May 9th, 2013


Capcom recently released their fiscal performance report, detailing which titles have done well for the publisher. Within it, Capcom stated that the biggest surprise for them was the sales of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and that it’s the latest title to join their “smash hits”. The interesting thing is that Capcom notes most sales didn’t come from physical purchases, but rather digital downloads of the titles.

Furthermore, “Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver.”, which was our first title for the new home video console “Wii U” that was launched in December 2012, also became a smash hit. However, its package sales were generally soft.

While Capcom reported a 17.6% decline in profitability as a whole, this is great news for Wii U owners as it means Monster Hunter 4 will likely get more attention.

[via Capcom]

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  • DVE

    Great News I knew this was gonna be a successful game because you get to travel with other or your friends and slay monsters not to many games with this concept, only to shoot things etc…. together xD

  • AAAkabob

    Hell yea, MH4 all but confirmed for Wii U=d

  • Nintedward

    Game is amazing. I am playing through it with my bro on 3DS and Wiiu. Once we’re finished I’m gunna make a new character and hammer the online.

    Excellent game. It’s probably sold 600K+ globaly on Wiiu. And about 3M+ globaly on 3DS. can’t complain with that …

    • DK_Hadouken

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall Capcom stating MH3U will not be coming to other home consoles.

      • Nintedward

        It’s not. It’s exclusive with Nintendo at the moment.

        • zhenyaivan

          Exclusive until 2014? 2015? Heard it was something like that.

          • DragonSilths

            Nintendo gets Monster Hunter till 2015. After that I wouldnt be surprised if they made another exclusive deal with Nintendo. The sales speak for themselfs.

          • zhenyaivan

            How did it sell on ps3 and 360?

          • D.M.T

            It sold like shit on those systems

          • zhenyaivan

            nice and straight forward lol

          • that guy

            most sales for the game are attributed to the japanese market and those systems don’t come close to nintendos systems over there as far as the install base is concerned

          • lonewolf88

            360 did terrible its not like the 360 is big in japan which is bad for capcom ps4 maybe but right now wii U owns the japanesse market.

          • Dominic Coradazzi

            Well that and 360 is generally considered the casual-shooter console

          • Blah

            The devs really don’t like Sony since the debacle that was MHP3rd HD, I think…

          • Elem187

            Yeah MH3 on the PS3 in Japan bombed.
            Sony/Microsoft fanboys only seem to care about graphics, so of course a game that is slow to update assets will bomb on those consoles…. Since Nintendo fans like gameplay more, the game was successful.

          • dylanbob121

            nintendo bought the rights to monster hunter for 2 years or something

        • lonewolf88

          monster hunter will stay exclusive to nintendo until 2015 it would be dumb to port it to other consoles by 2014.. it would be smarter just to make another one.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Im thinking of getting this game now that it has done so well

  • I wonder how it would have done on the 360 or PS3. I would say that this game was a circumstantial hit due to the fact that there is not much out for Wii U and not much else to be expected either. Take it from a former Dreamcast owner, when you get the word that it’s over – sell now!

    • fgggd

      I need to ask the question why someone who hates the Wii U is on a Wii U site, especially since the user name is ‘Knowledge is what’s up’ but instead of making knowledgable and smart comments on why the Wii U isn’t very good, you instead, troll. If you hate the Wii U than why are you here? Especially since this is a site full of Nintendo fanboys, of course there going to fight back against you.

      It’s like being in a room with people you hate and are annoying yet you have a chance to leave, but you refuse to, because you want to troll people through some kind of want to troll.

      • Agent721

        Answer: No life, angry at the world, with zero chance of getting laid. Nothing else can explain such obssessive anger…day after day….Yeah, that boy needs a woman. Or a man. Or a tree hole.

    • Monster Hunter doesn’t sell on 360, and PS3 sales would be comparable to Wii U sales. Monster Hunter isn’t a franchise that caters to a large audience, and it sells better on handhelds anyway.

    • DK_Hadouken

      It was not a hit due to circumstance. If that were the case then other games would have been big hits as well.

