Feb 28th, 2014


Despite arriving on last-gen consoles as well as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, murder mystery paranormal game Murdered: Soul Suspect is skipping the Wii U. When asked why the console wouldn’t be graced with the story of a ghostly apparition helping to solve murder cases, the chief creative officer Matt Brunner was pretty frank. He says if the experience isn’t tailor-made for the Wii U, it often sucks. What’s left unsaid is that the team doesn’t want to spend time tailor-making a version of the game for the Wii U.

“In all honesty, all the Wii U games I’ve ever played, the only good ones are the ones that are made specifically for [the Wii U]. This just doesn’t fit.”

Brunner may be on to something as the former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends has received high marks across the board in terms of gameplay, despite eventually being ported to other consoles that were deemed inferior versions to the Wii U experience.

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  • D.M.T

    This is why I hate 3rd party devs, always a lame excuse to skip the Wii U and always an excuse to give us a shitty ass game with framerate issues or missing features. It doesn´t matter if the Wii U´s install base is small or big and it doesn´t matter if the Wii U is weak or strong, 3rd party devs just don´t want to develop for ANY Nintendo systems.

    It doesn´t fit? REALLY? How about you MAKE it fit you asshole?

    Do you know what else doesn´t fit? My money in your pocket.

    3rd party devs are a disgrace to the gaming industry. I will buy a PS4 at some point but only to play 1st party Sony games and maybe even an Xbox One to play 1st party games. I will never ever support pieces of shit developers like these.

    • Patrick Francis

      That anger lol.
      All that matters in reality is “Would it be profitable”. And the answer is “no” to most 3rd party games. The Wii U isn’t a system that can take 3rd Party Games that are made better on other systems, because MOST people that own a Wii U, also own another system, and it’s better on there.

      • Triforcelightning

        “The Wii U isn’t a system that can take 3rd Party Games that are made
        better on other systems, because MOST people that own a Wii U, also own another system”

        • Capt. Smoker

          It isn’t very nice to mock somebody elses opinion, respectfully disagree if you disagree but don’t be an asshole

          • Triforcelightning

            He deserved rightfully and thank you for acknowledging me being an asshole. It’s a gift.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I don’t think your an asshole, I just told you not to be one, don’t provoke him, he’ll troll around all day otherwise, simply say, “I respectfully disagree with your ridiculous opinion but have a lovely day :)” and just pray he goes away.

          • Triforcelightning

            This ain’t GAF bruh. There ain’t no tea and doilies up in here.

          • Capt. Smoker

            It’s not exactly gangstas paradise mate

          • Adrian

            I definitely disagree.

          • audi lover

            Being an asshole is they only way to get things done mr nice never succeeds

          • Capt. Smoker

            Only sad sacks are arseholes on a site like this

      • D.M.T

        And why do Wii U owners own other systems? Because pieces of shit developers give us inferior versions of the games. If the Wii U version was on par with other systems then nobody would have to own other systems. Stop defending 3rd party devs, they are to blame, not us Wii U owners.

        • Capt. Smoker

          Considering Nintendo’s image, even if there console was the most powerful, the 3rd party stance wouldn’t change.

          • Triforcelightning

            Or if the install base was larger, which was proven by the Wii. 3rd party publishers truly hate Nintendo platforms because they see Nintendo as a threat rather than an ally.

        • Totally agree, unfortunately it’s a vicious cycle: limited 3rd party support because even we buy the games on another console, and we buy the games on another console because the Wii U gets little to no support!

        • I’m not buying PS4. PS3 drives me nuts – it’s just a locked-out PC with an HDMI out. It was a pathetic followup to the PS2.

        • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

          Yes! This! This is what I’m talking about.
          3rd parties keep making half-assed ports and expect full works pay. They think Wii U owners are stupid or something
          If they’re not cut out content and features, they are overcharging consumers or delaying the Wii U versions and wonder why people buy other versions instead.

          They hurt their own profits and reputation when they do this and for the life of me,I don’t understand why do this. This has your name on it.It represents you and your company. If one version is bad then your company looks bad as a whole. Every time they do this is like them saying to me ,”F U and your console of choice! Get the version WE want you to buy”

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          They’d have other systems so they could have other games they can’t get on Wii U. Why can’t they get them on Wii U?

          Because it isn’t selling well. Deal With It.

          • D.M.T

            You’re not making any sense. I explained why inferior Wii U versions of games don’t sell well. Stop being a 3rd party dev cocksucker, they are ruining the industry and you don’t even realize that.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Deus Ex, Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, Need for Speed and Mass Effect have been great Wii U ports.

            Also, about third-party devs ruining the industry, what would you be saying if Wi U had lots of support? I’d bet you’d be banging on to some inferior console about how much support Wii U has. Heck, even the OUYA has more third-party support than Wii U, with over 10 000 registered devs and 600 apps. In scope, that’s like getting killed by a fly.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Captain Smoker respectfully disagrees, Nintendo should reach out more and make things happen, and 3rd parties should make enticing games to drive the install base, a lot of last gen games were flawed to pieces on the 360 and ps3, expect much of the same this gen, I doubt the Wii U could perform any worse.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        The anger meter here is over the top. Lol.

    • Triforcelightning

      Not shit developers but shit publishers.

      • D.M.T

        Both of them are shitty.

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          I don’t understand. Why do you hate developers and publishers because of their actually quite reasonable decision to not support Wii U to stop themselves from losing money? Before you say “They only care about money”, why not look at people from the opposite end of the spectrum. Two Tribes valiantly supported Wii U, then they went down under. I like Wii U having 3rd party games, but there are good reasons not to support it if you do not want to lose your way of making money.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Most on here don’t wanna hear that unfortunately. They see it as disrespect despite the good reason not to support the Wii U. It’s amazing how fast they flock to bad news and aboard the hate train.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Just by the guy’s attitude on this article he somehow reminds me of a PewDiePie fan I knew-

            “Hey, do you watch PewDiePie?”
            “What?” But everyone on the Internet likes him!”
            (Thankfully I have physical friends and independent thought)

            “I don’t like his sense of humour.”
            “What? How do you not find PewDiePie funny?”
            “For one of his Amnesia videos he had a thumbnail of a toilet filled with blood and he called the video Toilet Full Of Period”
            *Hysterical laughing*”Have you subbed him yet?”
            “Why would I do that if I hate him?”
            “Come on, dude, the least you can do is subscribe to him.”

