Feb 21st, 2013


A demo of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is now available for download through the Wii U eShop. According to the press release:

The free single player demo will feature two full quests, one for beginner players and another for intermediate hunters, in addition to 12 different weapon options for players to choose for their battle. Players will have to brave the elements of the frozen tundra against the fierce Lagombi and take the fight against the aquatic Plesioth on land AND into the water!

The full game will be released in North America on March 19th and in Europe on March 22 on both the Wii U and 3DS. Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is currently one of the most anticipated games for the Wii U. Players who buy both versions of the game are able to progress in their game using either the Wii U or 3DS version.

Will you be checking out the demo? Are you excited for Monster Hunter? Let us know in the comments below.




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  • RoadyMike

    ¬¬ Late again…Trine 2:DC demo is also available btw..
    But no matter! TO THE eSHOP!

    •  hahaha

    • bizzy gie

      The Cave demo is also out.

      • I downloaded it yesterday… I’m kinda confused on how to progress in this game.

  • diqus sucks

    i wish it was an online demo. even if they added a 3 play time limit or something. that’s all i’d want to see from it.

    • Johny

      yea like heroes of ruin demo was on 3ds ^^  it had only 6 uses… but it was online and it was awesome 😀

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Will try this

  • kevinaaaa

    tried it and was not impressed.  To me it felt more like an unpolished game.   Can walk through animals on the ground.  too many issues with graphics,  from time to time the camera ends right on you and you cant see anything.  You have to keep reseting it to back off so you can see.

    Just felt like more of a beta version than anything. 

    Worst part, as I never played monster hunter,  there was really no info on what i need to do.  the manual sucks.

    • Laud

      Monster Hunter doesn’t do hand holding and keep in mind this is a Wii port, not a game designed from the ground up for the Wii U.

      “Just felt like more of a beta version than anything. ”

      It’s a demo..

      • swic11

        demo or not, the game releases in not even a month.  I have never played the game either, can you jump? can you sprint? I couldnt figure it out, totally left a bad taste in my mouth.  I really want to like the game, i will give it a few more tries…. but idk

        • Rob Lucci

          That’s what the manual for when if you do buy the game.

        •  Its not a Wii port, the Wii U version is a port of MHP3 HD on PS3 in Japan and the 3DS is a port of portable 3rd on psp in japan. Swic its a complicated game that is very hardcore. I did not like it all when i played the old psp games but its something you get to understand overtime and then you become addicted to it like crazy.

          • Cesar Barroso

            no, the game is called monster hunter tri g in japan for 3DS, an extened version of MH TRI on Wii. Wii U is the HD version of the 3DS version, it has monster from every MH including portable3rd but they are not the same. the Wii version was the best looking monster hunter game, above all psp versions.

        • Cesar Barroso

          iu can walk through the animals when they are dead so u can carve them. u are in full control of the camera, this game does not have auto locking so u can cut tails, break horns or heads to carve specific parts. i saw no glitches at all. but i agreed, there were no manual for begginers. they are the same as monster hunter tri, look for it on youtube.

          • People are forgetting you can check it out on the Internet Browser on the GamePad in Mid-Play. 

          • kevinaaaa

             The camera in the game gets screwed up for me,  I’m not hitting the right stick or the pad and in 30 minutes of play the camera got screwed up to the point it was pointing up at my head.   It took me sometime the first to figure out how to fit it.  Rotating the camera didn’t work,  pressing up on the pad seems to reset it.

        • Earakai

          You can jump and you can dive just not with your weapon out. I want to say hold r to run and tap a while running to dive or just tap a to roll.

