Oct 3rd, 2012

More and more games on the Wii U seem to support 1080p these days. We know several indie titles will support the full HD resolution, such as Toki Tori 2. Other games like Rayman Legends and ZombiU will both support 1080p resolution.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii UNow Japanese magazine Famitsu reveals that the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from Capcom will support 1080p as well. On top of that, it will include 5.1 channel surround as well. This is yet another testament that the Wii U is a powerful console, especially on the graphics side of things.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a remake of the Wii game that was released on the Wii in 2010. The new version will include updated graphics (in 1080p!), new content and new features. And of course it will fully support the GamePad controller for a second screen experience. Another feature that was just revealed was that players will be able to play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate locally with up to three players with the Nintendo 3DS. And players will be able to play the game on the Wii U, and export their save games to the 3DS and continue playing.

The game will be released in March 2013.


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  • BigH 118

    March can’t come any sooner. I put in over 350 hrs on the Wii version and I can see myself doing the same with this one. Especially online.

    • Chris

      Don’t worry, you’ll have the Wii U before then and you get loads of games to pick up and play on launch so I wouldn’t worry dude ^^

      I’ll be playing ZombiU all the way to march

      • AKA-Link77

        yah it seems pretty cool 😀 i might get it to see wat all the fuss is about and if i have enough money. :/

  • Swic11

    This is amazing, I never played the Wii version, but I will definitely pick this up

  • Major Beauner


    • revolution5268

      its called Ultimate for a reason
      Together Wii U.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait for this game, lets just hope Capcom doesn’t screw it up with on disc DLC which you have to pay for to get it

  • changus

    want it .-.

  • Nintedward

    Yeh !!! It does mean NATIVE 1080p aswell , becuase ALL wiiu games are gunna be upscaled to 1080p so why would capcom mention to famitsu it would be ”1080p”. Obviously this means full and native . Which is great.

    My body is most certainly ready to buy the wiiu version and 3ds version on the day they come out .

    • Nintenlord

      Hope the 3ds did have online but still going to get it

    • LogicalDude

      Yes. Native 1080P means that the video chipset wont have to upscale and interpolate what will be in between the existing pixels. I almost bought this game after playing another copy but when I saw it coming out on the Wii-U, I just had to wait (and hold off on buying things to afford new Wii-U games :D).

      P.S. Edward, join the forum.

      • Nintedward .

        Hey , why is there an article missing and loads of comments missing and stuff ??? what gives ?

  • Daemonrunner

    Not just 5.1 surround, but Linear PCM 5.1 – which means it is completely 100% uncompressed sound. This beats out the Xbox 360 in the sound department!

    Still, I am sad that the Nintendo chose to only go 6 channel PCM rather than the 8 channel PCM (7.1) that the PS3 uses – Uncharted sounds amazing in 7.1 Linear PCM. Oh well, the amount of people who actually have a 7.1 system is probably not enough to warrant using it.

  • Nintenlord

    A sistem seller whit or whit out 1080p

  • Nintenjoe64

    Seeing games like this reminds me that I haven’t 100%’d many if any of my wii games. I should use these unfinished games to pass the next 8 weeks!

    I really ought to check my wii’s playtime history to see which of my impulse buys I never actually played and which I actually liked for the first few days.

    I am so excited about the U that I might dress up as link just to answer the door to the postman when Amazon deliver mine!

    • 007 1/2

      if u got it on amazon, u probably paid like 650 dollars. if u got it for regular price pls tell us!

  • jcb411abuser

    does this mean it will be a completely new game built on an entire new engine, but copies the story, quests and monsters from tri? i need screenshots to confirm what it will look like already, i can’t wait.

  • jon

    this games sounds good didn’t play the wii version so might pick this up especially because ill have money to spend after buying blops 2 and 007 legends

  • Coolkat18

    im kind of curious how someone can play on the wii u and someone else on the 3ds at the same time when the graphics will be absolutely different on both? can the wii u stream to the 3ds? lol, idk how this works… im simply curious, STILL CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME THOUGH YO… 🙂

    • dubYA

      The Wii U doesn’t stream to the 3DS at all during local multiplayer. Up to 3 additional players will have to use their own 3DS copy of the game and link up wirelessly.

      • Coolkat18

        thanx but yea… i know that,here’s the situation and where things get tricky 😛 lol, 1) youre playin on the wii u in HD 2) your buddy’s playin on a 3ds 3) 3ds doesn’t have HD graphics…. im pretty sure the landscapes, monsters, charecter avatars, and etc will look greatly different on both systems so… while your both playing the same game together will it appear one way on the wii u and another way on the 3ds? this is so confusing… my brain hurts 🙂 ha, imma leave this to the game devs.

