Jul 12th, 2013

With Pikmin 3 releasing in Europe on July 26th, the Nintendo UK YouTube account has shared another video showcasing the three travelers players will be able to control in Pikmin 3. Captain Charlie, Alph and Brittany can lead a myriad of Pikmin in order to do their bidding, with the red fire-resistant Pikmin taking the main showcase for this video.

For those of you in North America looking to get your hands on this game, you’ll have to wait until August 4th.

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  • D.M.T

    I can’t wait for Pikmin 3. This will be my first Pikmin game ever.

    • Clel

      Same here! Glad to see I’m not alone.

      • juancamiloarq

        Who in this world would ever down-vote this comment?

        • Clel

          My evil twin, Leef the Blue Yoshi.

          • Pikachief

            Boshi? He’s cool. He wears sunglasses

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            IKR? LoL

    • Mitchell

      be mine too, never played it before, the closest thing to it is nintendoland pikmin
      mini game

    • RoyRelapse

      And here, will be my first Pikmin game also, what has convinced you guys to buy it ?

      • D.M.T

        Me personally the Pikmin mini game in Nintendo Land. It’s my favorite mini game in Nintendo Land which is why I want to buy Pikmin 3

        • YayGs

          Nice. It’s cool that people will be able to pick up Pikmin 3 without having to play any of the previous titles. Pikmin 2 was kind of like that too.

    • The Clockwork Being


    • wober2

      I played the old ones on gamecube but the time limit always stressed me out too much to finish. Hopefully as an adult I can handle the pressure now.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Actually, Miyamoto said that Pikmin 3 IS on a time limit, but they made it where it’s not stressful….look, I don’t know, that’s just what he said.

    • XroyD
    • Madmagican

      My first Pikmin game was the remake of Pikmin 2 for Wii and then I went back and played the original Pikmin on my Gamecube

  • Guest

    Hearing about a new Smash Bros character is like getting another present for Christmas. BESIDES socks and underwear

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    At first I was like whatever when I saw the reveal of Pikmin 3 at last years E3 but now I’m so hyped. The whole concept behind is just so damn cool. Not many games out there are like this.

  • Ducked

    Finally! A real Nintendo game to buy on the the Wii U. That’s the first once since….launch!

    • Sidney Majurie

      As opposed to imaginary games like New Super Mario Bros U, Game & Wario, and Nintendo Land. Oh Nintendo fans… god bless us…

      • Ducked

        I forgot about Game & Wario. They should have advertised that thinking about it…

        • Elem187

          You’re not missing much the game was really meh

          • Ducked

            Oh, thanks for the heads up.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Yeah, like what “Elem187″ said. Game and Wario is really umm…”meh”, that’s actually the best “word” to describe it. If you’re still slightly interested, find a way to burrow or rent it. I think there’s only 16 mini-games, and the story-line isn’t really good…or makes sense (I know it’s just a game, but games still have to have some sort of logic to work.) If you’re looking for a more, umm….”interesting” mini-game game, then i’d recommend Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii, or Mario Party.

          • Ducked

            Yeah the game did kinda look like they didn’t put a lot of time in it.

            I didn’t know they had a Rhythm Heaven on the Wii. I’ll look it into it.

      • Shawn Spitler

        Other than Game & Wario, which Ducked has already acknowledged he wasn’t thinking about, I assume “since launch” means he wasn’t including Nintendo games that occurred during launch.

        I only write this to say I feel the same sigh of relief as Ducked and understand what he’s saying. I haven’t touched G&W, but I assume it’s a lot like Nintendoland.

        For now, MH3U is doing a great job of occupying my time.

  • RockieOllie

    Looks like today is all about Olimar.

    • brian

      psst… Olimar isn’t in this one…

      • RockieOllie

        He’s in the Multiplayer
        ~Loop hole~

        • Shawn Spitler

          Hahaha! Loop hole had me rolling for a good moment.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    I played Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for gamecube then played them again on wii with new play controls and can’t wait for Pikmin 3.

  • Michael Jurado

    they need to make Hadoken Pikmin lol

  • Leo

    This game looks incredible! I’m in love with the art direction it’s simply stunning!

  • Shawn Spitler

    Hey all,

    I’m new to the whole Pikmin thing. I’m not here to hate, but from the gameplay trailers I just don’t get it. I also played the Nintendoland mini games which were moderately fun, but I just don’t get it.

    I REALLY want to like this game, so I’m hoping you all can shine a little light on what you find so amazing (really, this isn’t sarcasm, I’m genuinely interested). Is there a story element? Or do you just throw Pikmin all day?

    • Marcel Pérez

      It’s an action RTS action adventure game. The Nintendo Land mini game sheds a light on what it is about, but you have to play it to understand it. The game’s about collecting, wether it’s fruits, treasure or ship parts. You should play all 3 of them, each less harder than the last but get funner each iteration.

      Collecting under a time limit, killing ferocious monsters, keeping your pikmin alive, it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere except in a Nintendo Console. And… when a Pikmin massacre happens… not pretty.

      Rent it or download a demo if it comes out, trust me , Pikmin 2 is my second all time favorite game just below Banjo Tooie and above Pokemon Sapphire.

      It may start off slow but depending on how you play they can be one hell of a experience.

      • Shawn Spitler

        Great reply. Thanks Marcel.

        • Marcel Pérez

          I repeated action 2 times saying the genre… woops hahaha. but yeah I hope I sparked an interest in a future fan. If you manage to get a copy of either of the first 2 titles (New Play Control! is better) you’re going to love about the second one the 100ish treasure’s you collect are real world objects like duracell’s and cocacola’s but they have weird scientific names. You can tell Miyamoto loves this franchise alot, especially with the developer Direct describing it with alot of care and affection. Well it IS his most recent masterpiece

  • HotInEER

    I played the other ones and couldn’t get into it. I will pick this one up and hopefully enjoy like everyone else seems to.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    So.. many….good….games…. this…… year………so….little…money….. :'(

  • wiiu4life

    Can we get commercials now?