        • Tim Nguyen

          Ok I Honestly didn’t like monster hunter for the very same reason you have said but monster hunter wasn’t a game i found that you can just pick up and play, it was more like “BIG ASS MONSTERS ARE LATER AND YOU WANT TO BE THERE SO GET TRAINING” and that was what got me in to it. For new player i know for sure that it might not grab every one so quickly but it will take time. I personally stop playing it on the PSP and then when it came out on the wii with online play it got me playing so much lol

          But yeah if you want to get into it your going to have to give it like 5 to 10 chances and aleast try online mode because thats where its really fun

        • Agent X

          You will either love it or hate it….It took me two years to start enjoying the game and i had MH Freedom, MH Freedom2, Freedom Unite, and MH Portable 3rd. If you put your mind to it you will love it….Also dont compare it to any game out there, its a game in its own field

        • Johny

          its certanly a unique game with its own style… alot of people wont like it for many reasons… for example.. there is no hp shown for the monster.. there are long animation times (drinking potions, sharpening, sheathing weapons etc..)

          but it is for what it is 😀 i 1st played a mh game on a wii… and after a while… well.. its my favourite game ever.. i got over 600+ hours on it.. and its amazing… but it IS something special 🙂 
          (+the demo you saw… its a direct upscaled port of a 3ds game… and it does have some minor issues… it works flawlessly on the 3ds tho :/ im sure they’ll polish the game for its release ^^)

        • hold R to sprint when your weapon is not out

      • Johny

        actually its a 3ds port 😀 its a direct upscaled port of a 3ds game…^^

        and its perfect on the 3ds. it playes brilliantly.. and on wii u… im sure they’re gonna polish it for the full release 🙂

    • Cesar Barroso

      iu can walk through the animals when they are dead so u can carve them. u are in full control of the camera, this game does not have auto locking so u can cut tails, break horns or heads to carve specific parts. i saw no glitches at all. but i agreed, there were no manual for begginers. they are the same as monster hunter tri, look for it on youtube.

    • TheLast

      Weeeeeaakk. 😛

  • Ben Newcomb

    Just downloaded it!

  • It’s AMAZING. Monster Hunter has a BRUTAL learning curve, but it’s worth it 🙂

    • Agent X

      That’s one thing i like about the game

      • sadly, too many people are so used to being able to just pick up a controller and master a game that a lot of them are getting turned off from this deep experience…

  • uPadWatcher

    I had downloaded the demo… and fell in love already.  True native 1080p High Definition, PCH 5.1 digital surround sound, and the game play (although I was rusty) was greater than I had ever experienced.  When next month comes… buy the U version and the 3DS.

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

       Downloaded it, but didn’t even try it. Now that you say it’s true 1080p, i’m curious and will run the demo as soon as possible. I don’t think I will like the game, but any seeing of what the Wii U can deliver is worth trying. Any other game available in native 1080p ?

      • Johny

        well .. hate to say it… and as much im a KILLER fan of the game… 

        it DOES look very good.. but its pretty much an upscaled port of a 3ds game:) so its not the best the wii u can look. and the game is AWESOME although the demo obviously wasnt made with begginers in mind :/… so im afraid that if you’ve never played a mh game before, some things wont really seem so hot for ya… + it really doesnt tell you at all how to play the different weapon classes ^^; 

    • Adam Porter

      it does look alot better than i expected but don’t think it’s really what i’d call a true hd game. but that should take away from an awesome game and an awesome franchise.
      all these guys saying the games hard now, just wait until the full game is out and you start off with a crap weapon and NO armour or items :S 200hours in though and you will begin to get the hang of it. 😀 i’m not joking btw.

  • I was really looking forward to this.  I had never played a Monster Hunter before, but I wanted an RPG ish experience on the wii U. 

    Very disappointed.  No explanation on how to do…anything.  Or what the items do.  No life bars on enemies. Annoying time consuming gestures every time you use an item. no targeting or camera steadying for strafing.The boss fights take like 10 minutes..of repetitive slashing and dodging.  The fighting didn’t feel fun.  The camera didn’t feel narutal.  Niether did the aiming.  Sadly I won’t be getting this game.  I really wanted it too :(.

    Also, there was no indication of any RPG elements. No character menu. No stats. No numerical representation of HP. It made me not want to get the game.

