Jan 17th, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will arrive on 3DS and Wii U in North America on March 19, with Europe’s release date set for March 22. Capcom also revealed that a day one patch for the game will bring USB keyboard support for the Wii U version, making it easier to talk to those you’re hunting with.

Free demos for both games will be available in their respective eShops on February 21, so those who have never played a Monster Hunter game or are unsure if they want the latest iteration can try them out.

[via Capcom Unity]

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  • RoXas

    Anybody knows if voice-chatting is supported?

    • AKT4

      It’s supposedly supported.

  • Kidvizious

    My plan is to buy a game per month…. Rayman Legends for February, Aliens Colonial Marines for March, MH3U for April, the Wonderful 101 for May, and then Pikmin 3! So this way, I get a game per month without killing my wallet(;

    • You are a smart, friggin, man

      • or woman

        • Sam

          Women don’t play Monster Hunter.

          • judging by your attitude, you dont meet many women

  • I cant wait. At all. Seriously. This demo better come soon ;~;

  • Johny

    WHAT??? are you guys serious???? demos for BOTH systems? like.. NOW?? oh god..oh god.. im so hyped.. im gonna go crazy if demos dont come in europe for some reason >.>… oh thanks SOO much for this news! u guys made my day.. heck my whole week

  • Inzanoflex

    i hope the demo save data its compatible with the full game comes out like a open beta

  • MasterPpv

    It’s releasing in North America on my birthday!!! =D