Oct 17th, 2012

Nintendo is showing off the Wii U at the New York Comic Con, where several games are playable, including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. After seeing some screenshots of the game, and a trailer, we finally get a sneak peak at some gameplay footage. And we can safely say that the game looks impressive, as evident by the video below:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released exclusively on the Wii U and 3DS in the beginning of 2013, and will feature cross-play between the two platforms. Players will also be able to import save games from one platform to the other, and continue playing.

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  • Nintenlord

    I got the defibrilator ready for every 1 that needs this….crap but who will help me(also can you do the news about square comming wiiu port?)

    • Nko Sekirei

      im definitely getting this even though i own the wii version but i can t wait to hunt new monsters on their and besides every time i try beating monster tri on my wii it always froze on me at the ending i got a used copy due to cant find a newer one but i love the online play

  • Sharlo Galmo

    Looks verry good for a port!!!!!!!

    • Shenron

      It isnt really a port =/

  • Gavin

    Going by what Nintendo have said, I don’t think this game lives up to the actual graphical power of the Wii U :/

    • bob

      it looks like an HD wii. I understand this is a port and everything, but I really wished Capcom went overboard on visual improvements. If i’m going to be paying 60 dollars for the same game I bought in 2009, then I want to see some significant improvements (aside from the new monsters and items)

    • D2K

      There isn’t a whole more lot you can do with a direct-port than this. It actually looks a little better that when I first saw it.

      However, based on their recent track record I don’t trust Capcom as far as I can through them with anything useful or creative.

    • Johny

      yeah.. becouse its not really built from ground up for wii u … the game was originally on 3ds (MH3G)… and i bet alot of stuff was just ported over… with resolution upped to a whooping 1080p …
      still im pissing myself for this game xD getting it right away… got 600+hours on mh3 on wii… the game is one of favourite EVER

  • nintendoododo

    Tuo näyttää kamalan rumalta D:

    • nintendo FTW 989

      Lol mee pelaa sun hikistä Äks lootta joki ylikuumenee ja käyttää jotain paskoja dvd levyjä ja pitää maksaa netistä. 😛

    • quu

      Muitakin suomalaisia 😀

      Well we just have to wait until they learn more about the wiiu*s graphical capabilities. But game looks good, considering it’s going to be released pretty soon after wiiu’s launch.


      blah blue blah blah oooohhhh wii uu lul ohhh blagga wii u.

  • Kahhhhyle

    The line for this was crazy. It actually wrapped around the lost planet 3 booth. Which is why I never bothered even trying to get to it haha

  • Nintedward .

    Funny how everyone is slagging off the graphics. You guys do realize that Monster hunter tri for wii was absoloutly stunning right ??? If that game was in HD it would look Amazing !!!! Wait , what ??? this is that game in native 1080p ??? well , thats epic!!.

    This game will look jaw dropping on the wiiu in Full HD as it will in Full 3D on the 3DS !!!!. Remember this game relies on intense and addictive gameplay, And now we wil have this super crisp version with 90% extra content .

    By the time it’s finished and the entire game has been given that 1080p lick of paint . I’m sure when we see it on our tv’s we will say – ”WTF!!! this looks amazing” …

    • ssb4

      SO TRUE!

    • zuxs

      This IS how the game looms and it doesn’t look “amazing”. It does look good and early ports of non HD games are acceptable, but this hardly screems “buy me” the the graphics hungry western markets that haven’t seen or played it before. That will be a it turn off. Yes game play is ultimately all that matters but it doesn’t sell the games

    • Icanseeu

      1080p doesn’t equal “epic” graphics!

      • Nintedward .

        In this case it will . cus the only thing that is holding back MH tri on wii from looking incredible is jagged lines , bluryness and lack of color.

        With HD all those problems will be solved. This game could probably run off one of the wiiu’s CPU cores lol , but will look stunning when finished and running on a 1080p tv , just you wait and see.

    • AnesthesiaGamer

      It’s unfortunate that this cycle continues. I agree with you totally. This game is amazing but gamers just feel entitled sometimes, which is fair. I mean we have companies like EA and Microsoft which shaft gamers left and right. They have a long story of screwing us, so obviously we develop a sense of entitlement.