    • Technus3000

      I urge you to please either wait for the full game, watch a video on the tri version to see how awesome it is, or just try again try the hammer its one of the easiest weapons to use, the game is incredible it has a long learning curve depending on the item but once you down a monster its the best feeling doing so. I recommend you tri again I just became a fan on wii with Monster Hunter Tri and I loved it! This is a jrpg and they ten to be quite hard but its one of those games that gives you the best feelings of accomplishments 😀 trust me

    • Adam Porter

      sorry but this game has possibly more stats and rpg elements than any other rpg game, just crunching the numbers to make an effective bowgun set is a skill in itself!!
      you will not get a health bar to see how much health the monster has, you need to watch it’s movements to see when it’s near death or ready for trapping, it’s not an exact science but that makes it really exciting.
      the game is really hard, not camera lock and the extended animations for taking potions increase the difficulty(you can get armor that will help decrease the animation time btw it’s all part of the rpg element) it adds so much tension.
      and it’s not all slash and dodge, so many more weapons with different fight styles. and when you get good at reading the monsters movements and really good at dodging you get an immense feeling of pride, cause unlike alot of other games that just hand you all the tools to overcome the challenge on a plate, in monster hunter you need actual SKILL.

    • Johny

      dont try to compare it too much to the other games… its a very special and unique type of game… 1st of all… there is no hp of monsters for a reason… it wouldnt be a mh game if there was… 2nd…the long animation times for drinking, sharpening, sheathing weapons.. again its another unique aspect of mh franchise and its there for a reason (and not just to piss you off ;D ) i agree… the demo wasnt really made with begginers in mind :/ they should enable the guide ingame menu like in mh3 on wii… + idk why .. but they greyed out all the stats and skills and all the armor and weapon stats and information … which i really wanted in a demo xD… but it is in the game… the game IS a full fledged rpg.. with stats and character customisation and all…and VERY awesome way of skills and “professions”. i assure you:) you just gotta give a game a try (and yeah.. they COULD of made the demo more begginer friendly and with better presentation >.>) like i did with mh3 on wii… it is AMAZING 🙂 i have over 600 hours on mh3 on wii. 

      but dont take my word for it. theres a good reason the game franchise is SOOO vastly popular 😉  MANY sony fans would practicly kill for this game (mh being sony console exclusive at first). so its a very important exclusive for a wii u 🙂

    • Death47

      The demo lacks A TON of features that are present in the new game. Instead of playing the demo. You should try picking up mhtri for wii (about $10 used I believe) and play that.

      And never compare monster hunter to any other game. It’s a genre of its own. 

      If you think it’s repetitive, this game is not for you. There are no enemy lifebars because their sign of weakness is LIMPING and/or sleeping. 

      In the full game their will be a lock on feature that centers the camera on the monster, btw.

    • LOL At the boss fight taking 10 minutes. That’s all part of the hunt man, plus most “boss” fights take quite a bit longer than that the later on you get in the game. After you fight the same monster a few times (in order to get the full armor set) you really get the feel for it. Plus the actual game has a storyline with some tips to help you out in the beginning. It also has quite a few stats in terms of + or – weapon types against certain monsters. Jewels for specific buffs, what you eat before a fight can give you certain stat upgrades. I’m sorr you felt that way, but there is quite a bit left out in the demo. The full game does have a character menu with stats and everything. I suggest buying the Wii version used and playing it, it’s honestly terrific.

      • Man, I’ve had several hour long boss fights in games and I’ve been happy (I always kill the ultimate boss on the hardest difficulty in every game I play).  The point was 10 minutes of repetitive, boring, no skill gameplay without a clear indication of when the monster would die.  It was not fun.  That is the point.  It didn’t feel like a challenge.  It just felt tedious and monotonous.

        BTW I’m the same person as Adam B. I just have multiple names.

  • john madsen

    Actually the demo was un polished and was also very hard to understand even with the manual the demo still was a lost cause 

    • Death47

      Full game I can guarantee will be waaaay better.

    • Johny

      hate to say it .. but i agree >.> … i needed QUITE some time (and failed quests) to figure out how to play the classes that werent present in mh3 on wii (which i have spent over 600 hours on). but for me, its NO PROBLEM…. i LOVED IT with all my heart because i knew what i was doing and knew exactly what to expect… but its probably too much for people who played the game for the 1st time >.> … cmon capcom.. when you make a demo, make it with BEGGINERS in mind

      • Illidan Stormrage

        maybe its because they WANT to scare away players that cant handle the challenge. I mean I have to admit hunting with noobs on MH3 was kind of annoying..a lot. So they just don’t want people that are used to FPS to play MH3U..maybe?