  • grandlx2

    1080p, yet it still looks like a 3DS game. Sorry, I’m not a hater, but just saying tagging it as a 1080p when the visuals don’t match it, is complete crap. They are just up-scaling it to 1080 for people to suck it up. So if you expect HD, you won’t get it.

    • Death47

      The only screenshots we have seen are from the 3ds game….

      • Nintenlord

        I have see the wiiu pics they look great maybe the site will show some later

    • Alex

      I played the WiiU, the graphics are crystal clear and the most amazing graphics I ever seen on the HD TV, and don’t knock it until you try it because you are becoming pretty dumb. P.S. YouTube can only do 30 fps while the WiiU can do 60 fps, when I played the WiiU the graphics looked twice better than what you see in YouTube.

    • Lancer

      Drop the flamethrowers peeps, Grandlx2 is right. There are some clear screen shots of the WiiU version out now and it looks pretty lazy. Considering that this is a Capcom game (a.k.a. The king of lazy ports) should anyone really be suprised this looks so much worse then other WiiU games? Sorry to anyone who thought it would look great, but more importantly its gameplay is looking great! Day one buy with or without shiny graphics for me.

    • 007 1/2

      1080p is 1080p it cant look like a 3DS game. the only screenshots that were released were from the 3DS. they cant lie and say its 1080p when its not.

  • Nintendofan4life

    I doubt this game will make the Wii U anymore popular… as bad as the system seems I don’t think microsoft will have to worry… its a shame and the truth.

    • NoPUNintendo

      You mean as good as the system seems.

    • Trev

      How can you say the system looks bad, you might prefer the others but what’s so bad about t?

    • Shulololol

      dafuq are you smoking?? so called “Nintendofan”, why are you even on this site? attention, pissing people off, making yourself look like a d*ck? i just can’t understand people like you, and before the troll patrol arrives, sorry, i can’t resist. i have to answer such stupidity.

    • Shane

      You’re stupid, guy. You should go to XBox 720(XXXBox, SexBox, NextBox, X(squared)Box, or whatever it’s going to be called forums and talk about their new console(you’ll be about 2 years early BTW).

      I don’t even get why you seriously typed in your name claiming to be a fan, and then on top of that, typing in your e-mail…

    • Kav

      Of course MS shouldnt be worried, they will always have all the dumb people.

      • Shane

        For sure. I mean Microsoft and Sony definately have the ability to make great consoles, no doubt, but they released the Xbox 360(and PS3 2 years early pretty much. It didn’t even have a legit HDD, like people are complaining about that is on the Wii U, but Wii U has a 32 GB FLASH drive, which(correct me if I’m wrong), is read about 3 times better than a regular HDD, because it is a more “solid” memory component in terms of speed and functionality. So the Wii U actually has a 100 GB HDD if they convert it to a regualr HDD.

        I think flash memory technically is running just enough info to keep whatever is in it, ready for INSTANT use, meaning there will be NO load time, besides preset loads that load a whole area that could be 1/2 the game for all we know, within 10 seconds. That’s not bad if you ask me, and considering the low amount of memory other consoles had in the beginning of their life, people shouldn’t be complaining even a little bit. I HOPE that these people are kidding, but you never know…

        Besides, Nintendo always sums up what is good and they know is successful. The other companies always say, “Well, let’s just throw it out there, unfinished, uncapable of what is FOR SURE, and oh ya, it’s better because you’re going to buy it…” which isn’t even true on the “better” part, and sales. I really hope that Sony and Microsoft learn from Nintendo about their new approach, and don’t copy it straight up like the Avatar integration that happened 2 years after Miis were talked shit about, PS Home avatars(at least the interactive part and mall was new) which were COMPLETE copies, TACKED on motion controls(exactly what they said Nintendo was doing, except they ACTUALLY TACKED THEM ON). I guess what I’m trying to say is, better graphics were imment for games from day one, but the other companies took it way out of proportion in terms of what people can afford, the actual known value of the console, and what it can do. Nintendo knows how to use what they have, and they kick ass at it. I admit, when XBox 360 and PS3 came out, I wasn’t that impressed with the graphics, and as time went on, when games like Gears of War and Killzone 2 came out, I was pretty sad to not see that from Nintendo’s front. Aside that, I LOVED Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Wario Ware, No More Heroes(day 1 purchases for all), the VC games(best versions of the past games available) the new play control games, SD card use(cheapest and just as functional, even though it wasn’t since day 1) and the NEW motion controls the other companies said were a waste. Let’s not forget the GCN compatibility(LOVED it, played all my GCN games in 420p for the first time, AWESOME), the start of Club Nintendo, and the SEXY blue light that came on once in a while. Nintendo DS’s front on handheld Wi-Fi gaming only. Now we get to see what Nintendo could have done 7 years ago, but held off and decided we needed more integration with creativity, because they knew if they didn’t think a bout NEW gaming methods, probably all of game would have been “doomed” again. Leave it up to Nintendo to keep us playing! Haha 🙂

        My brother, my sister, my family and I love Nintendo to death, and MicroSony still needs to prove themselves in order for us to think that their consoles are equal or worth more in terms of gaming. OS downdated on PS3, XBox 360 RROD for what seemed like 60% of consoles before the slim, or the actual release of slim systems in general. The new PS3 slimmer isn’t even impressive at all. It’s still bigger than the Wii U, and it can’t even do as much except play Sony exclusive games. I woudn’t be surprised if Sony and/or Microsoft became JUST game developers for Nintendo, and maybe Capcom or Sega if they were to make a console(sounds sketch I know, but you never know…), they would show some “even” oomph against Nintendo the “playa king”.

