Aug 26th, 2013


Nintendo has been working on a larger battery pack for the Wii U for some time, but Japanese gaming website Game Watch has put it to the test. Nintendo claims the new battery for the Wii U GamePad will last up to 5 to 8 hours due to the 2550mAh pack, which is a huge increase from the original 1500mAh battery. Game Watch tested the new battery with the GamePad on the highest brightness settings with no power saving. They played the opening movie from Monster Hunter 3 for several hours, which showed that the battery lasted 5 hours and 12 minutes.

It’s nice to see Nintendo living up to its promise to create a longer-lasting battery for the Wii U GamePad. The battery pack is currently only available in Japan, but if it’s a sales success we could see it released to the rest of the world.

Would you purchase this larger battery pack if it were made available in your region?

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  • OMEGA48

    As much as I want longer battery, I also want the gamepad to be completely off and not drain the battery.

    • Seriously. The current battery life wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was a way to turn it off.

  • 5-8 hours? mine usually lasts about 5-6 hours when playing MH anyways… Am I the only one who has never had an issue with Gamepad battery life?

    • Zombie Boy

      Mine lasts about 30 minutes before I have to plug it in and start playing that way :O

      • really? That’s kinda weird… NEVER had a problem like that.

        maybe it’s undead like you, zombie boy 😉

        • Zombie Boy

          It was fine until we had a system update, and then it started acting strangely. But at least I can still play with it plugged in 🙂

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            I should really buy a new battery if Iwere you…

        • neither do I

      • Ducked

        Mine lasts about 3-4

        • Zombie Boy


          • Ducked

            Lol no, hours

          • Zombie Boy

            I was going to say, I thought MINE was bad!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Sounds strange? But something similar happened with my laptop. Do you plug it in and out very often (without needing to charge it that is)?

        • Zombie Boy

          I used to play for a while and then turn my Wii U off and charge it afterwards (until the red LED went out). After a system update, I noticed that it would only charge for a few minutes at a time before the LED switched off (even when completely flat). At first I thought it might be a loose wire, but if I charge it with the Wii U switched on (when I’m playing) then it’s fine.

          It’s not that big a deal to me because having my console gamepad connected via a wire (or plugged into a socket in this case) is how I spent my childhood!

      • Christopher Acuna

        Sounds the lithium cell in your pad is going out man. Nyko has replacements I believe. Is the rear of your game pad swollen? Or does you pad become hotter then normal?

        • Zombie Boy

          No, nothing like that. But if it gets to the stage that it’s unmanageable then I’ll just replace the battery. I think Nyko also do a longer life one? Charging it while playing wouldn’t cause any damage to the pad (maybe only the battery) so it’s no biggie 🙂

      • Shaise

        Mine lasts about two or three hours but I see what you mean, I need to plug it in, I need to charge it almost everyday, I hope it comes out here too

    • Ernie Sanguyo

      u serious? wth mine don’t last 6 hours. Mine is plug all night and it never last 6 hours. There’s no need buying newer battery if mine last that long. Is it original battery that came with the bundle console right?

      • On a good day, mind you. And yeah, original

    • FoxMulder900

      I don’t have much of an issue, I just make it a habit to put it in the cradle anytime I get up to use the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. That little extra charge goes a long way!

      • mine is just always on the charger when its not directly in use :3

      • Game Master

        If you keep doing that, your battery will die even faster one day. You might not see it now, but is will happen.

        • FoxMulder900

          Well I guess that on that day I will have a good excuse to buy the extended life battery 😀

          • Game Master

            I guess you can look at it that way lol

            I just leave mine plug in, but after this comes out., I will have the GamePad Wireless in tell the red light comes on or the GamePad goes off, then I chrage it

        • Dipso

          Actually modern batteries don’t have the issues with “charge memory” and similar, that this idea stems from. In fact batteries in for instance modern cellphones should never be completely drained, and benefit from frequent charges.

    • Mario

      Not much of a problem to me actually.

    • Wayne Beck

      I’d say mine averages about 4 or 5 hours of constant playing. I think the problem for most people is they don’t actually realize how long they have been playing lol.

      • nin-10-doughfan


      • Shaise

        Yeah! Time flies when your having fun! Proof that the Wii U is fun!

    • Clel

      I have issues with Gamepad recharging time. A bit slow for me, considering it lasts 3-4 hours for me.

