Sep 5th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 20th, 2012, 6:48 pm

According to rumors, Japanese publisher Namco Bandai plans to unveil some Wii U games at the annual Tokyo Game Show later this month. Officially speaking, Namco Bandai hasn’t listed any Wii U titles to be showcased at TGS, but some clever folks over at AdrianSang managed to find some solid evidence of Namco Bandai Wii U games. Their TGS portal apparently includes Wii U logos and artwork. Namco will be showcasing a ton of games at the event, and now there’s a possibility of some titles for Nintendo’s upcoming console as well. Tokyo Game Show is one of the last big gaming events to take place before the Wii U’s rumored launch in November. If any big games are to be revealed, TGS would be the perfect place to do so.

Namco Bandai Wii UNamco Bandai has two games in the pipeline for the Wii U: The recently released Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tank Tank Tank. Neither of those games appear on Namco’s TGS lineup, so any potential Wii U games will likely be all-new titles.

Nintendo won’t be present at TGS this year, but third party publishers, especially those out of Japan, will be showcasing Wii U games at the event. SEGA will showcase Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and Square Enix has promised to reveal new details about Dragon Quest X for the Wii U.


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  • Alienfish

    More games sounds good, but the 13th is when WiiU release details such as price and date will be revealed, that’s what I’ll be paying attention to.

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah. Its basically wat E3 should have been. Or simply,
      this is lika’ a LatE3

  • Jessie Guadarrama

    Wow its great that alot of publishers are intrested in investing money and time in the Wii U. Its defenetely a possitive thing. Im sure the Wii U will be a revolutionary console and will take gaming to a whole new level. Cant wait to have one! Really exited!

    • nintedward

      agreed bro. and if you remember back the wiiu’s launch line up is a TON better and more high profile than the wii’s was .

      i think this indicates the wiiu will be a more high quality system (in terms of third party support) .

      obviously there probably will be a bit of shovelware. but the main issue is that it is overshadowed by good games .

  • Novum Magus

    Nintendo is doing an event of their own in Japan on Sept. 7th. I am wondering what details will emerge from that… Hmmmmm

    • Kyron

      How do you know it’ll be Sept. 7th?

    • nintedward

      oh cool. is it confirmed the 7th ?? that will surely be wiiu details.

      nintendo is japanese . i am sure they dont intend on giving Americans the upper hand with their console XD .

  • nod786

    Of topic a bit but I think this site should have a count down to the Nintendo event 😀 As I’m guessing most people like me are counting down the time and getting excited 😀

    Just one question might be a dumb one is that event going to be a live stream again? If so my plan is to go to sleep late a day before and wake up in time for the event so I don’t have to wait for the last few mins or hours which always seem the worse XD

    • nintedward

      7 days to go (6 and a bit) .

      until Ridge racer wiiu is unveiled !!!! (in my dreams)

      • nod786

        I just really want Nintendo to blow us away!!!

      • NoPUNintendo

        It’s Ridge Racer! RIIIIIIDDDDGE RAAACER!

        • nod786

          I don’t like Ridge Racer …. 😛 but what I am looking forward to is Project cars and maybe one day … A F1 game like back in the days of N64 😀

  • Just nintendo

    i hope they made great games i cant wait for wii U
    Namco if you dont made great games i hate you:d

  • Macarony64

    I hope they show something new that have not ben show before

  • Just nintendo


  • xdlugia

    Please Namco Bandai! Please announce a port of SoulCalibur V for the Wii U!
    The best would be an ultimate edition or something with all the DLC released on PS360 + Link as a guest character! 😀

  • Matthewmc685

    Zelda = 400 comments
    This = 5 comments
    well at least Zelda beat Michael Pachter’s comments showing Nintendo likes there games more than hateing other Fanbases.

  • Zero

    I wonder what they will bring. I’ve played Namco Bandai games, but the only one I can actually remember is Digimon.

    Then again, the more 3rd party support, the better!

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      Besides, Tekken there’s:
      Soul Calibur
      Ace Combat
      Ridge Racer
      Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
      “Tales Of” series (i.e. Tales of Graces f, Tales of Vesparia, Tales of Xillia,etc)

      That’s all I can name off the top of my head.

      • Zero

        Thanks, I remember now… the “Tales of” series.
        Great, though. I’m sure with NB the U is gonna get something nice.
        The More, The Merrier!

