Feb 22nd, 2013

As you probably know, the Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate demo came out on the Wii U eShop yesterday. I’ve gone through it, and have detailed my experience in the following video:

I must admit, I don’t have much experience with games in the Monster Hunter series, so this impression comes from someone who you may consider a bit of a noob.

The demo has a wide variety of weapon styles to choose from, all of which feel unique based on their range and speed. Since you can’t do much customizing in the demo, the player can see the wide variety of play styles supported. The graphics are decent, but they fall short of other games of this generation. With that said, I was surprised to see a wide variety of environments and enemies in the one demo level I played.

The standard monsters roaming around don’t provide much challenge, as most die with one or two hits. Once you find the boss monster you are hunting, things change. I played the Hard Mode Hunt, and the boss was incredibly difficult. I had to choose all of my attacks and item uses wisely to succeed. Even when I was at my best, the battle almost lasted for the entire time allotted for the mission. Players will definitely feel accomplished when bringing these monsters down.

I felt the timer intruded on the experience as since it almost takes the full amount of time to fight the boss.  You are encouraged to bypass all the other areas and enemies in the level to head straight for the boss. Also, even though these games don’t typically hold your hand, I felt the lack of instruction made it difficult to know what to do. Since this is a demo, more of a tutorial would have been helpful.

While the game may not be graphically impressive, and there may be a few gameplay elements such as the timer that I’m not a big fan of, I feel that the boss battles themselves will be worth the price of admission. Couple that with the fact that you can tackle these behemoths with your friends in coop mode, and I think this game is bound to be a good time.

Have you played the demo? What did you think of it?

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  • uPadWatcher

    I had played the demo… and it was epic and incredible!

    • Nintedward

      Graphics not that impressive ? It’s a Wii game FFS :/ it’s not Assassins creed 3 or anything I know , but it looks pretty nice in native 1080p resoloution , looks like a really clean and sharp wii game.  Graphics are good enough and provide a mild 1080p bragging right.

      Monster hunter is what it is , it’s one of the most hardcore games that requires a HUGE investment of time. Some critics will slam it for being a Wii game , some will praise it for it’s massive depth and replayability. You love it or just simply can’t play it.

      Monster Hunter Tri gets a 9/10 for the Wii version , and this version is better all arou nd so that doesn’t change.

      • Daniel M’bele

        Dont agree at all. It simply looks like an upscaled Wii game with some minor texture improvements. The bragging right is 0. Im not going to slam it for anything other than being a shitty HD-port. Its a good game with many cool features

        • Laud

          So it’s a good game with many cool features but the fact that it’s in Native 1080p HD makes it a “shitty HD-port.” 

          I can’t even wrap my mind around that, it’s such a stupid statement.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I think he means that HD doesn’t automatically mean good graphics. The game runs smoothly, which is evident, but it’s obvious that the visuals are just enhanced Wii graphics. Like the guy said in the video, it looks aged, despite being in HD.

          • speedypetey007

            I forgot that it’s the internet and all those that know nothing about resolution, porting, and graphics in general are the ones to post the most.  

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I was simply restating the point that Daniel M’bele was trying to make. 

            If he is wrong, and you can show me links that prove HD automatically means better graphics, than by all means, do it.  Otherwise, you are the fool here.

            Oh, and some links for you


            Resolution refers to the pixel count. Which affects how clear/sharp the picture is in focus. Like the guy in the video said, it looks like a sharper Wii game. This is because it’s in HD.


            Graphics, the representation of something. This ties together the art style, textures, animations, backgrounds, resolution, and everything else together.

          • Daniel M’bele

            @Metal_Man_v2:disqus  Exactly. Uping the res to HD doesnt automatically make it look up to date. HD is being thrown around like its all the game devs are striving for. Lighting, shadows, tesselation, polygyons etc. Theres more to it. This doesnt look much better than the original version upscaled to 1080p on dolphin.
            @speedypetey007:disqus Well why dont you fill us in on what weve
            been missing then, you graphics god.