      • hrm… never had a problem

        • Clel

          It’s no biggie, just a little bothersome. I don’t really mind keeping it plugged in when playing though.

          • Game Master

            That’s what I do, but with the new battery pack I won’t have to

    • gamesplayswill

      Not at all! In fact I play Pikmin 3 all the time without charging it… Speaking of Pikmin 3… I fangasmed so many times playing it…

      • Wayne Beck

        Game is driving me crazy cause I like to use the Wii-Mote as the primary controller, cause that’s how it was designed, but I can’t get people to stop using my TV. Been having to use Off-TV mode. ~.~`

        • cant you use the wiimote in off tv play?

          • aldo2410

            You can use your wiimote with off tv play in tekken and NFS:MW, I haven’t tried it with other games.

          • Wayne Beck

            Never thought to try it, I suppose if I placed the Sensor Bar next to the gamepad it might work.

          • or just point at the tv. it might be awkward but it could work

          • UnknownBane

            nah alls you have to do is point at the gamepad thats I did for Black Ops 2 when I was playing off screen

          • YogiGRB

            Yes 100% you can. Gamepad has build in sensorbar

          • Shaise

            You can? I’ll try it with mine sometime?!

          • It does? o.0

          • ICHI

            yeah the first time i plugged in my wii u and did my system transfer i forgot to plug the sensor bar back in and thought the machine was possessed!

          • Shaise

            No, at first I though the Wii U gamepad camera would act as a sensor bar if you want to play with Wii remote on off tv

          • YogiGRB

            how come you can’t? i can even when in a different room

        • YogiGRB

          Then just use it also when playing off-screen. It works even in another room if Gamepad works in that room (build in sensorbar)

          • tronic307

            The GamePad does have a sensor bar, but it’s off most of the time.

        • gamesplayswill

          Holy crap though Twilight river just… when you get to that /part/ in the game I fangasmed over 9000 times.

    • Josiah Parsons

      I actually leave mine on lowest brightness setting unless I’m playing NFS:MW on just the gamepad.

      • mine’s usually at about 3

        • Tim van Broekhoven

          Yeah mine too. But not when playing off tv mode. Especially not outside lol. Then the screen is even dark on brightness 5…

    • Wayne Beck

      To be fair, we should also keep in mind that Nintendo notoriously underestimates actual battery life to preemptively avoid the backlash of not hitting the mark. When your not constantly replaying a graphics intensive movie on repeat, there is a good chance this battery could break 8 hours for people who apparently play like us.

      • I mean, its just monster hunter. doesnt stream too much to the pad, but I’m using it as a controller

    • aldo2410

      Just wait till smash bros comes out, then all of us will have an issue with battery life.

      • not me. Mine easily stays plugged in 😀

      • Jerry Garcia

        Doubt it, I’ll be playing with pro or else a wii remote.

        • aldo2410

          I’m considering on buying a pro controler just for smash bros and for the multiplayer of tekken

      • HSN1

        The battery life won’t be the only one that’s going to have an issue when SSBU comes out

      • Christopher Acuna

        I have held off purchasing the WiiU Pro troller but once SSBU comes out you better believe I will be all over that Pro Pad!

        • ICHI

          Its lovely, the battery lasts forever! Mine was last charged a month ago and its had probably about 20+ hours game time. So far it has lost one bar of battery!

      • DigitalBlawks

        I keep my gamepad on the charger anyways so it doesn’t even matter for me 😀

    • Johny

      yeah but you’re probably not playing on FULL brightness? when i play, i usually play with brightness 1 or 2…
      well.. i play mh with a classic controller pro anyways lol…

      • oh you can use a CCPro? I have one. Might have to start using it…

        • Johny

          sure i use it all the time.. im used to it from Tri.. also i play monster hunter for apx 80-100 hours a month, so you know… i want to prolong the gamepad’s life alittle if i can:)
          i only have a gamepad near when i go online for voice chat and stuff…

          • i used wiimote/nunchuk in tri. so sad they didnt support it anymore.

    • AlThor

      If i get in more than 4 hours with two crazy bullies, it’s a miracle! I’ll stick with my original.

