Jan 29th, 2014


Today Nintendo of Europe announced an update for NES Remix that would allow for more than just the Wii U GamePad to be used as a control method. This new title update allows the Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, or the Wii Classic Controller to be used with the game.

You’ll be prompted to update the title when you start it from the Wii U menu. It’s nice to see Nintendo continuing to support all methods of control for their games.

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  • Cahone

    Such an insult.

    • iPedro1000

      You’re an idiot. That’s an insult.

  • Seth S. Scott

    playing with just the Wiimote will be PERFECT!

  • Nice. I like when they give games multiple ways to control so you can choose.

  • palomino blue

    Only in Europe? This was the biggest BS in that game. It’s practically made to be played with the button layout on a Wii Remote.

    • Fred

      I agree I can’t wait to play with the Wii Remote

  • CEObrainz

    SNES Remix is on the horizon I guess…

    • Fred

      I’d love for an NES Resmix II with more games, an SNES Remix, and an N64 Remix

  • Wayne Beck

    Awesome, Been wanting to use my Pro Controller for this game.

  • Fred

    Nice, I’ve been wanting to play with a Wii Remote as it is the closes to how NES games were actually played.

  • Jon

    I have this game so close to being completed…. only a few left for the rainbow stars:P

  • Agent721

    For me, NES remix is one of the hidden gems of last year. Truly made me appreciate NES games all over again….so much so, I went out and bought a new, unopened NES with tons of games…nes Max controller…NES Advantage….Im in NES heaven! Its just not quite the same experience on the VC.

    • Denvy

      I would certainly agree, but the NES looks and plays like crap on my TV :/ I still collect NES games, but will get some on VC as well.

  • RockieOllie

    Meanwhile I still can’t play brawl with my gamepad or pro controller…

  • WhataShame

    I can’t wait to share this with the idiots that trolled me on Miiverse when I DARED to suggest that there was no excuse for Remix not to support other controllers when a) even indy developers are doing it and b) the Gamepad is a bit bulky to replicate the old school experience and also had noticeable latency issues with some of the challenges. Something they themselves admitted. Personally, I think the horizontally oriented Wiimote is the best surrogate for the NES pad. I don’t understand why they didn’t implement from the get go.

  • chunter

    What about Classic Pro Controller? dang nintendo and their 1000’s of controllers…

    • C4

      It’s almost the same, so should be supported as well.

  • Adam Fox

    I think it’d be cool if they released more Remix games…..or at least NES Remix II….adding in more NES games….throw in other big name games, like Metroid, Mega Man games….Super Mario Bros 3 would be nice addition as well….

  • Rinslowe

    Cool. Nuff said.

  • Glad to hear they finally enabled that! I was astounded to find out that it didn’t support any of the other remotes when I attempted it once.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Talking about controllers, Miyamoto’s new game will make heavy use of the gamepad:

    Iwata: “We have managed to offer several of such software titles for occasions
    when many people gather in one place to play, but we have not been able
    to offer a decisive software title that enriches the user’s gameplay
    experience when playing alone with the GamePad. This will be one of the
    top priorities of Mr. Miyamoto’s software development department this


  • Donaald

    Nice, but it’s something that should have been there since day one.