following that logic, why are Toon Link and Ganondorf (assuming he hasn’t been changed) next to Link, Zelda and Shiek? I agree with Nicolas here, this character selection screen simply doesn’t make sense.

        • ★Star™Lee★

          This roster can be possible though. I kinda hope it’s not though. Zelda Newcomer? (I’ll be fine with Impa, Ghirahim, Vaati, Tetra, or Toon Zelda), DK Newcomer? No Wolf and Lucas? I don’t really play Pokemon, but I guess Mewtwo should be there too hm? Anddd no Dr. Mario and Pitto Please. I’d rather a Semi- Cloned Daisy and Bowser Jr, Ice Climbers?

    • TutoyRocks

      The positioning on the screen makes sense. The rightish corner has the NES classics, Little Mac/Rob/Duck and dog. (little mac is a little higher because he’s had more than just nes games). Everyone on the 2nd to bottom row is either a “one man” series or a clone ( dark pit/dr mario/lucina). The bottom is 3rd party characters, and shulk is there because I don’t think he’s exactly 1st party. So they’re put last.

      • Nicolas Dorion

        No, if the “one man” series were on the 2nd to bottom row, mr game and watch would have been there, not on the same row as all the mario characters. And if all the clone characters are together, why isn’t toon link with them?

        • TutoyRocks

          Toon Link isn’t an exact clone so to speak. You might as well say Falco is a clone (he’s not anymore).

          My best guess is that this isn’t the complete roster. If you look at the past games, it doesn’t make sense until you unlock everyone.

 You can see the characters are all out of order, because they’re still missing some pepole.

          • Teddy

            So you start out defending the positioning with “all the NES guys are in this corner. All of the ‘one-man’ series characters and clones are in this corner. All third parties and are at the bottom”, and then you say that it’s probably not even complete. Why are even defending this mess of a fake? “Little Mac is a little higher because he’s had more than just NES games”. That made me laugh.
            Also that picture you put has all the characters unlocked already. They should already be in order. You found one with the characters arranged in a specific order. That’s not how Sakurai does it.

  • Joel

    Sure sounds fake.

  • Aliens Studios

    No King K. Rool? Dark Pit as a character and not a swap? If this is real I’m pretty upset. Also look at Ness’s nose, it’s way too low and he lacks a lot of detail as compared to his Smash Bros. Brawl and even Melee model. It looks like Villager modified a little bit. Also, if you’re going to clone Mario, make it Paper Mario!

  • The Def Cheetah Fiasco

    these screenshots don’t seem to be legitimate. I mean look at the character list by leaker 1. that looks nothing like the released play list which can be seen on many different youtube videos for example clueless gamer reviews by conan O’Brien. I believe theses screenshots are fake. Same thing with the stage select picture they don’t seem real.

  • The models look really legit and original but the description seems weird.
    We get Dr. Mario but not Mewtwo??
    I don’t know, man…

    • MewTwo was a mistake, Sakurai never wanted to add him in Melee originally, but added him at the last minute, then realized it was a mistake, hence why he was taken out after Melee. He didn’t work or belong.

  • Comments

    What really bothered me in relation to the leak, besides the return of some clones, is the inconsistency of the character selection screen. Several characters are displaced from representatives of their respective franchises, and the general layout of the screen does not make sense. Why is Yoshi between Bowser and Rosalina, since he represents its own series and that these two represent the Mario’s? Why is there this interruption? In previous games, this was not the case. Yoshi stood apart from the others, such as Wario and etc.

    You could argue that in Melee, Ganondorf was separated from Link, Zelda and Young Link and was next to Captain Falcon. But the difference is that Captain Falcon is the only representative of F-Zero, so it wouldn’t be a way to Ganondorf disrupt the harmony between the representatives of F-Zero since there is only one. By the way, the character selection screen from Melee follows a certain pattern related to the characters and their counterparts in the form of clone. Ganondorf is next to the Captain Falcon, Falco is next to Fox, Dr. Mario is next to Mario, Young Link is next to Link, Pichu is next to Pikachu and Roy is next to Marth. There was a specific consistency, different from this supposed leak.