            Dáibhí Wotsissurname – Making Tangents Entertaining!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Hahaha. Yeah, that about sums up people like him.

          • ScrewAttack

            None of us want to hear it. But, life’s shitty and these days that shittiness is unavoidable even in our hobbies. It’s just frustration, people gotta vent.
            The attitudes in gaming these days is slowly driving me away from the hobby.

          • Capt. Smoker

            If gaming makes life shitty, you should get a new hobby, gaming is like that horrible witch with a gorgeous face that you just can’t pull yourself away from, no matrer how many times you hit rock bottom, you always climb back up to get knocked back down again, self entitled fans and immature developers are the friends egging the bitch on

          • ScrewAttack

            No hobby is immune though, and I do thoroughly enjoy actually gaming. As with most things, it’s going online and listening to the shit that comes out of some peoples’ mouths. I may just withdraw from the online gaming community, make it like it was in the GC/N64 days. I had no idea either console was considered to have done badly. I had tonnes of games for each!

            It’s sad really, cos generally interacting with other gamers is great fun and I like to read the latest news. But, the focus is shifting away from actual fun nowadays….

            PS Life IS shitty enough already. Two degrees, yet the companies that sponsored us through our second don’t have jobs for us. So after all the fuss, stuck in the same boat as everyone else. Real life sucks, maybe I should just become an academic.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I’ve been thinking the same kind of things lately, when I had my gc and n64, I never knew or cared how they sold, until last year, I thought the Wii did the poorest of the lot, never mind coming out on top, I used to talk with my friends about grest games out now, upcoming and gone by, these days, abacus out, small glasses on, get there Michael Pachter on, it’s enough to make anybody walk away.

          • ScrewAttack

            Definitely them feels. Up til this generation, it was just hanging out with mates, chatting about games, showing em why Nintendo/Sony/MS was awesome. Now, everyone’s a freaking engineer! So many armchair specialists, it hurts…..

            At least there’s guys like you and me, and others like us still here. Just for the funs. Bitches can bitch, but I’ll still love my Wii U. So what if it’s a GC console? 22 mil units? Failure? Please. GC had so many gems it’s still a well used console in our home.

            That’s the real difference between hardcore gamers and casuals, at least if you ask me. HC gamers are here for games, for good times, for the stories and gameplay. Only casuals care about the rest. I never thought I’d say that it’s a terrible thing that gaming became mainstream, but it really is. I can’t wait for the bubble to burst and gaming to become niche again, so those who have no real place in our “world”, if you will, stop spouting vulgar nonsensities. I just wanna play games and have a laugh. Why the hell did it become a competition?

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            I too have gotten caught up in internet debate and “armchair specialist” battles. I think this problem is down to the evolution of the Internet, which kinda ruined everything cool about the noughties, like NGamer Magazine, cheap 480p TV, physical copies of magazines…controllers that didn’t require batteries…even the proper Thomas the Tank Engine without CGI.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            He needs love, but doesnt get it. Thats why he is hateful.

          • D.M.T

            If these devs have good reasons why they are not supporting the Wii U then they need to be HONEST or give us a better excuse as to why they aren’t supporting the Wii U. Don’t try to insult my intelligence by giving me a lame ass excuse that doesn’t even make sense. If they want to make money on Wii U, then they have to work hard for that money, don’t give us inferior ports of the games because Nintendo fans don’t want to be treated like second class gamers. 3rd party devs are lazy fucks and you’re here defending their lazy asses. It’s not the Wii U’s fault that Two Tribes is out of business so stop blaming Wii U for shit that isn’t his fault. A lot of times 3rd party devs lose money because of their LAZINESS and BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS and not because of a console’s install base. This is what you people need to understand. Stop being so simple minded.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Yes they’ll need to work hard, because they’ll not achieve what they want on a console that is not selling like their game could on a console which has sold 80 million units worldwide. On a console in a state like Wii U’s, making a Wii U version sell down to skill, just gambling. Take COD: Ghosts, the Wii U game only counts for 0.003% of total sales. The fact that you’re revolting and calling every 3rd party developer a lazy fuck just because their games are not coming to your consoles. I don’t agree with the fact they are giving false reasons as to why the game is not coming to Wii U, but it’s a poor attempt to engage damage control on people like you. EA is not down under. Bethesda is not down under. Popcap is not down under.. More importantly, Square Enix, Murdered’s publisher is not down under (And they still support Wii U anyway so sleep happy-oh whoops, you just called them a shitty publisher, didn’t you?). It’s the developer’s job to make the game. They need to rely on the publisher to sell their game.

            Have you ever watched The Apprentice? You’re thrust into one particular business which you have to try to profit most on each episode. The PS4 has outsold Wii U in less than 6 months and (according to VGChartz) if you take the total amount of sales for 5 top selling games for both platforms, the Wii U games have sold 8.03m units, while the PS4 games have sold 7.92m. That’s a close gap that will be filled, especially when you count the fact that Wii U has been out for over a year. And that isn’t speculation, it’s just cold, hard facts.Seriously, if you’re supporting Wii U, you’re one dedicated zealot.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          You need a hug.

          • TheRealTruthTeller

            and you need a girlfriend, or a wife for that matter

          • ScrewAttack

            ZOMG truthteller just defended Nintendo! END OF TIMES PEOPLE.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            I wonder why I ever come to the comments section here anymore.