        Please don’t down vote me… I think Sony and Microsoft played important roles in what we expect from gaming, by pushing more media and functionality from what we would expect to be a “games only” market, but thats what it comes down to. Sony said, “It only does everything”, but we didn’t want a console claiming to do everything(especially at $600+ tax + blu-ray discs which weren’t CHEAP and AFFORDABLE). We wanted better games, so thankyou Microsoft and Sony, for showing us what we should expect from games, but not actually giving us the games. Might as well go plug in my Xbox and PS3 to a robot and use the controllers to move it around and just take out the graphics card and put it in my computer were it should have been all along. I’m really not talking s***. It’s the truth.

        Aside from downvoting me(if you see the need to), what do you think about my philosophy on the console wars? Does it make sense? I’d rather have you tell me where I’m wrong or what you think, rather than down voting and leaving it at that…

        • Shane

          If Nintendo made there system’s any smaller, there wouldn’t even be a place to put a disc. I guess all the systems could have have a removable HDD that you could bring to Best Buy or wahtever and load it on there real quick if you didn’t have internet, or local wireless play that reached 10 miles, now that would be impressive, like that accessory that came out for GBA but was never really used. You could connect wirelessly/locally to your local retailer from home. haha. I think I’m getting too far ahead of society… NOT AGAIN! haha…

        • Neonridr

          Very well said Shane. You speak a lot of truth in your post. I don’t ignore the fact that both Sony and Microsoft have brought on a lot of good changes and definitely made me wake up and pay attention. Sony brought us dvd’s followed by bluejays, Microsoft created a great online universe in Xbox Live and perfected online multiplayer with a little game called Halo. Face it, all 3 companies are trying to drive the industry, I just feel that Nintendo tends to be the pace car more often than not. I don’t think this next gen will be won with flashy graphics. Now that Nintendo is at least to a respectable level in terms of graphic quality, there is going to have to be much more to set the three apart.

          • Neonridr


  • Gavster

    This game is going to be the nuts!!!!
    Have played over 450 hrs on the Wii version and loved every minute of it.
    I hope that they will be bringing out a special edition (Like they do on Xbox) with extra d.l.c etc. Because i will be buying it.
    Can’t wait for March now. It simply cannot come quick enough

  • Nintyfan

    Man this with cross-play on 3DS Whoo! Can;t wait!!!!!!

  • daddyof8bydiffwomen

    I can’t believe this site, people getting excited over Monster Hunter, wow a game that has no plot and generic game play. In fact I am surprised there are people in this world that are excited about playing a console with technology over 10 years old, and for what, to play Mario. The CPU isn’t even on par with 6 year old consoles, nintendo should be sued and shut down for selling such bad hardware for such a high price. A friend of mine told me he heard that the wiiu can barely play wii games, that the wii games have higher frame rates on the wii. Save your money for a real console in a year or two!

    • Collected

      Why don’t you actually look around for reliable news on the Wii U instead of trying gossip and the “friend of a friend” stuff. It might actually make your argument sound plausible unlike the ravings of an idiotic Sony/Microsoft fanboy (which it is now) who can’t accept that new technology means better advances in gameplay and style. Nintendo Wii U is a whole new game console and is bringing out a number of games with better graphical representations that what is offered on the current systems. Its not a debate its a fact.

    • dubYA

      The CPU is a different architecture. Just because devs don’t know the ins and outs of how to use it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily weaker than what’s in the PS3 or 360. You also neglect to mention that the system employs a 2011 GPGPU which handles general purpose functions normally handled by the CPU. This is leaps and bounds better that what any current gen system offers.

      Perhaps some developers are just too cheap and complacent to actually, I don’t know, put forth some effort and learn how to play to the Wii U’s strengths instead of delivering half-assed ports that have been optimized for the 360’s aging tech.

    • Neonridr

      Wow, you give trolling a new name. Guess the PS4/720 forums are pretty slow these days so you have nothing better to do than put down the Wii U. You can enjoy your CoD in native 620p upscaled to 1080p making it look like shite while we enjoy our native 1080p running at 60 frames per second.

      Your name says it all, clearly you don’t think before you act.