    After all, why Dr. Mario, Dark Pit and Lucina are separated from their franchise colleagues? Just because they are clones? So what the hell Toon Link and Ganondorf (assuming he hasn’t been changed) are doing next to Link, Zelda and Sheik? There’s so much wrong here, something is not sounding right to me. Anyway, that’s what I think.

    • Like it or not Yoshi will ALWAYS be a Mario franchise character. Just like Toad will be even though he gets his own game.

      • Comments

        Yes, but in Smash Bros Yoshi is representing his own series. His moveset is mostly based on what he can do in the Yoshi’s Island games (throw eggs, ground pound, hover jump), where he is the protagonist and not just some power-up for Mario. He even got his own icon in the game, just like Wario.

  • The Def Cheetah Fiasco

    Some pictures seem like they could be real but some are completely fake. For example the stage select and the character select screenshots are obviously fake. Also the after match result screenshots are different for leaker 1 and leaker 3. If I had to choose which one was fake and which one was real I would make the first one fake. If you want to find real footage of the character and stage select screens go to youtube and look up clueless gamer reviews by Conan O’Brien. This is real gameplay from the game

    • TutoyRocks

      He played the Wii U version. This is the 3DS version. Also, he was given the E3 build, which doesn’t even have like, Sonic in it.

      • The Def Cheetah Fiasco

        You are probably right I haven’t thought of that, but I don’t get that the entire stage select and character list could be leaked all on one image that just seems like we are getting too much information for one supposedly leaked screenshot

  • ThisIsMurica

    People are forgetting something : skin edits. If you know your stuff, you can change skins (a form of modding) of characters. So to the people who think the dog from duck hunt is going to be a character, look at all of the “leaked” photos you can find on google. First problem : they are all found on Smash Bros Brawl maps. “Those maps are coming back” no… stop… Second : the dogs grin matches the shape and size of Wario, so it is a clear re-skin of Wario from Brawl. Third : Nintendo isn’t just going to pull characters from random retro titles. Pac Man is a legend, that is why he is in the new installment. Lil Mac is an assist trophy in Brawl, just a little patch up and boom, they’ve got a new character. Other than that, I doubt they will bring anymore characters from old games.

    Something that gets me questioning this fake post (other than all the BS that already comes with every lying news post about Smash) are the pictures/icons for all of the nonexistent characters. “The models look like the same style for Smash” no… People retouch up video game pictures all the time. This is 2014, anything is possible with a computer and the right software. Really good artists can make whatever they want and make it believable, so when you see something like this, don’t fall for it. Odds are this poster just googled a bunch of pictures and made it look like they are on an actual 3DS screen.

    P.S. My money is on Ice Climbers returning. They’ve been in since Melee and they have a couple of maps/items based on them, so I doubt Nintendo would just trash the character entirely.

    • ★Star™Lee★

      Lets hope they fixed the Ice Climber problem. Maybe they can place some restrictions for them.

  • simkenno

    I only started loving Lucas…. Nooo

  • ShortyStock

    If Dr.Mario is really in, there better be a Dr.Luigi alt.

  • Rockingpancake

    FAKE, Sakurai has already said that he does not want any clones in the game. And duck hunt dog… really

    • ShortyStock

      Lucina is a clone.

      • Rockingpancake

        no she isnt,she is barley a clone of marth

        • ShortyStock

          She has all the same moves, just different hit boxes.

          • She has blue hair and a sword thats all they have in common. We havent seen her final smash either.

          • ShortyStock

            Watch GameXplain’s moveset comparison. And I’m sure that even clones get new Final Smashes.

          • GAAA. Fucking hate GameXplain. Or GameComplain as I call him.

    • simkenno

      Fail @ duck hunt dog that jokes gone on too long.

    • Rockingpancake

      and why would he remove ice climbers, I know he said last year they where having trouble with putting them in the game. But that didnt stop them from putting Rosalina and Luma in

      • ★Star™Lee★

        Well, Luma is like the Pikmin, so he won’t have problems with 4 Rosalinas and 4 Lumas since we still vswon’t have a problem with 4 Olimars and 12 Pikmin. Nana and Popo require more file data and such. So, if we have 8 Ice Climbers running around, that will be a problem.

  • ilikepie

    Wheres Mewtwo?!?!?

