Feb 18th, 2014


Japanese gamers have been able to enjoy Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS for some time now, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from partnering with Capcom in order to release a special edition Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo 3DS XL for the region. Featuring a huge splash of gold that’s normally reserved for items in the Legend of Zelda series, this Nintendo 3DS XL looks like a monster has had its way with it.

The design is pretty nice and with confirmation that Monster Hunter 4 will be heading West in 2015, perhaps we’ll see a similar bundle once the game releases here. Do you like this one? The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundle last year was more brown and featured a decal, so for those who like patterns across the entire 3DS XL, perhaps this one is a better fit.

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  • ActivesiN

    looks nice
    now hopefully they make a mario kart 8 Wii U bundle to boost wii u sales

    • SmashFinale

      They will probably do that one year after the game launches.

  • Sdudyoy

    It looks pretty good, although if where up to me I would take of the Monster hunter 4 text.

    • C4

      I can’t associate the design with Monster Hunter. So probably no wonder they had to add the “Monster Hunter 4”

  • Jealous.

  • Ony

    First one is better in my opinion.

  • mojack411

    Regardless of which design makes it over, if a MH4 bundle comes to America, that’s when I finally upgrade to an XL. I’m still a little hesitant, though, since the loss of resolution sharpness from the regular to XL is pretty noticeable.

  • Madmagican

    I’m entirely too jealous of all the awesome custom 3DSXLs that Japan keep getting exclusively

  • Jason

    Why is there so many strictly Japanese products that have English text in them? I understand much of Japan is multi-lingual and some things are easier to portray in English, but in this case I’m sure both “Monster” and “Hunter” could be represented by Japanese characters.

  • Ducked

    A Monster Hunter article not written by Zorpix?

    I don’t think the west will ever see this… 🙁

    • alex toschi

      It says right in the article it’s confirmed for a Western release in 2015.

      Then again Capcom is super finicky about crap like this.