Jul 20th, 2017

Nintendo had a huge hit on their hands with the original NES Mini last year, which was way more successful than they could have ever imagined. Which is why they’re following up with the SNES Classic this year.

And according to a new trademark application, they might just be following that up with the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini console.

The company filed to trademark the N64 controller in Europe, which could be for an Nintendo 64 mini. That’s because they also filed for the NES and SNES controllers before those consoles were announced.

The application could also be a simple protection of their trademarks for the upcoming Virtual Console N64 games.

But we’re really hoping it’s for the N64 Mini. And if it is, which N64 games would you love to see included with the N64 Mini? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

New Nintendo trademark hints at possible N64 Mini console

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