  • AAAkabob

    Dat wicked learning curve…

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Reading the comments I now understand the frustration others have. I didn’t get the goal of the gameplay either and quit, frustrated. I like the game, but I had no idea what I had to do, lol… 😛

    • Adam Porter

      you will love online play then because you will get to learn monster hunters secrets with the help of more experienced hunters.

      • Jeffrey Debris

         I’m definitely intrigued by the game and love a good hardcore challenge. So I’ll be sure to pick both the 3DS and Wii U version up. I’ll probably be hooked out of my mind after a week.

        • Adam Porter

           it really is a great game, the online play is the best feature, monsters are sooo hard that when you and your party finally beat that big boss collectively for the first time you will be jumping out of your seats, making real memories with your friends. there isn’t another gaming experience like it.

    • Death47

      Kill the monster so you can make new armor and weapons (simple). 

      Play the wii version or one of the psp iterations. 

      They can be picked up for quite cheap and might help ease you into the new one. 

    • Johny

      its so sad that the demo REALLY wasnt made with begginers in mind :/ i hope not many people get turned off by the game because of that… even i (who spent 600+ hours on mh3 on wii) needed quite some time to figure out how to play the classes that weren’t present in mh3. so it probably will be too much frustration for some :/ which is sad…

      the demo was AWESOME for me… but not so well made for people who never played the game and wanted to give it a try

      • Illidan Stormrage

        I think it was because this was the same demo that was used for the conventions. It was made in mind of MH fans that wanted to play the game. Maybe they didn’t expect newcomers… I mean for those that have played Mh before, myself included, it was great. 

  • audi lover

    Found it akward and slow, (maybe I was just rusty played wii version along time ago) but once you know what your doing it is absolutely fantastic, remember its a demo so all features arnt present, it does get so much beter

  • Dan

    i thought it wasnt the greatest demo ever. it looked really nice and i didnt see any bugs (your SUPPOSED to be able to walk through dead monsters) but i thought the 20 minute time limit was a bit small. i managed to kill the monsters but there wasnt really time to explore and i wouldnt like to be new to MH (which im not). and i loved how there was actually a bow now, rather than just bowguns

    • Death47

      In the full game it is 50 minutes, if that helps. Plenty of exploration time if you ask me (including mining for materials).

    • Johny

      exactly that 🙂 the time limit was really too small to do anything besides killing the monster… but hey.. its a demo…

      the only thing is that it obviously wasnt made with begginers in mind … it really had NO tutorial whatsoever how to play… so im afraid some potential newcomers might be turned off by it sadly :/ 
      even i needed some time to figure out the classes that werent present in mh3 on wii…but i knew what i was doing.. so it might really be too much for some begginers which is sad :/

    • Illidan Stormrage

      Usually you get 50 min. in the actual game. Don’t know why they would reduce the time for a Demo..

  • Adam Porter

    just saw a comment where someone is complaining because the camera doesn’t automatically reset itself, you can walk through smaller monsters, and the game doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it. well you see my friend, in life there are hunters and then there are MONSTER HUNTERS!!!! and you are neither.
    this game will not hold your hand it will punish your ignorance, and you will love it for it.

    • kevinaaaa

       was not complaining about the camera reset.   Was complaining that I did nothing for the camera and then it would point straight up at the sky when I didn’t even alter the camera.  The game just does it,  it flips out and you have to find out how to change it.  The “Camera reset” doesn’t bring it back to what it should be, it still points up at the sky.

