Jun 20th, 2013


As mentioned earlier today New Super Luigi U is now available for download from the Nintendo eShop, but there’s a host of other great titles available for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Game & Wario will be available for download at midnight on June 23 for $39.99. It contains a wide variety of mini-games and is the continuation of the WarioWare series. Additionally, Little Inferno is on sale for just $4.99, so if you feel like bringing out your inner pyromaniac, you have until June 26th to get the discounted pricing.

New 3DS titles coming on June 25th include the Project X Zone RPG for $34.99 and LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey for $29.99. Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo will also be available on sale for $3.99 until July 8th.

The virtual console also got a bit of love this week on both the Wii U and the 3DS.

Wii U Virtual Console

Mario Bros – $4.99
Wrecking Crew – $4.99

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Defenders of Oasis – $3.99
Mega Man 6 – $4.99
Sonic Blast – $3.99
Tails Adventure – $4.99

If you’ll be picking up any of these titles, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Mario Bros. For mii, ill be picking up nslu when the boxed version is released

  • I am trying to download super luigi U and CAN’T! WTF!?

    • D Moness

      Have you already got an update for mario bros U, it has to be version 1.3.0 or else you can not download luigi U

      • how do you check if it is 1.3.0 ? I checked for system updates and got the “your system is up to date” message but when I tried playing NSMBU I didnt have the option to download. And it’s not in my eshop anywhere. I am in PST maybe they haven’t released it here yet. blah

        • D Moness

          it seems that in the usa it is going live at noon. As for the version number. It is in the right lower corner at the start screen (the one with the big logo when you start up the game). previous version is 1.2.0 (So you might have to wait a bit, the update should come automaticly when luigi U goes live for you.

        • A SNES Day Off

          Boot the game, and skip to the title screen. If you look in the bottom-right hand corner, it will say the version number.

          Also, the reason the software updated automatically is because the last system update allowed this.

      • Fred

        I knew that Mario U had to be updated, but I opened it and it didn’t update and I don’t know any other way to start an update of a game.

    • Fred

      I also tried to download it this morning, but couldn’t.

  • Desend

    Dungeons and Dragons should be out as well. I don’t know when though because on Nintendo.com it says that it will be out on the 18th.

    Edit: It was yesterday now it is TBD.

    • Elem187

      dang. I would have bought that today too… online dungeons and dragons? whats not to love?

  • Josiah Parsons

    What the heck is Wrecking Crew?

    • Levi Johansen
      • Josiah Parsons

        …Wait. A carpenter who destroys stuff? that’s odd.
        Looked it up on eshop. Man, that looks fun! might download it.

    • Kaihaku

      An overlooked gem. It plays a bit like the original Donkey Kong but with multiplayer and significantly more depth… The real appeal though is what I found to be the most robust level creator on the NES.

      • Josiah Parsons

        Nice. I may need to get another download card.

    • gamesplayswill

      *Slaps you across the face*

      • Josiah Parsons

        What was that for?

        • gamesplayswill

          I just like slapping people in the face.

  • Jim Wanstall

    Will there ever be N64 & GC games added to the Virtual Console , for the hardcore

    • Ken Seymour

      Agreed, other than the mega man games, Super Metroid, and fzero I think we are still getting the shaft with the Wii U virtual Console. You want to know what would make the wii u fly off the shelves, port every old school turn based rpg from the the DS and 3ds. I’d buy every final fantasy and dragon quest remake they have. But still my number one wish for the Wii U virtual console…Gamecube Mario Party’s, all of them!!

    • Elem187

      I consider NES and SNES true games for the hardcore… N64/GC days is when all the hand holding started.

      • Michael Ocampo

        I don’t know about that Elem. N64/GC days were still kind of hard. I think the handholding started (my opinion) in the Wii era

        • Elem187

          I assume you have played OOT… navi was complete and total hand holding.
          Its kind of jarring when the previous Zelda i played was Zelda II: Links Adventure, then going to play OOT. OOT felt like it was playing the game for me (I’m not knocking the game its still my second favorite game of all time right behind SMG1/2).

          NES/SNES were the last of the hardcore.. I do some new games, like DKCR, NSLU, the hand holding is at a minimum, as it should be.

