Jan 3rd, 2013

Developer Renegade Kidd has confirmed that the upcoming release of Mutant Mudds for Wii U will have exclusive content available to players. Mutant Mudds is already available on other platforms such as 3DS, PC, and iOS, so it’s nice to see a developer putting forth the extra effort to provide something new to players who may not have incentive to repurchase a game they’ve already beaten.

As for owners of the game on other platforms, if you want to experience the new levels you’ll need to do so on your Wii U as Jools Watsham confirmed on Twitter that the current plan is to make these new levels exclusively available for Wii U owners. If you already own Mutant Mudds on a different platform, will you be buying the game on Wii U to experience the new levels and content?

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  • Linskarmo

    I haven’t played Mutant Mudds, but based on this it sounds like the Wii U version will be the definitive one.

  • Jason Carroll

    Mutant Mudds was one of my favorite 3DS eShop games, but Renegade Kid (the developer) is proving to be untrustworthy and perhaps a little greedy.  They originally talked about making this edition for Steam and giving the extra levels away on the 3DS as free DLC.  Now they have decided to sell this same version with these extra levels as “exclusive” levels to the Wii U.  In addition, they have expressed concern over the 3DS being hacked and said they may not release future games due to fear of piracy.  All systems can (and eventually will) be hacked, included the Wii U inevitably.  I would buy Mutant Mudds again so I could play it on my Wii U since I loved it so much.  Their greed is turning me off and making me think twice about giving them my money again.

    • http://joolswatsham.blogspot.com/2012/12/3ds-piracy.html?m=1

      Go here, it’s the original post. All of these media sites are misquoting him to get views. It’s pathetic. He praises the security of the 3DS.

      • Jason Carroll

        I don’t see where he was misquoted.  He mentions they have the ability to fight back, but he says if Nintendo can’t fight back Renegade Kid will have no choice but to stop developing for the 3DS.  That’s not a misquote…”If piracy gets bad on the 3DS, we will have no choice but to stop supporting the platform with new games. “

        • Note the “if piracy gets bad” part. He’s not saying that they’ll stop developing for it if it’s hacked. If that’s the case he wouldn’t make games at all. There’s no point in making a product if most people don’t pay for it. He was mostly referring to the original ds, which couldn’t receive updates, and piracy got bad. Another example is the dreamcast. I don’t hear you boycotting valve for ditching the dreamcast.