Sep 13th, 2012

Ubisoft is bringing their biggest franchise, Assassin’s Creed 3, to Nintendo’s new console later this year. The French publisher just released a set of new Wii U screenshots, showing just how the GamePad will be used in the game. Actually, most of the screenshots show the tablet controller used as a map/scanner of some sort, displaying objects of interest, enemies, and other details. The game will be a Wii U launch title when the console hits the store shelves on November 18. We also got a brand new trailer of the game, showcasing some Wii U specific features. As far as we can tell from the screenshots and trailer, the game looks slightly better than its counterparts on other consoles.

Assassin's Creed 3 Wii U

Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U gallery

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  • totesawks

    Seriously. Can someone please for the love of god put me out of my misery. Is it more powerful than current Gen ??? if so, roughly how much ?

    • liberalagenda

      Seriously. Can someone please for the love of god put me out of my misery. It is more powerful than current Gen !!! And so roughly by a lot !

      Get it through your head!

      • SenseAsNCommon

        Two things one is obviously time constraint time need to fully port over a game. Secondly more obvious then the first this game was not built from the ground up for the wii U. It just like xbox graphics are slightly better then the PS3…… I am so full of $#*%!! with that last sentence though the ones b4 r true

        • Saucy17

          no ps3 had slightly better graphics

      • Zeta

        now now, this is not confirmed, its common sense for it to be stronger than current gen even if only because of newer tech (with similar specs), however the only specification we know for sure is the 2GB of memory which is already a big step up from current gen (1GB for games and 1GB for OS and other stuff)

    • LolWatTurtles

      I actually find it really sad that out of all the good things you’ve heard about the Wii U you still have to ask that. Of course it’s a lot more powerful than 7 YEAR OLD TECHNOLOGY! Tons more powerful! Plus, it’s the first next-gen console in the 8th generation.

      • totesawks

        Its a fair comment. Yes we’ve seen the latest news about 2GB or ram. Honestly, doesn’t mean squat to me. Look at 75% of the launch titles. Regardless of the fact that they are 720p they still look like Gamecube games. All we’ve read in the last few months is misleading articles that it is more powerful where the Namco guy says it not on par. AC3 isn’t as nice looking. Just asking guys.

        • Zeta

          if 2GB of RAM doesn’t mean anything to you then why ask how powerful it is, the RAM has a fair bit to do with that and because of how much of a step up it is, it gives a guess where the rest of the specs should be.

          Also there is no way they look like gamecube games as even the Wii had better looking games than the gamecube, most of the ports look just slightly better than the current gen which is to be expected of ports this early in its life cycle. For an example of what this means look at two games of the current gen systems from the beginning and from the end and compare.

          • totesawks

            Really. Pikmin 3 doesnt look like a gamecube game ? Nintendo Land doesnt look like a gamecube game ? Mario Bros doesn’t look like a gamecube game ? Tank doesn’t look like a gamecube game ? really. I’ve seen better on an iphone.
            Most of the ports do not look better. Black Ops, I highly doubt it. Ninja Gaiden 3 looks awful. AC3 is apparently, according to reports, missing graphical elements. Batman is not as good as current gen. Goldeneye, looks like the Perfect Dark XBArcade.

          • sharlo

            blackops 2 is on the wii u 1080p 60fps, i think it’s better!!!!!!

        • Nintendonoob

          @totesawks if you love the frickin graphics so much spend $3000 on a gaming pc… GOD!! And lets put it this way… When Ps3 and Xbox 360 came out their games looked like N64 games… Wii U is new hardware its not like “oh Wii U just came out… I finally harnesed all of Wii U’s power and made a frickin amazing game” NO! Hardware isnt like that… GOD!!

    • shadriczo


      How much are you asking…?

    • Mid-core Gamer

      At least 50% more powerful than the 7th Generation.

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        nope the GB memory is 4X MORE POWERFUL than the XBOX360&PS3.
        PS3&Xbox360=512 MB
        Wii U=2GB

      • Enigmatic

        Not even close. Only half of the 2GB of the Wii U is being used for games.

        The Wii U is not next gen in terms of hardware power, or innovation.

        • NobodyLuvUBlues

          God when is someone going to ban this fail troll from posting here?

