May 16th, 2013

Last week we told you about an IGN forum member called 100 Year Old Gamer who claims to work for Nintendo. This time we’ve got some more rumors for you to digest, some of them a bit more specific and a bit more far-fetched. Here they are in no particular order:

Pokémon News

  • Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Rumble U news expected with no other Pokémon games revealed.

Game Updates

  • Yoshi Wii U is said to be a late 2013/early 2014 title.
  • Games said to be at the E3 showfloor include: 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, W101, X, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

Rumoured/Unconfirmed Games

  • Capcom supposedly working on a Resident Evil remake from their back catalogue.
  • Nintendo wanting to continue Picross on Nintendo 3DS.
  • New Star Fox title, said to be more like Lylat Wars, expected this generation.
  • Star Wars expected on Wii U as “Disney likes the Wii U so far”.
  • Nintendo titles to use NFC – new IP from Nintendo.
  • New Animal Crossing expected, but “way off” for Wii U.
  • Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work.
  • A Final Fantasy remake is being developed for Wii U.
  • Games that will use dual GamePad controllers will be announced.

Legend of Zelda

  • New Legend of Zelda is said to feature a return for past races like the Gorons, Zoras plus new additional species to encounter.
  • The game is also venturing into more “RPG-like” territory without “going full out RPG”, like Skyward Sword.

Hardware Revisions and Performance

  • Wii U periperhals expected this year (to connect to the GamePad).
  • A New Nintendo Wii U is expected by the end of 2014 with more internal storage but Blu-ray is unknown.
  • A new Nintendo 3DS revision is expected, but not within the next two years.
  • Denies Wii U clock-speed increases.
  • Achievements and linked accounts said to be coming but “in a different way than anyone else does”.
  • Nintendo working on trying to get more engines supported by Wii U.

Virtual Console Releases

  • Nintendo are expected to show and highlight classic GameCube titles heading to Virtual Console.
  • Online multiplayer for classic Virtual Console games isn’t likely from Nintendo but “third parties will”.
  • Plans to release classic titles, like Xenoblade Chronicles, on the Wii U eShop is likely at some point.

Retro Studios Wii U Project

  • The upcoming, untitled game from Retro Studios is said to be first-person, futuristic and “something everyone wants them to make”.
  • Said to be working on a Donkey Kong track for Mario Kart Wii U.

Some of these are easier to believe than others, but how do you feel about new Wii U hardware? Do you feel if this comes to pass, that original Wii U adopters should be offered some sort of ambassador program similar to what the 3DS saw when it launched? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Elem187

    these rumors serve no other purpose than to make Nintendo fans seem desperate.

    • You must be new… Rumors of upcoming games and console features are normal across the board. Do rumors that involve the NextBox or PS4 about upcoming titles and features make those people desperate???

      Posting insulting comments about other groups of people only makes you desperate. Desperate for attention and I am sorry that I wasted my time on a reply to you.

  • Keirsten Thomas

    No one cares all I want is SSB. Screw the rest of the nintendo titles.

    • kahn

      Screw the rest of the titles but the rest of the titles make up the game that you want? Just shut up and get out

    • Potemkin

      I wish I could say the same, but also lost my faith with SSBB. That game, compared to Melee, was a major let down 🙁

    • RockieOllie

      Agree’s SSB is THE reason i have a WiiU right now.

    • John Raybell

      smash bros is just one title, not even the best title they have either, looking forward to zelda wiiu and mario more then smash, smash will be good and awesome, its just far from the only worth while title.

  • I would love to see Banjo-Threeie on Wii U if Microsoft would let Rare do that.