      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        Ladies and Gentlemen we have ourselves a new dumbass troll here in the wonderful site of WiiU Daily.

    • 007 1/2

      i bet this is nintendofan4life with a different name. the difference between me and u is that i didnt rape 8 women and have a child with each.

  • WiiUnov18

    Never play this game before is it a rpg

    • jacob henry

      An action RPg sort of thing, theirs energy management but you can fight a monster in lower level gear and dodge everything ad be perfectly fine. (nails hard of course)

  • Shane

    Man… I’m SOOO excited for the Wii U. I can hardly wait! AHHHHHHHH! Anyway… I will be picking this up FOR SURE. I wanted MHTri quite a bit when it came out, especially since it was the first way to get the Classic Controller Pro, and that it was a Wii exclusive that would have a more “full” online support. I played the demo when they were promoting it at GS, and it seemed pretty decent, considering it was only a demo I was playing in the first place.

    It’s good news to hear that ALOT of games wil be supporting the 1080p full force, and don’t forget in terms of sound that they could pottentially update it to a higher channel. As of right now pretty much everything ONLY supports 5.1 so I don’t see it as a big deal. I have a “ghetto” Yamaha RX-365 that is pretty good although it’s outdated in terms of inputs, bluetooth, 3D sound, and iPod. I also have blasted it a few times(one time for 6 hours at a party allmost at MAX volume, and it took somewhat of a toll on my only speakers), still works well, and I don’t have the funds to go any higher otherwise I would, because I’m a techy if I can be.

    I’m interested to see what they updated from the Wii version(I know items and stuff, maybe better controls? New graphics will be interesting to see).

    Does anyone know whether it will support the Wii Speak accessory again(can’t remember if it did. pretty sure it did…)? Will probably support all controllers, too.


    • Shane

      Oh ya. I might cross play if it iterests me, and I have money to spare. Super Samsh Bros. Battle(?) will be great, and I will be getting those to crossplay for sure, and I hope to see alot more crossplay. I think it would be smarter to have a free “app” to download instead of full out games for EVERY game, in order to crossplay, because I don’t see EVERY game becoming a 3DS counterpart, but an “app” fpr the 3DS “Wii U Downloadplay” would be great if it were possible.

      Accomplishments on 3DS update? More 3DS cross-play? SOO many POSSIBILITES. 1 1/2 months left…

    • elbossmx

      I really think they’ll make us of the WiiU Gamepad integrated microphone. Also, the 3DS has an integrated microphone, so there’s really no need for an accesory when they can just take advantage of what the WiiU/3DS already have.

  • xxstoicmonkeyxx

    The only downside is it’s going to have shitty textures :/ Still gonna be an awesome game

  • Hi8us

    Capcom should do with resident evil 6, what team ninja did with ninja gaiden 3. Release a better version for Wii U.

  • Smitty

    My comments from earlier were deleted!?, everything I said was either true or still debatable so why is this site getting rid of pretty much anything that can be seen as negative about the wiiu…

    I have 2 pre ordered so its not like I am hating on it, just being realistic!?

    • Troll patrol.

      hey smitty –
      Capcom is slowly starting to pull back the curtain on the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. That’s probably a good thing, given how the game is a launch title in Japan.

      For details about the Wii U game, read on below.

      – Features several new monsters
      – Subtle improvements and embellishments
      – 1080 native
      – Rextextured rather than rebuilt in HD
      – Improved loading times
      – 50% more content than Tri
      – Most of the new content comes from the upper levels of the game like the G class quests
      – New monster: Brachydios
      – Brachydios is like a cross between a poisonous rhino and an extraordinarily aggressive, volcanic T-Rex
      – Brachydios enjoys slobbering explosive neon-green saliva all over its stumpy arms and then pile-driving you into the ground with them, leaving a residue of slime wherever it treads
      – Brachydios will go into rage mode after you hit him a few times and the green nodes on his head start to glow read
      – Expanded monster stamina system in Ultimate
      – Can more easily see when a monster is weakened or hurt
      – Monsters tire out more visibly
      – AI companions Cha-Cha and Kayumba can be used in single-player
      – Cha-Cha and Kayumba sing stat-boosting songs and have the odd stab at a monster during battle
      – The two are mainly used to distract the monster’s attention
      – GamePad shows map
      – Mess around with your inventory on the GamePad as well
      – Target button in both versions lets you actually lock on to monsters

      Its 1080p NATIVE , capcom confirmed it in famitsu magazine .

  • Jay

    Nintendo fanboys and paid posters are hypocrites. With the Wii, you said “to hell with graphics, it’s about the controller!” “Who needs graphics, it’s about how it plays!” Now with the Wii U, you are talking about something that you never had before – good graphics, now they matter!

