Feb 20th, 2013


In an interview with Joystiq, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has confirmed that the Wii U version of MH3U will not support off-screen play. Tsujimoto explained the reasoning behind such a move is that the game needs to maintain the two-screen experience available on both the 3DS and the Wii U:

We don’t have that feature within Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – really, the way that we approach making the title for the Wii U was that we wanted to make the Wii U GamePad subscreen a compliment to the main screen. So instead of making the screens replaceable or being able to switch them, we really wanted to make sure that players are utilizing both real estate of the screens, in conjunction with each other.

The reasoning behind the move makes sense, so I’m not too upset that the game will require the TV at all times. Not to mention if you really want to sit on your couch and play the game, you could always just buy the 3DS copy of the game. Amazon is currently running a promotion where if you buy both the Wii U and 3DS versions, you get $20 off, so that makes this option that much more attractive.

[via Joystiq]

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  • catsby

    I will buy the 3ds version anyway 🙂

    • TaintedXGamer

      same here, I need my other monster fix than just pokemon lol

  • Laud

    So how do you Monster Hunter fans feel about this? I never played the games before so I don’t know if this is good or bad.

    • Nintendofreak

      well i kind of get it since its a 3ds n wiiu tittle..therefore d gamepad will work as the second screen of the 3ds… i have to admit im kinda dissapointed but wtf is monster hunter dat makes up for it but i cant really see how the second screen can help the game oder than the map n inventory i suppose

    • andrewjcole

      Hey, Laud! That was your 200 comment on Wii U Daily.

      • andrewjcole

        And my 53

    • Well on the Wii game there was no second screen available, and I can’t say I missed it in any way, the gamepad will be used for inventory and mini map so I’m happy with it. 

      That way I don’t have to press a button to see the big map in case when I have marked a monster so I don’t think it’ll remove anything from the game I think it might even add something to it when you have access to the big map at all times.

      As for the inventory, you’ll mostly only manage that in town unless they make a drastic change to the game, but I doubt it.

    • WiiUltra

      I don’t mind at all. The Wii version had no off screen play so no big deal. Although it would have been nice to have that option. This game has like infinite replayability. I’m getting it for sure.

  • TheGuyWhoLies

    i just ordered my wii U from Zavvi for £230…(cheapest on the internet for UK) and i can’t wait for this game 😀 good thing it was my b-day yesterday so now i have some money for games 😛 does anyone know where to get wii motion + for cheap ? 

    • JVAN63

       I bought some from eBay, but there’s some things you need to be very careful about, and I got burned in each of these cases while trying to replace my non-motion plus controllers. I also went to a local used game store and bought one, which was probably the best and least frustrating purchase; they’re just hard to find in the Exchange stores in my area.

      1. Never buy from China. Sounds obvious, but if the person’s address is not listed in a place you’re comfortable with (UK, US, etc.), it may ship from China. I got one, Nintendo branded, but the vibration is weak, the buttons all have a different feel (even the different positions on the + pad), it’s lighter, and it loses connectivity frequently. I tried one last thing to verify it was a knockoff. I tried replacing the battery door from a real Nintendo branded Motion plus controller. It looked like it should fit, but wouldn’t. Also, when powering on, LED #4 at the bottom wouldn’t light. The company asked if it worked, and if it did, then they wouldn’t consider a replacement. I told them not to worry, I was going to contact Nintendo directly regarding what they sold me. They shipped another piece of crap in 24 hours.

      2. Only buy Nintendo brand. Used from an individual is your best bet. Two of the controllers I got are listed as “Nintendo Motion Plus Controller”, but the picture and details show it is another brand. The motion sensing is atrocious, the vibration nearly non-existent, and the sound is just a small distorted noise. It’s also extremely light and cheap feeling. It loses connection all the time as well, and you have to pull out the batteries, put them back in, and resync it about every 2 minutes. Any hard swing causes it to disconnect too.

      3. Don’t buy from a company. Buy only used, from individuals. Just because a company has an address in the US, UK, Canada, etc. does not mean you won’t get your shipment from China.