          Seriously is your life so pathetic that you visit a site about a console you dont like, and post bullshit cry baby nonsensical comments?

          Everyone who posts on this site owns your pathetic, meandering failed logic comments on a daily basis!

          Lastly im sorry you had bad parents, and im sorry they didnt raise you with care. Must be horrible to know nobody loves you =(

        • Zeta

          the thing is that the PS3 only had 512MB of memory in TOTAL, with 60MB of that going to the OS and the other 452MB for gaming, it also didn’t have its own audio processing the graphics (or CPU can’t remember which) did that, so basically even though the difference is only a bit above 2x in terms of memory available to games because of a wide variety of things that 1GB is still a big step up.

          Also they never said only 1GB would ever be used for games but that is what is always available to games, meaning some of the other 1GB may be used in certain situations.

          Now putting aside the hardware if you say the Wii U is not next gen in terms of innovation then you’re just in denial simple as that.

    • Nintedward

      From what we know it is more powerfull . And indeed can display better graphics on 2 screen’s simultaneously .

      NEVER judge a console’s graphics by launch title’s!!! If that was the case then Ridge racer 6 and perfect dark zero are the 360’s graphics :/ , even though I have better looking gamecube games.

      But yes this machine can output graphics even more stunning than those seen on a ps3 …… Definately….

      • Nintedward

        Fifa 13 , Darksiders 2 , Sonic racing , maybe others…. all confirmed to have better graphics than their cross platform counterpart’s on the 360 and ps3 .

        • Lord Carlisle

          True, but honestly… I think it’s going to be hard to impress those idiots who have made themselves believe that Nintendo is too “kiddy” for them.

          To completely destroy all doubt that the Wii U may be graphically inferior, I think it’s clear what has to happen. Black Ops 2 has to have better graphics on Wii U than Xbox360 and PS3.

          • Zeta

            lol, i actually think this is the least likely as BLOPS 2 will probably be the most lazy port out, it won’t look worse that would require effort on their part but may look just the same.

      • NintendGo

        Hahaha random

    • Kahhhhyle

      From what I understand it’s more powerful in some aspects but not all apparently the clock speed is lower(which isn’t a huge deal) . I wouldn’t be too worried about it once you can run a game at 60 fps at 1080p. You can’t go THAT much further

    • Robert

      You’re going to be so disappointed when Microsoft and Sony release their next console.

      • Kahhhhyle

        We’ll see Sony has the most powerful console of the last generation yet they’re in dead last speaking of sales while the weakest the 3 the wii sold FAR more units then either of them and Microsoft has a slight lead over Sony¬†thanks to that extra year on the market. By the time they’re next consoles come out Nintendo will have dropped the price AND had a year in advance on the market… Not to mention a lot of people are getting real sick if micro and Sony corporate money grubbing BS so I can easily see Nintendo winning this new generation that said Sony or Micro could easily blow us away next E3

        • ei8bitNinty

          i agree. Do not expect much for a giant leap that xbox 720 and ps4 have. For the Wii U specs, Nintendo tease only the Memory RAM of Wii U, 2Gb in all [1Gb for the game and 1Gb for the OS.], I think the reason some part of that 1Gb for OS is for streaming purpose from TV to the Gamepad. 2Gb is great.

          Nintendo, still in secret mode for the Wii U specs because i think they didn’t want know their competitors on what’s inside the box. I don’t know how powerful the Wii U system but I believed the Wii U is powerful enough to withstand the power of PS4 and XBOX720. ^_^

      • Neonridr

        Sure, and then Nintendo will release another one a few years later.. Cycle continues. Sony ain’t releasing the PS4 anytime soon.. They have way too much debt right now.

        • Zeta

          this is actually why they need to release an affordable console soon, as because the player base for the PS3 is so set right now, plus the fact that the next gen consoles have started coming means few PS3’s will sell between now and when the Wii U and nextbox release means money lost for them, this is probably why they are trying to fill the gap with exclusives they can make money off of.

          Now Microsoft on the other hand can sit back for a bit longer because they aren’t in any financial pinch, however their system is coming and Sony has said they don’t want Microsoft to beat them to the punch as far as next-gen consoles go as that would hurt them more than they already are hurting if both the Wii U and the nextbox come out for affordable prices with acceptable specs and the PS4 is still MIA.