    • Madmagican

      well N64 games were on the Wii’s eshop which means they’ll definitely return but the real question is Gamecube games (and judging by the remake of Wind Waker coming out GC games won’t be coming anytime soon)

      • Kaihaku

        There’s a problem with porting Gamecube games to the Wii U Virtual Console. The Gamecube controller had pressure sensitive L/R triggers that some games, like Super Mario Sunshine, used to control the intensity of certain abilities. None of the Wii U controllers can support that.

        • Madmagican

          You’re forgeting Wii U has more triggers than the Gamecube controller (ZL and ZR) one set can be used as fully down and the other for the half-way

  • Robert Butters

    Definitely getting Game & Wario ASAP! So pumped!

    • Levi Johansen

      Me too, I really can’t wait for “the best game evarrr”

      • Robert Butters

        It’s gunna make millions!

        • Takarashi282

          Millions? Katrillions!

  • Serhend Adil Sirkecioglu

    *sarcasm* Nintendo has no games coming out! it’s going die cause it’s not making AAA M RATED games COD style! they need die and make phones apps and put Mario on Playstation 4!

  • Felix

    well. i always defend wii u, but come on, i paid 400€+ to play NES games? No.

    getting tired of this situation…

    • Elem187

      MH3U/RE:R/ZombiU/NSMBU/NSLU.. plenty of titles that aren’t NES games.
      There is plenty of titles to choose from that aren’t NES games…. alot of the eshop indie games are actually surpisingly pretty good…. also you have the option of playing Wii games you missed, and there is a ton of them to choose from on the cheap.

      • Felix

        MH3U is port from 3DS (and anyway i own it), RE:R is crappy multi, NSLU is just a DLC, and NSMBU/Zombie U are games from 9 months ago which i already own.

        afaik, there is just a 3-4 indie games in eshop, most of them crap. and as i said, i bought a wii u to play wii u games, not wii, snes, n64, etc.

        and im tired of ports, reversions and all time the same shit. and the few 3rd parties that wii u got, lack of dlcs and updates/support.

        not blaming anyone, just saying that im tired of this situation on the first months. this doesnt sound good for future.

        PS: what i mean is: i bought the games that was released 9 months ago. so what now? ….. Nothing!!!!!!

  • Well I allready did, with Mega Man being a playable char in the new SSB there is a Mega Man Special (atleast for Europe not sure on other regions) This special contains Mega Man 1-6 of the Nes and Mega Man of the gb. I allready have Mega Man 1-5 on both Nes and GB. I never knew Mega Man 6 was also on the Nes, I assumed it’ll be Snes as back in the days at stores I saw Mega Man 1-5 for Nes and Mega Man 7-8 on the Snes. Never saw Mega Man 6 or even read anything about it, so I assumed it was on the Snes somehow and probably never released in Europe as Mega Man 5 was already from the last days of the Nes in 1993, MM6 from 1994.

    No matter I saw it in the E-shop and insta downloaded Mega Man 6 today. I’m very happy now 🙂

    • ludist210

      Mega Man 8 wasn’t for the Super Nintendo, it was for the Saturn and the PlayStation.

      • Yup you’re right, my mistake. had to backtrack it a little, not that I didn’t believe you, it’s just I completely forgot about it, back in those days I never like Sega, in fact I hated them, until after the Dreamcast flopped, I started to miss them. Another fact is that I never played Mega Man 7 and 8, I only saw them in the store, when I wanted to buy 7 a few weeks later it was sold, and never saw it again 🙁 I only played Mega Man 1-5 on Nes and GB, Mega Man X1 and X2, Recently Mega Man 9 and 10, and very recently Mega Man 6.

  • Adam Pippin

    Defenders of Oasis is a largely unknown RPG, but I played it on the Game Gear long ago and can tell you it is a solid JRPG, with a very similar play style as the older Dragon Quest games. I highly recommend it!

  • daniel3

    Mega Man 6 !!! 😀 😀 😀 I love that game, almost as much as I love Mega Man 2, 3 and 4 😉

  • Christopher Acuna

    Aww fudge! What a crap time for my internetz to go out!

  • Agent721

    I have fond memories of the OG Mario Bros…I will definitly pick it up! I beleive ive owned that one on almost all systems since the NES.