      • Adam Porter

         ah right sorry jumped the gun, i’m sure that will be fixed in the full version

      • Illidan Stormrage

        You’re supposed to move it back down then with the R analog stick. Nobody else had that problem besides you, quit bitching we don’t really need you in the monster hunting community so we don’t need to  convince ONLY you to spend your money. You’ll only make online worse for everyone so go rage quit for not using the camera corrrectly and don’t buy the game please

  • I was looking forward to this title. But after playing the demo. I really hope there is some minor improvements for it. The whole having to control your own camera, doesn’t reset to the  back position of your toon is annoying. Having to take your fingers of the attack buttons just to tweak the camera a little ruined a lot of the game for me.
    I didn’t get a chance to play the Wii version of Monster Hunter, but I was told it had a really good open world play where you’re farming stuff. So I’m hoping this one has  the same.

    • Adam Porter

      don’t get how controlling your own camera would put you off the game, once you get used to it and start getting good, which will take a long time, it’s such a good feeling. monster hunter is a rare thing, it’s a true hardcore game, possibly the most hardcore game ever.

    • Illidan Stormrage

      There is also an option to automatically lock on the monster. Don’t know why people are complaining about things they don’t know anything about..and for the analog stick just think of it as a D-pad..don’t do circular motions just up, down, left , right

  • Saul Rivera

    Looking forward to downloading the demo..I have played and finished Monster Hunter on the Wii…ha…and yes…it doesn’t hold your hand…but if its the same as the version I played you’ll have a tutorial of mostly everything at the beginning of the game which starts out slow…
    It’s when you finally confront your first huge beast  that you start getting hooked to it…planning out strategies to take it down and making better weapons and armor thanks to it!

    But after reading a lot of comments here…this game isn’t for anyone without patience…if you do go along with it, though…it surely is rewarding!

  • Death47

    Lagombi took way too long…. for me, that is.

    Gs: was 12 mins (suck with gs)
    DS: 6 mins
    Ls: about 7 mins
    S and shield: 9 minutes.


  • As soon as I finish my first job today, it’s straight to the eShop! May have to buy a 3DS for this game as well

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    I know I can’t really expect much what with it being a demo and also based on how Capcom have been making these demos in recent years. I was hoping that along with the 2 full quest, that you would have been able to create custom character and collect starter materials and use that to create starter gear that can be carried over to the full game. I think it would have gotten people, who are new to the game, into getting familiar with the customization and also multi-player would have been welcomed.

    Again, I know this is a demo and I know I can’t expect much but I was just a bit disappointed about this. I no longer have a PSP and I don’t own Monster Hunter Tri for Wii so I was hoping this would have been my fix until the release date but unfortunately it isn’t. Still, it’s a pretty good gameplay demo but they could have added a small basic tutorial, but then again it’s a demo, and it’s by capcom; You learn by pressing buttons and seeing what they do, just like in the old days.

  • The controls take a little getting used to… oh, and Wtf is whith the unkillable giant bunny?! I layed traps, beat the crap out of it, and it still managed to survive… and kill me.

  • kevinaaaa

    Is it the demo or is there no sound of monsters.   Basically other than the background music it is very limiting.  

    This demo doesn’t do anything to make a newbie want the game.    Unlike ZombiiU and Fifa 13, they where great demos and made you buy them.

    This demo does the reverse if you don’t know the game,  it leaving you lacking.  I want to hear sounds from the monsters,  I really want to hear sounds when you are attacking it. 

    Anyone who play a released version,  have played the WiiU demo?  just want to know if the demo is pretty much a finished game,  or did they strip it down to what you see in released version?

    • Weird I had the same problem, thought it was just my surround sound but the Monster wasn’t making much noise as it should and my character wasn’t either (also my weapon wasn’t making a noise when it hit the monster like normal)….FYI this demo is NOWHERE NEAR what the full game is like. There are decent noob quests at the beginning that can help you get into the game, and you can also just run out into the woods for however long you want and practice killing monsters. There is even a forecast that tells you what type of monsters will be in the woods that day.

      Also in the full game there is way more monster noises and weapon noises so don’t let that scare you away.

    • Monsters do make sounds as does the characters and the weapons in the final game.

    • I know this is late but I just found out that if you have your Wii U set on surround sound mode (if you have a surround sound) that it messes up certain noises. Changed my Wii U to stereo and it worked great.

