The Netflix Wii U channel is a media streaming app for movies, televisions shows, documentaries, and more. Netflix on the Wii U will be free of charge and ship with the console. The Netflix Wii U app will be very similar to what is offered on other consoles and DVD/Blu-ray players, and will use the same interface. However, the Wii U GamePad controller with its secondary screen will offer extra features exclusive to the Wii U console. To use Netflix on the Wii U, users simply add their Netflix subscriber information during the setup.

Netflix Wii U features

Netflix Wii U
Netflix on the Wii U will be a very similar experience to other consoles and hardware devices that support the media streaming app. The Wii U will have extra features tied to its GamePad tablet controller, though. Users will be able to go through and select what content to watch, and while watching, the secondary screen can offer supplementary information about the movie or TV show. The user will also have the option of streaming the movie on the controller itself, instead of the main TV set. This will allow users to continue using the Netflix Wii U app even if the TV is turned off or used by someone else for something entirely different.

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