Apr 23rd, 2014


Nintendo has been listening to your suggestions over the past few months in terms of making Miiverse better. A new update for Miiverse went live today, improving how you can interact with the service when not using it on your Wii U. While there’s still no dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone as of yet, these usability improvements make it so you can search for groups and you can now see posts from verified users on the web version. MiiverseMarty has a full list of changes:

1) We’ve added two new features to the web version of Miiverse to bring it in line with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. The first is the “Posts from Verified Users” icon at the top of the Communities screen, which you can select to display only posts by verified users. The second is the community search function, which lets you search for communities by software title.

2) This affects all versions of Miiverse: You can no longer post several comments in quick succession on somebody else’s post. From now on, after posting a comment on someone else’s post, you will have to wait around 3 minutes before you can comment again on the same post. This doesn’t apply to your own posts, where you can comment as frequently as you like.

This update also seems to cut down on users spamming other people’s comments, as there’s now a cooldown timer inbetween posting on someone else’s comment. That’s nice for people who were complaining about getting spammed in popular communities and it’s especially nice that the change doesn’t apply to the original poster, who may be replying to everyone who says something to them.

What do you think of the new changes?

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  • darkcreap

    Yes, but there is the length limitation, which can be a bit irritating at times. Some times it is not that you want to spam other users, but the fact that you need to give a long answer… come on.

    I would put a longer response, like 300-400 characters. Or maybe 500.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we feel that teaching children to formulate themselves in as few words as possible is important, so there for we will not raise the character limit. It also helps keep Miiverse as fast as possible.

      Thank you for understanding.


      • darkcreap

        Um, normally I would like the impersonation gag, but not this time. By the way, sorry for being a grammar nazi, but it is “therefore”

    • That guy who hates Spike

      I find that length is perfect at 200 characters. I’m just posting brief messages after all. But there should be an option for the user to decide to put this 3 minute wait or not, because I wouldn’t want people I discuss gaming with wait 3 minutes for a reply that would take 1. Especially, if they’re using the console versions, where you can’t multitask.

  • Petri

    It should be 3 minutes, or after someone else says something.
    Though I haven’t encountered this, since I do not wait for reply, replys wait for me.
    But I’m sure some people do Miiverse chatting.

  • BIG Franky

    I am sure that these changes are part of a bigger, sweeping change associated with an upcoming iOS and android app release to be announced at E3…

  • Donaald

    1) Should have been there since the beginning
    2) That’s pretty cool

  • ActivesiN

    cool cool….Miiverse is great and all but Nintendo could you bring us some cross game chat on the Wii U so I can talk to my friends while crushing them on Mario Kart 8

    • requested since day 1. dunno if they aren’t doing this for a reason. don’t ask me why they shouldn’t do that though, would be awesome for sure.

    • X3Charlie

      I’m glad Nintendo tries new things, but couldn’t they at least learn from their competitors about stuff that works?

  • Sam

    Has anyone seen E!as_sk8’s Rosalina post on the Smash Bros. community? Terrible.

  • One thing I never noticed was, that somehow there’s a new bookmark in my wiiU browser’s favorite-page that lets me post my actual game’s screenshots to facebook, twitter and my tumblr-blog. I don’t really know why Nintendo sometimes is blowing quite needless bullshit to the size of a mountain and don’t mention stuff like this. It’s like the best way to quickly get screenshots out of your gameplay, the only nice feature would’ve been to mail them somewhere, but maybe next time.
    They really could’ve sold that feature as in-game social media-integration. Sure, it’s not like their competitions’ features which are like posting videostreams and stuff, but still it’s quite something that every wiiu player should totally be aware of, because if screens are getting spread over the social media channels, that’s quite a way of a self-running social media marketing machine. But then again, I forgot Nintendo isn’t really interested in marketing with the WiiU. I’m just wondering what they want to achieve, now that they haven’t even reached half of Gamecube’s success. What’s their next milestone?

    • The image share was added in the last system update along with HD youtube in the browser, but whoever wrote up the brief was too damned lazy to say something other than “system stability”

  • Dark-Link73

    “You can no longer post several comments in quick succession on somebody else’s post.”

    I don’t recall ever being able to post several comments in quick succession. I’ve always have to wait two minutes to post back to back comments/threads. Nintendo is just increasing the waiting time by one minute. No biggie.

  • Old School

    Miiverse is weak anyways, toddlers paradise

    • ETeach

      Not necessarily. It all depends on who you’re following, friends with, etc.

  • Steve Warner

    C’mon already Nintendo! Where’s the mobile version of miiverse?