    • Never coming back, he was a mistake. Sakurai never wanted to add him in Brawl, but did at the last minute, he saw that he didn’t work quite right so he took him out after Melee.

      • simkenno

        Mewtwo wasn’t in brawl…. Ever

        • I know….what I meant was Sakurai never planned to add him ever again after Melee. He never had even the thought of bringing him back for Brawl. Though Project M saw him return.

  • John Sullivan

    Mewtwo, Wolf, and Ice Climbers have got to return. And Bayonetta, Bomberman, and Simon Belmont need to be in the game! In case this leak is real, which I’m not too sure of, then these characters I list above better be DLC, especially Mewtwo and Bayonetta!

    • MewTwo is gone. He didn’t work and Sakurai realized that. Wolf and Ice Climbers indeed better return. Jiggly is the final Pokemon to return/be in the game. Bayonetta wont be in the game Smash Bros 3DS comes out before Bayonetta 2 (North America anyway) so at that point no Bayonetta game is on a Nintendo console yet so she doesn’t qualify with Sakurai’s rules. Bomberman yes sir I want him in. Simon Belmont….uhhh who is that?

  • klenko

    whether or not this is fake, I almost cried when I saw Lucas being cut, It was my main in brawl and If he gets cut i’m going to be very sad, I really want him back but I think he is very likely to be cut.

  • Arale Norimaki

    Don’t get too hyped just yet?! Just relax and drink some tea we will find out soon!…….I hope Duck hunt dog is in!

    • lol, where did this monstrosity come from?

      • Arale Norimaki

        My computer ^_^

  • Alex Vuong

    For the people who actually think it’s real.. 3 words. No mii fighters

  • TutoyRocks

    This looks pretty realistic. I don’t think people could pull off a fake duck hunt dog artwork. Also, the positioning on the screen makes sense. In the rightish corner we have the NES classics, Little Mac/Rob/Duck and dog. (little mac is a little higher because he’s had more than just nes games). Everyone on the 2nd to bottom row is either a “one man” series or a clone ( dark pit/dr mario/lucina). The bottom is 3rd party characters, and shulk is there because I don’t think he’s 1st party. So they’re put last.

  • Chase U


  • TutoyRocks

    Last Thing: I’m assuming this isn’t the full roster yet. If i remember correctly in brawl the roster was a little out of order if you didn’t get everyone yet.

  • Revis_Island

    The whole Ice Climbers being cut is dumb they already showed the Polar Bear as an enemy you fight in smash run. I doubt Wolf gets cut because smash doesn’t have that many villains anyway Ganon, DeeDee, MetaKnight, Wario. I could see the Dog from Duck Hunt being in the game to replace R.o.B we’ve seen that with Lucario replacing Mewtwo. I also doubt Lucas being cut with the addition of Fire Emblem being popular in Japan. Lucas is a popular character in the Mother series in Japan I can’t see him getting the boot.

    • Wolf O’Donnel better be back or I will be very upset with Sakurai. Wolf is my favorite Starfox character and Starfox is my 2nd favorite gaming franchise, just behind Zelda.

  • Kerbizzle
  • Luke Todd

    Ok. This ‘leak’ is off.

    The roster organization and selection of characters in the game. Duck – Hunt Dog would not make it. We already got our WTF character with Wii Fit Trainer. One is enough.

    Doctor Mario would be an alternative of Mario with Dark Pit being the same for Pit.

    Shulk will probably happen. He is unique and has a lot to offer to the game in terms of diversity.

    Ice Climbers have a big enough presence in competitive play to where they would avoid being cut.

    Lucas and Ness are the sole representatives of Mother and Earthbound. All they require is some more differentiating in their movesets.

    Bowser Jr. is not happening. There is already one Mario newcomer in Rosalina along with the four main spotlights in Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser. Anymore is excessive padding to the roster.

    Snake is a wildcard at this point. One can argue for or against his inclusion and it’s entirely up to Sakurai.

    And then there is Wolf. He was a unique clone in his own right and played differently more than Falco did. He was heavy and with a bigger focus on his aerial game. He more than likely is coming back.

    Take all of this with a grain a salt. This was just my take on the whole roster.

    • Yoshi is also a Mario character.

      Snake wont be in, he was a 1 time special character, and seeing as MGS5 isn’t on Wii U that’s even less reason for him to return. Plus he didn’t belong at all, I don’t want him back lol.