    Also, with games like Call to Duty and GTA, you dismissed them as violent because you did not have them (or have them right) and put them down when they sold big on REAL machines, but once you get them you will praise them as the masterpieces that (well GTA4/5 at least) are. You hypocrites.

    Nintendo is done this time. Being slightly better than the 360 (it is not touching the PS3, even though games are not designed around it, so they are lucky) is not saying much as the Wii U is what the Wii should have been.

    • Collected

      How embarrassing a Sony fanboy off the N4G wagon, go home you idiotic generalist and try to enjoy you console without acting out another stupid impulse.

      If you followed this site more closely you would see a variety of opinions and ideas about the Wii U, Nintendo and gaming in general.

      So far as I can tell your the only hypocrite here

      • Jay

        Of course you had nothing to add and you could not refute what I wrote.

        • Nintendude

          Just browse the site some more, then we’ll see what you think.

        • CheckItNow12

          Butthurt Sony fanboy. Let us like what we like and quit being a bitch!

    • dubYA

      Don’t you think you’re generalizing just a bit. You imply that all Nintendo fans hold these views that you’ve concocted. Stop it. You obviously aren’t a fan of Nintendo, so why post here unless you’re just looking to piss people off? Wouldn’t your time be better spent joining in discussion with members of your own preferred gaming fandom (Sony I assume), or are you actually threatened by Nintendo deep down?

      I think I speak for many here when I say graphics are important. I bought a PS3 in part to experience its high fidelity graphics. But as much as I enjoy good visuals, they aren’t what’s most important. Personally, I feel that many Wii games are excellent as they are. HD graphics would have been a nice addition, but that didn’t stop the games from being fun. In fact many of the games look aesthetically pleasing. I can appreciate Super Mario Galaxy’s visuals just as much as Met Gear Solid 4’s for entirely different reasons, but even if both games looked like they ran on an N64, I’d still dig them for their awesome gameplay. Wouldn’t you agree, or do you just refuse to play games once the tech is outdated? The fact that Wii U delivers games in Full HD is just a sweet bonus for me and many others, and one that makes sense considering HDTVs have now been adopted by most consumers worldwide.

      The reason most Nintendo fans are now so vocally enthusiastic about high quality graphics and mature games is in all likelihood a defensive retaliation against of all the trashtalking they’ve had to endure this past gen at the hands of gamers that think they know better, such as yourself. Gameplay is still what’s most important, but a little extra oomph in the graphics department will impress anyone willing to be impressed (not you in this case).

      I think you’re just worried that Nintendo has another winner on its hands, one that can actually compete technologically next gen. The Wii U is more powerful than you claim it is. Its GPGPU and RAM among other things leaves the PS3 and 360 in the dust, and now it’s getting the big third party titles on top of Nintendo’s stellar first party IPs. That’s a strong combination whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

      I’d also like to point out that launch games are never indicative of a console’s power, and still Wii U is all ready confirmed to be getting the best looking versions of multiplats like Back Ops II and Aliens: Colonial Marines delivered in native 1080p all while displaying graphics on TWO separate screens, one of them being streamed to wirelessly. If you think the PS3 or 360 are capable of doing all that at once, you’re kidding yourself.

      Unless Sony or MS expect you to sell an organ or two to afford them, I doubt their next gen offerings will be the powerhouse behemoths you expect them to be. Even if they are, it likely wouldn’t matter. The least powerful console has been the most successful going back to the PS1.

      And in case you presume I’m a Nintendo fanboy, know this; I own a PS3 and a Wii, and I enjoy both of them equally for different reasons. My PS3 largely serves as my multimedia hub including some great games, but my Wii hosts most of my favorite games this gen. I’m actually quite excited to see what the PS4 and (to a lesser degree) “NextBox” have to offer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what Nintendo brings to the table.

      Tl;dr version:

      You don’t speak for Nintendo fans as a whole nor individually. Kindly take your nonsense elsewhere.

      • Jay

        Nothing new here, just more hypocritical words. No one plays or is attracted to video games hoping that it plays well BEFORE they SEE if it attracts them first. Graphics always matter then game play. If graphics did not matter, there would be no need for new systems.

        Nintendo has always been slick with graphics. By slick I mean using tricks to make a system look powerful or competitive. They use primary colors for most of their games, which of course attracts little kids. When they had the N64, it was weaker 3d wise than the PS but it had z-buffering and anti-aliasing which at least made it look cleaner. The GC could have been serious, but they used hardware texture decompression which made the visuals more appealing, but it would have been better if they had it with DVD’s. The only reason they had that features was because of the small discs.

        With the Wii – that was just a total ripoff designed to sell out remaining GC insides! People got taken and while I did not predict the success, I knew it would sell based on deception – taking suckers for a ride. What I did predict was that it’s gimmick appeal would doom the system as most would only by the gimmicky games. You know you have a temporary thing when the elderly and women buy the system!