    • Dodge Pribyl

      It’s not like MS is doing anything good with Rare:

      • Bradley Smee

        Excellent video from the same guys who gave the world ‘yolo’ haha.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah, the reason seems to be more motivated to blocking Nintendo from using some of its best titles. I think thats a good example of unethical ways to doing business. It shows that for MS its not about games but only about money.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Exactly what I thought, Microsoft have openly said that Rare is now only for Kinect sports and that crap and won’t touch any of the good titles it owns ever again. It would be best for everyone (including them) to sell the IPs to someone else (Nintendo) who’d do something good with them. MS are just being spiteful, selfish dick-holes for not selling the license to Ninty, they won’t use them but they wont let anyone else do something with it. They’ve had their chance to make good Banjo & Conker games but blew it and now Rare is a shadow of it former self. They should see sense and sell the IPs to Ninty who can give them to a great team like EAD Tokyo or hire the good ex-Rare employees, that would be a godsend to gaming. This stupidity and selfishness is one of the reasons why Ms is bottom of the big 3 in in my eyes.

          • Adrian

            Yeah. They should sell Halo too. — Nintendo should sell Starfox. They don’t do anything with that. And F-Zero. And Donkey Kong Jr.

            Just because they haven’t done anything with them doesn’t mean they won’t. Rare tried to make games in the beginning, they didn’t fare out well. Now Kinect was huge, so how does it not make sense to put Rare in there and keep the I.P. on the backburner?

          • MujuraNoKamen

            WTF I never said MS should sell everything, just the IPs they’ve been quoted saying they’ll never touch again! Rare and MS both say the studio is now exclusively for Kinect games. And they did do something with their IPs but Banjo: Nuts and Bolts was sucky and apparently the Conker remake on XBLA was bad. I’m saying Rare should sell their IPs, they’ll get money for it, Nintendo get some good franchises back and we’ll get some great games. It does make sense for them to keep IPs “on the back burner” but the chances of them going back are slim and lets face it; all the talent has left Rare, the last Banjo game was a disappointment so would anyone really want them to try again (and fail)? These IPs are better off in Nintendo’s hands that way they might actually be used and used well!

      • I have an idea: If RARE released Banjo Kazooie on GBA, and Diddy Kong Racing on DS, why not Banjo-Threeie on 3DS?

        • Ony

          That’s impossible, Rare is owned by Microsoft now 🙁

          • tony

            They released those while owned by Microsoft, though.

          • Ony

            Ah, I didn’t knowed that 🙂 So there’s still hope ?

    • val berger

      As there isn’t much left from the Rare we used to know, I can live without that game. The Banjo-Game for XBox didn’t seem to be something I need to play.

      • John Raybell

        the real RARE guys who did banjo like you said aren’t really with RARE now buuuuuuuuut they are working on the spritual successor to banjo kazooie 🙂 forget what there company is called now, but they are the true rare, the rare microsoft is, is just a title anymore

        • val berger

          hm interesting, let’s hope they switched back to the light side of the force 😉

  • Ducked

    That is a lot of predictions. I hope Mario Kart and Yarn Yoshi can release this fall. The Wii U needs it. I”d love to see a Final Fantasy remake on the Wii U, since the Wii U has 0 FF games. New 3DS? I don’t think at this E3. GameCube games on virtual console would be awesome. Nintendo trying to get back Banjo? Sorry, that would be awesome but a poor prediction. New Wii U? How about just a new Wii U with more GB, and a new color. I like most of these predictions, but some of them are just silly.

    • kahn

      A. He said the upgraded take on the 3ds will be in a few years, not at e3
      B. He said an upgraded wiiu with more internal storage, exactly what you just said. But yeah, GC virtual console qould be.. legendary

      • Ducked

        Legendary indeed

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      I dont understand how a FF remake could come to the Wii U as square seems to be knee deep in other systems?

      • Ony


      • Ducked

        Because it makes money

  • incoherent1

    Re: new hardware: I’ve always been curious if Nintendo will release a new gamepad with capacitive touch and/or higher resolution. These seem like natural upgrades once they’re feasible from a pricing standpoint… I’m curious if this could just be paired with an existing console without changing the console itself.

    • That was my thought when thinking about a “new” console. I can imagine Nintendo saying they’ve improved the touch screen and if they’re planning on having mobile games on the console, multi-touch support is needed.