      The Simple Answer:

    • YOU: Nintendo has no hit games. Death to the Wii U

      Game Developer: Our game is a hit on the Wii U (Meaning sales and customer feedback)

      YOU: This game is only a hit because there are no games out for the Wii U. If it was on other consoles the Wii U would not be a hit

      Smart People: Wow… is this guy really that dumb?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Here is Bob again calling other people names.

        • Well it was a dumb comment filled with “What if’s” and claiming the game is only a hit because there are no other games for Wii U.

          Once again I say to him as I said to you. Make a constructive argument like an adult and you will be treated like an adult. Posting DOOM comments and speculating based on personal hatred towards something is just plain stupid.

          • NkoSekirei

            agreed on ur comment they should act like an adult then as a 4 year old

        • NkoSekirei

          how about stfu magnus u may post some good things but most of the time u troll alot like knowledge does

          • Trolling is not defined by what you don’t like. YOU are one of the biggest trolls on here but since you are pro-Nintendo no matter what, you don’t want to call it that.

          • No trolling is defined by those that come to a forum just to post negatively and instigate arguments. You almost always twist everything to be negative and spell out doom for Nintendo so therefore you are a troll.

          • Oh, so we are supposed to only post positive stuff? That would be propaganda. We post whatever, not some rah-rah CEO BS.

          • Ace J

            how the fuck do you work for a Troll Agency and dont even know what troll or trolling means?

          • tronic307

            Is thriving on getting showered with downvotes trollish? Hmm… what about spending an excessive amount of time and energy bashing something you claim not to be interested in?

            Perhaps trollage is what’s up?

            Just putting it out there…

          • If i’m a troll, you are too since you troll me.

    • pfff

      Tell you what!?
      Tsujimoto and his team won’t release anything for PS3/PS4 since Sony totally ruined their Plans for a western release of Portable 3rd

      And XBox seems to be “reserved” for Frontier

      • Ace J

        i don’t think there will be another MH game for xbox. people in japan dont like xbox

        • And most exclusive Xbox players want nothing to do with MH.

    • Maddoggwolfenden

      I have not heard a fat lady singing just yet.
      Are you one of these people who have been writing Nintendo off since they made the N64 Cartridge based instead of cd?

      History has proven Nintendo can pull something special out of the bag

      N64 not being Cd based. Nintendo answer with Mario 64 and Goldeneye

      Gameboy not being powerful. All other handhelds disappear a year or two after release and Gameboy goes on for 8 years!

      DS vs the PSP we all Know how that has ended!

      3DS vs Vita – while not over yet Sony need a miracle to make the Vita reach even 3ds sales

      Wii vs 360 vs ps3 – it has taken 6 years for the 360 and ps3 to become profitable and catch the wii which has also been replaced.

      Wii U……….. I can only hope for some amazing games out later this year and I hope one is Mario Kart with a massive roster of players and some amazing online gaming

      • Yeah, I am one of those people who realized that Nintendo was not serious or refused to change after the N64 debacle.

        • Anything But M$

          You’re also, judging from your previous comment, one of those people who sold their Dreamcast for pocketchange as soon as it was discontinued. That proves your lack of true interest in gaming, as the Dreamcast had some incredible, exclusive games, and no true gamer would sell theirs. You’re only interested in being part of the “winning team”.

          • No, I still love the DC and I still feel that it holds up today except no HD. I have always sold my game system when it was time for a new one to come out so that I could get maximum dollar. Why? A lot of people did not get the word that they will be discontinued. If I wanted to be down with the ‘winning team,’ then I should have bought a Wii right?

        • Agent721

          And youve apparently developed an obssession over it, since the mid 90s? Get a fucking grip!