          • D.M.T

            Lol true that. He damn sure needs a partner.

    • Capt. Smoker

      Not all 3rd party developers are bad, there is the odd few who just want to make a great game and don’t care about the money, funny how there the developers with the least money too, much respect for those guys, people like EA and Bethesda need to have respect for others and be put in there place.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        No money, no game development. Course they care about money. If I made a great Wii U port or just an exclusive and it sold poorly, then I would be out the door too. I go where the profits are. Simple as that. When you’re an indie developer, you can take more risks since you’re working with less money involved, but the line does get drawn somewhere.

        • Capt. Smoker

          That’s a fickle way of looking at things, of course they’ll want money for there hard work, but just making a good game should be the first priority

          • Rinslowe

            “but just making a good game should be the first priority”

            Which in turn makes money…

            I agree with what you’re saying here. If money is the “first priority”, then it’s not going to be a game worth playing 9 times of of 10. Making a great game increases the chance of any studio making money …

            But that’s not the only factor in getting the game to sell. It needs to be marketed in the right way and the studio needs to be present and willing to create that buzz and anticipation.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I still go by that logic today with everything in my life, if something appeals to me, it’s a must have, if not, then no thanks, I buy Nintendo consoles for the type of games exclusive to the systems, there’s been a lot of third party success in the past from exclusives done right, if Bethesda did an elder scrolls game exclusive for Wii U and made it appeal to Wii U consumers, it would sell, yet greed limits ambition and makes s company pretty crappy

          • Nope.avi

            And good games like Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter 3, Assassin’s Creed 4, The Batman games, Resident Evil Revelations, Ducktales, Deus Ex, Injustice, Rayman Legends, ZombiU, the Lego games, Sonic Racing, Trine 2, etc, have ALL sold poorly. These are not crappy games.

            Why should somebody lose money and potentially be put on the street just to make a ‘good game’? They already make good games and you people ignore them. So you get the lack of third party support you deserve.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Only one of them games you mentioned is exclusive, I was only talking about exclusives, and simply put I won’t buy any game that doesn’t appeal to me just to support a developer, that would be a stupid thing to do.

        • Gameonfool

          It’s not nintendo’s fault other companies can’t make games as high quality as Nintendo so ninty fans don’t want to buy them on their system.

    • Gameonfool


    • Magnus Eriksson

      Loooool! You hateful little boy you.

      “Do you know what else doesn´t fit? My money in your pocket.”

      -Thats probably what they realize too. They wouldnt get your money, and thats why they dont make any games.

      • ScrewAttack

        They would’ve gotten my money 🙁

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Mine too 🙁

    • Ducked

      Third parties treat the Wii U, like WWE treats Christian. If you know what I mean…

      • D.M.T

        This is the best comparison ever. Sad but true.

        • fireheartis1

          A little bit off topic, but that’s why I’ve never understood why Christian left TNA. Over there the dude got mad respect.

          • D.M.T

            I think it’s because he needed more money and he already accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish in TNA.

    • steveb944

      Bravo sir, bravo.

      The only reason I’m going to end up buying a PS4 is because of Kingdom Hearts. I’m hoping the Vita TV will support it somehow but I doubt it.

      First party titles are best made by Nintendo, I don’t look elsewhere for that.

      • Rinslowe

        In Sony’s defence their exclusive content is also top notch, most times…
        But definitely Nintendo still writes the book on quality and polish.

        • LordiMcKill

          When there not ripping off Nintendo, that is.

      • Grayson Tech

        The only reason I’m going to end up buying a PS4 is because of Kingdom Hearts.


    • Javy G

      I get your point but here have one of these……….you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

    • Potemkin

      They are on their right to choose to develope for the console or not. Now, if they say the game does not fit the Wii U, it must be for something.

      • D.M.T

        No it’s not for something. Stop believing the bullshit that comes out of these devs mouth, it makes you look ignorant. Yes they have the right to choose to develop for a console or not but don’t give me a lame excuse that doesn’t even make sense because I wasn’t born yesterday. Either be honest or don’t give us a reason why you’re skipping the Wii U.

        • Potemkin

          If I am a developer and my game does not seem to work as well on the PS3 as it will on the 360 (due to the control, architecture or main target I’m going for) it’s within my rights to choose not to release it on that console. They gave a reason why they didn’t port it over and if you want to think their opinion on the matter is right, good, if not, good too, but don’t go thinking that they are FORCED to explain their reasons, because they ARE NOT.

          PS. If, to you, I sound ignorant for giving credit to their choice, believe what you will, but my stand will not change because of you 🙂

          • D.M.T

            And again you didn’t understand what I was saying. They are NOT FORCED to explain their reasons, What I don’t like is how they insult my intelligence by giving me a lame ass excuse that don’t even make sense. If you can’t be honest about your reasons then DON’T GIVE ME A REASON AT ALL.

            You can’t look at me with a straight face and say that the game isn’t a good fit. What exactly doesn’t fit? And why the fuck doesn’t it fit? If it doesn’t fit then you MAKE IT FIT, don’t be a lazy ass.

            Their reason for not bringing the game to the Wii U is completely different but you’re too blind to realize that. Your opinion doesn’t have to change because of me, I don’t care if you agree with me or not 🙂

    • yeah

      Sorry, but this has to be the most ignorant comment on this board. How are they assholes if they believe that their game isn’t suited for this platform? At least they know that to be profitable on the Wii U, a game needs to be developed from the ground up with the Wii U in mind. They aren’t saying it’s not strong enough, they aren’t saying that it doesn’t have enough power. They’re being honest.

      It’s their game to make, their story to tell, they should get the choice to choose which medium they want to tell their story in.

