Mar 12th, 2013

New gameplay details for Lego City Undercover, the soon-to-be released Wii U exclusive title from TT Fusion, have been revealed via scans of advertising and marketing material.

The images shine light on some of the characters, scenarios and tie-in products of the game, but most notably they give some insight into previously unseen gamepad integration.


In addition to the above information, the scans detail some of the specific ways you’ll be using the gamepad while playing the game.

  • As a communicator – police dispatcher Ellie Phillips will update you on crimes in progress or suspicious characters via the gamepad.
  • As a scanner – using motion control you can virtually scan the city’s environments. You can look for hidden items, bonus missions, or even listen in on secret conversations.
  • As an in-game camera.
  • As a navigation system: the dynamic map will be displayed in full on the gamepad, allowing you to save locations and find the best route to your next objective via the touch screen.

Speaking of the map, a separate scan shows off the a bird’s eye view of the exact layout of LEGO City.


As an indicator of scale, TT Fusion’s Steve Bate has previously said it takes 10 minutes to drive “from bottom to top”. This means the overall map for LEGO City Undercover is probably a little smaller than some previous sandbox adventure games.

However since we know there are about 200 different vehicles in the game (some of which only spawn in certain points) and since we can now see a drive around the city will involve traveling to different islands and over long stretches of bridge or ocean, it’s easy to imagine spending a huge amount of time just exploring the environment. Add to this the game’s trademark  ‘disguise’ system and there’s the potential for Metroid-style re-exploration with newly unlocked abilities.


You can see in this image the robber and fireman disguise — which have already been shown prominently in media and advertising for the game — as well as the farmer costume which I can only assume grants Chase the ability to spawn adorable LEGO chickens.

Also notice the mention of ‘Albatross  Island Prison’. Is this the isolated island on the right-hand side of the map?

LEGO City Undercover is releasing just next week — March 18 —  in the US (March 28 in Europe and Australia / NZ) and has already earned some very positive reviews.

Has this new info got you sold on the all-new sandbox adventure, or have you had your pre-order in from day one? Give your thoughts on LEGO City Undercover in the comments below.

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  • David Kumapayi

    I feel that this game could attract more customers and be the difference between Nintendo meeting their 5 million pound mark for the end of march or waiting a little longer. Nintendo wii u will sale much more when wind waker hd comes out. Pikman 3, Nintendo land, zombie u, game wario, rayman legends and others games that get player fully involved with the wii U game pad. Nintendo is surely the best console ever!!!!!!!

  • awesome

  • tooby77

    Getting nfs, the walking dead and lego this month

    • Need for Speed and Lego City sound good, not too sure about the Walking Dead game though..

    • D.M.T

      What about Monster Hunter? I predict that MH will be much better than Walking Dead.

      • tooby77

        Not a big fan of monster hunder. I know walking dead prob suck balls, but still gettining it. I have alot ot games and like to collect em. Some i havent even played yet. 🙂

      • Monster Hunter isn’t really what you can call a game for everyone…Either you’re good at games like it or not. And I can’t imagine that someone who never played such games will have enough patience to work into the game mechanics 😉

        And by now it’s not clear if The Walking Dead will be disappointing, I think that it has great potential from what I’ve heard about it with all that ZombiU-like sneaking ’round the enemies.

        • tooby77

          I played it on wii, and played the demo on wii u. Cant really like it. I like the genre but cant get hooked on mh. Might buy it anyway someday. 🙂

          • Johny

            its just one of those games that has a HUGE learning curve, and you HAVE to put alittle time into it and give it a chance 🙂 i did it with mh3 on wii… and boy.. its SOO rewarding.. since then, i have played pver 750 hours ,got me completely hooked, and is now my favourite game franchise ever 🙂
            but it IS a very different game from others in the genre.. its very unique and really shouldnt be compared to others like that…

          • Takes some getting used to, trust me I played the first game on PS2 and it was difficult but once I got to learn how to play the game was awesome, same with Tri and Ultimate

  • uPadWatcher

    I’m completely sold on Lego City: Undercover… as well as Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, The Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2!!!!!