      However, Nintendo usually tries to innovate, and make things cheap, and avoid purposely shafting gamers. Sure they make mistakes sometimes but it’s usually in the interest of making things better, so when they talk I tend to listen a little more openly, and when they bring out a game for core gamers, I trust it will be good

      I think this game is absolutely worth it. I’m not a Monster Hunter fan but I think I might just pick this one up. It looks amazing and I trust the gameplay will be insane.

    • Gavin

      The graphics aren’t toally to do with textures and resolution, look at the water, its horrible! I’m not saying the game is going to bad because of it, I’m sure the gameplay will be brilliant especially with with the new gamepad component but I think Capcom should’ve gone all out on a totally new game rather than just a port, with stunning visuals to just show off the Wii U and what they’re able to create as a team. It probably would’ve been a boost to their future as well, showing off what they can do from the start.

      • Nintedward .

        One day it is likely we will get just that. But capcom have just gven us this 3ds wiiu link up game ! . And that’s awesome for true hardcore gamers.

        Graphics whores may be turned off. But this will probably still sell in the millions.

        I caln’t wait to see what it will look like in 1080p on my tv . Not just off a blury off screen video capture…..

        • Montrhuntr

          Well said. I completely agree with everything that you stand for on this page! You can’t comment on a games graphical ability unless it is a pure Wiiu 1080p Output recording at the same FPS… Even this recording looks amazing. I encourage these people to look at cam recordings of monster hunter tri LOL! This is a massive improvement! And you are totally right about the game play. Who even has time to stop and scrutinize the environment when a 200 Tonne Monster is trying to eat you and your party 😛

          • Nintedward .

            YEH!!! only the hardcore gamer will remain in monster hunter ultimate. Graphics whores will be playing bayonetta 2 lol.

          • Shane

            I’m pretty excited to see the 3DS make a cross play so ealy in the consoles life. I’m sure all the children will be happy too, if they make a Pokemon crossplay game along the lines of a Pokemon Stadium, rather than a quest/story. I’ve been wanting a full console Pokemon since Ruby and Saphire, especially when I saw that they kept making new regions. Being able to see Pokemon wander the fields, climbing trees, and trekking over terrain in real time would be the shiiiiiiiiii-(BLEEP)! I’m 99% sure that if they released a console Pokemon like tha, with internet connection for other players, it would attract EVERY WoW, Everquest, Elder Scrolls, etc. player. Even like Monster Hunter, having a huge world and people playing with you would just spell Pokemon World, and parental controls can deal with the kids’ parents that don’t want them going online and stuff. I want to be able to throw a Pokeball using my Wii remote…, and choose moves on the Gamepad.

          • Lazyboy88

            i’m with ya Shane, an open world Pokémon game would be freaking awesome, and i believe that they can do it, Creators inc. made PokéPark 1,2 and they look great, they could use that type of graphics and make an open world Pokémon Adventure game, like the handheld games.. and even when you have finished the game you will still be able to battle, train, catch more Pokémon and all that kind of stuff..

  • Djs

    god that game looks awful :/

  • 7upland

    well the graphics are as bad as in the old n64 but who cares? Gameplay is all what matters. Graphics don’t matter at all. I could play new game with snes graphics.

  • zuxs

    I see load times are still not “a thing of the past” (to quote Nintendo) but its good to ssee they are pretty quick.

  • zuxs

    Hey WiiU daily where’s your article on the latest Iwata asks? Its all about the game pad.


