Feb 7th, 2013

Are you excited for Aliens: Colonial Marines? No? Let me help you with that. Done with the trailer? Good. Now you should be excited. The new extended cut trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines shows off some of the futile attempts at keeping the aliens from spreading across the ship and the downright gruesome horde that awaits you should you fail.

It’s also a nice showcase of some of the weaponry that will be available in the game, from shotguns to assault rifles and yes, even the classic flamethrower. We’re definitely excited about this one here at Wii U Daily. Let us know your thoughts on this new trailer in the comments below.

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  • Nintedward

    Where is the info regarding the Wiiu version ? We’ve never even seen footage of it with the Gamepad being used as the scanner *sigh* ……

    • Still waiting on Sega for that one. We’ll have it up as soon as it’s available to us.

      • Nintedward

        Ok thanks 🙂 I wasn’t having a stab at your article. It’s a multiplat game so any info is relevant to us who want the Wiiu version. I’m saying Why are Gearbox holding the Wiiu version back so much ? Why don’t they show/tell us what’s going on.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Yeah, something’s up with that. I hope it’s good delays and not bad delays.

    • I believe in one of the early interviews with gearbox about the wiiu version they did actually show the gamepad being used as a lifesign/biosign scanner. I’ll see if I can find it and edit my reply.

      Edit: K I recalled they showed it off, but they aren’t they just talk about it, and say it’s up to Nintendo to show it. But here’s the interview with Gearbox anyway.


      It has been on here already I believe.

  • Wii U version is going to be the most wanted since the Wii U gamepad acts like a Alien Scanner =3 

    • I know! That’s gonna be so cool! Just hope the graphics are better than the Xbox360’s… The graphics are choppy as hell! Omg! I’m playing the version on my RGH console…

      • Well Gearbox pretty much said the graphics look best on Wii U so yeah, and it came from Good Guy Randy Pitchford so yeah graphics will be better on the Wii U version

  • Anyone else annoyed that no advertisements seem to include the Nintendo Network logo with Wii U at the end? PSN and Xbox Live appear alongside their respective console logos every single time. What gives?

    • I think its probably because the Nintendo Network hasn’t gotten an official logo yet or maybe its like the Wii were they don’t show the Wii Online logo 

    • gnxleoo

      for real though that pisses me off. We need a petition or some crap.

    • Why do I get this feeling the Wii U version will be cancelled. No set release concrete release date normally means a future cancel date. Thing are not looking good with Wii U and games with games like nearly completed Rayman Legends suspiciously get pushed back to September due to it being release on Xbox360 and PS3. Why not a time exclusive for the Wii U? They would have done that for the Xbox360.

      • EvanescentHero

         Despite Gearbox telling everyone the Wii U version is gonna be the best?

  • Sami Rautio


    • Jay

      well the actual games themselves are exclusives.

      Ps3/360 wont have the touch interface and morion control for Rayman.

      And Aliens fans get that cool beeping scanner thingy everyones so excited about! (sorry i’ve never seen aliens)

  • I hope the Wii U version is better than the Xbox360 version… I’m playing it right now as we speak, man these graphics are choppy as hell! It’s annoying!!! Blah!

    • Jay

      it WILL be different and more immersive that’s for sure.

    • boredgamer

      i played it also and i think it sucks.reminds me of duke nukem,an old game that got slapped together and released for current consoles.if i worked for gearbox i would be embarassed by it. unless there are major changes rent before considering buying wii u version.

  • I suppose there is no network logo for Nintendo because there isn’t a logo yet as others also thought. But at least it shows the WiiU logo, I think this is the first multiplat which at least shows the WiiU logo 🙂

    P.S. I’m excited, I want it, must buy for sure.

  • Mauricio Cordero

    outrage, aliens,rayman,scribblenauts,ninjagaiden. and in six months a rehash zelda. This is so bad that its actually funny like what the hell xD the wii u i bought feels like a waste of cash 6 months after zelda the world has ps4

    • So you are saying you wasted money on a System that has a superior versions of each of those games you said? 

      Also, the “Zelda Rehash” is there for true Zelda fans to get a taster while they wait for the main course, AKA the Legend of Zelda Wii U.

      Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was actually the better game so Sony and Microsoft just had to get their hands on it because Nintendo was showing off how awesome the Wii U is.

      Scribblenauts was on PC which in itself does not classify it as a “console port” since the PC is in a whole different league of its own. 

      Aliens Colonial Marines was already confirmed for the other consoles and PC before they announced it for Wii U as well and Randy Pitchford himself said the Wii U version had the best graphics out of the CONSOLES and he loves the machine 

      Now stop bitching and go back to sucking off Sony’s dick 

      • don’t be rude now

        • Oh my tea and biscuits, I don’t see how that was rude my dear boy

          • Don’t be angry because you overpaid for a console with only 2 1st party games and a bunch of overpriced ports. If these ports are superior, it is only marginal. Why spend the $$$ on a new console to play a more expensive version of a game that you can play on your current console, for less?