  • nintedward

    ”god if you can hear me , i am a good person who doesnt troll anybody . i give money to charity and i mean nobody any harm ”

    ”ps . please give me Ridge racer wiiu , that is all”


    • Macarony64

      You could ask god 4 something better like metal gear or castlevania but no you have to ask 4 ridge ricer bahh

      • nintedward

        i know its sort of a sarcastic joke. i absoloutly love the ridge racer games on 360 and ps3 and the ones on psp and 3ds. really fun games. the one on vita sucks ass though.

        i would love one on wiiu , obviously i want triple A titles . but i really enjoyed ridge racer recently. i really like the gameplay 😛

        • Macarony64

          I know the games are good but come on dont waste a prayer on almost sure thing 🙂

  • ScientificFlood

    Man im so hyped. I just got done playing through Metroid Prime 3 again. It reminded me of just how much a Nintendo game has in it, and how much they can do to truly create a world worth being immersed in with whatever “hardware” they are using.

    I dont know if im interested in the Tokyo Game Show as I figure everything that we will be getting in North America will be confirmed next week.

    Slightly off topic im sure we’ve all heard about the leak of price points with the 3 separate versions or bundles of the Wii U. One being priced at 250, another at 300, and another at 350. If they do this I think its brilliant. I do have some theories on what they will contain though. I think its slightly obvious all of them will come with Nintendo Land packed in. So we can remove that idea. This leaves me with a couple more options.

    250 – Basic Console/Controller. This pack is for your more casual player. Its priced at an attractive price, and its bare bones.

    300 – This could be one of two things. It could include a Pro Controller for the more “hardcore” players. Or this version could simply include a hard drive/ larger storage. Seems plausible.

    350 – This could contain a Pro Controller, and a hard drive. Or simply again a larger hard drive/storage than the 300 version does.

    This is all just speculation though. All though im hoping the 300-350 will just include larger storage. I dont mind going out and buying a pro controller separately, but Its a pain to go get an external hdd. Id rather have an internal hdd. As I think its going to look stupid having one setting around plugged into the console. Id rather have the hdd inside, and out of the way. Where it belongs.

    As for 3rd party. I really hope they add the rumoured Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 to the roster. Wouldn’t mind to see something like Transformers Fall of Cybertron added as well.

    Anyways HYPED!

  • Nintendo Power

    Wow not that much update is happening on Wii U Daily as we get closer to launch……If Nintendo reveal the price and launch date let’s have a countdown clock

  • CubeClubKiddy

    i am curious as to how many games could be in the launch window from third parties… i think there could be quite a few more games that nobody knows about…

  • Christopher

    I love how haters say the Wii U is going to “fail” like the Wii yet there are flipton of 3rd Party Developers wanting to work on Wii U game projects instead of PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Next Xbox games.

  • Golden FOX

    Ridge Racer for Wii U would be awesome, nuff said.

    • nintedward

      ridge racer 6 and 7 for ps3 are amazing. and ridge racer for 3ds is fantastic fun with lots of depth and replay value .

      i would love ridge racer on wiiu . i know not a lot of people care for RR .

      but after f-zero its the greatest speed racing game on earth.

  • mr. noodle

    I just have a feeling of a massive wave of trolls, haters, and oblivious people attacking the console by the 13th

    • Nintendo Power

      There is going to be lots of trolls on the 13th but don’t mind them there are stupid for trolling

  • u mad bro

    Tokyo game show eh
    …cant wait for price reveal

  • Happy Mask Man

    “Namco will be showcasing a ton of games at the event”… Really? Top class journalism awards aside, this company has more in development on Android and iPhone/Pad than it does for traditional gaming platforms. Unless it’s Ni No Kun,i I won’t be jumping for joy.

  • solhoogie

    Ah the fond memories of picking up a Wii on the release date at Toys R Us in 42 street NYC with my 2 boys and picking up Zelda and playing till we passed out! The WiiU will have one of if not the greatest launch library’s ever period! I will be there again with my 2 boyeeez at launch and this time I don’t have a clear idea what games we will take home 1st. ZombieU for my big boy, Rayman for my lil man and for me…. I can’t call it!

  • Josh

    A new Tales of game will make me happy.

    • Borbo Paciugo

      And apparently this isn’t happening… Unless you join Operation Kunilliafall on FB! Look for it and “like” it!

  • SteampunkJedi

    I hope they are making some awesome games. I’m glad the TTT2 development complaints didn’t mean the end of their support. But honestly, this pales in comparison to the Zelda announcement. (Everything would.)

  • The Plague

    Please be a Baten Kaitos title where the battle cards are played off of the WiiU pad. Namco has become one of my favorite companies for RPG’s since the early 2000’s and even better than Square in many years. However, Dragon Quest X on WiiU is like music to my ears. That one title will put WiiU on top in Japan for the duration of the coming generation I think.

  • TheLazyMudkip

    maybe they’ll show super smash bros 4 just maybe

  • Bravyoura