      • TheGuyWhoLies

        alright thank you 😀 my wii u should be with me tomorrow, i have one more question if you don’t mind, can you play all nintendo land games 1 player or only 9 ? 

        • JVAN63

          Three are one player, three are 2+ co-op play, and three are 2+ competitive play. I’ve played all of them. The most players I’ve had on the multiplayer is three, but usually it’s two.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I’m not too bothered, but I think all Wii U games should have a Off-Screen option, even if the game-play is not as good as it is WITH the gamepad. If i were a fan of Monster Hunter I’d still pick up a copy 🙂

    • I know right?! Its possible. I was upset when I found out that you couldnt play ZombieU off screen.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before. I’ve definitely interested in this installation. Is there some steep learning curve?

    • WiiUltra

      I had some trouble the first couple times playing trying to figure out the controls on the wii because I didn’t read how to play it haha. I recommend you should read the instructions.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        If it goes to the eShop I might snag it. I plan on Lego City: Undercover being my next game.

    • Definite play for me. There is a demo on the e-shop today I believe. It’s a great series and can be VERY addicting. What other game has enough content for like 800 hours of play?     Also the learning curve isn’t too bad, but I suggest watching some Youtube videos to help.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Yeah, I’m getting the demo. That’ll help me get familiar with it for sure. I’m excited! 🙂

  • audi lover

    Who really cares only play t2, nano and cave at mo on pad screen love my 55inch hd samsung to much, if your playing a game like that you want it looking as good and big as possibe, im all for the pad screen just to add that extra dimension to a game

  • I’m personally not upset by this, and I am getting the game regardless. Still, considering that MHTri performed just fine on the Wii with one screen, you would think the option will carry over on MH3U. 

    Again, I’ll still be getting the game, but I can easily see how some are miffed by this decision of no off-screen gameplay.


      I don’t see why anyone should be upset. By not taking the time to add off-screen play there making the game better and cutting out possible distractions from the players ‘gaming environment’. The only thing I would be upset about is if the game didn’t allow Wii Remote+Nun-Chuck play…But, that’s just because that’s how I played Monster Hunter Tri on Wii.

  • Im going for 3ds XL with monster hunter and wiiu monster hunter game asap on next month!

  • Bought both versions through Amazon and got $20 off. Cool promotion. Picked up a Circle Pad Pro with the money I saved. 😀

  • no off-screen play no buy…

    • DragonSilths

      People are obsessed with Off-TV play, yes its great but if people expect every Wii U game to have it then people are going to be missing out on alot of good games just cause they dont have Off-TV play.


      Well then your just a retard that’s gonna be missing out on a bad ass game just because your to stubborn to use a T.V.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I’m not usually a grammar freak, but you should probably brush up on yours before calling someone a retard…

  • OMG seeing you guys complain about Off screen play hurts as a programmer.  The freakin’ functionality and immersion that you can implement by making use of both screen IS NOT something that should be sacrificed to make off-screen play possible.   Not to mention that the main appeal for off-screen play is so that you can multitask while playing video games.  That’s great for mindless playing, but honestly it really cuts into the experience of the game when you split your attention like that.  It’s a great way to not appreciate the hard work that went into making a game.

    • audi lover

      Thank god someone with sense, bored of these fools complaing about not having pad screen play, its a small part of the functionality of the pad much prefer the use in zombiu as a scanner as I look around for items makes the game so much more of an experiance

  • RoadyMike

    Not a deal breaker.Still getting the game

  • Joey Perez

    not every game should be off play as part of what will make a wii u game unique is the implementation of the game pad and it cant be fully utilized if its not secondary ..  so  i hope developers don’t feel a need to this  .. and as consumers we should only expect this on titles that are not heavy such as mario or fighting games… some RPG’s will be able do it like darksiders did but it takes extra effort to make for both.. i hope its not a common thing as we would lose ports just because of this wining of off screen play… its a convenience  not a must .. thats what hand helds are for.