        • Nintedward

          It doesn’t look upscaled , it looks Native 1080p (which it is) it looks striking compared to the original wii game.

          It looks the same , but 6 times as sharp and clean looking due to native 1080p retexturing. They could of done so much more , but obviously thry just decided to release a 1080p verion of Monster Hunter tri g to capatilize on the Wiiu launch.

          I’m not saying it’s a good looking game! especially compared to todays graphics , but it does look like a very sharp Wii game. I would LOVE to see skyward sword , Xenoblade , Mario galaxy given the same treatment.

          • Daniel M’bele

            Id much rather see those games remade fundamentally like Wind Waker. I dont find this satisfactory at all. Feels like theyre milking the cash cow.

            I think some devs have come to believe that the nintendo crowd accept less attention on the visual experience. It might be true, judging for the posts on the game forums. I however, think we should be demanding attention on all fronts. I dont think good gameplay is impossible to combine with good graphics. 

          • thedeciderU

            I hear you on this Daniel M’bele. I have given the game an hour (three battles) and, after becoming frustrated with the gameplay, though it got better (understanding there is a learning curve and that the game requires a lot of time), i found the visuals a bit unacceptable. 

            Capcom is known for quality, but graphics on a next-gen console count. Even for Nintendo fans that don’t base everything on graphics. i don’t like the fact that I even feel a hint of them just porting this over to the Wii U to make a buck. I understand fans are super excited, but couldn’t we all have waited a bit longer for the full package delivering something really impressive?

            I’ll play the demo more, but I think they could’ve lost a golden opportunity bringing in new players to the series. Like someone said earlier, it doesn’t look bad. I just find it unimpressive. I expect to be impressed when I spend a lot of money on a new console. There’ll be tons of other games, I know…

          • Daniel M’bele

            Well said. Takes away some of the fun when you have the thoughts of “what could have been”.

          • CTRAINGAMER

            Does anyong get that its not just a port? It’s got shit loads more content then the Wii version, and it’s graphics arent ridiculously good because it made to be played on Wii U and 3DS at the same time via co-op. Everyone just…be quiet.

          • zajac1661

            Well. It is build upon the same game engine. And with the 400 shader gpu 5k series in mind, it could have been alot more. No one can deny that fact. No one is saying that the game, will be bad. Critisism is not nessecarily a bad and dangerous thing. I really do not get why people get butthurt about this. Opinions and wishes will always differ. And facts are facts.
            If people choose to let the game go on this behalf, why would anyone care or even try debate it trough? Some will pick it up, and some won’t. A thing i would have like to see changed, would probarly be the enviroments as a whole, and not seperated. I had a bit of problem with the monster standing in the enter/exit part of a area.

          • Daniel M’bele

            This summarized it pretty well. I dont get why [some] nintendo fans seem to think its off limits to criticize the graphics. Most people knows theres more to it by now. It always seems to be the so called “graphic whores” against the “fan boys”.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I don’t understand how you think it doesn’t look upscaled, but end your comment by saying it looks like a sharp Wii game.

          • Nintedward

            Here is a simple explanation for you then.

            Upscaled Wii games don”t look much better than they are in 480P , they are still rendered in 480p just upscaled to 1080p …

            Monster Hunter  Ultimate is rendered in native 1080p resoloution. That means capcom have gone over the entire game and made it 1080p native.

            Native 1080p looks significantly better than 480p upscaled to 1080p

            The Wiiu upsacales Wii games right ? well put Monster Hunter tri into you Wiiu (wii version) and compare it to Monster Hunter Ultimate (Wiiu version) .

            There is a pretty big difference between the 2 , bro.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            My bad.  Thanks for clearing that up.  I still don’t see that much of a difference though, even after looking at videos of the wii version on youtube.

          • Nintedward

            Trust me on this , I have the Wii version . It looks absoloutly horrible compared to the new native 1080p version. To be exact , it using 6 times less pixels natively than the Wiiu version.