        The Wii U may disappoint because those who bought the Wii may feel that they may get taken again. Besides, that controller seems strange and many may not know what to make of it and parents may think that their kids will break it and it costs too much to break.

        Lastly, when specs are not known to the letter, like the Wii, Nintendo has something to hide. I would expect the Wii to be better than the 7 year old 360 and for it’s video card to be better as it and all components will be newer. It still does not leave the 360 in the dust however. It does as for a disc storage goes. If that Zelda is all 3D, then it must be due to tessellation, whic the 360 has some, but not full-blown. The Wii U still cannot deal with the PS3, it is just that no one really designs games based on it’s system, so we cannot really see what it can do. Besides, the next Xbox will deal with the Wii U with ease, but I would not count on seeing a news PS anytime soon.

        • Collected

          Oh you are so delusional; if you truly believe that game systems need graphical improvements as the only justification of a better console then why is there a 30 million difference between the Wii and its rival competitors the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I’ll tell you why: because it offered something different in terms of gameplay that actually attracted more people; gamers before-hand or not than the rival machines. In fact if motion controls were a gimmick and not a means to expand the market to more consumers why did Microsoft and Sony go ahead with their own ideas of motion control gaming; which guess what is still supported today by a number of future releases for Kinect and PS Move.

          Finally many good games have sold in modern times with underpowered graphical representation (Minecraft) and some games with truly high production values have been abysmal to play (Heavy Rain). If you don’t believe so then why was there such support and excitement for the online component of any system (Xbox360, PS3, or Wii) when they starting selling retro titles. Because good or innovative gameplay beats out a pretty picture any day. No one would be happy with a cinematic trailer when they could see or potential experience the actually gameplay of a game.

          Now I would ask you to recheck your facts but you seem more delusional than first thought. So take a break, get some help please and stop pestering people on the web

          • Josh

            You talk about a 30 million console difference, then why is Nintendo coming out with a new console so soon while MS and Sony are just chillin and making a killin? Do you want to talk about software sales on the Wii vs. the other two? Sometimes gimmicks sell. It is hard to fool those suckers twice.

        • Neonridr

          The Wii U still cannot deal with the PS3?? What the PS3 is some magical box but it’s being held back because every game is designed for the 360 first? What about Sony first party games? Those still aren’t native 1080p, so explain to me how it’s so powerful yet their own developers can’t get it to do what the Wii U can do?

    • Neonridr

      ooo REAL machines. I love that macho talk.

      Please explain how a machine that is only slightly more powerful than the 360 can render with twice as many frames, a higher native resolution, and stream information to the gamepad, all without breaking a sweat? To me, that says a little more than “slightly”. And I would love to hear how it’s not “touching the PS3” – since PS3 and 360 games all look and run basically the same. Tell you what, you go show me a game that the PS3 runs in NATIVE 1080p with the complexity and detail of a game like ZombiU and I will eat my words. HD remakes of PS2 games don’t count. All Nintendo platforms have always had CoD games, so we never called them violent. And GTA existed on the DS. Don’t cry if GTA V comes out on the Wii U and looks and plays better.

      • Jay

        Once again, NOW you want to talk about graphics – but not when the Wii was out! ZombiU looks corny and I have seen graphics of that caliber on the PS3 and 360, it is the norm, while it is new for Nintendo.

        The 360 can do 1080P, as long as you play in HD your frames are set to your HDTV and who cares about it streaming to that gamepad? That pad may be more trouble than it’s worth. The PS3 was designed with 1080P in mind, but the 360 is running the show so they do not design games around the PS3.

        You Nintendo people (real and paid) have ALWAYS put down GTA because you could never join in on the fun and hype because your system could not handle it. I am not even sure that they announced it for Nintendo, but you hypocrites would welcome it because you can finally get some REAL games. Nintendo’s Wii U is only enough to put them in the current generation, but it will be behind during the next one.

        • Neonridr

          the 360 and PS3 CANNOT do 1080p without some form of upscaling. Call of Duty is rendered natively at 640p and then stretched up to fit 1080p. You know what that leads to? Stretching, blurry textures and a lack of detail. That also isn’t even HD, that is being upconverted to simulate HD since anything less than 720p is not considered HD.

          • Josh

            You mean the way it had to be done on the Wii? 640P is considered and HD resolution or sorts.

          • Neonridr

            the Wii wasn’t HD, so I don’t even know why that is being brought up.. that makes no sense.

    • nintendo fanboy

      well i never said that we dont need graphics or that we dont need them, what i think is graphics are important i wont deny that but you cant base the entire game in graphics and have a bad story, a bad gameplay and say its the best just because it looks good, its true we’ve never had good graphics so forgive us if we are excited

      i wont say anything about gta because i love the game but one of the main reasons i dislike or dismiss cod is because fanboys who think is the best games and call themselves “hardcore gamers” apart from that i have nothing against the game itself

      • Jay

        When we talk about graphics, that does not mean that we dismiss story or gameplay or that it means that we only care about how it looks, but that looks are important. In this HD world, the Wii was not happening. I LOVE GTA4 and STILL play it on Xbox Live to this day! It has to be the most fun game I have ever played and the only one I have ever played for this long. I never really liked COD, I just used that because of the graphics.

