Mar 28th, 2013

A new Iwata Asks has been released, discussing the development of the Game & Wario game and how it went from being a product supposed to be included on the Wii U to its own standalone product. The original interview is conducted in Japanese, but the helpful folks from NeoGAF have translated what was being said. Highlights include:

  • It wasn’t originally planned to be a Wario series game. They wanted them to produce something to show off at E3 2011. This was ‘Shield Pose’.
  • Moved from included-game to retail game in the Summer of 2011, once they’d finished ‘Pirate’ and felt there was too much content for it to be just included with the hardware.
  • The title screens were designed to emulate NES box arts, by including things or scenes that don’t happen in game or different art styles.
  • Gamer has 22 micro games included, about 10% of a previous WarioWare game.
  • They originally planned on calling it ‘Game of the Wario’ in Japanese, but the localization team at NoA suggested Game & Wario. Obviously, it’s a reference to Game & Watch.

You can check out more of the points here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • val berger

    Hm, never got too much into Wario Ware. Those games should come bundled with the console like Nintendoland, as they aren’t something that keep you coming back for too long but great to learn several ways to have fun with the console’s concept.

  • Arvind Kannan

    excellent……… now please more wii u news. We’r really dry on news at the moment! PLEASE!!!!!

    • Fred

      I’d just like a few release dates:
      Wonderful 101
      Pikmin 3
      Game & Wario
      Soon hopefully?!?!

  • This looks fun it really reminds me of a Japanese game show

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Wario games suck….no one cares Nintendo

    • Nintedward

      No. Every wario ware game has been brilliant. Especially when playing with friends , it’s hilarious.

    • Mr. Nick

      How dare you say that. Wario rules.

    • aaron

      what the hell are you on about. suck? these games are loads of fun with yer mates and were not kids

  • Alienfish

    It’s always okay to just make a Warioware game.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Game and Wario should have been a free game, much like Streetpass Quest for the 3DS

  • aaron

    we seriously need a fully fledged wario ware inc. the quick fire mini games derseving of all the features on the wii u tablet and wii mote. would be loads of fun.

  • sonicfan1373

    Based on many of these comments I can say that most people think this is yet another sucky mini games collections, which they perceive to not be good. I felt the same way towards the WarioWare games at one point, but I actually tried the WarioWare MegaMico Games game for the GBA and I saw that this is not your typical party game collection. I certainly believe that the WarioWare franchise has a lot of value if people open their minds up a little and let go of some of their prejudices and generalizations towards minigames collections.

    • Matthewmc685

      The fast action ware games are awesome! but it has just “about 10% of a previous WarioWare game”. All I want is lot’s of those micro games!

      • ICHI

        Well this game has so many minigames fleshed out like in Nintendoland. I had thought until that vid only the minigame “gamer” played like wario ware. Played completely on the gamepad but with the added problem of having to watch the tv so you dont get caught by your mum as your supposed to be going to sleep, a minigame within a minigame 🙂

    • Fred

      I will be getting this game. Probably will be a Day 1 download. If only we had a release date…

  • Superstick98

    This game is going to be amazing. Wario games are always funny and humorous and brings a smile to my face each and everytime I see a new one. His games are just fantastic. Especially with a group of friends or people. The wait for this game was definitely worth it.

  • Mr. Anderson

    Yaaaaaaaay! Wario! lol! Lalalalalalala! Suck it Battlefield 4! Suck it Bioshock Infinity! Suck it Tomb Raider! Nintendo Rules! lol!

    • tronic307

      Can’t tell if serious…

    • MehAtYourComment

      Bioshock was awesome :/

  • Chiwawa

    nobody is really even commenting on this article…..

  • Barters

    Seriously….ok great a Wario game. But I’m thinking there is a crapload of other questions and things the world wants to know from Mr Iwata right now.

    Like WTF is going on with the Wii U? Is there some grand master plan or are you completely oblivious?

  • Game & Waluigi