Mar 20th, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released on the Wii U just days ago, and if you haven’t picked up Capcom’s massive RPG, we’ve got some new gameplay videos that might make you reconsider. Monster Hunter 3 is based on the Wii version of the game, but features updated 1080p visuals and lots of new content. It includes new monsters, 150 new quests, 2,000 new weapons and armor pieces, and much more. Check out some gameplay videos below and a massive Monster Hunter 3 Wii U infographic made by Capcom.

Monster Hunter 3 Wii U gameplay videos

Monster Hunter 3 Wii U infographic

MH3 Wii U infographic

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  • AAAkabob

    I approve of this late night news we got going on now

  • [000]

    I really need to get this game. Now.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Yeah, I feel the same.

    • teknik1200

      I highly recommend it, best game ever.

  • LopsidedPasta

    please start putting more news stories up around now. The last news stories here usually get published around 2:00 where I live. And I’m in Texas!

  • AAAkabob

    Lol I click on the one that says “quick look” and it’s almost an hour…Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!=d

    • Considering how long this game is, 1 hour is really nothing but a very, very, very, very quick look! Lol…

    • teknik1200

      and that’s how long it took him to kill the boss. 50 minuets is all you get.

  • Nintedward

    Getting this and need for speed tommorow baby! 1 day early as usual , my buddy owns a gamestore !

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      I’m waiting for those two via Gamefly.

      • AAAkabob

        Why not buy them? by the time you get tired of them you will have been better off buying it 2 times over vs spending $16 a month. Plus the developers don’t see any of the profit, therefore won’t want to support the Wii U if they get no sales.

        • LopsidedPasta

          I agree. Thats why I only buy a game used if it’s too old to get new.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          Well gamefly has an option to keep the games which is what I’m eventually going to do, but having to pay 15/22 a month for 1 or 2 games, respectively, isn’t bad. Also, Gamefly buys games and the licenses to rent them so I think they’re doing good for the video game business. Of course, I could be wrong, I’m just going on full speculation.

          Regardless, it’s already been shipped, along with NFS:MW since Monday and hopefully will arrive this morning so that I can fiend already.

      • lonewolf88

        dude if you plan on playing monster hunter you need to buy it unless ur going to keep the game for like 3months i still play it longer then that tho..

    • lonewolf88

      wait do you mean need for speed or monster hunter because monster hunter is out..

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Congratulations, you’ve made it to the comments!

    • Guest

      Congratulations, you’ve commented on the comments!
      And now I’ve commented on your comment on the comments!

  • kevin nun—-

    Since I am saving up for college, I can only afford about 1-2 Wii U games per year, quite a few awesome games arriving by this Holiday season, it makes it harder for me to pick the best choice.

    • Gregory Edcius

      this game is easily 500+ hrs it would be a good choice

    • teknik1200

      if you do everything in this game you’ll still be playing it come xmas. the game is massive, if you could only get one game this year Monster Hunter should be that game!

    • Elem187

      Most games are never worth their $60 entry fee…. look at the last of us, its going to release at $60 with only 10 hours worth of content… As fun as amazing as that game looks I would never pay that much for a game that short.
      Heck I think ZombiU was too short at 20 hours, but I made exception just so I could play something on my Wii U.

      Monster Hunter has so much content you will be playing it all year (thats if you like MMO’s)

  • IN 2013, I expect graphics like that infogaphic. It seems only the PS4 and Xbox will provide that. How much longer should it take to get us there?

    • Gregory Edcius

      you know your bitching right ?
      This was a wii game that got upscaled plus added content.
      Going by that logic we should have FF7 in HD since it’s released on ps3

    • Gregory Edcius

      btw what did you think of the most wanted graphics

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Graphics aren’t really gonna get better as we still play video games through the same 1080p standard we have for 7 years now. Better graphics engines might allow for better lighting and what not but graphics are only as good as the resolution of the TV you put them through. And since PS4 and next Xbox aren’t supporting 4K, I don’t see much innovation coming from that way anyway.

      • Chris Hamilton

        lol textures and poygons beat resolution any day from a graphics point of view. By your way of thinking the ipad has better graphics than ps3/360 lmao

        • Gregory Edcius

          well if you don’t have enough pixels those textures would be too detailed and certain patterns maybe invisible or look even more pixelated

      • Resolution does not determine how good the graphics will be! Textures are the only things that change with resolution – but the textures have to be at a particular resolution. I heard that the next Xbox will support 4K, at least for upconversion.

    • Kirzan

      A very informed post. Except that, PC has been running games in 1080 (and up) at 60 FPS for a decade now.

  • gobrowniesgo

    So how’s it feel to have a wii remake look 10x better than anything on ps3 or 360? And NFSMW being awesome on the Wii U? Typed from my Wii U GamePad..

    • Chris Hamilton

      I love my monster hunter, its the first game that actually has me playing my wii u. But to say the game looks 10x better than anything on ps3/360 is laughable ,graphics wise its barely on par with early ps3/360 games

      • Kirzan

        I agree. Totally hooked on MH3U, but the graphics are but a shoddy upscale of the Wii version. I’ve seen this water texture on PS2. The framerates are also identical to the Wii version. Almost as if they were hardcoded like loadings on PS1 classics. It’s a shame, but then again, MH fans don’t give a crap about that.

  • Johny

    Awesome ! CANT wait

  • AlexG

    already downloaded! XD

  • ICHI

    So excited for tomorrow!!! Need for speed is in the post too 🙂

    • gobrowniesgo

      NFSMWU does not is totally worth it. Criterion did an awesome job!

    • Elem187

      I jumped on EA’s deal, $30 for the Wii U NFS and they just sent it out this morning. Soooo i’m looking at a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery.

      • ICHI

        Gobrowniesgo is right it is totally worth it! Great fun, great sense of humor and excellent drop in online modes 🙂

  • Dittit

    I’ll buy if they have a decent tutorial at the start, the demo was tough!

    • gobrowniesgo

      lt is nothing like the demo..pure 1080p n 60fps. lt has very little framerate drops or glitches. Very pretty game.. lt’s alitte hard to follow at first but it’s easy to catch on to..Oh the Gpad is fully customizable..except for buttons l think…

    • Kirzan

      The demo was crap, and I’m a big fan of the franchise. Trust me, if you liked fighting one big monster like in the demo, the length of the battle and all, you’ll wish the “tutorial” was shorter lol. They have you do a LOT of obvious stuff before you actually get going on the huntin’!

      They don’t go in-depth about specific weapon controls. I HIGHLY suggest going on one of the wikis for that. One of them has specific weapon controls, in-depth, for all MH versions.

      • J_Joestar

        People still need to take note of the tutorial’s info though, since the Demo gave a lot of extra items for free that the real game will require players to gather and prepare themselves instead.

  • zajac1661

    Release tomorrow. But i want to play today. The agony! 🙂 i hope to get some splendid battles alongside you guys!

  • Graham Gillman

    At least someone has faith in Wii U.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Gameplay = 10 Graphics = 6.7 Capcom, you’ve done better…

  • Daniel Farrelly

    comes out tomorrow! so excited.

    bit sucky that uni exams are next week tho

  • Chantal Smith

    Just a note, in that quick look one of the commenters said that the qurupeco hadn’t got back any health, actually in his calls he can do one of 4 things, call help, health call, attack call and defense call. He did a health call in the battle……… sorry just something that bugged me……

    • J_Joestar

      I believe that at higher ranks, Peco is even able to do a call that will put players to sleep.

  • ICHI


  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I’ve really only heard great things about this game so I think it’s about time I go out and pick it up