    • Me too! I sold my psp to buy Lego City. It just sounds like a great idea. Almost like lego island 2 on steroids.

      • The_Last_Metroid

        lego island 2 was amazing

      • dgallo911

        I hate to say this, but that is one of the stupidest things ive ever heard… i dont care if its the “greatest lego game ever produced” that was a bad, bad move lol

        • Tecpedz94

          Its a psp who cares….

          • dgallo911

            the psp is a awesome little system, that is (now anywayz) affordable and has some amazing games that you can pick up for $5 – $10 bucks. I understand this is a Nintendo forum but even a blind man in New York could tell you a psp console is far superior to a Lego undercover disc

          • i was selling it anyways. it’s not like i was like “oh shit, lego city undercover! Better sell my psp!” I was like, “hrm, i’m selling my psp anyways, may as well pick up lego city”

        • Dude, I never used my psp. If it wasnt lego city, it would’ve been a different game.

          • dgallo911

            you might not use it now, but its an awesome system to have lying around the place and despite the downvotes ive received, im standing by my previous statement lol

          • val berger

            I’m with you man.

          • dgallo911

            cheers mate, clearly u r one of the few visitors to this site that hasnt been brainwashed by nintendo. ive made some stupid deals in the past ( especially when booze is involved) but the trade mentioned above makes them all look pretty fair lol

          • val berger

            Actually I’ve been kinda brainwashed too. But I also own a PS3 and although I don’t like the system itself, it’s understood for me, that there’s plenty of really valuably and creative software available for that. Don’t know the PSP too much, but of course, it’s a system offering all kinds of games which you just can’t exchange for one single game. It’s just maths I guess 🙂

          • dgallo911

            numbers never lie lol

          • eh. I have a 3DS. I only need one portable. I’m not saying it’s a bad system at all! I’m just saying I didnt use/need it.

          • dgallo911

            there r only 2 possible scenarios where i could “understand” trading a psp for a lego game (1) it is broken beyond repair (2) you have over 10 psps in ya draw. any other reason isnt good enough and equals Stupidity

          • or I just didnt like my psp.

    • NkoSekirei

      yep gonna be the best next week ever and it seems its gonna get even better in coming months.

    • Tecpedz94

      Pikmin and Zelda WW HEY!!!!!!!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Looks amazing, already pre-orderd this game, and I wonder what the reviews will be like – pretty good I’m guessing.
    By the way, you may want to correct this article as Nintendo Magazine said that the city alone takes 10 minutes to drive around, but there’s are loads of other areas outside the city. Also pretty much every roof top can be accessed which kinda makes it 2 large locations in one. – just thought I’d put these points out there.

    • Steve Bate has said it takes 10 minutes to drive from bottom to top. Of course that doesn’t mean you’re going to see everything there is in 10 minutes, because you’re just going in a straight line.

  • You know times are rough for the Wii U when you have to get hyped up over a Lego game! A Lego game is the best that the Wii U has to offer? I would feel ashamed. If I had a Wii U, I would try to Ebay it ASAP.

    • So I’m guessing you have to world’s most smallest brain because Lego City isn’t the only game getting hype over it. NFS: Most Wanted U, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 and many more (Watch_Dogs, AC 4)

      • D.M.T

        Ignore the troll dude or troll him back. Do not take his comments seriously.

        • Don’t tell him how to respond. Just because you want a certain image of Nintendo does not mean that all are on the take.

          • So you thumbs us down because we where telling the truth about you?… Hmmm… sounds like you are an Xbox Fan girl

          • D.M.T

            And don’t tell me what to do. If i wanna tell him how to respond I’ll tell him how to respond. I’m not forcing him to do anything.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            “Don’t tell me to stop telling other people what to do!” Is exactly what you sound like right now. There is a better way to deal with trolls, and this isn’t one of them.