    • Ace J

      i would always have to charge my gamepad like every 3 to 4 hours and my screen isn’t on the brightess setting. i can’t wait for the new battery to come out

    • Shaise

      I play mine almost everyday, it isn’t a problem, but I’d like to come down in the mornings & be able to play three hours without seeing a red light & charging it everyday

    • tronic307

      I have like every battery for the GamePad except the GameTech “Mega battery pack U” from Japan, which is like the BEST.Here’s how long they last for me at max volume and brightness:
      Original: ~3hrs
      Nintendo official extended battery (Japanese): ~6hrs
      Nyko Power Pak:~8.5hrs
      …But my first Nyko battery needed to be replaced because it made the charge LED blink and sometimes shut off without warning. I’d ask Nyko where to get the revised version before any purchase, because the first one was nearly universally defective. No problems yet with the replacement and their customer service was great.
      The Nintendo 2550mAh battery is the winner for me, because it just plain works, and I don’t remember ever getting down to one bar, but it cost me $35+$15 for overnight FedEx from Hong Kong.
      Wait until it comes stateside.

      • thanks for the reviews! 😀

      • ICHI

        You got an official nintendo battery pack from Hong Kong? World leader in black market electronic knock-offs and currently unable to sell consoles by nintendo, sony and microsoft? hmmmmmm

        • tronic307

          I know, but try to import a battery from Japan; customs will shut you down. You need an inside Japanese source, I’m sure PlayAsia has one. Besides, it’s only been a month, a little too early to fabricate a bootleg. Here’s the Nintendo battery compared with something of lesser quality. Notice the rubber feet to keep the battery stable, a unique feature.

          • ICHI

            Cool! Seen some of the nyko ones going cheap on eBay but very wary these will be from the defective batch? Depends what they end at for me to take a punt. Other than that I’ll be hitting up play Asia (they have them) for the official one. Thanks for the images, good for future ref 🙂

          • tronic307

            The Nyko Power Pak is a more advanced technology: Lithium Polymer, like the Japanese Gametech battery, vs. Lithium Ion for the official Nintendo ones. The first batch of Power Paks was completely borked, but Nyko was cool about the whole thing, and my replacement works perfectly. That said, I wouldn’t buy unless I called Nyko first to find out exactly where to find fresh stock, probably GameStop.
            I’d still give the quality edge to Nintendo, by a wide margin, even if it’s ‘only’ 2550mAh vs. Nyko’s 4000mAh. If your battery explodes and the GamePad catches fire, you’re only covered if you have a Nintendo battery installed.

            Here’s a video of the Gametech battery:

      • NYKO is a f’n disaster. Don’t use their products if you don’t want to break your toys. The value in NYKO is zero and many people has got melten or overheated batteries etc. Don’t buy that shit.

        • tronic307

          Nyko’s customer service was awesome. They sent me a free U-Boost in May to hold me until the second (good) batch of batteries was ready (earlier this month). They didn’t even ask me to return the defective battery. Not one problem since; I can play for well over 2 hrs without using a bar.

    • Jack5221

      I mostly play with my Pro Controller. But when I do use my game pad, I never really have an issue with battery life, unless Im playing Art Academy. I spend WAY to much making art and sharing it with that game lol.

    • Adrian

      Mine lasts 3 hours ish when running Netflix, which is why I’m pissed there isn’t a way to turn off the gamepad display while a netflix movie/show is playing. I mean come on, that’s just elementary.

      • Game Master

        Take the battery out when the gamepad is not in use.

        • Adrian

          Is the battery accessibile without tools? That sounds like a huge hassle.

          • Game Master

            It dosent seem to be, sorry

    • LopsidedPasta

      I haven’t either, which is weird. The Wii U has its share of problems, but battery life definitely isn’t one of them.

    • Rafael Saldana

      They said they tested it with full brightness, a video playing on the pad not just a map or something and with the speakers blowing so unless you play like that then you should expect 8 hrs of life

    • Brandon Betlej

      yeaaaaa ok mine last less than 2 hours
      same time it takes to charge it

      • ICHI

        That sounds defective?!

    • sd

      Mine kept dying when i was playing Pikmin 3. But hey it has been years since i turned a game on at 10am and was still playing it at 8pm. I really don’t remember the last time a game had me playing that long without much of a break.

    • Levi Johansen

      I guess it depends on the brightness of the screen and if rumble is used.