        • Nintedward .

          GTFO off , you’re a sony troll . The wiiu has better graphics and resoloutions than the ps3 . Thats cus the wiiu was designed in 2011 and the ps3 in 2005 . Do the effing math , got it ?? yeeeeeeh………

          Go away . The wiiu can out peform a ps3 and a vita peforming in sync with 2 games running 1 in each system , NO PROBLEM .

          you know that , I know that . Stop trying to defend a company that is failing and copying Nintendo . You won’t be sticking up for them when they are liquidated like the dreamcast . You will be playing COD on your durango and bayonetta 2 on your wiiu . Go and suck a lemon .

          The wiiu 100% has a much higher graphics potential than ps3 , so don’t go there…..

          • Jay

            I don’t have a PS3, I rock the 360! I did not get a PS3 since the games are designed around the 360, so there was no benefit. I love the way you guys talk about power and graphics and you are leaving that controller behind! Lol! When the wiik Wii was coming out, Nintendo paid many to talk about games and controllers since the graphics were not worth talking about.

          • Neonridr

            yeah because the PS3 is some untapped power source that nobody will ever be able to fully realize. So all Sony first party games are designed around the 360 then? Whatever, the PS360 are basically maxxed out in terms of what they can do. Have you seen games like Skyrim? Talk about stuttery, running at a sluggish 30 frames per second at best. The success of the controller all comes down to how devs utilize it. If they just dump the map or basic inventory screens there, then sure, it will get forgotten about. But games like Rayman Legends, Mario, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, and Black Ops 2 are all showing how the controller can be used in new and innnovative ways.

          • Jay

            I know that the PS3 DOES have untapped power because of the specs, even though it was spec’d like that because of Blu-Ray. Not only are all of the cores not used, the Blu-Ray disc storage was not fully underutilized because the 360 only has DVD’s.

            If the Wii U becomes a hit, then the 360 is the one on the weak side mainly due to storage. I think that the PS3 will be able to compete because it still has BD and games can be up to 50GB. I think that GTA 5 will be larger than one DVD, so times like these are showing separation between the 360, PS3 and newer systems. The problem is, the X-Box 360 is #1 and games are designed around it, not other systems. Please don’t bring Wii sales into this because no one buys Wii games. Hell, I have a Wii emu on my PC and the games look like a 3D Super NES. I like having it and I don’t mind play it – for free, but I would have never bought the thing.

            The emu gave me the opportunity to play Nintendo again, but it also made me not like Nintendo because the games have not evolved. They are not deep, they are not long and they still have childish graphics. I like Mario Kart. I expected highly detailed graphics that looked more serious or something better than previous systems, but no, it looks the same. We do not even want to talk about “New” Super Mario Brothers being Super NES games!

            As long as Nintendo continues to use primitive graphics, primary colors and low detail in the graphics, there is no point of them having a new system. They do not know how to keep up with the times. Games are serious now. Mario is not the king, hard-core games like GTA and Call to Duty run things. I guess they still want to attract or maintain a certain age group. If you want to really attract hard-core gamers, you bring MOSTLY hard-core games, not a few mixed in with mostly kiddy games. Same OLD Nintendo, except this time they actually have a powerful machine – for now. It will be wiik when the next generation from MS comes out.

  • dubYA

    I knew there was a reason I held off getting this game on the Wii. I can all ready see myself getting this for both the Wii U and 3DS. Sounds awesome!

  • Cubits

    Actually a few third party devs have confirmed full 1080p rendering, including treyarch. BO2 will have it and at 60fps while the other consoles will make do at nearly half that res.

    • Smitty

      Awesome, you got any links?

      • Neonridr

        links about what, that Ubisoft has gone on record saying that Rayman and Zombi U are running 1080p?


        how about Monster Hunter 3?


        Rayman Legends?


        There is no 100% confirmation that Black Ops 2 is in native 1080p, however many are hinting that it is. We will have to wait on that one to be sure. And every game will be running in 1080p, so the fact that they are saying it doesn’t mean upscaled. Every game for the PS3 and 360 are running in 1080p, but most aren’t even native 720p (Black Ops 2 for example will be native 620-640p so that it can run at 60 frames per second — that isn’t even HD).

        Consoles always get better with time as indicative of the launch titles for the 360 and PS3 in comparison to the games that are coming out now. So if the games for the Wii U look this good at launch, then imagine how much better they will look in 2 years once developers know the ins and outs of the system.