    • Shawn Bronald

      Never underestimate Sakurai.

  • Korv13

    « -Duck Hunt is in… from what I’ve been told it’s the duck hunt dog
    fighting with ducks on his back who assist for certain attacks… »

    That sounds like a possible moveset for Banjo and Kazooie… too bad they belong to Microsoft now…

  • Ty

    The most interesting character is Duck Hunt. Never crossed my mind, but I used to play it ages ago, and we need more animal based characters to balance out the MANY human characters that have been added to the roster. Also, I love the screen art, it’s more colorful and saturated than past games which works well on the 3ds.

    I would have preferred Paper Mario to Doctor Mario…that is probably the most suspicious part of this leak. The Dark Pit inclusion which was forshadowed at E3 is kinda disappointing…do we really need a color swap clone for its own spot?

  • perpetualentropy

    the one on the left looks pretty real none of the face icons are out of the ordinary they all have a solid color in the backround red for mario etc… eveything in that one looks pretty real but the random icon so hmmm

  • perpetualentropy

    alot of these almost all of these leeks are false remember zelda and the nightmare shard and all those e3 leaks with metroid mother 3 and nintendo world? although i think one of those i seen was real because i remember it having starfox working title and yoshis woolly world and maybe splatoon but i dont member

  • perpetualentropy

    i can see how the dog from duckhunt would fight but come on the duck flew across the screen you shot it the dog laughs behind a bush their are better ips to use rygar lolo the dude from gaurdian legend or oh man a boy and his blob you give him a jelly bean and fucks you em up!

  • perpetualentropy

    them* not you

  • perpetualentropy

    look how ”press any button” is slanted like that…

  • perpetualentropy

    the one on the right dont match up and it says red team twice

  • perpetualentropy

    o nevermind their not all connected. i though for a second that it was three 3ds’s

  • Fake as shit. Bowser Jr, Duck Hunt, Rob being back? No Ice Climbers? (Yeah I see the guy claims they are a secret character lol) Dr. Mario as his own character and separate from the Mario characters? lol fake, fake, fake. Also Nintendo doesn’t have leaks, same with Sakurai.

    • Shawn Bronald

      Dr. Mario was his own character in Melee. He’s not separated from the Mario characters, but instead is grouped with the other clone characters. I agree about the odd newcomers, but seriously, Wii Fit Trainer is still a million times more odd.

      • Rob was odd in Melee and Brawl so there is always 1 odd character. But after awhile I realized Wii Fit Trainer works. We want more females we get one, Wii Fit was a very popular game so alot of people know her. She offers a new type of fighting style so I’m fine with her to be honest.

  • Brandon Olson

    If this is true, not all the characters are unlocked. It’s like Brawl’s leaked roster. Not everyone was shown and some of the characters were split up from one another.

  • Ace

    Oh dear god…I hope this is fake…I do not want Game and Watch back in Smash… I don’t even want Duck Hunt…

  • Iron Angel

    All I ask for is Falco and Ganon. If they’re in it, then good.

  • Fuzunga

    That is not the correct model for Game & Watch. The nose is wrong and his hand is now ball-shaped instead of cowbell-shaped.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    I can tell this is fake. Sakurai would never cut Ice Climbers. He loves them so much.

  • Prizm

    “pallet swap” lol

  • Lunatic

    Meta Knight was announced officially last week. Come on, poster. Do your research.

  • FlareChaos

    I was convinced, until I saw the same models in brawl and melee.
    And that and the character roster is screwy in order. Also, duck hunt dog? That thing has one chance, and that is replacing ice climbers as nes representatives, which might actually work, but still. Also why would doc mario be back? Another character similar to Mario? Fox, Falco, and Wolf were similar, but Mario does not need two more representatives. It doesn’t make much sense.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Its False. Why Doctor Mario?
    And also look at the characters placements, the are not classified by franchise, just mixed up

  • Colbster the Man

    Im ready to make duck hunt dog my main

  • Joseph Burns

    Lucina and Dark Pit are in the weirdest spots…

  • T-X

    I’m gonna off myself if Ice Climbers and Wolf are gone.

  • Exare


  • anthony optimo

    Princess Snake.