      When I play DKTF I don’t get the feeling that the gamepad is at all useful – I mean, it isn’t. Hence why it’s just a black screen when playing. Do I feel that DKTF is being properly communicated and using all of the Wii U’s features, no, and it’s a let down that such a beautiful and well made game isn’t utilizing the screen between my hands as well. So in saying that, if this developer doesn’t feel that the experience they’re crafting fits the Wii U’s supposed selling point, why waste time and money putting it there.

      • D.M.T

        You call my comment ignorant and yet you defend a 3rd party dev that didn’t even make sense. You’re comment is a lot more ignorant than mine sorry.

        First of all, a game doesn’t have to be developed from the ground up with the Wii U in mind to be profitable, that’s just a lame excuse. There are games on the Wii U that were profitable that were not made from the ground up. To be profitable on the Wii U you need to make sure that the Wii U version of the game is ON PAR with other versions. Don’t give the Wii U the same game with missing features, no online, no DLC or with framerate issues. Give the Wii U a WELL DONE port and Wii U owners will buy it.

        No they’re not being honest. You can’t just tell me that the game “doesn’t fit” and expect me to believe you. That excuse doesn’t even make sense. If the game doesn’t “fit” and you want to make money on a Nintendo console then stop being lazy and MAKE IT FIT. Nintendo gamers are open minded gamers, they buy all types of games as long as it’s a good game.

        They have the right to choose on what system they want to put their game on I agree but don’t insult my intelligence by giving me a lame ass excuse. Ignorant gamers like yourself will accept it and even agree with them but not me. Either be honest to me as to why you aren’t bringing your game to Wii U or don’t give me a reason at all.

        Nintendo has said from the very beginning that NO ONE is forced to use the Gamepad’s features. This is why the Wii U Pro Controller exists because not every game needs the Gamepad’s screen. So if Nintendo themselves doesn’t use the Gamepad screen for all their games then why should this developer care? He can easily port this game to Wii U and leave the Gamepad screen black like how Nintendo did with DKTF.

        These are just lame excuses and you people fall for it. This is why the gaming industry sucks these days because you guys are constantly defending these 3rd party devs. Stop it, if they are losing money is because THEY are doing something wrong, stop blaming Nintendo and the Wii U for everything.

        • yeah

          See, I was attacking your comment, not you. But you’re attacking me, which doesn’t help your argument at all. Stop being so aggressive.

          I agree with the developer when he says that the best games on the platform are those that from the beginning were made with the Wii U in mind. Look at Need For Speed, Criterion completely remade the game in order to make it work on Wii U and look at the response that game received – it was a very good response. Look at Mass Effect. They added in content and used the screen, and that was considered another good port. (Weird that they both came from EA but anyway)

          The Creative Directer never said that they wanted to make money on a Nintendo Console specifically. They just want to make money period. But when they realize that the best experiences on Wii U are those that come from a game that uses the unique features available to us Wii U owners, they see that their game doesn’t have these unique features. Do you really expect them to revamp their whole game just so they can put it on the Wii U? Maybe they just don’t have mechanics that would work well with the gamepad features. Only they know, hence why they chose not to bring their game to Wii U.

          Now, as to Nintendo saying they developers don’t need to use the Gamepad – yay?Sure they can port the game over and not use any of the gamepad features. But, I mean, it doesn’t matter if you can develop a game without the screen, what matters is what the consumer base thinks of games that don’t use the Wii U’s unique features. Why did I buy a Wii U? What sets it apart? The features that no other console has. Why should I buy a game on Wii U when it’s the same as those on other platforms? And if that’s the case, if that’s how the developers see the consumer base thinking, then they also see the install base is much bigger on the other platforms. So why sell a product that will seem inferior and therefore probably not sell well?

          Does Murdered: Soul Suspect not being on Wii U come down to money? Yes, certainly. But it does so indirectly; have a game that is viewed as inferior on that console and you won’t sell many units.

          Lastly, I haven’t blamed Nintendo or the Wii U at all. I don’t know where you got that from. Do I disagree with Nintendo’s current strategy? Sure. But I still love my Wii U. I’ll still buy games for it.

          *And I really don’t get where you’re going with that last paragraph. Certainly if a company is losing money it’s because they’re doing something wrong, that makes perfect sense. But what does not bringing their game to Wii U have to do with that? If they think that their game won’t sell on a system, why waste the money porting it… that’s actually saving them money…

          • D.M.T

            You can’t attack my comment either because it won’t help you at all. You need to respectfully disagree and then explain why you think I’m wrong. You can’t start off by saying my comment is ignorant because I’m going to attack back and I can be very aggressive, you know that already.

            Criterion did not “completely remake” Need For Speed for Wii U dude. You can’t completely remake a game in less than 6 months. NFS Most Wanted U was a 360 port with some PC textures, better lighting effects and Gamepad features. Most Wanted U wasn’t remade, it was a WELL DONE port. Same with Mass Effect 3.

            They don’t have to “revamp” the game to put it on the Wii U, just port the game to the Wii U. Nintendo DOES NOT FORCE developers to use the Gamepad’s features. Nintendo themselves didn’t use the Gamepad’s screen for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. This is just a lame ass excuse from lazy ass developers and you believe them lol.

            What do you know about consumer’s thinking? Speak for yourself dude, that’s the reason why YOU bought a Wii U but not the reason why me or a lot of Nintendo fans bought a Wii U. I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet say that they bought a Wii U to play Nintendo’s 1st party games in HD. That’s the main reason they own a Wii U. They would buy a Wii U if the Wii U came without those unique features. A lot of people won’t care if a game doesn’t use the Gamepad at all, they’ll just play the game with the Wii U Pro Controller. Tropical Freeze doesn’t use the Gamepad at all and people still bought it. What you need to understand is that Nintendo fans are more open minded than you think. They’ll buy any type of game as long as it’s a good game. And since when do 3rd party devs care about whether a game will look inferior on the Wii U or not? Most multiplats on Wii U are inferior to other versions so that’s definitely not the reason why they didn’t put the game on Wii U. If they port this game to Wii U and it doesn’t sell well it’s because they did something wrong, it has nothing to do with Wii U’s install base. Stop blaming Wii U’s install base, Xbox One’s install base is smaller and yet this game is coming for it. Stop believing everything you’re told, these devs are just making excuses.