  • Adam Porter

    awh god i’m looking forward to this game so much. i know i keep saying it’s a badly done upgrade with hardly any improvement in graphics, BUT IT’S FREAKING MONSTER HUNTER WHO CARES!!!!! duh duh duh duh-duh duh duh-duh dun dun dun dun dun duh duh dun dun dun dun duhhhh, DAT DAT DAH DAH, DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAAAHHH DAT DAT DAH DAH, DAT DAT DAH DAT DAT DAH DAH DAAAAHHHHHH


    First of all: ?WTF? Secondly: The graphics aren’t that much better because they have to make the game look MOSTLY the same as the 3DS one due to the fact that there’s cross-platform play. Think about it…Why would they make one game look like it’s being played on non-HD handheld device (Which it would be), and have the other on look like its being played on a top-notch HD gaming PC? <—The Wii U could do that BTW<—

  • Noteak

    I don’t know why but i realy want this game

  • Johny

    so no pro controller support i assume?

    • Kirzan

      What would lead you to that conclusion? It’s probably going to be bundled with it. They made a weird gamepad emulating thing for the 3DS version. Adding software support has to be cheaper than a whole peripheral. Come to think of it, I’m sure it’s even easier as the original version had it already.

    • Actually it has full pro controller support, the gamepad will still be on showing the map and whatever else you want it to show. This is confirmed by Capcom as well.

  • Kirzan

    While off-screen play is fun and interesting, I didn’t buy a Wii U because I was able to play the same game 10ft away. Seriously, it’s not a handheld. Off-screen play should be counted as a BONUS, not a REQUIREMENT. Want totally awesome off-screen play? Buy a 3DS. At least you’ll be able to carry it out of the house.

    I personally never understood how laying down while playing is more comfortable or enjoyable. For me, the only comfortable position over hours of gaming, is sitting on the bed, back against the wall. Guess what, I can do that on my sofa, in front of a huge screen too. So, yeah…

    • Illidan Stormrage

      Well I was able to play AC3 at school by keeping the Wii U in my backpack but ok.

  • The only thing about this that concerns me is, if you have to have the gamepad, does that mean that pro-controller is not supported in Monster Hunter? That’d be kinda weird.

  • audi lover

    downloaded wiiu demo fist impressions were slow and awkward, until I got completely addicted after slaying my first monster, after that the magic of the game shone through, absolutely love it gona buy on wii u and poss even get 3ds so I can play on the move, fantastic game and looks great and plays even better when you knw what your doing

  • Michael Jurado

    not every game needs off screen play in fact i would much rather have a game the utilizes the gamepad in a unique fashion hence why the ps4 and vita combo wont be succesful

    • BellsGhost

      PS4 and Vita combo is a lot better than Wii U wannabe tablet.  HAHAHAHA!  Wii Us cuks.

  • WOOT Demo available today!


     Anyone here actually played the demo?

    The Second screen is always telling me to look at the main screen anyway.

    Map and such is all on the big screen. The second screen just adds shortcuts to gestures and items (which are still accessible through the main screen)

    In truth this is one Wii U game that would not of been harmed at all by off screen play :/

  • Sorry, but this just seems like laziness on part of the dev.  All that appears to be on the gamepad screen are inventory and other shortcuts that can also be accessed by just using the correct inputs on the controller.  I played the demo using the Pro controller and didn’t even use the gamepad.  Nothing on the gamepad is critical to gameplay, unlike a game like ZombiU where I understand why they don’t have offscreen play because the gamepad is a major part of the gamplay.

    At the very least the game should have off-screen play, but what it really should have is local co-op play with one player using the TV and a pro controller, and the other using the gamepad and its screen.  Games like Black Ops 2 and Sonic Racing Transformed already do this on the Wii U, and both those games are more technically demanding in terms of processing power needed than this port of a 3DS game that is a port of a Wii game.

    It honestly looks like the dev is just being lazy, and forcing you to buy a 3DS and another copy of the game just to play local co-op is nothing more than a cash grab.

    Local co-op using the second screen approach would of made this a must buy for me.  The lack of off-screen play at all makes this a game I will likely just pass on.  Being a parent of young children and having a wife who doesn’t game, off-screen play is a major plus for me.