Feb 28th, 2014


A GameStop employee posted the above image on their blog, which shows marketing material received that is supposed to be put up in March. While there’s no concrete evidence here, comparing that Batman logo to others already released for the series, there’s no specific design that looks exactly like that. The closest one that matches is the Batman: Arkham Asylum logo, which saw the Batman lettering being orange instead of the outline of the Bat Signal. Here’s Arkham Asylum for comparison:

01-Batman Arkham Asylum

Could Rocksteady be returning with a new Batman game this year, after taking a break last year and turning the reigns of the Batman series over to Warner Bros. Games Montreal and Splash Damage. Perhaps Warner Bros. Interactive wasn’t pleased with the performance of Batman: Arkham Origins and will be taking the series back to its original developer. Who knows!

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  • Stephen Macneil

    Another rocksteady batman game? Yes, please. I’m guessing this is ps4/xbone so I doubt well see it on wii u. I hope I’m wrong but will be picking this up on ps4 anyway.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Probably won’t be. Batman games don’t make much profit on Wii U.

    • DragonSilths

      Arkham City Armored Edition was one Wii U. If anything Rocksteady gives a fuck about Nintendo and will put it on Wii U.

      • Stephen Macneil

        I played AC and AO both on Wii U but my point is it might be using Next Gen hardware and not worth it to port to Wii U. If there’s a 360/ps3 version then it might be likely.

        • DragonSilths

          Facepalm…quit saying NEXT GEN. THERE IS NO NEXT GEN ANYMORE. Next Gen means COMING OUT NEXT. Wii U and PS4 and Xbox One ARE CURRENT GEN. PS3, Wii. Xbox 360 are LAST GEN.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Double face palm… There is a next gen, it just hasn’t happened yet, which is why it’s called “next generation”. To your point though, I’ll explain this so you understand, it’s a widely used misnomer to avoid confusion and you know it. Studios and devs still call ps4 and xbone next gen to avoid confusion because the ps3 and Xbox are still the most active condoles.

          • C.S. Bailey

            Just because a bunch of people doing something wrong doesn’t make it right. It’s been over three months, it’s time to call them current gen. The reason they won’t do that yet is because the people that they can still get the most money from are 360 and PS3 owners. If they make those guys feel like they’re behind the times, they won’t buy the many games they still have coming out for those systems.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Get a life, it’s a misnomer. When I wrote my
            Post I obviously considered writing current gen yet I knew full well most people would think I mean 360/ps3. You make it out that there’s some conspiracy behind branding 360/ps3.

          • DragonSilths

            Next Gen wont be for another 6 years was my point. And I do understand. Though I know plenty of developers who don’t call them Next Gen anymore, not including myself.

          • WiiUPS4

            Agreed but some are just stuck to fanboyism

          • Stephen Macneil

            Are you referring to me? How dismissive and silly… You need to mature some. I own a ps4, wii u, and Xbox 360. No fanboyism here, just trying to have a conversation.

          • WiiUPS4

            Trust me kid i was gaming long before you and trust me im very mature i have two sons and a awesome job …Thanks for trying!

          • Stephen Macneil

            Geeez, you know so much about me! It’s almost as if you assume I don’t have a Master’s degree, an awesome job, and in my thirties! Keep calling people kid if it makes you feel big on the Internet though.

          • WiiUPS4

            It does but im just a gamer who games and i have masters myself and not here to cry a river just a gamer man

        • WiiUPS4

          Facepalm! Wii U is next gen kid!

          • Stephen Macneil

            Technically it is current gen, as your friend pointed out. My point was if it’s based solely on ps4/xbone then it won’t be coming to wii u. If there’s a ps3/360 port then there will be a wii u version, or at least it’s more likely.