      • incoherent1

        Agreed! Capacitive multitouch would also set them up better to rival Microsoft and Apple’s future plans (I think in the next 2-3 years we’ll see Apple seriously competing in this space with an Apple TV + iPad for second screen console-quality gaming, and Microsoft has made it clear they’re marching in that direction too). It would also dramatically increase the Wii U’s user experience (many people pick up my GamePad and expect it to be as responsive as an iPad, but then find it frustrating to navigate menus and utilities like TVii using the resistive touch screen).

        The big question is whether Nintendo would make us buy a new system or offer a new GamePad a la carte to existing users…

      • incoherent1

        Also, as I think about this more, it’d be a great opening for them to get in at a lower price point. They could wholly replace the Deluxe and keep it at the same price (maybe with a storage bump), then continue to offer the Basic with the existing gamepad for less – maybe $250 or $200.

    • If they brought a WiiU with a Blu-Ray drive in it I would lose my mind! lol. I would buy in a heart beat and be a proud owner of 2 WiiU’s 😀

    • Andreas Sunde

      Although capasitive is more responsive for scrolling etc, it is way too impresise compared to resistive with stylus, which makes it terrible for things like strategic presses, and drawing. I don’t think they will go that route, especially if they plan on making games dependant on presise stylus use.

      Blu-Ray would be cool, but at the same time really annoying as I don’t want to buy another Wii U just for something that should have been there in the first place. And I doubt they will add that, since Ninty is still a pure gaming company.

  • So if the new Star Wars Games are expected to run on the Frostbite 3
    engine does that mean Disney is going to make EA make that engine work
    on the Wii U or are they going to make the games using another engine.

    • Hugh Quinn

      i would like disney alot more if they do that

      • It would be the only thing that redeems themselves for partnering with one of the worst companies in the video game world. It would also give EA a taste of their own medicine and if it turns out the FB3 engine works fine on the Wii U expose EA again for the liars that they are

    • Tell you what if it’s true that Disney “likes the WiiU” EA better not get in the way of Disney wanting their Star Wars games on the WiiU lol. DON’T FUCK WITH DISNEY! lol

      • Sidney Majurie

        Especially Mickey Mouse. You see what he did to the Jonas Brothers LOL!

    • Ice Climbers

      Which basically means that EA will just design the Star Wars game for the Xbox 360 or Xbox Infinity, and then port it to PS3, PS4, and Wii U, but making sure that the Wii U version is as crappy as can be.

  • redd214

    Disney may love the wii u, but seeing as they just entered into a deal with EA to produce the upcoming Star Wars games, that particular prediction seems unlikely.

    • I kind of agree but Disney has always been a supporter of Nintendo and they are a bigger player than EA so if EA wants to capitalize on Star Wars name they may have to submit to Disney’s requirements.

  • RonnieMexico

    niggaz duz 2 much str3ssin….I thr3w mi wii u out

    • Clel

      That’s fascinating.

  • Ony

    No Banjo’n’Kazooie > :'(
    Starfox like Lylat > fuck yeah
    Retro project > METROID or I’m gonna hang myself (or loose faith in Nintendo. Same sh*t.)

    • val berger

      although I believe that it would be moe interesting to see something new from retro, it’s likely that they’ll bring something like the Primeseries for the WiiU as that would have some greater impact not just on their fanbase but also on the mainstream masses. on the other had, sooner or later there’ll come out a sequel to DKR, the question is just when.

      • Ony

        Well, “Futuristic FPS that everyone want them to do”… does everyone wants them to do a new ip?

        • John Raybell

          would rather see a new ip then a remake or reboot any day. come on retro give us something NEW!!!

          • Ony

            a NEW Metroid o/ *okay i’m leaving*

          • val berger

            Retro had some original works in the making 10 years ago on the gamecube. Ravenblade for instance looked quite cool but they abandoned the project for the sake of metroid prime and my guess is, that it will always be like that. They are called Retro for a reason, to reimagine old Nintendo franchises. And although they could really do more, they probably never will have the chance to do so. When I look at games like Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns, then this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

  • Re-Master

    If they release a new Wii U and make mine worth less so soon, I WILL BE VERY ANGRY. They did this with 3DS XL. Not happy.