      I’ve never had any problems either. I have low brightness, powersave ON.
      I do use rumble though…

  • Sam

    If I had one, I’d definitely get the bigger one.

    • That’s what she said…

      Sorry, couldn’t help myself

  • Sam

    This will be perfect for the WW bundle. Hee hee heee…

  • I would imagine eventually will eventually start bundling these into the Wii U. One of the biggest complaints about it is how quickly the Wii U GamePad drains.

    Aside from that, let’s address those speakers in the GamePad, Nintendo.

    • those speakers sound really good.

      • Wayne Beck

        mine sound great. the surround sound works really well. Ashley got a broken gamepad?

        • yes, when you have different sounds in the pad and the audio system (or the TV).

        • They’re not broken, they’re just quiet as hell. If you don’t put in earbuds and live with roommates or noisy pets, you’re screwed.

          • ahh… your environment is the problem…. or part of it.
            i don’t have that issue,

          • yeah, it is pretty quiet

          • Entropyguy

            Well yes, lots of ambient noise will drown out the speakers. Mine, I have to keep the speakers low because otherwise the pad is distractingly loud.

          • Lusunup

            Especially since it drain the battery pack very quickly!

          • Nintendo4life


          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Hell I even have that problem with headphones/earbuds! It’s a really good sound quality, but just too quiet…

    • Shota

      The developers put the sound to low in games.
      hear this on the wii u browser especially on the gamepad

  • Calvin Bowens

    I will!

  • Ducked

    Well that’s good a improvement, the battery of the Gamepad is one of the bigger flaws. But then again, that’s only a 2 hour improvement..

    • Ted Myconkey

      2 hours goes a long way (and that’s assuming the improvement isn’t more than 2 hours).

      • Ducked

        Yeah, at least there improving

  • JBeauregard

    Give me the battery pack. I don’t use the gamepad much when I play some games because I don’t like to be tethered. This was a slight by Nintendo when they released the Wii U.

  • Smartass2

    I’ll buy it.

  • palomino blue

    What does it do to the footprint?

    • Josiah Parsons

      I guess you’re right. if they have a battery that is about twice as big, does that mean the hole in the back is twice as big as it needs to be?

      • Eliot

        That’s exactly what it means. If you look in the battery compartment you’ll see lots of space for this bigger battery. Clearly Nintendo knew that they’d need to increase the battery life at some point. As such once the new battery is fitted it sits flush inside the gamepad and the ‘footprint’ is unchanged.

        • Quicksilver88

          Not only should Nintendo release this in all regions they should just start shipping new model WiiU with this battery as it would eliminate one of the common complaints against the gamepad. I don’t think it is going to change the weight of the gamepad that much or cost that much more when mass produced.

    • Fred

      I’d like to know how much more it’ll weigh

  • cheope

    So whats the correct use? drain all battery before charge or put gamepad on the craddle every time game session ends?

    • Game Master

      drain all battery before you charge it is the best way.
      If you have to charge it before then, then when you see the read light.

  • I certainly would purchase a larger battery pack. Since Nintendo released that Art Academy Application I find myself doodling a lot while watching TV and the gamepad runs out of juice so quickly. Under heavy use I am lucky to get 2-3 hours out of the gamepad.

  • Doctors Tardis

    Sigh. Where can I import one?

    • ICHI

      Play Asia have them for around £23

  • Doctors Tardis

    After the screw up with the Nyko powerpak this can’t come soon enough

  • nin-10-doughfan


  • TULFich


    • aldo2410

      The problem is that the screen on the gamepad use a lot of energy, that´s why the pro controller battery last more than the gamepad’s battery.

      • TULFich

        usual batteries for tablets least up to 8-10 hrs, and Wii U pro controller´s least 5 hrs, I can´t se why can´t they make reasearch to overpower gamepad´s up to 14-18 hours

        • NintendoNoob

          costs, weight, and size,

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          5hours!?!? I charge mine once maybe twice a week oO

          • Fuzunga

            I haven’t charged mine since December! It’s apparently an 80 hour battery.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            Well I’ve got plenty of time and play mostly with the CCP 😉

            The 80hours are friggin’ amazing, but the time I play during a week isn’t too far from that :/
            *especally with 3 brothers ^^

        • sup3rnoah

          I bought my pro controller last novemeber, haven’t charged it since… i don’t use it ALL the time, but still. That’s impressive.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            WoW! Really?!?!?!??!!!!! Then I HAVE to buy one.