        • NkoSekirei

          dont be an @$$ troll

        • david jarman

          Maybe, because they didn’t feel the market was right at the time cause they saw how the sega cd, Panasonic cd and turbographix cd did. So they let Sony take the risk and watch the Sega Saturn flop(still a great console). It wasn’t Sony who made the console sore it was those Japanese games with awesome cut scenes that made the games feel so epic at the time. Those games started grabbing the people that didnt normally game, but love media and this was like being part of an awesome movie to them-and there you have the mainstreaming gamers come to life.Sony had the most shovel ware in history! For every good game out that came out there was a plethora of crap that buried them on the shelves. I still have most gaming magazines from the 90s that I sometimes go back and read. Nintendo breathed life into fps games on home console cause let me tell you fps shooters on the first playstation other then Medal of Honor sucked monkey balls.
          Nintendo had turok 1 and 2, perfect dark and Golden-eye. Even rainbow six was good n64, but sucked on playstation. I could go on but I’m tired of talking to brick wall. So, I’m off to smile at my Xbox while I go and play black ops 2 on my wii u while I watch regular show at the same time.

        • Maddoggwolfenden

          I think Nintendo has implimented most of the changes you see around you when you play your 360 or ps3 or pc.

          Look at your dpad, look at you button layout, uses of shoulder buttons, triggers and the anologue sticks, Now look at your kinnect or move.

          as for them implementing what others have added Wii U’s hard drive is small but the abilty to use cheaper 3rd party harddrives is a huge bonus.

          The E Shop is a major improvement on the Wii Shop.

          They aint perfect by any means but at least they are trying to get past the whole ‘our console can make prettier games than yours’ rubbish we have had for 20 years of.Which Nintendo has lost each generation they have had the most powerful console. The N64 and the GameCube were both more powerful than the compition of their respective eras. and both were soundly beaten

    • Ace J

      holy shit dude give the wii u credit AND give it a rest already.

    • Agent721

      Who, outside of a loser, spends their life obsessing over a product & company, they dont like? You dont like Nintendo…we get it. Isnt there shit you like, that you can concentrate on instead? Its jr. high all over again, with haters who spend their life hating. MOVE ON, SON! Get laid! Get a life!

      • Neilandio

        To answer your question, nobody.

    • Konaim

      The series sells better on Nintendo Hardware. The PS3 version sold more than the 360 version. Here ya go……

      • Konaim

        Those fiigures DO NOT include digital purchases as they are not tracked the same way. The WIi U version sold more digital copies than hard copies so I don’t know about the 360/PS3 in that area

    • that guy

      the sales numbers would not have jumped up as much as you might think as the monster hunter series is not at all mainstream in the west and most all the people who like the series most likely bought a wii u just to play the game. this is a series where high possible sales do not equate to moderate to high sales.

    • lonewolf88

      terrible it would do terrible no one in japan play fps and all microsoft is just fps ps3 maybe but i don’t think it would even do as good as tri did on wii..

    • tronic307

      We’ll never know how it would have done on those systems, will we? I have TWO Dreamcasts. Just curious: What is so attractive about owning ONE console? I own more than 25.

      • All you can play at one time is one. The systems out now are not different enough or have enough different games to own more than one. I like my Blu-Ray players to be separate from my game system.

  • Of course it was a hit. It was the reason some people bought a Wii U

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    I read this and all I thought was come onnnnnnnn SSF4 AE v.2013

    • Ace J

      i know right i said the same thing!!

  • pfff

    I doubt that this is about the western releases….
    They talked about Tri G HD Ver, not Ultimate.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Tri G HD Ver. is Ultimate. There are no other HD versions. The only one is on the Wii U.

      • pfff

        I just wanted to say that it’s not the same when the people at Capcom talk about the one or the other game….G is still the japanese version and it definitely sold a lot in Japan, while sales in the west were good, but not as good as Capcom expected.

        • Zombie Boy

          Of course it sold better in Japan, Nintendo and their systems are HUGE there! But the point is, whether in Japan or here, Capcom sees the Wii U as a worthwhile console to develop for. And that is good news!

  • Desend

    When MH4 comes out I will be sure to pick it up. I just didn’t get 3 because I already had it on the wii and didn’t feel like making a repurchase

    • Lusunup

      Ive also purchased the wii game but i also got Ultimate because they may seem the same In your eyes but it has much more packed content than ever! that is the reason they made a whole new game and why its called “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate” Ryozo Tsujimoto also said that himself. But it’s your lost.

