May 30th, 2013

It’s been coming for some time now, but developer Renegade Kid just confirmed on Twitter that the official release date for Mutant Mudds Deluxe is June 13 for North America. No information has been given for the European release date, but the developer confirms that it’ll be available soon. You can check out the trailer above if you’re unfamiliar with the game.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Archiq09

    This game is one of best 3DS games.
    I know Renegade kid want make games on Wii U. they make games for DS and 3DS only and they are Nintendo Fan.
    Popular game is Dementium 1 and 2 (mix of Silent Hill and Fear) and Moon (special fps). They make too good VTT games. They have say they make a secret game for Wii U only I want know what is it. πŸ˜‰ And more people want Renegade Kid on PS,Xbox and PC but they have say “we want make games for nintendo” πŸ˜‰

    Dementium2 trailer:

    • But what about Cult County? I can’t wait for episode one.

      • Archiq09

        Cult County looks good πŸ˜‰

  • Clel


  • ezquimacore

    the music reminds me to ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors”.

    • Can’t wait for that to hit the virtual console! The pyramid level was the hardest.

      • Fred

        Do we know how much it’ll cost?

        • $7.99, since it’s an SNES game.

          • Desend

            The whole damn game was frustratingly hard. I think.. I haven’t played it since I was like 13. Save states to the rescuuuueee.

          • Guest

            Um, no it’s not. It is meant to pay homage to them, but this is an original eShop title from the 3DS.

          • She probably meant Zombie Ate My Neighbors’s price

          • Sami Rautio

            Great! not so bad price for this game. πŸ™‚

          • Fred

            Wait, Mutant Mudds is an SNES game? I had no idea I thought it was brand new when they put it on the 3DS and that they were just mimicking the SNES graphics just like that one company is working on with Shovel Knight.
            Shows what I know, that’s for the info.

      • david jarman
    • Levi Johansen

      The music alone makes this a MUST-HAVE for me! Music does more for a game than graphics, maybe except for the ultra-realistic ones.

      This one reminds me of Castlevania, I still have the trilogy on my trusty old NES πŸ˜€

    • I should be the main character in this game

      • Whats UP

        your annoying dude.

        • Luca Invernizzi


          But damn right, he’s annoying.

  • Sami Rautio

    Musics Seems Creepy and little bit catchy and game looks pretty good sidescroller might even buy it πŸ˜€ Reminds Me of this Scariest Game i have played i think i was almost crying after 17th Floor hrrr πŸ™

    • You said don’t laugh haha, sorry mate I have to laugh, your reactions on the scary parts where priceless πŸ™‚ Sadly I don’t get scared easily of movies and games only Resident Evil (very first ps game) and Eternal Darkness managed to freak me out a few times.

      • Sami Rautio

        Yea In the Video it does’nt scare the watching person πŸ˜€ but i had the headphones very loud to get the Best Scary experience πŸ™‚ great that atleast some one had fun :DDD

  • LoZ4life98

    I don’t know, looks pretty nifty, but I will probably not pick this one up.

  • miiandmario

    Looks great I played the demo on the 3DS, and I might pick it up when it comes out.

  • ludist210

    It was good on the 3DS, but I’m not sure I’ll double-dip on this one like I did with Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition. If you haven’t played it yet, by all means pick it up.

  • Dominicruz

    This a classic game from n3ds nice to have it on wii U

  • See, you don’t see this type of shit on the Sony or MS consoles – they make sure only games that are for the system graphic wise make it, not old time graphics.

    • Nintendofreak

      i missed your trolling… commenting on your posts give you facts and see how you ignore logic and continue trolling even when your point has already been invalidated

      • MTGSWE


        Don’t feed the trolls. If you feed them, they
        only want more. I repeat do not feed trolls. Feeding the trolls will
        result in more trolling only.

        Had to do it πŸ˜€

        • Clel

          Finally, I’m not alone. Thank you Mario.

          • MTGSWE

            Any time Yoshi πŸ˜€

          • Nintendofreak

            hey yoshi i always wondered why you and mario are friend when he betrays you all the time

    • Revolution5268

      you are right U don’t see this on xbox one system because its indie unfriendly. As for ps4 there is no “consumers” on ps4 like what the big dev said to wii u.
      No games man those two system has NO GAMES!!!!

    • thedeciderU

      what about retro city rampage, braid (to an extent), terraria, fez, etc.? where have you been? so this game is shit because of its lack of photo-realism? did you just start playing games in the last couple years? what are you 12?

    • david jarman

      You do realize a lot of people like to retro game….a lot

    • Cerus98

      PSN and Live games say hi. Douche.

    • Jon

      LOL, are you serious?

      you must play like what….. 2-3 games between both those systems to believe that. Also, since when did graphics ever make a game great?

      Answer – Never

  • discuss

    Was this game released in 1994?

    • MTGSWE

      Why? Because of the graphics? Those kind of games are still made and are actually good.
      To answer you’re question: No it was released on the 3ds eshop some time ago.

  • Squid

    What’s so “deluxe” about this though? Other than HD and a console release πŸ˜› I really like this.

  • thedeciderU

    this looks fun and the music is killer. learning subtractive synthesis so this is something to check out.

  • PS4/WiiU

    BOO is there!!! 0:16

  • Guest

    Hey. daily! Nintendo are going to update New super mario bros U! They are going to add pro controller support to the game. πŸ™‚

    • MTGSWE

      Damn. I say it again Wii U pro controller for NSMBU. This summer according to Nintedward on Mynintendonews

      Edit: only confirmed for japan right now.

  • wasf

    one of the best sw on 3ds eshop and will be on wii u too!!!

  • discuss

    Why is it so hard to make games with proper graphics? All these indie games look like shit.

    • Jon

      because graphics make a game right?


      • discuss

        Graphics are a big part of a game.Denying that is silly. Indie developpers probably use these 20 year old graphics because it’s way cheaper.

        • Jon

          I am assuming you are a new game (with in the last 3-5 years or so)r. The game type depends, some will need some decent graphics yes but graphics are not what makes a game great, or even good for that matter. If you believe great games must have good/great graphics then you obviously don’t play that many games.

          • discuss

            No Jon, I played many games since my first SNES. However ,unlike you, nostalgia won’t cloud my judgement.

            I never said good graphics automatically make great games. However graphics are a big part of the game. They set the scΓ©ne/emotion. Slaying a 16 bit monster or slaying one that actually looks and animates like a “real” monster is a big difference.

          • Jon

            ok, but the way you are making it sound, that if the game does not have “proper graphics” then it will not be that great/ look like shit. You don’t make a game with the intended use of “proper graphics”. You make a game with the graphics that suits the game and the style you are looking for. so my statement still stands. You don’t need good graphics for a great game. There is nothing nostalgia about it, a game, regardless of the graphics, is not defined by being great or not by it’s graphics. Any true gamer would agree with this.

          • discuss

            A true gamer (unlike you) would appreciate details.

          • Jon

            yes, but what do you consider details? Because details are not just graphics.

    • Kenshin0011

      It’s supposed to be a retro looking game, why is it so hard to make new games that are retro style and have people understand that?