    • Ugslick

      He said more memory. I’d just have 64gb or something of flash memory. The commentator on this article got the wrong idea.

    • Zuxs13

      it also said the new Wii U would be next year so two years after the release of the original, which is right on par with every console in the past decade.

    • IntrepidEmu

      The original 3DS still has its benefits. I almost bought it over an XL because the image quality on the XL is worse, since resolution is the same even though the screen is bigger.

    • John Raybell

      they also did this with the ds, and microsoft did it with there consoles, and sony did it with there consoles and handhelds also.

      So no big deal, if its only a color or storage upgrade who cares, we can use large external drives instead of get an upgraded wiiu, or trade in the first wiiu to buy the better one. not really a big deal at all

  • Archiq09

    I dont know if we will know games of SEGA at E3 but bring success of the gamecube I want sure! but I dont know if nintendo will put Geist (fps by nintendo) and Killer 7!

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    I like them all first party specially i can’t wait to see what’s mario 3d gonna look like.

  • If true, that is a recipe for failure because anyone with experience knows, 99% of that stuff won’t come this year, which it MUST in order for Wii U to succeed. It must be here by August.

    • Clel


    • John Raybell

      not really, hell nothing could come out this year and everthing could come out next year and guess what, the console will still outsell ps3/xbox360/ps4,xbox what ever. in any case there will be enough games this year to hold us over. 🙂

      You should leave wiiudaily and never ever ever ever come back. EVER. go away and play with your xbox and ps crap.

      • Colin Tosh

        Unfortunately he has nothing to play on his Xbox or PS because games aren’t coming out so he prefers to attention seek here.

        • John Raybell

          Yeah something like that, hes been pretty annoying this last week or two.

          • Troll! The truth is too much for you.

          • John Raybell

            the truth? you mean your lack of both common sense and facts?

            This makes me the troll? Says a guy who is on a wii u page that bashes nintendo and the wii u all day, never leaves his pc, just talks shit all day.

            Start off by being alive more then 1 Gen. Whats great is you talk crap on the only console company that makes a profit and out sells all other consoles. Its so mentally handicapped.

      • I have to disagree. Nintendo needs at least one huge game for them this fall and holiday season to break the slow sales cycle. Also I do not care if it outsells the other consoles just want it to be competitive which I have no doubt it will.

        I do agree that anyone that feels the need to come here just to say that Nintendo and the Wii U are dead or failed should really rethink their life. It puzzles me that they have nothing better to do than to come to a site that talks about a product they do not like or even own in some cases.

        • John Raybell

          Yeah it boggles my mind. just never understood it. sadly and I say this with all seriousness I think some of these people have down syndrome, I think there parents should take better care of there kids. I said what I said because I have known a few people like this and it seems very very likely that this is the case, I have seen this sort of thing before.

    • Jon

      ha ha, dream on boy, the Wii U will be successful even if some of those great titles come after august, Go back to beating up your hookers and pimps in GTA. The Wii U has some great games coming out before summer’s end 🙂

  • kahn

    Now im excited as hell for e3. I HOPE STARFOX RUMOR IS TRUE.
    but all the rumors are exciting, especially the rumor that nintendo wants banjo back. If they get him hell be in ssb4 for sure plus theyll actually make a REAL sequel and actually USE him, unlike shitty microsoft.

    • Ugslick

      They tried, and they couldnt get the IP. It actually happened, but nothing more will materialize out of it (at least its very unlikely)

      • usama notkani

        your name is Usama too

        • Ugslick

          Haha, yeah 🙂

    • Why they don’t make a game of me 🙁

      • Levi Johansen

        So many people are against it.
        They should make a world for Waluigi in New Super Mario Bros. U – just like Super Luigi U.

        EDIT: shouldn’t be too hard – and it won’t take as much resources as making a brand new title.