          • abe

            the internet need to undersatnd Gen’s has nothing to do with power. the new Gen systems are the one launched in the 7th wave of consoles (Nintendo being the only ones there for all 7)

            it was annoying after the ps4/one was annouced people was asking “is the Wii U actually next gen?” and went on about power instead of going “is it a Wii? no. Then its next gen”

            back on topic – if the idea that the new batman has all of gotham with civilians and random crime is true i doubt we’ll get a Wii U version however i could see the Wii U getting a version of the next portable game

          • Stephen Macneil

            Yeah generations are about chronology, not power. I won’t be too upset if it doesn’t come to wii u since I have a ps4 and 360 but I played the last two on wii u and enjoyed them. I love using the gamepad as a map and played off tv sometimes too. I think the biggest thing is of they port it to do it right. Origins was buggy and choppy on wii u and there was no good reason for it. Xbox 360 was a steady 30fps.

          • abe

            lazy devs really. i love off TV play i played 90% of AC4 on the pad. i loved how it was a case of clicking both sticks to switch screens. where as on arkham origins i had to remember the menu layouts to get to options lol

            i wish the xbox one did that too.

          • WiiUPS4

            Well atleast we agree on the Xbone thing

  • Yeah, Kevin Conroy already leaked it last year. Not sure if Wii U will get a port.

    • val berger

      I don’t think so.

  • Ducked

    I’d rather see Rocksteady make a Justice League came with 2 player co-op. Similar to Justice League Heroes, but in Arkham style.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Rocksteady Batman!! PC master race, FTW!!!!

    • Gameonfool

      PC masterbating race, all that porn lol

  • Jon

    I still have yet to play a badman game beyond the SNES one… :d

    • Stephen Macneil

      Get Arkham city now! One of the best games ever made, let alone the best batman or super hero game. The first one is great too if you have 360 or ps3.

  • Frankie

    It is already confirmed they are making another Batman game for the new consoles.

  • MetroidZero

    Batman games, Batman games everywhere.

  • Virus6

    99% chance they are not gonna release it for Wii U. They can’t even give a decent version of Arkham Origins to Wii U or any of the DLC, why would they give us the next one?

    • Mario

      Um… Dude, you are aware that Rocksteady wasn’t responsible for that. Right?

      • J_Joestar

        that is true that it wasn’t Rocksteady’s fault, it is still published by Warner Bros. IE who are the ones who have the main say on where the game and DLC will go.

        • Blue Hernandez

          True, but I’m pretty sure Rocksteady is in love with the Wii U.

          • abe

            the issue is rocksteady didnt make Arkham City ARMOURED EDITION the guys who made Origins did

      • abe

        rocksteady didn’t make the Wii U version of Arkham City. WB: Montreal did. They went on to make Origins but another team did the Wii U port of that hence the dropped gamepad stuff from arkham city and no multiplayer

  • steveb944

    PASS. After we didn’t get DLC I’m not bothering with yearly rehash of games. I’m doing the same with COD and Assassin’s Creed. Treat us the same as other consoles, because you do have the deep pockets to do it, then talk to me.


    Don’t get too excited,guys.. This could be just the Black Gate port they’re working on. Move along people nothing to see here.

  • Although rocksteady is not responsible for previous fails (missing dlc, cancelling season pass, missing multiplayer) I honestly would not be surprised this game won’t come to WiiU at all, same old, same old story… PLEASE let be be wrong and give us what the others get aswell, I didn’t buy previous games for the reasons above, much rather buying full and fully supported game on PS4 then a broken game on WiiU for almost the same price…

    • Nathan Verbois

      It’s up to Nintendo to convince third-parties to support the Wii U, which usually is done by increasing the hardware sales of the system to make it viable. If Nintendo can get it to at least 10 million by the end of this year, the third parties would start to come back around. Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. should be able to boost sales significantly as well, but will it be enough. It also seems like Nintendo is continuing to attract interest from the indie scene, which is only a good thing. The other way to attract third parties is by contributing a lot of software sales, which is up to the consumers.

      • abe

        I’m not even sure that’s an issue with this game. I think it will be simply the new game was built to the xbox one/PS4 specs and down scaling it to wii u might not be worth them doing

        • Nathan Verbois

          Yeah, I just replied to the wrong person, I think. I don’t remember who I was trying to reply to.