            So you can play your Batman in bed? Most Wii owners already have a HD console as well. It doesn’t make sense to spend all that money to play software which is already available on your current console. 

            Exclusives sells consoles and unfortunately, their line up is lackluster. Also, why are you taking Randy Pitchfords words as gospel? Are you forgetting he gave the world Duke Nukem last year? Instead of giving their loyalists content, Nintendo is making these big promises. Seeing is believing.

          • Mauricio Cordero

            I am not a sony or xbox fanboy lol on you i am sad that i was stuck to play the other like 4 games on the wii u asscreed in 20 frames per second i own ps360 and 2 wiiu, the basic and the premium so i given my money to nintendo and what do i get A REHASH ZELDA in six months at earliest, If i wanted to play zelda wind waker, i could just go to my attic and get out the gamecube. 

            For reals the only good thing on wii u is zombiu, nsmbu and sega allstars, and that i can play 3% of the games existing on my other systems in my bed. 

            When mario kart, new zelda, smash bros and all the other goodies are finally released… then im playing on the new ps4 and it is not because im a fanboy, it is because i am a gamer and i go where the games are. 
            That is how i roll so go clean your vagina

  • Hey guys, Remember this commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNRw9Ivuh0I LoL!!!

    • lol thx for sharing that, I’ve seriously never seen it before, probably because I’m European. But still that commercial is very amusing.

      Ironically enough it’s Sega who stopped making hardware and now they are making software on a hardware brand they dissed in the 90’s 😀 

    • You got to love the irony in that old commercial XD 

    • Sidney Majurie

       LOL. Yeah, Blast Processing means a terrible sound chip and useless add ons that bomb at retail like the 32x and Sega CD (both of which I own). Oh Sega, I miss your consoles. Well I have a Saturn, Genesis and, Dreamcast, but I miss you guys making new ones 🙁

  • audie bowler

    no wii remote support NO PURCHOSE real gamers stopped CLOWN SHOE STICK aiming 7 years ago the scanner sounds like a GIMMIC to me the wii remote can also do that and more realisticaly too..

    if it has wii remote and chuck core mouse like fps controls im in if not im out and use gamepad as a tacticle screen and secondary view screen PLEASE OR Mii NO BUY

  • audie bowler

    xbox and ps fansare destroying fps with the auto controls and wooden cameras im sick of it

  • So epic. 

  • Holyfire

    I got this game on pre-order. Aliens 1986 is my cult favourite movie of all time. I hope they do a better job with this one than the AvP games. So far from everything I seen, looks like there’s a pretty decent chance they will do better. I hope this game is authentic and true to the movie in the Audio department especially.
     And also alien behaviour. Stalk, build suspense, then strike in hectic masses
     Unlike the AvP games where the Aliens were just ‘pop-ups’ here there and everywhere that the tracker couldn’t even track, cause the game had to spawn them 2 feet in front of you first.
      And ahh yeah, WiiU should be the best version 🙂

  • Johny

    I want another game where you can play as Alien or Predator as in Alien vs predator 2 .. it was PERFECT there… i LOVED playing as alien or predator SOOOO much…

  • RyuNoHadouken

    5 more days!! cant wait!!!!

    • RoboConker

      5 more days?

      At the end of the trailer says 12.02.2013

      • RyuNoHadouken

        thats the 12th of Feb, 2013

        • sup3rnoah

          yea its feb 12th

  • EmilyAhn Wu

    This trailer is just horrible… look at how the characters are reacting to the aliens, worst action in a trailer i’ve ever watched… But the game will be awesome!

  • NintendoNoob

    This was an amazing trailer in my opinion but I do hope that this is the actual gameplay. I hate trailers that make it seem like an awesome game but when you play it it’s terrible

  • Seth S. Scott

    WOW! The score alone is worth a watch! Just got my hype up 110% for this game. TOO bad all of a sudden the Wii U version is not coming out with the others??

  • diqus sucks

    lol i was focusing on that green drip the whole time XD 

  • kevinaaaa

    My issue with WiiU  games,  is normal trailers are just not good enough.  it doesn’t show off the Wiiu.  It just shows graphics and possible game play.   But it leaves you wondering,  how the gamepad will play into the game and what maybe the wiimote will play in the game.

    I want more than just simple menu options, and trailers are not showing what it does. 

  • David Rampa

    im excited for this but, no offence, the trailer looks horrible. I mean compare it to other modern CGI trailers. Its just horrible, i thought i was back in the year 2000.