Apr 17th, 2012

Nintendo Wii U
Despite what some are saying, the general consensus among analysts is that the Nintendo Wii U will do just fine. Last week analysts from Macquarie Capital Securities told investors to avoid Nintendo stock due to the uncertainty around the upcoming Wii U console.

With that statement in hand, GamesIndustry went and got the opinion on the Nintendo Wii U from other game industry analysts. They asked the likes of Ted Pollak of Jon Peddie Research and Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities. Most of them seemed to agree that if Nintendo prices the Wii U right, and has a decent launch lineup, they’ll do “just fine”, as Peddie put it.

Price wise, most analyst think that even $300 for the Nintendo Wii U is too much to ask. This is because Microsoft and Sony will likely lower the price of their current gen consoles even further once the Wii U hits the store shelves. As Pietro Macchiarella from Parks Associates points out, the key for the success of the Wii U lies in pricing the console right at launch, and not adjusting the price as Nintendo did with the 3DS. He also said that a strong launch lineup is important, but that goes without saying — every major console launch needs a strong lineup of games. He believes that Wii U sales will struggle if priced at $300, and that “not even Mario would be able to help”. All of the asked analysts agree that the Wii U controller is what sets the new console apart, and that Nintendo needs to really showcase its possibilities in order to attract an audience of core gamers.

The latest rumors indicate that the Nintendo Wii U will launch at $300, but if Nintendo pays attention to the market, and these analysts, we may very well see the Wii U at a lower price point. As for a games lineup, so far around 10 Wii U games have been confirmed for launch.

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  • Soastockton

    Well what I think they need to do is have an exclusive hardcore game just like Sony has god of war and Microsoft has halo…I mean Mario & Zelda are cool but that doesn’t really catch my eye when I’m at a game store.

    • mkdhdh

      killer freaks? :p and mariokart’s pretty hardcore ;p lol no but it’s hard if you want to have all expert staff’s and cars and a 3-star rating online and gold wheel i got it all (xept 3 stars i have 1 star because in mirror i have mostly 1 and 2 stars :p)

  • Tim

    Wow optimism from analysts, that’s new

  • alienfish

    It’s funny that we only hear analysts speak out when they have something negative and controversial to say. WiiU WILL do fine.

  • Fuzunga

    I buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games and for no other reason. If, this time around, I can play other great games on it too then that’s a nice bonus. What I’m saying is that I don’t give a crap what kind of controller it uses as long as it plays those glorious Nintendo games I love.

  • Cool Breeze

    The 360 did well enough even though the PS2 and GC were much cheaper around its launch, and that was $400. Anything lower than $300 is probably asking Nintendo to take a big loss on the hardware or gimp the console’s power. PLEASE don’t do the latter.

    • tron:6Rsd4

      I agree with cool breeze. It is fair to charge more if leaks are true about good specs. People will feel more cheated if machine is weak. I’d pay more to have bragging rights.

  • Lonerin

    Cool Breeze: 360? What? How dare you compare 2 diffrent generations? First Xbox didnt do well enough in fight with PS2. Only 24mln of units were sold and PS2 sold 154milions. It sold just as bad as Gamecube. Xbox360? 65.8 million. PS3? 62. And Wii? 95 😛

    Nintendo knows what they should do. Low launch price (249$) and good fun give them first place in seventh generation fight.

    • mkdhdh

      well we will have to compare these gen’s to wiiU and i want to give a shout to everyone: ENJOY 2012-2013 BECAUSE GAMES ARE GOING TO BE BETTER ON WIIU! LAUGH IN THE X360’S AND PS3’S FANBOYS FACES WHEN YOU UPLOAD OR WATCH A ALIENS:COLONIAL MARINES OR METRO:LAST NIGHT GAMEPLAY BECAUSE FROM ALL THE CRAP WII (yes i meant the console and “we”) GOT WE DESERVE SOME FUN

      so people do it! :p and nintendo ‘s going to do just fine. i just hope we will still have the 3rd party support a little ways down the road

    • Shadowmax889

      You seriusly need to read better!!!! Remember that the XBOX 360 was competing with previous generation hardware because it was the FIRST, and the point made by Cool Breeze is that – if the 360 did well at launch being more expensive than the other hardware around at the moment (PS2, GC, XBOX) The WiiU will also do well even if it is at 400$, and that making it cheaper (like 250$) will made Nintendo take huge loss or cut the power of the new sistem (and we do not want that). I think the correct price will be 300-350$ and we will have a nice Nintendo System