            If Murdered; Soul Suspect is inferior on Wii U is because the devs were lazy, it’s not the Wii U’s fault if it is viewed as inferior. Stop putting the blame on the Wii U dude. These developers are talented enough to make a WELL DONE port of this game on Wii U but their laziness won’t allow them to do that.

            Yes you are blaming the Wii U for everything. Murdered: Soul Suspect can be played on the Wii U with either the Gamepad or Wii U Pro Controller, there’s no excuse here.

            You said that makes perfect sense and yet you don’t understand what I mean. Why are they thinking that their game won’t sell on the Wii U? Is it because they KNOW their game is not good? Is it because they think Nintendo fans don’t play these type of games? My point is simple: if your games doesn’t sell is because you did something wrong, it’s not because the Wii U’s install base is small or because Nintendo fans don’t play those type of games. My point is if Murdered: Soul Suspect doesn’t sell on Wii U its THEIR FAULT, it’s not Wii U’s fault or Nintendo fans’ fault. Murdered: Soul Suspect could sell well on Wii U if they work hard but it seems like they aren’t willing to work and they know their game is not that good.

    • Rich Garriques

      its like a devs are in class and whenever they get wii u homework they don’t finish it. or there is always an excuse as to why they didn’t do. im sick and tired of 3rd party devs shitting on wii u support all the time. FAIL ALL THEM NOW

    • gamingpalooza

      If the Wii U was to die tomorrow… it is truly the developers fault for that happening. The Wii U made very good use of the little bit of hardware that it had and many developers have already proven how great the Wii U is. The Wii U is truly the best next gen console… but these developers are so prejudice towards Nintendo, that they are literally trying to kill off the system… maybe because they are too lazy to develop for three consoles.

  • D Moness

    Sounds more like he doesn’t feel like his game is that good.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    I’m pretty sure he is right. Multiplatform games don’t sell well on Wii U sadly. But now i’m curious about this game because “mystery paranormal”

  • Triforcelightning

    Utter bullshit was I expected and he delivered like clockwork.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Another game that doesn’t fit the Square Enix trademark, I lost all respect for this company a long time a go, the only good franchise they have left is Dragon Quest but somehow, I’m sure they’ll find a way to mess that up too, I couldn’t care less about this game not coming to the Wii U, it looks terrible and for once they were right, it wouldn’t suit the system, that’s completely the fault of Square, not Nintendo.

    • NyallJodhan

      I actually think it looks good. I wish they were going to bring it to the Wii U, but if say the Wii U sales picked up, and they decided to bring it later, I would ignore it then.

      • Capt. Smoker

        If it’s your kind of game, I hope they eventually port it over for you as well as similar kinds of games, sales shouldn’t be that big of a deal, not unless a console is an obvious ghost town install base, developers and publishers should show faith in Nintendo, if they did, we’d be hitting greater heights by now

  • LukeMM95

    What a load of crap. How is it not tailor made for the Wii U? There are plenty of last gen ports for the Wii U that work just as well as the original game so what’s their excuse. And many of the Wii U’s best games could be ported over to other consoles with only minor changes. He might as well have just said: “We can’t be bothered to port the game over, sos.” At least then he wouldn’t be lying.

  • YayGs

    Then he hasn’t played the new Donkey Kong game yet. It really only uses the gamepad for off TV play. Your game doesn’t have to utilize the gamepad to be good.
    Just like the Wii, you don’t have to use motion controls to develop for it (though most seem to had forgotten about the classic controller and GCN ports) and you don’t need to use the Gamepad to develop for Wii U, just give the option of off TV play and at least be comparable with the Pro Controller and wam bam multiplatform port done.

    • darkcreap

      As I say in a comment above: the WiiU gamepad is a standard controller (2 joysticks + (4+4) buttons) with a screen in the middle.

      If you ignore the screen, there is no significant difference between the WiiU, PS3, PS4, Xbox1 and Xbox 360 controllers. It is the most stupid excuse I have ever heard.

      They could have said “we don’t think there is an audience right now on the WiiU” and that would have been respectable enough. They are a company and their mission is to make a profit.

    • This was a real let-down for me. I’m not expecting touch controls to be tacked on to everything, but Retro didn’t even put the menus on the gamepad. Plus there are no miiverse features and I can’t send audio to the gamepad so I can plug in headphones and play on the big screen.

      I expect that little effort from a multiplatform port.

  • Charlieblizz

    Sounds more like he thinks the port wouldn’t make its money back. The only way that perception will change is if U owners start buying the quality 3d party games that do come out for it, though.

    • Capt. Smoker

      This piece of crap won’t sell, no self respecting Nintendo fan would touch it, give us Dragon Quest though, and they’ll easily make mega money from us.

      • Charlieblizz

        We can’t always blame lack of support on the quality of the game, though. Wii owners fed the problem with their lack of support for efforts like No more Heroes 1&2, Madworld, Zack and Wiki, and Muramasa, That lack of support has continued for games like the numerous ports that began the U’s life, AC IV, and The Wonderful 101.

        I’m hoping Bayonetta 2 and (eventually) Watch_Dogs are quality games and sell well. Just something to say to developers that we’ll buy games from companies other than Nintendo.

        • Capt. Smoker

          Add little kings story to that list, amazing creative game, sold poorly, I hope people start buying these games, we’re really missing out

  • Jon

    So… by this logic, the game will no longer be a good game if it is put on the Wii U…. So in a sense, he is saying his game is not a good game… lol

    • That guy who hates Spike

      I think what he means by “good” is that the game itself sells “good”.
      And lets be honest, those are the developers that usually win.
      I can’t name one good selling third party exclusive that didn’t give an incentive to buy the Wii U version. I find that the developer usually has to beg on their knees and say “We love and support Wii U” in order for Wii U owners to give them their money.