          • dgallo911

            that 1st line “Don’t tell me to stop telling other people what to do!” is fucking hilarious lol

    • Fred

      That’s cool, if you don’t like these type of games. Lucky for you the PS4 and probably new Xbox are coming out this year you can buy those. As for me, I love my Wii U (28 years old) and I plan on buying several more games for it this year.

      • D.M.T

        A troll should never be taken seriously my friend. Don’t waste your time explaining things to him. You either troll him back or you ignore him.

        • You seem to be trolling buddy. Comments you don’t like is not trolling.

          • D.M.T

            Yes I’m trolling the troll aka you. There’s a difference between criticism and hating. You are hating and it’s because you’re getting paid.

          • Sometimes criticism can be interpreted as hating if some people don’t like the critiques! People often interchange criticism and hating. If you say something nice, but disagree with one thing, then it is called criticism by supporters. If you say something non-supportive of something with one or no things positive, they call it hating. See, I can’t win either way.

          • Jimmy D. Fugate

            No one said this is game is the most anticipated title on Wii U for this year…what about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Watch Dogs, AC IV, Wind Waker HD, RE Revelations, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, Injustice or Pikmin 3? Those are all as equally anticipated as this title. And it’s hating when every single post you put on a blog is negative. What do you expect from a Wii U-centric blog? No one to respond back?

          • D.M.T

            It’s hating because you are insulting the Wii U and Nintendo fans. You make fun of the hardware, the games, the fans and the graphics. Every single comment is negative. You can’t win because this website is for NINTENDO FANS ONLY. You are not a fan at all.

          • Where does it say that this is for Nintendo fans ONLY? Every comment was not negative and it does not matter if they are since they are the truth.

          • NkoSekirei

            ur comments isnt the truth dumb@$$ ur just continuing to make ur self look like a fool on here just like any other troll do us all a favor and gtfo

          • D.M.T

            This is a website for Wii U owners dumbass that’s why. You don’t speak the truth, you’re just insulting everyone for no reason.

          • Where does it say that this website is for Wii U owners? You people who claim to not be trolls are the only ones who insult people.

          • NkoSekirei

            dont be a bitch oh wait thats wat u are

    • D.M.T

      You’re getting paid to hate on Wii U, admit it Donaald.

    • Oh crap, I’m so sorry that I got hyped over a good game. Hmm, let’s fix this.

      CoD rocks!

      Uncharted is the best game ever!!

      The PS4 makes gaming PCs obsolete!!!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wash my mouth out.

      • Well Uncharted is actually a good game and the PS4 is actually more or less a Gaming PC in a console body… but… CoD fucking ROCKS YEAH!!!

        So this is it… I can’t say I like the Wii U and PS4… what is this site turning into, the next MyNintendoNews?

      • My point was, it is sad that a Lego game has to be the hottest release talked about because there is nothing else going on for it.

        • MasterPpv

          While it’s true that most Lego games have been disappointments, it seems like this one is actually shaping up to .be quite good, which is probably the reason that people are more excited about it than they usually are for Lego games. Also, this game is FAR from the most exciting game coming to Wii U in the near future. Need for Speed is looking good, Monster Hunter looks AMAZING, Pikmin 3 is around the corner, the Virtual Console is launching very soon, Injustice looks badass, and those who have calmed down and gotten over their initial outrage will probably enjoy Rayman Legends as well if they simply give it a chance, because that game looks fantastic =)

          • Actually, Lego Racer, Lego Island 1 & 2, Legoland and Lego Universe (which is sadly no longer with us) are/were actually really good lego games, its just some of the licensed Lego games that suffer a bit like Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars but they weren’t actually that disappointing.

