Feb 20th, 2014


A new listing on the Australian Classification website has turned up a new listing for GBA games, possibly giving us a preview of what to expect for new GBA games on the service. It was announced last week during the Nintendo Direct that Gameboy Advance games would finally be included on the Wii U virtual console, after more than a year of being promised.

This new classification is for a game called Mr. Driller, which is a puzzle platform game that saw several sequels released in its time. The classification filing was filed on February 19, meaning we could see this game come to English-speaking countries sooner rather than later.

With the addition of GBA titles heading to the Nintendo eShop, perhaps we’ll see more than just a trickle of games released each week, especially considering the backlog of the entire GBA catalog.

Which titles do you want most?

[via Australian Classification]

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  • Pablo LavĂ­n

    Damn, Medabots, Fire Emblem Sword Of Seals, Mother 3, M&L SS, and Wynaut?, Pokemon.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      God yes Mother 3 please! Earthbound was fantastic, i hope they finally give us the other Mother games.

  • darkcreap

    Off topic: for those who download retail games at the eShop. I am going to buy Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze as a downloadable content to try and feel how it is to have a digital copy and also to see if the load times are any better. The eShop has been updated to show the title, but I am doubting: will it release at 12AM or will I have to wait till 4PM the next day?

    • Daniel Carvalho

      If you see any difference between the loading times, please tell us later. I still don’t own a 3DS nor a Wii U, so I can’t buy digital and physical versions to compare the loading time, but I assume what’s inside the HD loads faster. I want to know if there’s any difference before deciding which version I’m getting.

      • darkcreap

        I’ll try, but I will only have one version of the game (the digital one), so I won’t be able to compare unless there is some other with the disc version and we both make similar measures..

        Also, after researching about it, I did not find significant evidence whether the HDD is much faster. One reason was that HDDs can be very different one from the other, so if your HDD was not fast enough then it makes no sense. Some people claimed to have worse performance for certain games. The other was that, compared to the PS3’s optical unit, the WiiU’s was supposed to be much faster (8 Mbps on PS3 vs 22 Mbps on WiiU from what I read), so people said that the advantages were not so evident in using an HDD. People also said that the advantages were less evident on the Xbox360 precisely because it had a good optical unit already.

        I’ll do a couple of tests and compare with the loading time for the level we saw on here on WiiU daily, but the best would be to do an extensive test to actually see if the advantage is real.

        • Suraj Alexander

          Wii u has a flash storage not a HDD

          • darkcreap

            Yes, I know it is flash memory, but I attached an external HDD to my WiiU since the beginning.

          • Suraj Alexander

            I really don’t like to buy digital unless that is the only option. Love to keep like the boxes like a collector. Its just the way it looks.

          • darkcreap

            Yep, me too, but the loading times made me think twice. I also would have liked the physical copy. I like the box artwork for this one.

          • Suraj Alexander

            Exactly. I know just how you feel. I mean, I just love the box art ad love how it looks on my shelf by the load time improvement is soo tempting for me to get games digitally. wish there was some way of working around this.
            P.S. Does anyone have a really noisy disk reader when playing black ops and injustice or is it just me and is there any way to fix that.

      • Suraj Alexander

        wii u has flash storage not a hard disk drive

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I meant the external HD, but I don’t really know much about the difference of a Flash Storage and a Hard Disk drive.

          • Suraj Alexander

            flash is faster as the data is stored in little chips and retrieved from there but HDD has a disk inside that spins and data is read and stored in there thus slower. If you are going to use external storage i would recommend an SSD for speed. If you are going to compare the stuff please let me know with an SSD as well

  • thedeciderU

    this is okay i guess, but i’m not especially interested in a slow trickle of gba games. where are the wiiu games?

  • Donaald

    I rather see Tales of Phantasia or Klonoa

  • JuxtaPozer

    Stop taking me to Google Play for some stupid Four Kingdoms games!

  • Squid

    I want Klonoa.

  • Rinslowe

    Gotta start from somewhere right?

  • Steamworld dig was popular on 3ds eshop. Mr Diller is similar… without the metroidvaina aspect.

  • Simon Stevens

    I find it really hard to get excited for GBA games, not bad as a VC catalogue builder, but at a time like this when they need to generate interest, I really hope this isn’t the best the big N can do, if it is then I sincerely hope Iwata walks, because this is the least the loyal fanbase deserves, and at this point, it seems he’s only here to dissapoint, with Reggie on hand to lie through his teeth for him, but anyway, since gb games are on offer, I would be happy to take both fire emblems and any Kirby game suits me any time ^.^