          • ICHI

            Yeah it’s that good :-), you can see the amount of life that’s going to be plunged into smash bros as you play and on and on and the battery just doesn’t give up!

        • aldo2410

          Also the fact that the bluetooth conection of the gamepad is allways in high use that’s another problem, but I agree we will like to play without pluging the gamepad every 3 hours

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Yup my tablet also lasts about 4 hours only with bluetooth switched on.

          • TULFich

            yeah I mean, still tablets use bluetooth and wi-fi connections all the time

  • Fred

    No, I like the weight of the Gamepad the way it is (in other words I don’t want it any heaver) and I don’t play for hours on end. After 2-3 hours I’m done and ready to put it back on the charger

    • Fred

      Really I got downvoted because I like it lighter and I don’t play for long stretches it’s just preferences.

  • blindtiger

    im a loser so yes i need more battery…

  • Ross Brocklesby

    Don’t have a problem with the current one in fairness. You could just plug it in before it dies

  • MetroidZero

    pssh, I keep mine plugged in 90% of the time.

  • Johny

    now nintendo… PLEASE… do an update, that lets you turn OFF THE GAMEPAD !!!! not just the screen… COMPLETELY TURN IT OFF… because everytime you turn on a wii u, gamepad turns on too, even if you turn it on with a wiimote. and i play monster hunter and some other games without ANY use of a gamepad anyways, so it really bothers me to see the gamepad turned on,… + its not eco friendly. its a waste of energy.
    There is a solution tho (other than not charging the gamepad when it finally runs out of battery) .. i go to another room, so a gamepad gets out of range or a wii u console, and THEN turn it off, so wii u doesnt get turned off too. But i feel like a retard doing that everytime, and it could be done with a simple update. PLEASE nintendo… its just kinda lame

    • Pikachief

      I just hate it when I’m playing on my tv but the image is on the bottom screen too. Like NSMBU or VC games. It distracts me and makes me want to look at the gamepad instead because its in my hands.

      • Johny

        EXACTLY! thats what im talking about. and when im playing Cloudberry kingdom or something… it just feels like a waste or electricity, and its distracting. nintendo should make something about it… its really not that complicated

        • Christopher Acuna

          I’m sure this will be firmware updated eventually.

          • Johny

            yeah im really hoping for it.

    • Fuzunga

      This makes even more sense now that they’ve made other controllers like Wiimotes compatible with the UI.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        With UI, do you mean user interface or Wii Ui? Haha might sound as a strange question, but I’m serious…

        • Fuzunga

          User interface.

  • david jarman

    I leave my gamepad plugged in cause the cord is long and can plug into the wall next to me and not have to be plugged into my console.

  • Isaac Franco

    I wouldn’t. It works just fine. There was only once I needed to use the Wii Classic controller because the battery had run out.

    Qq for buyers, would the battery require to send the GamePad to a repair shop to install the new battery?

    • Petri

      Seemed easy enough for anyone who can hold a screwdriver.

  • Madmagican

    Hmm, I was hoping for a little bit more of an increase
    10-15hr battery life would’ve been nice

  • YogiGRB

    Yup, will be getting it if it arrives in europe

  • Klashin

    of course i would

  • Shaise

    That would be great! Hope it does come out of Japan I might consider buying it! Its not a bad thing, but I have to end up charging my Gamepad everyday, I come in the mornings & play for about 2 hours, & the battery goes low, that would be PERFECT!

  • Shaise

    I hope it has a good price!

  • derty

    Mine only lasts 3hrs max. Thank god for this!

  • Nicolas

    Yes definitely xxxx mine only last up to 2 hours…..

  • Mitchell

    I will buy for sure, mine last only 3 to 3.5 hours, which is nothing when playing extensively.
    More now with SC Blacklist that uses the gamepad in an awesome way.

  • Agent721

    I’ve had problems… on Black Ops 2, I can usually squeeze in 3.5 hours of game time and it dies. I’ve never gotten close to five hours.

  • Jack5221

    I’d buy it. Even though I mostly use my pro controller, I’d get it. Battery life is never really an issue for me while playing on the game pad, mainly because I leave it charging while Im not using it.

