Dec 18th, 2012

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate won’t be out on the Wii U in Europe and North America until March 2013, but Capcom is already hard at work on promoting the game. They have just released 3 new gameplay trailers of the action RPG title. The game was a launch title in Japan and got a great reception from gamers and reviewers. Japan even got a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U bundle. Check out the new trailers below:

Be sure to check out the recent Japanese Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gameplay videos, with over an hour worth of gameplay footage.

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  • retroredemption

    the sad part about these videos is that the people playing the game are terrible… it misrepresents the game.

  • Johny

    very… VERY bad players playing the game… im not sure why capcom decided to post such gameplay footages. Just look at them… hitting the air… and just standing waiting to be hit. it just makes the game look kinda bad .. which is a shame cuz the frachise is my favourite game franchise EVER… i friggin fell in love with the game since playing it on wii (600+ hours and still playing very often)

  • Clem

    Judging by the other comments these videos do not represent the game well, but I have to say that as someone with no prior exposure to this series these videos make the game look horrible. The player characters all look slow and clunky and are basically just serving as punching bags for the monsters, who look like they would be a lot more fun to play as. I’ve heard nothing but praise from trusted word-of-mouth sources though, so I hope Capcom puts out some promotional material that makes me believe it. These videos make the gameplay look nightmarish.

    • The gameplay and characters are very dependant on the weapon they use aswell as the hunter gear, maces, hammers, axes 2H sword Bladeaxe etc make your character a lot slower but massive damage output, daggers, short swords, small hammers etc make your character faster but little damage output, then there are lances, Guns and bows they have long range average damage and decrease mobility, personal fav weapon is the lance for me, and will use it in this game too. The advantage of the lance beside the long range is it counts as striking/stabbing and slashing/clubbing weapon, depending on what attack you use, the disadvantage is it’s hard to use expensive in endurance and has rather low durability until much later.

      Someone else can possibly explain more on the other weapons, for me lance was my fav, and sometimes used short swords. These videos hardly do the game(play) justice. Even if someone plays really good it still doesn’t always feel smooth and fast in gameplay, but if you get used to it (which often is fast) it’s one of the best games to play and sink into for many hundreds of hours. In these video’s all you see are 2H sword (heavy weapon video 1) 2H mace (heavy weapon hammer as the school is called in game, video 2) and if I’m not mistaken Swordaxe which is also a 2H (heavy weapon video 3)

    • J_Joestar

      You will have to take into consideration that this isn’t your typical cinematic filled high speed combat action game. The game takes a slower approach and requires more technical and observational skill than other games where you just button mash and QTE everything.

  • Love the new monsters, but the players indeed failed badly, probably the developers playing the game, they’re good in making games but suck in playing them 😉 I think the third video was the best he/she played pretty okay with exception of some un-needed hits.

  • Okay so I’ve been very oblivious to the whole Monster Hunter thing so I thought I’d ask. Is this a good game? 

    • yes sir, yes it is,if someone tells you that Monster hunter it’s boring or not cool, it’s because they don’t know how to play and they maybe got angry when they tried it

  • Yes the players were awful, but it just makes me want to get the game more.  So I can do it the right way.  Yes, lances all the way.