        • I’m very underrated 🙁

  • Nookling

    I don’t think ‘new’ Wii U will happen. Only more storage and different color. Also, I would think Zelda Wind Waker HD would be on the showfloor has it is releasing a couple months after that. The Animal Crossing thing was obvious as it has one on every console so far and seems to only get more popular. And finally, A NEW IP! I have been hearing this rumor a lot over and over so it better be true. Nintendo could use a kick-butt new series that really uses the gamepad and the power of the Wii U! Let’s make it happen Nintendo 😀

  • derty

    If they announce GCN Metroid Prime as a download later on I will fcking lose my mind! @__@

    • bizzy gie

      Metroid U would be better.

      • derty

        Oh I’m right there with u man haha that would take the cake, then blast it with an arm cannon.

  • Zuxs13

    Sweet I guess some of these rumors will be either confirmed or denied tomorrow morning as there is a WiiU Nintendo direct at 10am EST

  • Mark Thom

    Sound dam good i hope all of this is true

  • Pat Merz

    I have always supported Nintendo with all of their games and hardware from the start, but this time it is hard to stay on board the Nintendo train. With the Dismal start to the WiiU with minimal games I am afraid that that this system will just be crapware games until they figure out how to fix all these problems. What the %&*#& happened to Nintendo did their heads get to big after the success of the wii and they just thought everyone would follow along????

    • Zuxs13

      Watch tomorrow Morning at 10am EST and you will find out what the plan is for Spring and Summer for the Wii U. Then come back and comment.

    • Michael Jurado

      ???? as some one who’s never owned an xbox or a ps3 I’m really happy that I finally get to play games that I missed out on because, they didn’t released on the wii.

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    i hope that resident evil remake its resident evil 2 or 3 🙂 since they already remake the first one.

    • Zombie Boy

      The best two of the series imo. But they keep putting off the much-requested RE2 remake, so as much as I’d like it to be true, I doubt that’ll be the case. It’ll more likely be 5 or 6 (or a spin-off like Operation Raccoon City) as neither has appeared on a Nintendo system.

      • Ernie Sanguyo

        re5 and re6 sucks tho. it’s not as good like re2. Why would they remake a game that aren’t good enough to remake it. I really hope re2 because re5 and re6 doesn’t need remake. Their both HD already and good graphics.

        • Zombie Boy

          As much as I agree with you that 5 and 6 were the worst of the series, I still suspect it’ll be one of those that we get. But I’d still play through them again if that was the case, anyway.

    • Quicksilver88

      I too loved RE2 the most……about crapped my pants when the dog broke thru the window at the end of the hall and comes after you….,having that in HD would be nice….wouldn’t mind seeing a Dino crisis remake or new game!

  • d d

    Wait… no online multi-player for first party Virtual Console titles?
    Classic games with online multiplayer and full Gamepad chat capabilities would be an instant system seller and the nostalgia would bring families together!

  • Seth S. Scott

    Man I love Nintendo but NEW WIIU HARDWARE!!! WTF! So lame, if this is true then I will truly be dissapointed. I owned 3 different DS’s because of Nintendo and their crappy systems being re-released every year. If they don’t do an ambassador program I will finally feel like an idiot for purchasing a Wii U at release and having to wait pretty much a whole year for games.

    • It’s just bigger internal storage, big whoop when you can use externals anyway.

      • Quicksilver88

        Exactly….and to the guys point the 3DS XL was a major improvement over 3DS…..all manufactures do this….Sony had 3 different psp and 3 different ps3 designs, microsoft had phat and slim xboxes….minor improvements or changes are a good thing and keep the prices coming down and the hardware more attractive for new purchasers. I got the XL for $200 with Mario Kart…transferred all my ambassador titles and the turned my old 3ds in to gamestop with my Mariokaet and got $110 in credit to use for future purchases……win…win!

  • Frankie

    If this guy works for Nintendo, he would have bigger news. It has been stated by different rumored sources that Nintendo has done something that would make getting Bayonette 2 look bad. They supposedly have something that will shock the world, but there is no mention of it here.

    • Nintendo can’t let someone spill ALL their secrets

      • Frankie

        Except it is fake. Nintendo is a very secretive company. They would fire the employee for this. Before you say they would not know who it is, it is not hard to trace his account.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Unless it’s leaked intentionally, to warm up the Hype Train for E3.