            It’s blury and filled with Jaggies even when upscaled on Wiiu. Monster Hunter Ultimate is in a different league.

            If you had Monster Hunter tri on Wii on a 32” plasma next to Monster Hunter ultimate on Wiiu on a 32” plasma  – the difference would be HUGELY noticable , and I’m not exagerating.

            You’re talking the difference between a DS screen and a Vita screen.

          • Daniel M’bele

            Of course native 1080p does look better and on many games Id probably agree with your point. But if youve ever played the Wii game on Dolphin emulator, upscaled to 1080p with some minor graphic tweaks – youd know the difference isnt that big at all. It looks pretty much the same.
            From what I could see, on the Wii U version a lot of textures dont really look to be that high res. In my opinion that doesnt really make it worth redoing the game so that it renders in 1080p, just to get a little sharper picture. No extra detail etc. I think its poorly done. Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xhSVfbtmKvEIt looks better, sure. But not really THAT much better, right? You can see that the grass looks a little better for example. If he was to turn on anti aliasing and some other small tweaks, I promise you the difference would be barely noticeable.

          • Daniel M’bele

            Of course native 1080p does look better and on many games Id probably agree with your point. But if youve ever played the Wii game on Dolphin emulator, upscaled to 1080p with some minor graphic tweaks – youd know the difference isnt that big at all. It looks pretty much the same.

            From what I could see, on the Wii U version a lot of textures dont really look to be that high res. In my opinion that doesnt really make it worth redoing the game so that it renders in 1080p, just to get a little sharper picture. No extra detail etc. I think its poorly done. 
            Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xhSVfbtmKvEIt looks better, sure. But not really THAT much better, right? You can see that the grass looks a little better for example. If he was to turn on anti aliasing and some other small tweaks, I promise you the difference would be barely noticeable.

          • Michele Gurrado

             I agree with you: i would like to see skyward sword in full hd graphics! But i don’t want to pay it again at full price, this would be a robbery.

          • Nintedward

            Yeah i don’t want to pay for it either , would just be really interesting to see all the Wii’s best games in 1080p like this!

        • tomtank91

          yeah but no one is bragging, it was given such a high rating on the Wii and just made improvements with now a decent online and the graphics aren’t that bad.

      • i thought it was upscaled from the 3DS version

        • Nintedward

          It is the 3DS version which is a port of the Wii game with more content.

          It’s not upscaled…. It’s Retextured natively in 1080p. 
          Native 1080p is what most PS3 games will be doing , barely ANY ps3 and 360 games have done native 1080p resolution on a 3D game. It requires a lot of power even just for a port like this.

          The Wiiu version looks MASSIVELY more sharp than 3DS version . But the 3DS version looks great also in 3D.

      • tomtank91

        yeah but a game isn’t defined on graphics.

      • Richard Yates

        M’bele is a numpty mate you hit the nail on the head with this post!

  • Agent X

    The game is straight forward.. either capture or kill a monster. the other animals in the game are just animals and not most times part of the mission expect you are on a gathering mission….otherwise go look for your monster

    • That depends really, if you play quests there is a tag on the quest saying “Area stable” or “Area Unstable” on the second note you WILL come across your target monster but also across other “Boss monsters” on the Wii game I was after Ratalion (or whatever the first dragon is called :P) While fighting him I was also attacked by Qurupeco AND the Big Raptor boss monster, so straight forward?

      Not really, fighting 3 boss monsters of which only ONE is your mission goal hurts like hell, but killing all 3 of them really gives you both an adrenaline rush and a very satisfied feeling + tons of extra rewards for killing non-mission included monsters.

      Online these quests are even tougher(atleast twice as tough) and playing with friends (up to 3 on Wii) quadrupples the monster difficulty on top of the allready doubled difficulty in online gameplay.