          • Johny

            lego racers 1 and 2 were AWESOME .. and LEGO starwars was really good too.. but then the other lego games started coming out which were exactly like lego star wars, only more lame… and thats when things started going downhill

        • Maybe people just really like to play with Legos. If this game is successful which I’m quite certain it will be now, there will be more games like it. The devs look to be on board for expanding the game and are very enthusiastic about it. So, I think it’s safe to say that we all hope that this game leads to the Lego game that everyone wants, which is this game, but bigger and the ability to make your own Lego creations in game.

    • Nintenjoe82

      I would feel ashamed if I was a troll

    • NkoSekirei

      how about stfu troll every time u post on every article u make ur self look like an @$$ and believe me u wont last long after we bash u ill u cry to ur mommy troll

      • I won’t last long? I am not the one getting upset – over video games no less!

    • dgallo911

      Im not sure why you have received so much hate for essentially saying this game is getting more coverage/interest than it deserves.

      Fellow readers, dont get me wrong, ill be purchasing this in a few weeks for my 5 yr old boy but does this game help justify MY purchase of the Wii U?? – No it doesnt.

      Knowledge may have got a bit carried away with us being ashamed (personally im just disappointed) and e baying it, but so far the system has been pretty ordinary and the last thing any of us should be doing is praising the system as it is still damn slow at loading, continues to freeze and has an pretty crappy selection of games. Hopefully this will begin to change in the next few weeks (via updates and Monster Hunter etc) but until it actually does, we should only give credit where it is due and at the moment it definitely isnt due for Nintendo

      • Thanks, that’s all I was trying to say.

        • dgallo911

          np mate, i think the problem is either (A) most ppl here have spent way to much time in the heavily policed mii verse or (B) they all consider themselves troll hunters and their eyes light up upon seeing any negative comment directed at the wii u lol.

  • ICHI

    Well gonintendo have a video review up and give it a 7/10 which they count as being very good and is nice and comforting, but edge have reportedly given it a 5/10. I know some of their reviewers can be harsh but I am looking forward to reading that review.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Where are you getting this info from?

    • Nintenjoe82

      Panic over, I found it by reading what you said!

      • ICHI

        Sorry yeah I just searched for “lego city undercover reviews” on google earlier, as in the article above, it said the game had already received some good reviews. The video review makes it look good and hopefully the system update will reduce the load times a bit.

  • Taking a wait and see approach with this game…

  • Mickey Mouse

    Pre-ordered from day one!

  • I’m glad this is coming out because my want for GTA V is decreasing and I really want to play any game that reminds me of GTA and this game… reminds me of GTA is a good way without the senseless violence 😀

  • Andrew Comer

    The people who say this is gonna suck have never played with lego’s in their life. I feel sorry for them. I’m gonna wait for more reviews before I decide on buy it.

    • Johny

      exactly this comment.

  • What? Using the gamepad as a tool to make one feel more part of the game? That’s insane. We all know the gamepad is just a gimmick and a distraction that takes away from being immersed in the game.

    /sarcasm btw…..

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Can’t wait ! 28th in Europe, that’s long ! My son is also super excited 😀

    • Lazara the Last

      If I’ve had a son, he’d have to wait for me to finish the game before he’d gotten to play… I can’t wait for this game!

  • ElladanCZ

    @Donaald:disqus Who is paying for the hate on Nintendo, Wii U etc… Is it Microsoft, Sony or both?

  • Barters

    Yeah ok, this article just tipped the scales of my desire in wanting this game. This month will see me with NFS and Lego. Sweet, pretty excited.

  • dgallo911

    Does anyone know if this game will support multi player???

  • Ibi Salmon

    Cool. Lego games were always fun. I might pick this up if I get a Wii U.

  • Doesn’t the Map look too small for what i expected or it’s just me? :s

  • Grammar Nazi 2000

    The “Octan” gas station has been used for other Lego games before. 🙂

    Around the 3:18 mark.

    • Grammar Nazi 2000

      Oh, how graphics have changed.