          • Kahhhhyle

            See I see it the other way the ps3 is the only thing Sony is making money off of right now while the 360 is DEAD in Japan they sell like 20 consoles a week haha so I would think a new Xbox would arrive before a new playstation.

      • mojojojo888

        Somehow, at least as Sony goes, we either aren’t going to be that impressed, or Sony may very well attempt to put themselves out of businesses, along with development studios that can’t put their games on Nintendo’s system because they are ‘too kiddy’. If anyone thinks you can continue relying on a model of selling your products for less than you produce them for and succeed, well then plainly you are an idiot. And if they don’t take a loss, expect to pay hefty premiums for those systems. And considering this economy(and very little upcoming to inspire confidence), combined with plenty of whining about the Wii U’s price, somehow I don’t think Sony(and/or Microsoft for that matter) is going to be able to garner a huge base of adopters with a system that launches anywhere at $50+ dollars more than the Wii U, which they are notorious for with their ‘powerhouses’.

    • xdlugia

      It’s just a port, so you can’t expect Unreal Engine 4…

    • Mass Effect fan

      Actually is more powerful than PS360 maybe 2 or 3 times more powerful

    • wiiU gaming PLUS

      why are u judging next gen graphics on a current gen game of course its next gen you fool these are cheap ports with no or little visual up grade AND AS U CAN CLEARLY SEE theres 480p graphics being displayed at the same time on the gamepad what do u think they are free graphics from the graPHICS FAIRY

    • LazerK

      Dude,Nintendo would have to put some serious effort to make the Wii U on par with current gen.Get over it or gtfo…

  • NoPUNintendo

    Sweet! I can’t wait to play this game! I wish I could play it on Wii U first, but I went ahead and preordered the PS3 version. I’ll buy the Wii U version this christmas.

    • some gUy

      Thank you for getting back on topic.

    • wiiU gaming PLUS

      dualshock and load times YUK bit of sick came up

  • NoPUNintendo

    Wait one second. I noticed something after looking at these screenshots. Does this mean no HUD on the TV? So playing the game will be like a movie for who ever is watching? Holy crap. That is actually really awesome.

    • Kamon

      Whoa nice catch!!

      • Nintendonoob

        This is what I love about Wii U. No more crowded tv screens covered with the hud… I cant tell you how many times in CoD the hud wouldn’t show all of the bottom right of the screen the I get sniped from there… Can you also play this game fullly without the tv??? Because I would love playin this in bed… Also will the gamepad display 1080p? Sorry if this annoys you… I am a noob

        • Neonridr

          No the game pad doesn’t do 1080p. I think it does close to 720p, but cab’t fully confirm this.

          • Kevin White

            The game pad is 854×480. Same aspect ratio (1.77 to 1) as 1080p and 720p and anamorphic 480p. More pixels than anamorphic 480p though (which was 640×480 rendered so that it could fill a widescreen image).

            By comparison, the top screen on the 3DS / 3DS XL is 400×240 resolution.

          • Zeta

            Ahem, Translation for what Kevin said below, basically no but because of the small screen the shown resolution will be enough to make it look clean and good.

          • wiiU gaming PLUS

            480p widescren is the res its ever so slightly more than wiis tv resolution at 6.5 inch the ppsi is on par with say 720p on a average tv set

            nintendo have made it so the small screen close and the 1080p tv further away will match up just so pixel sharpness is ppsi not the resolution 1080p isnt needed at 6.5 inch

    • DannyMann

      The HUD looks to me to be on the controller screen with the map. Its exactly how i envisioned the controller to be used for this game.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    It’s been said the wii u is much more powerful than current gen the thing that bugs me, I that I feel like people only count graphics when they say power -.- it’s a little annoying graphics don’t make your machine a beast I mean yeah it’s nice to have but not a must. But thank the pawt gods they actually moved into an hd era. super nintendo era 2.0 here we come :O

  • ToadTheBarbarian

    Got my Wii U DELUXE reserved and I can’t wait ! ! !