  • Lucio Ismael

    Why not release a full-developed battery with the console? Because it won’t give any profit, of course. Remember the Motion Plus? How long did it take to make a Wii Remote with MP integrated? 3 years? 4 years? This is just ridiculous.

  • $41809923

    we need something so yes

  • EDude

    When friends come over and we play all night, the battery life does become a bit of an issue. Expanding it this much should do the trick, so I’d definitely buy it!

  • Lusunup

    What about test playing the volume as will? with the volume + brightness+no power saver = the true hour of the battery pack, then i’ll see if I buy it!

  • $41809923

    why not put it in a new gamepad for us to buy the second gamepad for the wii u

    • Game Master

      Ya, and when is the second gamepad comeing out?

  • FlyingBoat

    yea the only time ive ever had a problem with the battery length is when a bunch of friends come over and we play for pretty much all day. that doesn’t happen often, but if it does then we just plug it in.

  • Fuzunga

    I ordered one from Play Asia a few weeks ago. It just arrived today! I’ll soon find out how long it lasts, but I will say that it came with the nicest miniature screwdriver. Here’s where you can buy it, if you’re interested:

  • Mark

    I’m happy I also have a Pro controller. That thing as fricking 80 hours of battery life! But you know, if the GamePad had a longer battery life, it’d be the best thing since slice bread (not really, but you get the point).

    • ICHI

      Sliced bread is pretty awesome, but even that doesn’t last 80hours in our house! I love my pro controller, never had a wireless device live up to the promise of battery life quite like that one lol

  • Juhis815

    I seriously would buy this because I can’t stand to play LEGO City: Undercover with AC Adapter connected to Wii U Gamepad for most of the time.

  • Can be ordered at least from Play-Asia. Works in EU machines too. Just ordered mine and it is being shipped as we speak. Wii U gets better all the time! =]

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yeah, for how much? And for later Wii Us that are sold in stores, can’t they just start manufacturing the bigger battery into them instead of just using the same one and making people go buy the bigger battery?

  • Steve Rees

    I might get this, price depending. But as already has been said, my current battery lasts about five hours. It’s not on full brightness and has power saving, but thats a good thing aint it??

    • C4

      Yes, I wonder how long this one lasts with brightness at 3. Should easily make it 6 – 7 hours which would be perfect for me.

  • devmiles

    the battery life is pretty miserable in comparison to an ipad. i know the wii-u screen is not an ipad and maybe i shouldn’t compare but still. i usually play it with the cord connected cause when i take it out it is soon done..kind of a shame but doesn’t take away of the gameplay ofcourse. nintendo should have done this correct. i’m sure after a while we get newer versions of the wii-u..also because of the chip manufacturer that has issues and will stop producing. the internal design might end up completely different (with the same output ofcourse)

  • Robert

    In my region? Hey, I live in USA but I already ordered the expanded battery pack from play asia, so… does that count?

  • Gregg Cerenzio

    My battery life is fine. it’s a LIFE that some gamers these days need….

  • companyoflosers

    and nintendo couldnt release it with a better battery to begin with? dont get me wrong, i own a wii u and im glad i do. it has been REALLY fun but im calling shenanigans on the battery. if you open the battery compartment on the gamepad the battery slot shows space enough for a battery twice the size of whats in there. what this tells me is nintendo knew their would be plenty of demand for a better battery life than what they released to begin with. do us a favor and give us a good battery to begin with next time. i dont appreciate the theatrics they are going through to make an extra buck.

  • phajej

    Yes, I would buy it!!! I would like to buy a secondary Wii U Gamepad when it becomes available too. Please have it in a variety of Nintendo colors please!!! I miss the N64 color days!!!

  • NatT96™

    HOORAY!….now all I need is Mario Kart 8

  • manowaffles

    Depending on the price I would consider it, though plugging in my gamepad during long play sessions doesn’t bother me since I have the cord of my gamepad right next to my couch and it doesn’t hamper my playing at all.

  • Kaihaku

    Definitely…after it’s cleared the first round of reviews…

  • JamesJose

    hell yeah!

  • Sdudyoy

    I don’t see the problem with the current battery, whenever my gamepad get’s low on charge I just plug it in, I don’t really see why It’s an issue.

  • robert reavis

    What about that Nyko battery? Did it ever come out?