  • DeoxKato

    Almost a month away from the launch day of the wiiu ^_^

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    For those people complaining about the graphics, you are looking through the computer’s screen, you have too see it through your eyes. (Comic-Con 2013? Its 2012

  • Shane

    Damn. I wish I could wathc the video, but I’m on my Ps3 using a Wii keyboard, and the viseo isn’t showing up. Hopefully the Wii U will have more internet options, like Java, and Drect X11 support and allthat… I don’t use intrnet on PS3 because it glitches sometimes, even though using it more and more helps it work better. The Wii U will be king, and I’m selling my Xbox 360 with the Kinect to be more prepared for Wii U CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZINESSSSSS! WHOA! haha. I’m going all out for Wii U, and maybe get the next XXXBox 1080, and PS4 X 4($), IF it is priced right, and actually does incredible stuff like their supposed to… but until then, I’m forgetting about Xbox 360 ans PS3. Man this Wii keyboard is so great, works on Animal Crossing: City Folk, and anything that has USB.

    Come on Wii U!!!!!!! Where are U!!!!!!!! We need some help from U now, I know we’ll catch that villain!!!! haha.

    • Shane

      I’m using my PS3 because my computers defragging and I want to let it do that in peace.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      From what i heard the Wii U doesnt use Java 🙁 but it uses something else and it does support Direct X11 I heard its using an ATI Radeon HD 6760 its a good card and it was custom made so it bound to work great ;D

      • Shane

        For sure. I was pretty sure it would use some form of Direct X, and maybe Java, but you never know ’til you ask, especially with all these *s-s-secrets!*. Do you know what kind of internet browser it will use? Like Opera or something?

        My body is ready for the most part too, but it will be MOST ready when I go pick it up when it’s cold in the morning at Best Buy. Haha. How did that saying even happen…?

      • zuxs

        Um no console that is not made by Microsoft or runs a form of Windows ever uses DirectX anything., DirectX is solely for Windows OS. The GPU that is in the WiiU was capable of supporting directX 10+ (rumored) but this isnt a Windows based machine.

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Has anyone else seen the new Tekken commercial? It reveals Cap’ Falcon costume as well as peach and toad.

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      *also Sheik!!!!!! thats awesome!!!1 Im gonna put that costume on Kunimitsu!!!!!!!! And im putting Link’s costume on Yoshimitsu!!!!!! Oh my god this couldn’t have possibly been more perfect!!!

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        In hindsight i think i put to many exclamation marks. Oh well.

  • zhenya

    Graphic whores everywhere 😛

  • Johny

    cant WAIT !! … sure ppl are complaining about graphics.. .but hey guys.. ffs.. most stuff is ported from a 3ds game… im just SOOO glad we got it for wii u … stop bitching 😀 and ASIDE that. it still looks STUNNING… and the enviroment is JUST SO DAMN SEXY XDD

  • ProWiiU

    Why doesn’t the health/stamina bar go to the end of the screen when max, looks wierd…

  • speedypetey

    Don’t worry guys, the person playing right now sucks balls, the controls are actually easy to use, the gamepad is very fluid with the game and new monsters the Monster Hunter Tri players didn’t get to experience are AWESOME!

  • speedypetey

    OH and P.S. The graphics are actually pretty amazing. The JVC TV they were using was pretty crappy. I played this on a Panasonic LED, not even a Plasma and it was a pretty game. Other guys that have tested this at work have played it on an LG LED and Samsung LED and they were fantastic they say. Besides, you can’t even tell how the resolution is off-screen anyway. It was a fun event to even be able to play as you can see here. PPS I am not the vid poster or know who that is, besides I wouldn’t associate myself with someone that sucks this bad at a MH game.

  • Reali-tGlitch

    This guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

    And I am glad that you can center the camera on the beasts, because I much preferred using the right stick for attacking; having to press multiple buttons was difficult with the layout provided by the classic controller.

  • Trev

    I am looking forward to this game!!! Even though the graphics look terrible !!!

  • burnannator

    take on me…take if of me you will gooo into your dreams uhuuuhuuu

  • Bakadevi

    Man that guy is really bad at this game. I kept screaming in my head “roll!!!!” “Move the friggin camera!!”

  • GANO

    Too many loading screens in video for my liking. That’s what put me off Sony consoles.
    I like to be playing the game, not waiting to play.


    This is awesome

  • BXG


  • iqsamaniego

    Hunter level: Noob. LOL
    I’ve been waited this game 4 many time, altough the graphics, it will have a lotta monsters to slay