  • Another thing that bothered me was there is no indication of storyline elements. Does this game have no storyline? No overall goal? Because that’s stupid. The main reason I play an RPG …or any game.. is to conquer the storyline. Not even introducing that in the demo is another failure point for me.

    And the sound issues that somebody else mentioned are also a good point. No sounds from attacks or monsters?

    I’m sure they could have released a demo that actually felt like the real game. Why didn’t they?

    • Played the 3ds demo and it’s definitely a stripped down version of the final game.

      As for the overall goal, yes there is a story in the game, you start as a noob hunter doing lame collections, hunt herbivors, hunt carnivores, hunt boss monsters, upgrade your gear to get better. Then random people will hire you for certain objectives (the quests) the main story is about a small town (your town) which is terrorised by a big monster causing quakes, in your town area, destroying it, the destruction must end, that’s where you come in.

      As the story unfolds you’ll come across this monster, and eventually you kill it. Then it turns out that this monster came to your towns area because it is no longer on the top of the food chain as an even more terrifying monster lurks near a small island which will be your final target.

      That’s MH in a nutshell on the Wii, I do not know how much has been changed on the wiiu/3DS version. If changed at all 🙂

    • The sound COULD be due to surround sound or you Wii U being set to surround sound mode. I have a surround sound so I changed my Wii U to that sound setting, as soon as I did that the Monsters started making noises (I could hear them). This is an issue as the Wii U has problems with 5.1 surround sound, and I don’t know why. I had the same issue with Zombi U not making noises when I hit the Zombies but it worked great after I changed my sound to Stereo.

  • If any people who are new to the Monster Hunter universe want to get into the series, but feel it’s just to hard or you didn’t get what was going on, just let me know and I will be glad to help. I will even add you on Wii U for messaging purposes. When this game comes out I will be busting it out for quite some time and I’m always down to help people out, it’s all part of the companionship that comes with hunting monsters together.

  • savisn

    As a newcomer the game is difficult and confusing.  I’m ok with that as I don’t mind playing around trying to figure things out, but I’m guessing it’s going to turn off a lot of people that try it.   They need to add the MiiVerse ASAP to allow newbies to ask questions.  I prefer that over spending time tracking down you tube videos and having to dig through to find the parts I’m trying to learn.
    Some things are hard to just figure out while trying to stay alive and with a really restrictive time limit.  For instance I have no idea really how to use those little helpers.  I saw in a menu I could give them commands by clapping, but no clue what they do or when to use them.   They do break me out of snowballs if I walk around enough though 🙂

    It’s also unfortunate they didn’t enable online to allow inexperienced hunters to learn on the fly with others that know how to play.

    I’ll play this a few more times to see if I like it, but I don’t think Capcom did the game any favors as far as gaining new audience.  In fact they may have been better off not having a demo at all.  A demo aimed at experienced hunters doesn’t accomplish much as they know what they are getting more or less.  A demo that turns off a lot of new players that try the game by being harder than the actual campaign (shorter time limit for no reason) with no tutorial seems like a bad move.

    • Illidan Stormrage

      For a Miiverse room, you should use the Japan MH3G HD vers. community. You have to change the thing from America to Japan first.

  • catsby

    Im new with monster hunter and i got one question.. Why do you only have a certain time for a quest??

    • Kirzan

      To make the player actually progress in the game and get stronger. If you had unlimited time for everything, you could slowly chip away at every single enemy with starter gear. That’s not what the game’s about. Adding a time limit really gets that stress in you that forces you to get really good at it because you have to play defensively, but also offensively. The perfect balance.

      • Illidan Stormrage

        For the quests that you purposefully go out on you have time limits but if you do a free hunt off of the village then you do have unlimited time.

  • After that crap demo, they will have to put out a free trial with the full game on it (but limited to the first 4-8 hours of content) if they want me to buy the game.  That’s what the effing demo should have been in the first place.

  • David

    Is this game like call of duty? J/k! Just trolling until I go home and play the demo tonight. I downloaded it while i dremt of glory. I can’t wait! 🙂

  • I’ll say what many have said already, this game is not for the feint of heart, this game is truly a hardcore title it’ll give some minor explanation early on, and the monsters are SUPER tough, be the hunter or become the hunted.