        • 007 1/2

          they said BO2 was in 1080p at 60fps at the wii u event where they announced the price.

  • Collected

    Dammit sorry, I wanted that to reply to another poster but I can’t find his comment anymore. Anyway really sorry about the mix up and you actually make some good points about graphical representation for 720p and 1080p.
    Sorry once, my fault for not looking at the right reply box.



  • Daemonrunner

    Maybe you will get lucky and they will develop something like the Xbox 360 had where there is a special attachment that will let you use optical audio instead.

    I think the PS3 is the only system that has a built-in optical audio output.

    • Neonridr

      why? why not just use the HDMI out for sound?

    • NoPUNintendo

      I never though about it, but I do agree. I use optical audio mostly. I don’t use HDMI for audio much, but that’s due to my setup.

      • Neonridr

        HDMI gives you exactly the same quality sound, and it’s one less cable to have to hook up.

        I can understand using the optical if you have an older surround system / receiver that you are hooking up to. Mine just has a couple of HDMI inputs and one HDMI output that goes to the TV.

        • Shane

          The only reason why I used it was because my tv couldn’t plug in a reciever as AUDIO OUT though HDMI, my reciever didn’t support HDMI audio(only video, was first gen 5.1 reciever), and spdif seems weird to me and I don’t know exactly how it works… I don’t know that much, but I thought optical was better. I just would switch both the HDMI(to tv) and optical(to reciever) out between my systems to save me from buying 2 of each identical cord. For my Wii, I would just hook up the console to the reciever and then resend the video through another component cable, because my reciever doesn’t send data through the HDMI if it’s component originally. I guess things HAVE to be upscaled if they are going through HDMI, which came as a suprise to me. When I got an HDTV, I wanted to upscale my Wii, but the systems to do so were around $1000, and I was 14. haha. I technically had my Wii setup to MAXIMUM potential in terms of audio and video, unless I wanted to buy an upscaler reciever for a grand. It was great… The only complaint I had about the Wii not supporting HDTV that much, was Megaman 9 and 10, which responded a split second too late, Mario Kart was a little laggy, Guitar Hero, adn Dance Dance did this too, otherwise it was the best. The lag only happened on tv’s bigger than 32″ I think too, because it worked on my 27″ 720p tv with no lag. I hope Nintendo updates this with the Wii U.

    • Shane

      Xbox 360 slim has optical out. I know because I use it for my Ps3 and Xbox 360 all the time when I have my reciever hooked up. I kinda tortured my a/v reciever 6 hours straight at full bast one time, so it doesn’t sound as good as when I got it used(new pretty much), but it does make the games sound better. I plan to get a new setup when I move soon(so excited!), and I had to unhook it so streo for me for now…

      Is Wii U going to have optical out or just HDMI? I think theres just a sliver of difference in quality, but just wondering…

  • elbossmx

    I’m really hoping to get a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundle. I mean, wouldn’t it be great Deluxe console + Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate + Pro Controller?
    I think this bundle will be available in Japan. Also a similar one but with ZombiU will be available in Europe. Why can’t we get a bundle with a great game and a Pro Controller in the Americas?

  • Arsonist Monkey

    1080p and 60 FPS on both screens YES! I always thought that the games were upscaled on the other consoles. Well, most if not all 360 games are upscaled to 1080p unlike the PS3 which keeps them at 720p, even then some games have to be upscaled to that resolution. Call of Duty appears to play in 1080p on the ps3 and 360. But it doesn’t, it upscales the living hell out of them just create the illusion of a “Full HD gaming experience!”.

    • 007 1/2

      the gamepad isnt hd is 854×480 resolution.

      • Neonridr

        it will still look very crisp and clean based on the size of the screen. You won’t be able to notice that much of a difference on a screen that small.

    • Jay

      Upscaling is an option on the 360 and games are typically higher resolution on the 360 than PS3.

  • eric


  • MajinCry

    Well, good news is that when the WiiU gets hacked, I’m pretty sure the file format (.brres) for the models and textures will be the same, so it’ll be a breeze to add in higher resolution textures.

    Heck, you can make custom textures for it on the Wii, and even custom quests.

    Shame I won’t get this any time soon. £300 is way out of my budget. £100 on gumtree is more my thing.

  • person

    Slow day, huh? No new news?

  • SteampunkJedi

    Being able to play the same file on both the 3DS and the Wii U will be awesome.

  • U Turn

    From the screen shots it looks more like the HD Collection series on the PS3 than a new engine I think I’ll pass.

  • Zak Iceblade

    Okay, i get that Monster hunter ultamite (originally called MH3G) is coming out. But which is better? The 3D’s 3D graphics or the Wii u’s hd graphics. Can somone please reply to which you think is better to get?

  • Flup McFlacken

    Honestly, I’m more curious about rendered resolution, not output resolution…