  • Green

    Maybe its just me, but i’m getting a bit tired of the batman games

    • 00EpicGamer00

      It’s not just you.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Hmm, a new Batman game…… nah, even if it did come to the Wii U, considering my Wii U locked up so often on the last one to the point I couldn’t progress, I’ll pass.

    • Stephen Macneil

      Rocksteady didn’t make the last one

  • Ben English

    …I.. but…

    We’ve known Rocksteady was working on their own Arkham sequel before Arkham Origins even came out.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    ANOTHER Batman game!? Oh yeah, like anyone’s reeeally going to buy It.

    • Stephen Macneil

      The Arkham series is a huge franchise, what are you talking about?

      • 00EpicGamer00

        I was kind of just joking. There’s been a ton of Batman games as of late, I just thought everyone was tired of seeing it. xD

  • DragonSilths

    If its Rocksteady coming back to save it then I’m in. I skipped Origins cause Warner Bros made it shit.

    • Stephen Macneil

      I really like Origins. While it got mixed reviews people never gave it a chance. A lot of review sites loved it, and I agree. Not as good as the first two but certainly worthy.

      • abe

        it wasn’t arkham good but that’s still pretty darn good. it just suffered from the lack of love that rocksteady gave it

  • Blue Hernandez

    I hope they finally just skipped to Batman Beyond now.

  • Colin Tosh

    Am I the only one that thought Origins was GARBAGE!? It was half an hour of freaking cut scenes then walking vvvvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly down a hallway and pressing a button to counter one dude in the most overreacted slow motion cut scene ever.

    After beating the guy on the floor I gave up. My friend came over to my house and gave up just before the point where I quit. He didn’t even get past the guy on the floor.

    Everybody yaps on about “insert multiplat here” missing a Wii U release but I honestly don’t see the appeal in these AAA games. They are all for show and Origins proved it. Same with Ghosts. Most of it was cut scenes.

    Honestly all the games that have been truly worth playing to me have to be exclusive. The rest (even those worth putting time into) get cast into my draw and never pulled out again. I sometimes wonder why I haven’t traded them in. If the next Batman misses a Wii U release, I couldn’t care less. I was so bored with Origins I couldn’t be bothered.

    Origins was FAR too slow moving. All that money invested and this is what they come out with?

    • Blue Hernandez

      Dead Rising 3 was a lot of fun, hell I think it was more fun than any PS4/X1 game out there.

      • Nathan Verbois

        Dead Rising 3 is awesome! Nothing like grinding up 1000s of undead under my Rollerhawg then slicing and burning them up with the Ultimate Mecha Dragon or Ultimate Grim Reaper combo weapons.

        At the same time, I’m having way too much fun with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Amazing and gorgeous game. While stages like Grassland Groove and Irate Eight are instantly memorable, every stage in this game is different and fun. If you own a Wii U, enjoy platformers and haven’t picked it up yet, you should do so asap!

        • WiiUPS4

          Not for me man…Donkey just not my thing ..Now a metroid game that is what i want

          • Nathan Verbois

            Indeed, a new Metroid is what I want as well, but I still love Donkey Kong. While I’ll take a 2D Metroid, I fell in love with the Prime series. Purists may not like them as much as Super and Fusion, but as far as immersion goes, there’s absolutely no competition. Of course, I’d love to see what Retro could do after all of this time on their own. Perhaps revive work on Raven Blade now that they’ve made 5 outstanding games (and helped a lot on a sixth). Epic fantasy adventures are my favorite (probably due to Zelda).

          • WiiUPS4

            I will say im so ready for a good rpg like skyrim

          • Stephen Macneil

            X said they took inspiration from Fallout 3… So maybe!

  • Logan Wayman

    Maybe it’ll be called Batman: Arkham County.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    I’m In

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    The real question is….will the game come to the Wii U?

    I’ll keep my eyes on this game to see if I want to play it badly enough.

  • Grayson Tech