      • Desend

        I never said it wa the same I just wasn’t willin to throw out another $50 for some extras. I never said I wasn’t glad it did well, I’d like to see every game succeed on the wii u. Chill kid.

        • Lusunup

          Im just saying its your lost and im not a kids just so you know… (been chill)

  • Zizo47

    I don’t know if any of you have seen the reveal trailer for “X” but if they can get MH4 to look anything like that it would be the BEST THING EVER! Please Capcom, no cheap ports 🙁

    • pfff

      They can’t manage to do that since it will be a 3DS exclusive 😉

      • that guy

        ultimate was under the name Monster hunter 3G in japan about a year before the wii u release so it was once a 3DS exclusive but they saw an opportunity to put it on another system without infringement on their contract with nintendo.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Hey, good news. Hope that Capcom sees this as an opportunity to get a strong foothold in this console.

  • Nintendofreak

    monster hunter 3 hd was a succes….

  • MH4 All the way !!

    • Elem187

      My body is ready.
      I hope we can get 60fps @ 1080p this time 😉 (but 45fps @ 1080p isn’t too shabby either)

  • darkstar18

    i think they should bring MH to the wii u but make it from the ground up and a next get title lol it would look som amzing

  • Sidney Majurie

    I bought it digitally both on my Wii U and my 3DS. I need that Monster Crack in my systems at all times 😀

  • Ony

    I can feel Monster Hunter 4 coming to europe *_*

    But we can still hope for MonHun Online, we’ll never gonna get it :/

    • lonewolf88

      because korean and japanesse culture mixed with american would not work i believe capcom said they won’t because of culture and other issues..

  • Agent721

    Believe me, theres more to come, considering Lego City is ranked higher on the all time sales rank on the eshop than Monster Hunter.

  • JB

    Nintendo has the cash, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see if they can scoop up the publishing rights for the next installment. It would totally be worth the risk, since this one sold so well.

  • Aspeckt1

    I bought it after a 5 month drought of NO good games since I bought the console. Long awaited, and I’m also not surprised, its a great game. I’ve notched up 70+ hours and I’m still not bored.

    • NkoSekirei

      also heard dlc is on the way for MHU includes new monsters and armor sets

    • lonewolf88

      ive notched 500 hours and im not bored..

  • Potemkin

    Good news for Nintendo! At least they have more Monster Hunter games coming to WiiU…

  • ludist210

    Good. I downloaded it as well.


    Great game. I play it til im literally sick of it!

    But give it a couple of hours, and im straight back to it 🙂

    • Elem187

      After dumping in 120 hours in the first month, I took a week off to play Luigis Mansion 2, and now I’m back playing MH3U online…. I think I need a 12 step program.

      • angel

        oh god, i feel if i buy this game i will get lost in a other world and have no life until i realize i have found a better one lol


          You’ll definitely get your £50 worth out of it!


        The online is great.

        Makes a much needed change from CoD & BF!

  • Flamingoathere

    It’s success is very fortunate to Capcom, but it was to be expected. Given the Wii U’s game library when MH3U launched, there wasn’t a lot of other games to compete with. Not saying that’s a bad thing, as it has obviously worked out for Capcom by bringing in newer players who normally wouldn’t have bought the game if there was a choice between bigger Nintendo or 3rd party titles.

    • Elem187

      Correct. it was my first monster hunter game. Since there wasn’t very many titles out, and it kind of reminded me a bit of a japanese version of WoW, i picked it up for Wii U and 3DS… loved it so much I can’t wait for part 4 now.

  • Super Buu

    Capcom right now:

    • NkoSekirei

      lol yea i love monster hunter ultimate best game ever and epic fights against huge dragons

    • RoadyMike

      That’s awesome capcom!
      Now give Megaman the comeback he deserves >:l

  • DemonRoach

    Nice cuz I didn’t buy MH3, am waiting for MH4 (a real next gen title). And no way Im downloading digital games on my wii u. Its CD or no go.