  • Oh so good!

  • Frangie S Yu

    anyone know? naruto shippuden ported on wiiu? im dying to have this game on wiiu specially hd..i try it on xbox the game was awesome… sorry for my english

  • D.M.T

    I hope most of these rumors are true

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    See people WiiU and Nintendo will be fine just watch

  • Nintendo4life

    Let there be a new metroid game coming…Please Nintendo

  • GoGlo 13

    they should of had more than enough storage with the wii u that’s out now they expect ppl 2 spend more money on another wii u console because of the storage

    • Quicksilver88

      Not really……you can use cheap and readily available USB storage. I do wish in a future system update they would let you use the SD card slot for Wii-U storage but honestly you can get a decent size usb laptop hard drive for around $50 and this will be more storeage than you will wver get built into the console.

    • NkoSekirei

      thats just a rumur and i doubt it im perfectly fine with my deluxe edition and i can just go get myself a hard drive with more storage to put more games in

  • Rob Lucci

    Nintendo try harder to acquire Banjo.

  • Online multiplayer for Gamecube VC releases…. PLEASE, LET US HAVE GEIST!

  • discuss

    Good news people! By the end of the year 2014 we might be able to get some games for the Wii U!
    It seems like the Wii U is nothing but a PC’s virtual console to play old games.

  • Volkstimme

    Star Wars expected on Wii U as “Disney likes the Wii U so far”.

    What part of EA GOT AN EXCLUSIVE LICENSE do you not understand? That’s like expecting an NFL game on WiiU despite the fact that Madden is skipping the platform. Not gonna happen.

    • NkoSekirei

      dude disney owns star wars and they can pull the plug on the contract with EA anytime if Ea dosnt abide wat disney tells them

  • Squid

    I don’t want Starwars honestly, I’ll go for Banjo Kazooie though.

  • Kenshin0011

    It’s said that Nintendo has another 3rd party “steal” project, just like taking the reigns of Bayonetta 2, and they are holding it close to their chests until E3. It’s said that it will make even BIGGER waves than the Bayonetta 2 reveal.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a Final Fantasy remake, who knows which one, maybe even the long awaited seventh…..

    • Sam Muir

      A full on remake of Resident Evil 2, and FF7 (Wii U) being published by Nintendo just like what happened in the GC Resident Evil Remake release would upset a lot of people in a funny way.

    • JuleyJules

      Could they have something happening with Nordic Games that just got the Darksiders license? Other than that i haven’t a clue but it would be great to see another exclusive if this is true! Less than a month now til E3.

    • kristhian

      i was thinking maybe a property that they made but they don’t own like Killer Instict, Conker, Spyro, Crash, help me i can’t remember more

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    “Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work”
    I died a little inside when I read that

    • ca

      Because microsoft is a pile of crap company. RIP Banjo.

      They should of bought RARE when they had the chance.

  • MetroidZero

    What about SSBU?

  • DragonSilths

    Most of this is common sense…Nintendo could get Banjo on the 3DS, Microsoft owns Banjo as a CONSOLE exclusive, not a handheld exclusive.

  • Guhtere

    Star Wars on Wii U. I like how Disney likes the Wii U, but EA doesn’t, and if this rumor is true, then Disney must have been annoying EA to get Star Wars on the Wii U. XD

    • NkoSekirei

      yea disney can just pull the plug from Ea ever touching star wars if Ea gets its act together and stop being crybabies over not getting origin on the wii u

  • Starfoxguy

    You guys can tell what I hope is true based on my username.

  • FlyingBoat

    i just want that star wars game

    star fox would be great too

  • orpheus bryce

    i just want a new RPG

  • Hmm I wonder does the 100year old gamer speak truth? They always say that every rumor speaks truth in it’s core…
    What if the rumor about Square-enix is true? Then there would be two options one less likely then the other… Less likely a remake of Final Fantasy VI, the others already have had remakes (games before FFVII) But much more likely would be Final Fantasy VII, teaser trailers had spread in the past, and Square-Enix spoke their mind in more then one occasions that they would be interested in making a FFVII remake in the past. So if the Square-Enix rumor is truth… It could get very VERY interesting.

