Apr 5th, 2013

Yesterday the Miiverse received a small update that added a few features that you guys were asking for in our discussion post. Whether it’s a coincidence or Nintendo is actually listening to feedback about the Miiverse experience I can’t say, but it’s nice to see these features finally available.

Several of you had concerns that the Miiverse was too slow when reading threads with a lot of comments, so that has now been changed so those threads will only load 100 comments at a time for speedier browsing. Additionally, the communities have been broken up into new categories to better help you find what you’re looking for when you search. A YouTuber has provided a quick run down of the changes above, so tell us what you think of them below!

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  • ronaldco91

    Awesome! Keep it up, Nintendo!

  • Ducked

    Wheres the speed update?

    • lonewolf88

      that comes i think in like a week

      • Ducked


      • thedeciderU

        ugh – better!

    • Ricardo de Lima Thomaz

      I bet it comes this sunday!

    • Revolution5268

      this month

  • D.M.T

    Great job Nintendo!!! But for the love of God…give us a new Nintendo Direct!!! I wanna know what’s new with Nintendo and upcoming games

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Yeah, that rumored third party direct…

    • Fred

      I’d love a Nintendo Direct full of Release dates.
      Game & Wario
      Pikmin 3
      Wonderful 101
      Wii Fit U
      Wii Party U
      Yoshi Yarn

      • Ducked

        I just want a release date for Pikmin 3. Hopefully it will come out in the Summer and not be delayed again. And Nintendo, whats with Wii Party U? What about Wii U Sports?

        • Fred

          Did they announce Wii U Sports? I only mentioned games that are (in my understanding) supposed to come out Within the next 2 quarters

          • Ducked

            No they haven’t. I’m hoping they will soon. Wii Sports was a huge success, so I don’t know what there waiting on.

        • i mean i already preordered it and it will be out in june. check your local retail stores. i live in switzerland, though. may be a little bit different from where you live.

          • Ducked

            I live in the US, and I can’t find a single release date. All I’ve heard is summer 2013.

  • Was this article rushed? There’s like 2 places where the last letter of the word is missing…

    In related to the topic, I just wish we could have like in game notifications of friends coming online or comments to posts (and of course, the option to turn them on or off) instead of just the home button blinking and requiring you to press it to see what’s up (bad for when you are playing multiplayer online)

    • AAAkabob

      Apparently the commenting in-game is coming.

  • [000]

    Listening to feedback? I have no doubts anymore; Miiverse will soon evolve into the best online gaming community ever.

    • Revolution5268

      and clowns were saiyan that miiverse it getting worst every update and they dont even own wii u.

      • Nathan Abrahamson

        Are they *puts on sunglasses* Super Saiyan?

    • Wayne Beck

      Not really sure anyone cares about EA or Battlefield. Sorry.

      • its to show our numbers to all 3rd parties since they think we are few!

        • Wayne Beck

          lol Hate to say it, but we are few. There are still less than 5 million of us. Of course that’s normal in this time period, but EA is more or less the greediest company in the industry. Even developers don’t like them.

          EA will consider supporting Wii U when the Install Base break 10 Million.

      • Nintedward

        Honestly , f%&* battlefield. I wouldn’t buy it if it came to the Wiiu. So many better wiiu games announced and coming out. Battlefield is for dood bro nubez

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’d like to know how the YouTuber recorded GamePad footage?!

    • It shows up on the tv too -_-

  • InterTreble

    Whatever Nintendo invents becomes the reference for the entire videogame industry. So will do the Miiverse. This is why Big N is the #1 worldwide. Without any doubts.

  • Nintedward

    I actually asked for this on Miiverse and this site and Mynintendonews. It was my single biggest issue with miiverse , the categories and sections. Glad they added it 🙂 !

    Doubt they saw my request , but it’s a nice coincedence they added it the day after I asked for it !

  • Need party chat function tht would be awesome 🙂

    • RoXas

      That would indeed be awesome. The first thing they should change is that the home-menu should be accessible when playing online without disconnecting.

  • Zuxs13

    I don’t really use miiverse or have a reason to use it, but I do think it is a great feature to have. I am impressed in the way they built it and can add to it, I thik it will take off when it arrives on phones and PC’s as well.

  • Robknoxious1

    I recognize the voice from the video. He co-hosts one of NWR’s podcasts called The Famicast.

  • LopsidedPasta

    I just saw Chuggaaconroy’s Mii at the end of this video. Awesome!

  • Chompy

    I would love to have a feature where you can voice chat with your friends, while you are playing other games (NintendoLand, NSMBU, Pikmin, etc).

    • Fuzunga

      Yes, me too! Strangely, the only console that does cross-game chat is the Xbox.

  • The one speaking in the video sounded like a Dutch person speaking English, most Dutch people understand it but have this very annoying tone to their voice when speaking, feels like several words are pronounced incorrect (I’m Dutch myself so I reconise English speaking Dutch people often 😛 and it annoys me to hear Dutch people speak English with the very annoying dialect added to it 😉 ) Anyway I also saw many Dutch, German, French words and sentences in the video, is the video made from a European WiiU user…?

    Glad they add these changes though, it seems much more user friendly now aswell compared to the first footage of Miiverse I had seen.

    Off topic: Looks like Nintendo Europe is pushing the WiiU tv advertising again, finally after 4 months, just saw 3 different WiiU adds on tv in the past hour, one of Monster Hunter 3U one of Lego City Undercover and one general WiiU tv-add.