    • Ace J

      lol come on get off your high horse next gen isn’t fully here yet

  • Justin Gray

    Just passed the 250hr mark on MH3U yesterday and it is a great game. Some of the criticism you should ignore is that people say it has too many open environments. These pseudo critics have not played the game far enough to fight three huge monsters in one area. They would shut that up if they had. BTW at any given hour you can go find more people on MH3U than on CoDBlOps2 on the WiiU. This was true even before the US servers merged with those of the EU.

  • Neilandio

    Now make okami 2.

  • juancamiloarq

    This proofs the Wii U’s potential to third party developers. We need more games like this.

    • Elem187

      Dragon Dogma Wii U confirmed?

      • juancamiloarq

        Haven’t heard of it :S

  • Giovanni Di Frisco

    I hate it, in fact I dislike 3rd person shooters, in this game in particular sometimes the objects overlap the main subject(hunter), a very expensive game with no really good features for my taste. My wii u still waiting for new games.

    • Carmine Finelli

      Seriously, how do 3rd person shooters have anything to do with Monster Hunter?

    • Right, I forgot MH was a shooter.

    • Ace J

      what the hell???? Monster Hunters is a 3rd person shooter??? wow i didn’t know that…

    • that guy

      the simple solution to that is… STOP USING A BOWGUN!!!!

    • reyn69sharla

      you have to press start to begin the game. you should have done that.

  • zhenyaivan

    I’d sad that the servers would shut down someday 🙁

  • Mario

    I really,really,really,really,really want this game!

  • Archiq09

    Monster Hunter 4? 😀
    and pls Lost Planet 3 <3

  • lonewolf88

    i think everyone knew it was going to be when it was first launched hopefully this means capcom will put mh4 on wii U too

  • wober2

    So good to hear this, love the game!

  • Archiq09

    Monster Hunter 4 on WiiU will have better sale I think 😉

  • Adrian Brown

    I would love a brand new MH for Wii U, like making the subtitle “Ultimate” a new series for Wii U, being MH Ultimate made from scratch specifically for the console.

  • <3 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Got it on 3DS and it's awesome 80+ hours in about 2 weeks so far (Yes, could have been more but I also have a Life) When I get a Wii U I will get it there also indeed excellent game. Even compared to Monster Hunter Tri it almost feels like a new game and worth the full price. There are tons of new content compared to Monster Hunter Tri on wii.
    Great Job Capcom, pls bring more goodies thx.

  • Lusunup

    Now bring fourth MONSTER HUNTERS 5 exclusively for wii u >:D

  • reyn69sharla

    so im currently playing through lego city undercover and will need a new game to satisfy my gaming cravings when i finally complete it.
    the question i need answering is this- is monster hunter as good as xenoblade chronicles or better?
    in my opinion, xenoblade is the most outstanding game i have ever played and i have been debating whether i should continue my quest (now over 280 hours), or begin monster hunter.
    or should i find a new hobby like women?

  • Well when you are the only game released for the console in months what do you expect? This is a great game and every WiiU owner should have it. I’m glad Monster Hunter is finally catching on in the West.

  • savagelife4

    CAPCOM bring a Devil May Cry game to Wii U.

  • John Madsen

    i love it on the 3ds has to be my most favorite download on my 3ds xl

  • Blasphemer

    Do you all realize this is talking about MONSTER HUNTER 3G, not ULTIMATE? They haven’t said shit about global sales, just domestic.

  • Johny

    sweet 😀 the article i sent got submitted.
    on related matter… AW YEAH! … now capcom almoust HAS to make a 4th gen Monster hunter game for wii u 😀 they dont have a choice xD

  • What about monster hunter 5 Wii U exclusive with an open big world and awesome graphic?

  • angel

    fuck it, i’m buying it

  • disqus_Srej2O7Jfd

    obviously it’s a smash hit. It was the only game to come out on the Wii U since launch.

  • Adecentboy777

    At least one good title. Better than nothing even if I am not gonna buy it 🙂

  • Just keep ’em coming Capcom. Already got my RE Revalations demo and will be buying that as well.

    As for Wii U owners; Keep encouraging people to sink their teeth into MH3U. Honestly it’s the best way to get people swimming.