  • Ace J

    iam taking these rumours with a big ass cup of salt

  • LopsidedPasta


  • Chiwawaboy

    first person, something everyone wants them to make…. seems legit.

  • Coval83

    two words… Metroid Prime…

    • NkoSekirei

      yea definitely want to see a 4th installment for metroid prime 4 with sick hd graphics and epic soundtracks and big boss battles

  • Steven Molina

    Sorry I thought, Star Wars was cancelled due to Unreal Engine 4? Just curious?

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Most of those have been confirmed, are obvious, or have been seriously hinted at. Honestly, the only one that would surprise me would be the Final Fantasy remake, and that’s just because Square Enix already remade the biggest Final Fantasy game Nintendo’s systems had, and I doubt they’d remake a PS1 game for the Wii U. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be excited about a lot of this stuff. I just think that, as a supposed insider leak, this really didn’t give much information we couldn’t have guessed ourselves.

  • Tom Greene

    Retro making a new Metroid game….our bodies are ready

  • Justin Smith

    Star Wars is a no bc EA got the rights remember

  • Former Sega fan

    I will NOT be amused if Nintendo offers a new hardware unit better than the one I bought at launch. This is what killed Sega. I was a huge Sega fan – Genesis, 32X, CD, etc… it became too much. I never bought the Dreamcast but went with the PS because of the experience I had with all that other hardware. Nintendo don’t do it! You are already starting to do it with your DS (which I have loved, but stopped at DS XL) – too many new hardware too soon. People want to think the hardware they buy today won’t be obsolete next year! It is a mistake, please reconsider…

  • $41809923

    please let all be true and star wars too

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I expect a good and traditional Starfox game like Starfox 64 (I dont like very much Starfox Assault)

  • Bas

    I’m still hoping for something completely new. On the Wii we’ve had Wii Fit, it’s time to kick it up a notch. What I would really love is a game where you have a bicycle trainer connected to the Wii U. And instead of a simple race game, Nintendo should concentrate on bringing an ‘experience’. Imagine the game puts you in New York city as a bicycle courier. An internet connection could be used to update the virtual city, to real-time include traffic jams, events (like visiting dignitaries, NY marathon etc etc) to make the city as realistic as possible.
    Or, why not make a nice leasurly cycle tour through Tuscany, cycle through Florence and Sienna ?
    The hardware nowadays has so much potential, why not do more than just games and bring virtual experiences ?

  • devmiles

    rumors…well.. nintendo and rumors… i only believe what i see..i’m a bit fed up with the postponing of games and filling the gaps with oooow so much exciting VC titles..come on. A 3d Mario game should have been released on console release, then there would have been rocket sales.. this is like nintendo rumor land… give us some fucking games already… and piss off with your kirby shit

  • devmiles

    A New Nintendo Wii U is expected by the end of 2014 with more internal storage but Blu-ray is unknown….. what the bullcrap is that… like what was the 32gb and 8gb all about it’s 2013 for fuck sake.. why not 200gb from the beginning? … would cost almost nothing extra, like not even 50 bucks.

  • Guest

    Well, these are certainly exciting news. I hope they’re all true,and also there were more to expect from Nintendo. Oh, and if there is really gonna be an upgraded version of the Wii U, what would it feature?

  • Ismael Ototo

    Well, these are certainly exciting news. I hope they’re all true,and also there’s more to expect from Nintendo. Oh, and if there is really gonna be an upgraded version of the Wii U, what would it feature?

  • Sebastian

    Will they release the next 3DS this year at e3?

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    I want a Final Fantasy VI Remake…. please Nintendo and Square Enix… make it happen please

  • Mochlum

    Optimistic side of me: HOLY CRAP, I’M SO EXCITED FOR E3 ::::::DDDDD

    Logical side of me: Seems fishy…