    • Rich Garriques

      basically , and i dont get why devs act like they gotta build a whole new game when it comes to developing for wii u. i mean put a map or something on the game that is all. no need to get all fancy about it.

    • Grayson Tech


      He said his game wouldn’t fit in with the Wii U games.

      • Jon

        but he is also saying that the ONLY GOOD games for the Wii U are the ones specifically made for it meaning any other game is a bad game which would also include his as if it was ported, it was not made for the Wii U. He chose a bad choice of words that said his game can be considered a bad game because if it was on the Wii U, it would not be good.

  • darkcreap

    Sorry, but that is a stupid excuse: The WiiU gamepad is just a classic controller (2 joysticks + (4+4) buttons) with a big screen in the middle.

    If you want to use the screen and the movement sensors, you can.
    If you want to use only the joysticks and the buttons, you can ignore the screen.

    If the WiiU has both options, it simply fits as well in WiiU as in PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and X1. It’s not like the Wii, in which you had to change everything to use the Wiimote, which had less buttons and joysticks and motion sensing, which is likely a bit difficult to program for. Furthermore, the Wii didn’t come with a classic controller pro by default. The WiiU has the gamepad, which gives you that control scheme by default.

    I simply don’t buy that excuse. Why not being honest? Simply say you don’t expect a return. I’m not gonna blame them if they think they cannot make a profit from it. They are a company. But honestly, the control scheme is not a excuse anymore.

  • blindtiger

    wii u gets few games, wii u doesnt sell, dev doesnt want to make games that wont sell, wii u gets few games, wii u doesnt sell, dev doesnt want to make games that wont sell, wii u gets few games, etc, etc. someone make it stop!

    • Capt. Smoker

      Only the exclusive 3rd party games sell as there often tailor made for Nintendo fans to suit the system, just the way things are….

  • crocodileman94

    That excuse doesn’t even make sense.

    • Javy G

      C for Cover up. It’s about the mullah, it’s always about the mullah. I guarantee they would make it for Wii U if it was hot on sales.

  • David Trail

    Lazy a holes!

  • David Trail

    Wii U exclusives are better than these games anyway so who cares?

    • NyallJodhan

      Somebody like me who can only afford at the moment one console: the Wii U.
      But I don’t mind really, because the current content will have me busy for a long, long time to come.

      • Jon

        ^ this right here.

        Eventually… I may get a PS4… thought the paying for online is still a huge turn off but it will be a few years at least before I end up getting a PS4 due to the cost.

        • bardicverse

          BUild a good PC instead. My 3yr old PC runs COD:Ghosts smoother than a PS4. Nintendo console + Steam = everything you really want in gaming.

          • Jon

            I already have a good PC so it will probable be what happens and I’ll no bother with the PS4. I pay for internet and get it on my PC at no extra cost.

          • Petri

            Thats what I’m doing.
            Though my GTX 580 is dying (might be the liquid cooler too),
            but I have been thinking about going for AMD R9, now that AMD has finally started making cards that outperforms GTX 580.
            Will cost more than ps4, but I’ll save the money on games and free online.
            Wii U can hold me while I get the money for it.

      • Virus6

        Nintendo hasn’t exactly had a boisterous 3rd party scene in over a decade so if you thought that’s what you’d be getting this generation, you have no one but yourself to blame for that perception

        • NyallJodhan

          I think you missed the part where I said “I don’t mind really…”

        • NyallJodhan

          I thought I replied to you already. I think you missed the part I said from “But I don’t mind really…”.

  • InterTreble

    I’ve heard something slight different from people like Micheal Ancel, and SH like TT Games, Criterion, TT Games, Platinum, and so on. People who developed great games on Wii U. I still trust in them, people who can program, rather than in people who can only tell stories and escuses. This is the difference. I hope they can learn from them, one day or another. And no problem… there are great games on Wii U, and there will be, we don’t need their games at all.

  • Nintendoro

    Paphetic excuse if you ask me. He should simply state that it aint worth investing into wiiu version

  • Ducked

    The only third party game I care about is Kingdom Hearts III.

  • audi lover

    Obviously they just have any decent talent in there development team

  • steveb944

    Umm… this guy is feeding BS.

    I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Need For Speed, Assassin’s Creeds, Batmans, Mass Effect, and soon (once I open it) Splinter Cell, etc etc.

    ALL are games that are multi plat and I LOVED playing all of them. If anything Wii U version played better because of either graphics when referring to later ports, or glitches when referring to the most recent Batman.

  • T-X

    I think everyone should’ve expected this answer. Every article where a dev thinks they have to explain why they’re not developing for the Wii U sounds like a vox-replicative bird. We know why you aren’t developing on the console, and companies should just stop trying to justify their crappy business and just ignore the Wii U if you’re gonna hand out lame-ass excuses and watered-down ports. Just stay away from Nintendo unless you’re going to actually try to challenge yourself as a developer and make something awesome for the system. All gimps need not apply.

  • Googs

    So he says his game is shit. Good job advertising your game.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Didn’t he play NFS Most wanted or Deus ex?

  • 504HotBoy

    I think a lot of people are confused by his statement. They elaborated about it more on Gamespot website. He’s meaning that Wii U games are better when they’re built from the ground up on the system and isn’t ported over. He’s not really referring to the Gamepad. Most 3rd party Wii U ports in the past wasn’t all that great, mainly because developers don’t wont to use the extra time and money to optimize it to run on Wii U hardware. They go the cheaper and quickest route which is do a lazy port. Samething they use to do to the PS3 versions. The one thing I don’t agree with him on is when he used the combined PS4 & Xbox One install base compared to the single Wii U install base, as pointing out it’s lower compared to the other two. No shit. You combined them, the same as you combined the 160 million install base of the PS3 & 360. Just be straight up honest, you don’t think the game will sale well on Wii U. To be honest unless they took their time and optimize the port to run smooth and take advantage of the hardware, I wouldn’t buy the port either. I want my money’s worth, not some half ass lazy job, when I know you can do better.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    If only it had better hardware.