  • samuDC

    Will the friend adding on the wii u still be with friend codes?
    Because if that’s the case it will ruin the online.

    • Nintendonoob

      To me that killed having friends on my Wii (lol forever alone) I hope its like pc, xbox, and ps3 where you will be like “oh hey look at that guy I wanna add him as a friend *10 seconds later* yay I have a new friend!” please Nintendo dont have friend codes…

    • Poncho

      It’s exactly like the others, but it’s still called Friend Codes. Same exact thing with Xbox; you enter someone’s code, and they can accept or deny you.

  • PKUltima

    So develepors are making their games look better than current consoles before the Wii-U is even out? I’m already sold, gonna have to preorder that sexy black beast on Saturday.

  • samuDC

    Has there been any news about the accomplishments system?
    I hope we will be able to win clothes for our mii’s by completing accomplishments.
    That would be a good reason to do the accomplishments.
    Unlike on ps3 where you win nothing by getting a trophy (don’t know about 360).

  • link 5

    What r u gona do now Sony and Microsoft we have 1080p graphics, a 8gig and 32 gig consel, 50 wii u games, better third party support and a two to 3 year head start with our 300 to 350$ while you still r planning your next gen consel we will be playing our next gen consel with more than 20 games and with the sui u at the most affordable cost.all I have to say now is well played nintendo great job =)

    • link 5

      Sorry ment wii u

    • Icanseeu

      Better 3rd party support? I’ll be playing Resident Evil 6 in a couple of weeks in my PS3 will you be on your WiiU?

      • ei8bitNinty

        Although it didn’t announced it yet but is it Capcom, there business model is Multiplatform? Hmmmm….

      • wiiU gaming PLUS

        amd that games so fare removed from what resident evil is and graphically lame as hell and all based on hardly core gaming sell out and make it resident COD no thanks ILL BE PLAYING ZOMBI U OUCH u just got bit

      • shortwood

        Yes, because I also own a PS3… and a Wii U as soon as it comes out. Will you be playing Bayonette? Xenoblade? Nope. But we will.

      • eyesac

        ..Lawlz wat teh eff? 1 game is so much more support. I like boogers.

      • mojojojo888

        Nope…we will playing ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter Ultimate, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, and the premier version of Ninja Gaiden 3 and Aliens…not to mention Xenoblade and The Last Story…

      • LazerK

        I think he meant better support as in better than what the original Wii had.It is a shame that RE6 and Tomb Raider(and perhaps a few more)won’t be coming to the Wii U,but what’s that compared to the 50 launch games and what is still yet to come for the system?Not much

  • Neonridr

    Weird that the graphics will be better, but we will be missing some particle effects and lighting features that the 360/ps3 will have. Hurts a little bit that the developers couldn’t get everything into the game..

    • NoPUNintendo

      I don’t mean to be rude or blunt but, hey, gameplay and fun is all that really matters. Sure it may not look the prettiest but at least you will have fun playing it right? My friend focuses on graphics and only graphics, it’s only reason he even plays video games. Needless to say, he doesn’t find them fun in terms of gameplay, just as long as it looks “awesome”.

    • PSWii60

      Tends to happen for a launch of a console. Hell, Madden 2006 for Xbox 360 (launch game) was missing effects, engine, etc.. that original XBox had.

    • wiiU gaming PLUS

      no they were missing in the early build not the finsal product head in hands

  • Captain Potato

    These screen shots look comparable to PC images! Can’t wait to compare to the other versions! Why are my eyes leaking?

  • Wii u

    Ps 3 have 256 ram memory look it UP!

  • SteampunkJedi

    Those screenshots sure are gorgeous. But I’m not sure this game is for me. It looks like great fun though.

  • AcesHigh

    I still can’t for the life of me understand what ANYONE can have against this system. There is SO MUCH that this brings to the table. We’ve all known the possibilities that the extra WiiPad brings to the table: menus, maps, co-op play without splitscreen, mini-games, etc.

    But to see all or any of these things in actually APPLIED to a game is just so profound. Having something as simple as the map on the WiiPad, thus freeing up the main screen to have NOTHING but the characters and environments is just breath taking. If given the choice between WiiU and XBOX/PS versions, who WOULDn’t choose this one?