Feb 21st, 2013



Nintendo has been hard at work updating the Miiverse, making several changes that you guys have requested over the past few months. Filtering content is now easier, cutting out on the posts you don’t want to see. Staff member Marty has detailed the update as follows.

Players can now filter for ‘player posts’ in each gaming community. With this, you can see posts that are only relevant to that game, made by players who have actually played the game. Additionally, your personal posts will have a special marker above messages that contain spoilers.

Another improvement comes in the form of unfollowing someone, as a button has been added to your follow list instead of having to look up that person’s profile. Blocking someone also means all of their content is blocked throughout the community, instead of just direct messages between you.

This is a great update that’s feature rich in many of the improvements that the community wants to see when it comes to navigating the Miiverse. Did anything you want get left out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • [000]

    I’m curious as to what other kinds of improvements they’ll make in the future. What will Miiverse be like a year or two from now?

    • Mark Thom

      Miiverse could be dead a year or two from now? ………..lol

      • AAAkabob

        Says who lol, the PS4 will have the same growing pains as the Wii U.  You’re crazy if you think they’ll have everything they announced at launch.

        •  Why do some think the PS4 is going to be instantly successful?   We don’t even know the price and if it ends up like the PS3 it will be expensive and have a poor launch with games and features and riddled with hardware and software issues.   I mean this is Sony…

      • Lucy Heartfillia

        as long as there are nintendo fans miiverse wont die.

    • Master

      Maybe, we will get the ability to add videos to our posts just like Nintendo! That would be pretty cool!

  • Mark Thom


    • Lucy Heartfillia

      ps4 comes at the end of the year… 
      if you are so excited about it then just buy it on lunch.
      We Arent afraid of sony fanboys mate, we are here to have fun and not troll like all the little b*****  over there 😛

      • Mark Thom


        • Laud


          Steer clear.

          • Mark Thom


          • Lord Carlisle

            You see, before, I wouldn’t have labelled you a troll. Now, I see that you are after that last comment. Laud was right.

          • Mark Thom


          •  the have moron

          •  they*

          • Mark Thom

            What Third party support nintendo have u BITCH.. sit down and take SHIT from NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!! farbitchassboy

          • nintendo is the only system that can survive without 3rd party support, the other competitors would suck otherwise if they made their own

          •  your mother

          • Mark Thom


          • you mean fake porn? sorry nintendo delivers better

    • Paquito19962

      PS4, the Dreamcast of Sony.

      So no, nothing to worry about…

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Nintendo started the social stuff with Miiverse, but now Sony proposes direct streaming & sharing, posting to Facebook, and ability to help an other player …
    Nintendo just has to keep on improving Miiverse in order to stay in the race. Personally, I really like Miiverse and don’t need more, what is proposed on the upcoming PS4 is too much, but Miiverse could still be much better.

    • catsby

      Uhm, I have to say Sonys idea is alot better than Nintendo’s.

      • AAAkabob

        Eh they are nice features but they are not all that practical for gamers who just want to play.

        -Watch someone else play? theres youtube, but it could be interesting w/ tournaments.
        -Let someone else beat the game for me? No TY
        -Post to Facebook?  No I’d rather not, that’s why I have Miiverse

        Besides I am 100% sure a lot of the features they announced won’t be fully functional at launch.

      •  I am not sure I would want anyone to have the ability to take over my game even if the intent is to help.   This especially rings true on Sony Playstation because we know they are not known for having the most secure network.

        That being said I would like to see ways to connect MiiVerse to Facebook or other social media.  They already do that with the TVii so I am sure it has been thought about with MiiVerse.   But on the other hand it is kind of nice to have it separated from the other social networks too.

      • Agent X

        Sony is improving on the BIG N’s idea….Its not Sonys idea

      • NkoSekirei

         but can they look up stuff on a pad controller incase ur stuck on a certain area nope sony doesnt have that

    • Paquito19962

      I don’t like the proposals of the PS4. Hope Nintendo continues on their own lines and principles.

      • RoadyMike

        Don’t like…wha..did you even see the full conference?It was VERY impresive
        Any non-fanboy can see what the PS4 is trying to do and apreciate it.Thier proposals are truly trying to cater to absolutly everyone and,if done right,they might just completly succeed in doing that
        In the end,its us,the gamers,who win.I’m SUPER HYPED for the upcoming gen

        • NkoSekirei

           heres one ps4 lacks backwards compatibility and cant transfer saved data from ps3 and ps4.

          •  Here’s another. Not everyone can afford a high broadband internet.

          • RoadyMike

             Yea there’s that :/
            BUT,that rumor of the PS4 not playing used games was false.That’s something right?

    • Arthur Jarret

       Easy posting of automatically saved videos is an extremely cool feature… posting to facebook – meh… I love the dedicated miiverse feature, but wouldnt use facebook to post game-related messages.

  • Miiverse_Ideas

    I have one great idea to implement in Miiverse! You know when you are in a community, there is in the top right a wrench symbol, and when you tap it, it says: What messages do you want to see in this community? -All -Not the revelations -Nothing. So my idea is to add more options, like: -Only text messages -Only hand-made messages -Messages with pictures (of a game).
    I’m really hoping to see this kind of update! Because sometimes I see messages in miiverse searching for comments with pictures of the game of the community I’m searching :). Sorry for my bad english and I hope you like my idea 😀

    • WiiUltra

      A filter for hand written messages and typed messages is a good idea.

  • Letha1Rage

    Finally got a wii u today had to get back out to get a ethernet adapter after I nearly stangled my console after trying to get the wifi to work for more than 5 seconds and dont give me any solutions because I already tried them all

    • Noel Scerri

      It is probable that your WIFI router has a security protocol that the WII U does not support. Try setup up your router without security first and check if it works, if not I guess it is better to check it out for defects or with another WIFI router if possible

      • Letha1Rage

        That isn’t it and besides all I had to do was plug in the ethernet adapter and the ethernet cable and BOOM!! it worked

  • All Miiverse needs is a colour pallet to draw with…

    • RoadyMike

      *cough*only 100 characters for messages*cough*
      Effin cold…

      • Arthur Jarret

         I love how the ‘official’ response to that by marty is… to comment on your own posts.

        Anyway, I am able to make AWESOME drawings in black and white on the gamepad… but on colors 3D I have more trouble (my kirby pic was very cool in 3D, but still – not even close to my Terminator or kirby pics on miiverse)

  • fireheartis1

    This is a great addition to Miiverse, but it might make it to were I spend too much time in Miiverse.  I love visting Miiverse to talk about a game I’ve played or movie that I’ve watched.  It would bee cool if Nintenod would ad a Wii community, so we can talk about Wii games we havn’t played yet, and Wii games that we love.  That would make Miiverse so freaking awesome.