Oct 1st, 2013

The final highlight of today’s Nintendo Direct was a brand new title announced by Satoru Iwata. You can check out the trailer above and you’ll see that it’s an unnamed Kirby Game. Iwata-san didn’t have a name for us for this new title, but it highly resembles the old SNES title Kirby Super Star, so perhaps we’ll see a return to that gameplay for Kirby. As you can see in the above video, the game appears to feature all sorts of new powers and obstacles that take advantage of the system’s 3D capabilities.

What do you think of this reveal? Are you excited about a new Kirby game on Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sdudyoy

    Yeah I’ll get this, Kirby always feels ignored to me, Kirby games are good though.

    • Squid

      Well a lot of them do, it annoys me that Kirby didn’t get an attraction in. Nintendo Land, the same with Pokemon.

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Same here, I was REALLY upset that Kirby and Starfox didn’t make an appearance! Octopus and Kata whatever castle I think could have been different themes (fun games, just theme change)

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    im intrigued now

  • Jacob T. Plante

    In my opinion Kirby games are basically slightly less colorful Mario games so I’ll probably get this! :3

    • Jacob D. Taylor

      Agreed. I actually wish the movement was more like Mario, I hate running as fast as I can and only moving a few feet lol. Also jumping really high but only creeping about 2 feet right!

  • Guest

    YEAAAHHH KIRBYYYYY!!!! These games are always awesome and unique 😀

  • Guest

    Easily one of the best pieces of news we got this Direct 😀

  • Ducked

    Wish we’d get more fully fledged 3D games instead of side scrollers, but this does look spectacular.

  • Squid

    It actually resembles Kirby 64, it’s 2.5D

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    I think it looks strikingly similar to Kirby Return to Dreamland. I don’t think it’ll be to far a jump from this.

  • Michael Jurado

    I freaking love Kirby it’s about time we get some sunshine on this hero … I’m just glad he isn’t made of yarn this time around lol