Jul 18th, 2012

Project Cars screenshots
Project Cars was the first racing game announced for the Wii U, and developer Slightly Mad Studios have released a new pack of gorgeous screenshots. The screenshots confirm two things about the game: 1) it’ll feature the stunning Pagani Huayra supercar and 2) the game looks amazing. Project Cars for Wii U will be released sometime in the first half of 2013. It will feature over 100 different cars and two dozen tracks. In addition, players will be able to race Formula 1 as well. Check out some earlier screenshots of the game, showing the Formula 1 racers in action. Head on after the break for the Project Cars gallery.

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  • drybones

    Is this an exclusive?

    • victor


  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    I hope to see some gameplay soon.

  • TheBoldman67

    No it’s also coming to PC and I think that’s it.

    • Jonas

      you just owned some people out there 😀

  • Jadnice

    Nintendo should make it so by buying out this developer (make them a 2nd party developer). Then they will have a serious contender for Xbox360/PS3 Forza/GT series. Mario cart is all fun and great but not on the level of the elite car simulator games for the other consoles. Nintendo needs to own developers that create games they cannot.

  • olimar

    wow, look at the house pic! I would have sworn it was a photo! :O

  • Captain Falcon


  • RockD79

    I believe it’s coming out on PC and Xbox 360 next year as well. I would like to believe they are Wii U screen shots but im thinking it could just be some more PC shots. PC pics of this game have been trickling out slowly over the past 6 months. I guess I should see if the developer has a site up with these pics.

    • RockD79

      Scratch that possibility. The Mass Destruction site has these pics also. Doesn’t specify that they are Wii U pics of the game. More than likely some more PC pics.

  • Captain Falcon

    Anti aliasing on the Wii U is spectacular!

    • Raul

      What is Anti Aliasing?….

      • Non-Specific Action Figure Sucks

        Smooths out the rough edges on the picture making it a lot nicer to look at, for example battlefield 3 on the 360 and ps3 has no anti-aliasing and looks like crap and gives me a headache, the Wii-U gets anti-aliasing only on 720p though which is stupid because 1080p would need it more.

      • Daemonrunner

        In a nutshell: edge-smoothing

        Takes the “jaggies” out of the edges of the objects in the game.

  • nucima

    All this is PC-footage!
    Project Cars is a Kickstarter Project. So you can already now spend a view bucks and play the alpha version (on PC). At the release you then get the game for free (or with the discount of spent money in the alpha).

    These should be all ingame screenshots from players (maybe benefiting selection).

    Newest news is a list of licensed BMW :
    2012 1M Coupe
    1978 320 Turbo Group 5
    1999 V12 LMR
    2012 BTCC 3-series
    1981 BMW M1 Procar
    1991 BMW M3 Group A Touring Car
    1940 328 Touring Coupe
    2008 F1.08
    2012 Z4 GT3
    2012 BMW M3 E92 GT

    • Draco Breach

      I can’t find the Kickstarter page for Project Cars. Is it already closed? If not, link please ^_^

      • Draco Breach

        Never mind. I found it. It’s not actually Kickstarter. It’s a Kickstarter-like initiative, World of Mass Development.

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    F*ckin awesome

  • Paul

    a game to compete against gran turismo and fonza motorsport

    is there any news or info on the multiplayer side

    • Gamer

      Gran Turismo yes, Forza sucks.

  • 3dsguy

    Game looks great but i agree nintendo does need a 2nd party developer for a racing game series to compete and some other nice exclusives lus like we did on N64,goldeneye and others.Having a 2nd party would really seperate us from the compitition. excellent 1st 2nd and 3rd party will make wii u unbeatable

  • 3dsguy

    i wish this was our exclusive still be better on the U anyway. i did like excite trucks wii would be nice to see a sequal on the U

  • Ben

    Talking about Racing games, mariokart Wiiu should have (optional) 2 player in one kart gameplay like double dash. And the option to create own tracks or atleas DCL.

  • TopCat

    Gran Turismo 5? Step out the way. All those years in production, and fans were cheated by over two thirds of the 800+ cars being PS2 standard. Give me 100-odd next generation cars any day.

  • joe

    When I saw this title, it makes me hope of a Wii U version of Excite Truck…
    That would be really cool.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    I hope you can pick the Mclaren F1

  • leo

    Nintendo buy these guys it will help. Or be friends haha