Apr 14th, 2017

Mr. Shifty might have serious frame rate problems (though a patch is on its way), but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. As I said in my first impressions, when you get past the variable frame rate, there’s a really entertaining game here. It’s also pretty hard, especially the closer you get to the ending. Because of that, I’m giving you eight tips I wish I knew when I first started playing the game.

8. Take out the gunners first

Anyone with a gun will be your worst enemy. The punching brutes are simple enough to take care of, but one small miscalculation with a gunner nearby and you’re on the floor, wondering what hit you. To avoid that problem, deal with the gunners ASAP. That way, you’re not worrying about evading their shots while trying to take out the less important enemies.

7. Play with the controls

Mr Shifty might not let you customise the controls to your liking but because of its simplicity, there are multiple ways to execute the same command. Whether it’s using the right bumper to teleport or the left bumper to attack, find a button combo that gels with you. After that, you’ll be zipping through rooms and knocking out baddies like nobody’s business.

6. Survey your surroundings

Mr. Shifty will regularly introduce enemies from off-screen. It’s rare to get shot by someone you can’t see, but being aware of their presence can help you plan ahead and prevent any unnecessary deaths.

When you enter a new room, use the right analog stick to do a quick scan of the area. This will let you sweep the camera around, so you have an idea of what you’re up against. Who knows, there might be a few gunners nearby.

5. Conserve your energy

Mr. Shifty only gives you five teleports in a row before they have to recharge. While recharging is a quick process, going from 50 mph to 2 can get you killed in a room of enemies. Try to leave one teleport available at all times so you’re never caught off guard by the enemy.

4. Use your environment

Yeah, you might have teleportation abilities, but brute force isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, it’s best to use those few seconds where enemies don’t see you to your advantage. See a group of people huddled together? Then there’s probably a way to take them out without using your fists. In cases like this, zip around searching for a broom or similar object to dispose of large groups in one sweep. This saves time and it makes for cool GIFs.

3. Shift around enemies

Think of yourself as The Flash. You might be the fastest man alive, but a bullet is still a bullet. If you run straight at it, you’re gonna die. So, even though you’re fast, try not to teleport directly into enemies. When possible, approach them from an angle. This guarantees that you’re out of their line of sight, and you’ll have the upper hand on them.

2. Stay strapped

You’ll stumble upon lots of weapons. Enemies with melee items will drop them when they die. You’ll even have a few chances to play around with mines. Basically, there’s very rarely a chance where a weapon isn’t somewhere in the room. Try to be aware of where they are at all times, in case you need to scoop one up for a few quick kills. Or, better yet, just keep a weapon on you as much as possible. The game is far easier that way, and you’ll reduce the probability of you dying to a horde of enemies. Speaking of weapons, though…

1. Keep the shield

Mr. Shifty gives you a lot of weapons to play around with. While they’re all incredibly fun, there’s one you should get any chance you can: the shield.

Sometimes you’ll find statues holding a shield and sword. Destroy the statue and grab the shield. This weapon can take out multiple enemies at the same time AND it’s one of the three, indestructible weapons in the game. This means that you could potentially use it from the time you pick it up, to the end of a level.

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