    You love it or you hate it, my first game was the Wii version, played a female hunter and my fav weapon was the Lance.

    Extremely steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it it rocks your socks off. I too spent 300+ hours on single player mode and another 300+ online.

    It’s awesome. As we speak I’m downloading the demo on my 3DS. As I do not have a wiiu yet. But if it is as good as the comments here say, and it’s as tough too, that WiiU is closer then ever before 😀

    For some who asked btw the final game does have sound from the chars, monsters and weapons etc.

  • Kirzan

    Basic Monster Hunter Noob Guide:

    Extremely basic guide. This doesn’t depict everything. Figure stuff on your own, it’s more fun and memory works better that way.

    Different weapons have different attacks. Experiment attacking while sprinting, using different combinations of X and A for longer combos, holding the attack button to “charge” it and land a massive hit when the boss is on its ass. EXPERIMENT! This is what this game is about. Starting as a complete newbie hunter and gaining not only equipment, but knowledge and skill!

    There are 2 “stances”, when your weapon is sheathed and drawn.

    Sheathed controls:

    R – Hold for Sprint.
    L – Switch the active item. Hold and then press Y and A to switch left and right respectively.
    Y – When the weapon is sheathed, this USES your selected item (bottom right).
    B – Dodge while moving. Crouch while standing still. You can’t really stealth because of the stupid cats following you around in the demo, but assuming you were alone and not making noise, you could sneak up on a boss and get the advantage right off the bat.

    A lot of weapons make you run EXTREMELY slow when it’s drawn. Practice sheathing your weapon when the boss is coming for you, and 1 dodge won’t give you enough distance.

    Drawn weapon controls:

    R – The weapons special mechanic. For instance, when you press R with dual swords, you enter some sort of “power mode” in which Stamina is constantly drained, but attacks hit much harder. With the longsword, you build a bar at the top left of your screen when you attack. It drains out, so you have to keep pressure on the boss. When it’s full, you can use R to unleash a devastating combo! It changes with every weapon and could be the sole reason you love a weapon type over another.
    L – Switch the active item. Hold and then press Y and A to switch left and right respectively.
    X and A – Combo attacks. The purpose of each button changes depending on the weapon.
    B – Dodge.

    Other basics you want to know:

    – They give you steak in the demo, EAT IT. Right when you get into gameplay, select it, and eat it. It’s called Monster HUNTER for a reason! You need to be prepared with buffs and traps. Yes, this isn’t your straightforward button masher, this is MUCH MUCH MORE!
    – Lay traps! In the demo, the easiest way to make clever use of traps is to damage, and tire the boss out. Eventually, it will get knocked down from chaining a lot of attacks or one BIG attack. When it’s on the ground, select the Large Bomb and plant it. Then, select the Small Bomb and plant it next to the large one. If you’re using a ranged weapon, just shoot the barrel. STAY AWAY FROM IT! The small bomb ensures you have time to move away before it detonates, in turn detonating the large bomb. Think outside the box. There are many ways to lay down traps!
    – You can DODGE in the middle of SOME combos! The greatsword is EXTREMELY slow and locks you into animation a lot. You CAN side dodge for a short period of time right after your attack. You missed? Dodge! It’s safer and almost faster than waiting on the animation.
    – You gotta sheathe your weapon to use items. This is why practicing sheathe/draw is important. You want to be prepared for every situation.

    Much like Demon’s Souls, if you’re familiar with it, this is about being smart and out-thinking the brute you’re trying to hunt. Yes, there’s a time limit, but that doesn’t mean you should go in, guns blazing, and get killed! Think like a hunter. Study patterns! When it screams, it means it does this attack! When it gets into a pouncing position, it means it’s doing that attack! It’s all about trial and error, in a much larger scale.

  • SoulSilverZero

    The demo’s okay at the least. I found myself good with the Dual Blades and the Switch-Axe.

  • catsby

    I wont be buying this game, Its to hard for me even though i picked easy :/