    • Decker Shado

      I’m of the opinion that wouldn’t make too much difference, and this article kind of shows that.

      The game is coming to last gen consoles as well, which obviously the Wii U is more powerful than. They’re skipping a Wii U port anyway. It’s clearly not a problem of it being underpowered.


    The Wii U isn’t popular enough and the install base is too small to cover the cost
    3rd parties just wont be honest and tell people this. They rather just say things like “Wii U isn’t powerful enough” or “It’s not the right audience” neither is true. The Wii U has a poor reputation due to a lot of misinformation, lack of games and advertising.

    If Nintendo does get it right with their next console they’ll still make excuses.

    Sony and Microsoft get the popular vote when it comes to console gaming these days and Nintendo gets the 3rd party left-overs as usual. I just wish they’ll stop announcing games NOT coming to Wii U and just announce the ones that are(if they have any to show). If you don’t have a game to show Wii U owners don’t rub it in.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I think there are pretty interesting ways you could use the GamePad. You could use the second screen to show a list of people you’ve already possessed, access what they thought when you possessed them, their occupation and what they have access to that others don’t.

    Still, you can’t bash them for not bringing the game over. As a matter of fact, if the Wii U isn’t selling well, then it’s more commercial suicide to bring it over than a desservice. It;s annoying though, as the situation was caused by people fretting over an actually-OK launch and withdrawing support at the first sign of something negative.

    • Jon

      yet they bring it to the Xbox One when it is selling about what the Wii U is and has less of a user base.

      • J_Joestar

        I think it is a trade-off issue, porting it to the XBO is probably just easier to do so they might as well rather than put in a bit of effort for a Wii U version.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        It’s selling more, trust me, and the difference is Wii U has been out for more than a year and XBO has been out for less than 6 months.

        • Jon

          it is selling less than 10k more a week. At this rate it will take around 3 years if not more to over take the Wii U in sales assuming the sales rates for both systems do not change.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            XBO sales for this month (According to vgchartz): 56k
            Wii U sales for this month (VGChartz too) 44k

            Then Titanfall comes out soon.

          • Jon

            ok so 12k… that is still 3 years and you are acting like the Wii U doesn’t have games either. Smash, Mario Kart, X and more.

  • Michael Rowlands

    i think what he is saying is the game will not sell on the wii u because people that have wii u only buy nintendo games and not 3rd party games …we can see this with the 3ds the console is sellng will put not alot of 3rd party game are coming to the 3ds….

    • Jon

      yet people who own a Wii U buy 3rd party games on the Wii U when they come.

    • J_Joestar

      A lot of that has to do with the limited/half-hearted offerings most companies put on to Nintendo consoles.
      You can clearly see that when companies put great effort into their games and offer it to the Nintendo owning crowd, they typically eat it up.

      • Marcus Larsson

        Not true, check zombieu or any other third party title for that matter on a gc/wii/wiiu

  • Sperling

    We’ve seen some excuses for not porting games to Wii U, but as far as I can remember this was the most stupid.

  • Adecentboy777

    Hey guys, you should now by now that the Wii U is only for the Nintendo games. Some 3rd party games will be made for it (just like for PS3 and XBOX 360) but not many. Didn’t you learn anything in the last 2 years??? You thing that’s gonna change? DID the big N do anytrhing about it??? THINK AGAIN and use your brain and logic this time and stop dreaming!!!

  • ETeach

    Bummer, looked like a good game. Or at least a cool one. but oh well, there’s enough good stuff coming out to not really miss this one.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Just my 2 cents but guys I was excited about this game, for the PS4 version of course. Thats until it was hinted by the developers that there would be a lot of hand holding.

    Now I’ll wait for a review then see for myself because right now the excitement is null.

  • Mitch Hall

    Who cares if it “fits”? You don’t even have to use the Gamepad for anything, just port the game. It’s not that hard.

  • Logan Waltz

    Without using the controller screen, its the same as the ps3 and 360 versions with better graphics and off screen play… So… It would be inherently better just by being on the system. We need Nintendo to make a point of this to fucktard devs.


    Release it for Wii U and put in bold writing across the box ‘Pro Controller required’.

    Problem solved.

  • LJay

    Great explination there mate…..

    …bet its a shite game.

  • Rinslowe

    Being “frank” isn’t always the best tactic. Too much personal opinion here. It’s a “product”.
    Want it to compete with other products on a more even playing field then – “apply some professionalism”.
    Say the game won’t be profitable, that kind of comment we could probably all agree with. But with games already out on the U from third party dev’s that are “definitive”. His comment really works just against himself and places the spotlight on his skills as a “chief creative officer” for not achieving a product of the same standard.

    (The no’ of definitive third party experiences not being relevant to the point, for or against)…

  • leo

    I smell bullshit

  • Chris Heskin

    This pisses me off. when the article says that the games not tailor made to the Wii U suck just sounds to me like developers refuse to spend enough dev time/effort to make smart and innovated use of the game pad and Wii U’s other features. I’ve played many multi-platform games where Wii U had the best version so I don’t see where he gets his point from either.

  • Lil J Moore

    We better get Kingdom hearts 3 then. As that game fits the WiiU.

  • Heaven on Earth

    This will be another generation where the wii u will have only first party nintendo games while they will continue to fall behind because of no 3rd party games. In all honestly the wii u is a greatssystem from my personal experience Zelda U will be the best game to hit the wii u ans after that the future looks bleak I am honestly tired of playing mario although most of his games are great its too repetitive and as a gamer I want the overall experience 1st party and 3rd party which is why today i traded in my wii u in for the ps4 and its a amazing piece of technology to say the least. So long nintendo I tried my best to wait around for zelda u but thats only one game.

