Jan 2nd, 2013

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is set for release sometime in 2013, but there has been no solid release date until now. EA Japan has finally confirmed that the game will be available in Japan on March 14th, which means North American and European dates shouldn’t be too far behind. In addition to a Japanese release date, the press release also mentions that during gameplay, menus and information will be displayed on the Wii U gamepad, with the option to play the game entirely on the controller.

It’s great to see more games embrace the fact that the controller can be used to display the game and hopefully more third-party publishers like EA will take incentive to make this possible for their games.

[via EA.com]

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  • Mark Thom

    yea! boy

  • Wayne Beck

    Off screen play is probably my favorite feature so far. Glad to see some solid franchises taking advantage.

  • wober2

    Love the flexibility of off screen play but love playing with both screens. I hope the asynchronous play has a rear-view mirror like sonic racing.

  • Bravyoura

    Oh, great another late port but considering how anerexic the release schedule is I’m grateful●◆■

    • SirDjss

      well i choose to see it this way : its better to have the game on wii u then not at all , simple as that 😀

  • Love the idea of having the menus on the GamePad. Sounds like this will be a great port.

    • BellsGhost

      Nope, cause Wii u sucks.

  • TheLast

    Been waiting for this!

  • Srpg2ishere


  • john madsen

    with gme makers having to deal with development kits from googles ouya game console and the ps4 and xbox 720 it doesnt surprise me with how long it is taking for releases 

  • Marcell Wade

    Awesome, Wii U is amazing.

    • BellsGhost

      No it isnt.  it sucks.

      • val berger

        You definitely got too much time to waste, if you got nothing else to do, than going on other ppls nerves. 

  • Can’t wait to get this game =3 

  • val berger

    Aleady got that on PS3 and I can really recommend it to all WiiU gamers who haven’t already played it. Very fun and polished open world racer, I love Criterion as this is just like playing Burnout Paradise II