May 14th, 2013

Keeping with the themed trailer releases we’ve seen from Ubisoft so far, the latest trailer features some of the underwater gameplay we can expect to see in Rayman Legends once it’s released. I thought the game was gorgeous when I demoed it last year, but the visuals from this latest trailer are truly stunning. Are you looking forward to playing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Clel

    The wet and slippery atmospheres look quite fishy…

  • MetroidZero

    August 30th.

  • Robknoxious1

    From everything I’ve seen/experienced of this game it’s going to be tremendous.

    Because of the Rayman Challenge app and Wii U versions of Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell Blacklist, I have completely forgiven Ubisoft for the delay and loss of exclusivity of Rayman Legends.

  • D.M.T

    I hope PS3 and 360 owners enjoy the inferior version of Rayman Legends.

    Yes the graphics are the same but the experience will be inferior. They basically changed everything since those systems don’t have a screen on the controller

    I forgive Ubisoft but I still hope that Rayman Legends sells poorly on those other systems. That will teach them to keep a promise next time and keep games like Red Steel and ZombiU Wii U exclusive.

    I’ve always said that consoles need 3rd party exclusives to make them unique or special systems. A console is not special without exclusives.

    • Michael Jurado

      yeah I don’t mind waiting a bit longer so other systems get a inferior version of a game … put that in your pipe and smoke it EA

    • Potemkin

      I surely will enjoy it 😀

  • Michael Jurado

    Finally a game that will show people why wii u is > 360 and ps3

    • discuss

      It’s also getting released on the 360 and ps3.

      • Clel

        However, if you played the demo, you can automatically see that the Wii U will have quite a bit of exclusive content (like when you control Murfy; these controls are only possible on the Wii U).

        • John Andalora

          You know what would have been better? If it was exclusive to Wii U.
          People aren’t going to care whether or not they get to play a couple of extra levels or play it differently on the Wii U. It’s still the same game. A couple of extra things for one console over another isn’t going to change that. It’s the same thing as when Tekken Tag Tournament added Nintendo items in the game and expected it to be so much better than the “inferior” Xbox or PS3 versions. It’s not a different game, or a better version of the game.
          A few differences in this game isn’t going to show anyone the Wii U is superior because to them, it’s the same game.

          • Clel

            It IS a better game… I’m telling you, being able to control Murfy makes a difference.

          • John Andalora

            Oh yeah, because there’s NO way that the other consoles could possibly have a control for murfy… Unless the programmers allocate 1 button and the right control stick to it, seeing as how the game only needs the left control stick. And about 3 buttons.
            What exactly makes you think this could ONLY be done on the Wii U? Only difference is they don’t touch a screen.

          • Clel

            Controlling Murfy with an analog stick would feel tacked on, and more sluggish/too fast to control. If you’ve played the demo, you’ll probably realize that nothing beats the touch screen for controlling Murfy.

          • John Andalora

            I did play the demo. Many times.
            However, I’ve played other games like Trine 2 which use a similar premise for moving obstacles as I described, and it hardly feels “tacked on.” In fact, I felt it was rather efficient.
            The control didn’t move too fast, it allowed for a decent pace and gave the player a good ability without overloading them.
            They only gave themselves till September. They’re not going to create a whole new game. Just change it around a bit. They’re not going to redo massive game mechanics for the sake of cross platform.

          • Clel

            *sigh* Agree to disagree?

          • John Andalora

            We’ll just wait and see, I suppose.
            In the meantime, try Trine 2. Even the Wii U version allows both control schemes at the same time.

    • Monster Hunter alone did that for me

    • Highrevz

      Cool, i think this gives Pacman a higher chance of appearing in the next smash bro’s game but its no lose to me if hes not in there

    • david jarman

      I so what that game! It has a lot of charm!

  • DemonRoach

    Some of the best 2d graphics i’ve seen Metroid U would be awesome like this.

    • Highrevz

      Good to know im not the only fan that would like a 2D metroid game like before the prime series, an improved other m style would be fun but i dont see that happening.first person view will have to do for me, i still have AM2R to play and super metroid this week on the gamepad 😀

  • Is that a new skin I spy?

    • Highrevz

      Those of you that pre-order the game on the Wii U will be entitled to a skin of Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation’s Aveline De Grandpré for Rayman Legends co-star Barbara.

      xbox 360 owners will get a rayman splinter cell skin 🙁

  • John Raybell

    Awesome!! challenge app alone has been awesome, cant wait for this game to come out 🙂

  • Nintyfan

    Rayman Legends keeps looking better and better…

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    This game just keeps looking better and better

  • Chiwawaboy

    its releasing august 30th? I thought it was september 3rd.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      August 30th is Europe, September 3rd is NA

  • ReckoningReckoner

    I have fallen in love with this game. Probably the most innovate 2d platformer in years along with LBP. I hope this inspires Nintendo to do some great things with 2d mario as well.

  • Steven Penberthy

    So which console is the trailer on? Doesn’t say anywhere that’s its from the wiiU version of the game.

  • Adecentboy777

    Finally one game, that will boost the sales. At least something even though Ubisoft pulled the “I am an asshole” card and postponed the game just before the release.

  • andré

    cant wait to play this.!

  • John Andalora

    I don’t think I’m as interested in this game as I was in February.

    Frankly, I’ve moved on. I’ve already been considering other games like Watch Dogs since Ubisoft delayed this one, and frankly it just doesn’t look like as much fun to me anymore.

    I don’t think I’m going to buy Rayman Legends.

  • It really should be a Wii U exclusive. There is no excuses for that. No WatchDogs or Challenges App or anything. No excuses for that. C’mon people, this should be an exclusive launch title lol