Aug 6th, 2013


One of the problems many American 3DS owners face is the lack of streetpasses for their Nintendo 3DS. I live in a moderately sized area and I still only get 1 or 2 street passes a month despite taking my 3DS with me every time I go out. Thankfully a system update released today that makes getting street passes easier.

StreetPass relay points allow people to queue up their Miis at the locations they visit. It works just like StreetPass, when you visit a Nintendo Zone, your Mii will remain behind to street pass with anyone who comes along after you. Likewise, you’ll receive all the StreetPasses of people who were there before you.

Relay points are all across the United States, including AT&T WiFi hotspots, Best Buy locations, and others. You can check the availability of Nintendo Zones in your area by clicking here.

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  • Decker Shado

    I moved from Houston (where I got nearly no streetpass tags to start, somehow) to a rural area.. so.. oy. I’ve looked up where my local NintendoZone is, and it’s 5 miles from my home. It’s the only one in the “city” though, so it’s the place to be.

    I’ll just have to get used to McDonald’s fries again. (won’t touch their burgers with a 10′ pole after the pain one caused me, for the skit in my I am Omega review)

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    and what about europe?

    • Madmagican

      …maybe they’re working on it

    • It’s also available in Europe as of today, I downloaded the update 30 mins ago, won’t take more then 2 minutes depending on your internetspeed. (Netherlands it’s live at least)

      • YogiGRB

        yup just did it yesterday

  • It’s a world wide update Ash, I just downloaded the update as well on my 3DS in Europe. Not sure which locations have these “hotspots” though, didn’t check the website yet.

    • Ony

      So, Sylux is from Europe. Thought you were from Cylosis :3

      • Yes l, I’m from cylosis, came to Europe for a holiday only, nothing to hunt at moment, got a truce with Samus for a while…

    • YogiGRB

      Me to, i’m from amsterdam. And i welcome it, for i don’t seem to be getting a lot of streetpass hits somehow. I do have lots of region’s from all over the world thx to it being a tourist city and all

      • Streetpass tags are pretty slim indeed, got one about 2 months ago and had 4 on one day 2 weeks ago when I went to Mediamarket Breda and Breda city itself.

        • YogiGRB

          Here in amsterdam at the central station, MacD, BK, Gamemania ( mii hits 😀 ) and some places you have the nintendo-zone working. But now after this update i hope there is more on there, cause it had fun stuff sometimes. For instance; the new videoclip from The Opposites and more stuff.
          Plus finally some more mii’s in my plaza. I barely have a hundred … and i have a day one aqua blue 3DS (ambassador program, but got a XL grey now)

          • Barely a hundred 0_O that’s 13 times as much as me 😛 I have 8 at moment of which two are from Nintendo itself (Nikki and Iwata)
            Got mine december last year, also the XL grey, so far one of the best purchases in a long time (plenty of great games and shietload more coming) Now let’s hope this streetpass thing will take of like a rocket indeed 🙂

    • Guest

      I think every region that has a McDonalds will be hotspots as well as places like Starbucks, Fed-Ex etc. Not sure about Europe though(am in the States) but I would think if a place like McDonalds or Starbucks is doing the spotpass here in the States they are probably doing it in there European locations as well.

  • Hezkore

    All well and good, except if you live in Sweden. 🙁

  • Linskarmo

    I still live in the middle of nowhere, so until StreetPass works over the Internet this won’t help much for me. A little, though, yes.

  • barwiifan

    This is pretty cool, but it won’t make it more enjoyable for me, anyhow. With this update, I won’t be so excited that the LED is green anymore, because it will be too common. I guess you could say I liked the ”rareness” of the green LED light.

  • Thomas Vienna

    I thought the Nintendo Direct said that you would only receive the StreetPass of the person before you, not everyone before you.