    • FutureFox

      That’s great but did you really have to trade it in? Why not just have both consoles? Last question, what game is that?

      • Heaven on Earth

        I replied to your question sorry I had made a mistake and sent it to myself

    • Heaven on Earth

      Nintendo will always be my first system of choice yet being a fan of Nintendo as well as sega for many years I know the majority if not all 3rd party games will be skipping the wii u which is why i always end up buying another system I mainly buy nintendo system s these days to play zelda but that’s only one game and then im stuck with mario so I traded my wii u in along with my games and got 280 store credit and bought the ps4 for 120 a all around system and the game is killzone shadow fall

  • WiiUPS4

    Than i will pass on this game..Thanks

  • wiiu4life

    To all that think Bayonetta will not be successful are forgetting one huge thing. the Wii U Hardware wise has sold less but software wise has a very nice attach rate. Lets look at rough estimates of how there systems have sold hardware to software wise.

    Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicon)

    Total Sales: 61.91 Million Software: 500.01 Million Attach Rate: 8.08

    Game Boy (including Pocket and Color edition)

    Total Sales: 118.69 Million Software: 501.11 Million Attach Rate: 4.22

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicon)

    Total Sales: 49.1 Million Software: 379.06 Million Attach Rate: 7.72

    Nintendo 64

    Total Sales: 32.93 Million Software: 224.97 Million Attach Rate: 6.83

    Game Boy Advance

    Total Sales: 81.51 Million Software: 377.42 Attach Rate: 4.63


    Total Sales: 21.74 Million Software: 208.57 Million Attach Rate: 9.59


    Total Sales: 153.98 Million Software: 942.32 Million Attach Rate: 6.12


    Total Sales: 100.9 Million Software: 892.34 Million Attach Rate: 8.84

    3DS (as of January, 2014)

    Total Sales: 42.74 Million Software: 152.29 Million Attach Rate: 3.56

    Wii U (as of January, 2014)

    Total Sales: 5.86 Million Software: 29.37 Million Attach Rate: 5.01

    So how are the Xbox One and Ps4 doing

    Also according to Microsoft, the Xbox One currently has a 2.7 attach rate (meaning that there are 2.7 Xbox One games sold per Xbox owner).

    Although fans love to comment on how well there powerful systems are selling and they love to rave or rant about what games are coming or not coming to their systems. Lets be honest all developers want to make money and when there product doesn’t sale they will either change their strategy or go other places. The PS4 took Japan by storm but lets put things into perspective. BTW just because you give games away for free it hurts those who make a living selling games and retailers that stock them.

    Nari Yuki Game Ya Blog reports that his allocated PS4 units were sold out the first day of availability, and more were sold than expected, but only 46% of the buyers also brought home a game. When asked directly, the customers mentioned that they weren’t buying any software because they had Knack for free, or they were planning to take advantage of the upgrade from PS3 titles.

    Game Wa Tsuitachi o Jikan mentions that he sold out the console on the first day as well, but a whopping 70% of purchasers didn’t buy any games. He writes about the upgrade program as a primary cause, while Yakuza Ishin was the best selling game.

    Chotto Game Suki ga Torimasu had a bit of a different situation to report. She also talks about 100% sell through of the actual console on the first day, with many customers left without asking when a further shipment would come. There were a lot of cases in which customers purchased no software, but also several in which the same customer bought more than one game, with the overall result of selling more games than consoles.

  • TULFich

    Of course you can´t fit a shitty game everywhere! The moment this thing went like geist but much less appealling, it went even less worth a port to an underrated (recently stated)”powerhouse”. And I´ve liked ports like Mass Effect 3, Splinter cell blacklist, and Deus ex, all of them have more non-stop action gameplay than the originals and look slightly better (and acording to recent media analysis they could look even crispier).

  • Arthur Jarret

    Headline should read: Ripoff of Ghost trick – a dual screen portable game -‘s developer does not think a dual screen console is a good fit for his creation.

    Edit: I don’t blame devs not making games for U if they can’t break even on it – but they shouldn’t feed anyone this PR BS about ‘not being a good fit’.

  • Zanzama

    In a way he insulted himself. Does he have such a low opinion of his own game to the point of thinking that it would suck on the Wii U? DC Tropical Freeze didn’t use the gamepad at all and classic controller also exists.

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      People can be honest. A former Retro developer recently said that he thinks all of his games suck, and that’s from a developer’s perspective. And he was involved in making a little game called Metroid Prime.

  • D-Man

    But would anyone even buy it on Wii U. I had BO2 on Wii U. It was a great port on Wii U (except no Nuketown). But there were only 2,000 people on at a time. On PS3, it’s 200,000!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Guess I can ignore this game.

  • Coval83

    All of these announcements, on how to bypass the Wii U, stem from poor sales of the Wii U. .. Nothing more, nothing less … Maybe Nintendo made ​​the mistake of typical marketing, but trust me, they will fix it in the coming months …

  • gamingpalooza

    developers who abandon wii u are truly scumbags… there is no excuse in the world to not develop for the wii u except for that.. you’re a scumbag trying to put an end to the wii u

  • This is typical fist class dev bullshit.
    Monster hunter 3 ultimate – not made for wiiu
    All 3 Mario games – are great without the gamepad
    Zelda WW HD, Donkey Kong TF, Call of Duty:G.
    Every game that can be played with a regular controller, can be played and enjoyed on wiiU. My guess is – nintendo did not give their stamp of approval for their shitey game.

  • Doesnt matter, we have Nintendo Games, which can not be played on pc, ps4 or xbone. if i want to play a shitey third party game, i buy it for pc.