      You played it yourself, so a little bit of a shame you forgot that, but you’re forgiven I don’t know how far you got in the game nor how long it has been you’ve played it last time 😉

  • wiiucompl

    I have similar feelings. Graphically, does not give full satisfaction, but it’s more a matter of skilful control a hero – you have to learn how to run and look.
    A little funny looks Haevy Bowgun especially reloading and aiming. For sure the game gives a lot of fun.

    •  According to Nintendo, they want you to suspend your joy over graphics and concentrate on the gameplay only!

      • Dominic Coradazzi

        Congrats Donaald, you said something relatively intelligent

        • Laud

          So what did he say that was intelligent? Cuz I don’t see it.

          What he said reminded me of a 6 year old doing his best at sarcasm, makes you wanna smack the child across the room or shoot him with a bowgun.

      • tronic307

        Apples to apples, please: 

        1. It’s an enhanced Wii game.
        2. It has to be cross-play compatible with the 3DS version. It can’t look completely different.

      • DK_Hadouken

         You say this when “Capcom” developed the game? Do not blame the Big-N, rather blame Capcom for not actually doing more than a few tweaks and bumping it to HD.

      • Nintendo did not make this game… From watching the video the graphics look unimpressive but that is the fault of the developer because there are games that look way better than this on the Wii.  So it would be nice for once if you would put the blame where it belongs.   Do you say the same thing if a game for another system (including PC) looks like crap??

        •  I know Nintendo did not make the game man, but Nintendo went on a big propaganda spree when the Wii was coming out trying to tell us to forget about graphics, it’s about the control!  Now they need to stick with that slogan!

          • TrueWiiMaster

            It’s not to “forget about graphics” so much as remember gameplay.  If they didn’t care about graphics, games like Skyward Sword, Epic Yarn, Mario Galaxy, and Xenoblade wouldn’t look so good.  Sure, they aren’t HD, but they’ve all been praised for how good they look.  Graphics should never be the most important aspect of a game, nor the second most important, nor the third.  They’re important to a game, but they’re not as important as many would have you believe.

          •  No, that (“It’s not about the graphics man – it’s about the gameplay!”) was a direct quote from paid internet poster of Nintendo during the Wii campaign designed to brainwash the fool into thinking that you must forget about nice looking graphics because Nintendo did not have that to offer.  I stress that because now with the Wii U, they like talking about the graphics!

            All you have read about since the Wii U was announced were that the graphics were “better than the PS3 or 360!”  You heard about it’s “GPGPU” and how it could handle streaming the GRAPHICS to the tablet.  Every game that came out, was directly compared to the other systems, not for gameplay(!) but for the graphics alone! 

            Of course when the PS4 and the next Xbox come out, it is back to gameplay.  THIS lies is the reason I can’t stand Nintendo.  I hate liars who try to shoot down strong points of other systems that most people like to try and make up for their short comings.  The facts are, people (including Nintendo nuts) love nice, modern, mind blowing graphics and EXPECT great gameplay.  We don’t LOOK for great gameplay, we expect it.  We do look for great graphics!

            This bullshit campaign that Nintendo had or still wants to use every now and then is one of my main gripes with them.  The other is catering to the baby crowd.

          • TrueWiiMaster

             First, how do you know that was from a paid poster?  Second, how does that disagree with what I said?  Games ARE about the gameplay, not the graphics.  If they were all about the graphics, they’d be movies.

            “how it could handle streaming the GRAPHICS to the tablet”
            That’s not really related to graphical prowess.  That’s just a feature.

            Of course people were talking about the Wii U’s power.  When the Wii came out people were talking about its power too.  It’s a new system, and everyone wants to know just what it’s capable of.  Graphics do matter, just not as much as many think they do.  Even with the Wii’s weak hardware, it produced quite a few excellent games.  Either way, there has been a lot of talk about the gameplay of the Wii U as well.  Articles about how the Gamepad changes things, how it can be used in the future, etc haven’t exactly been rare.  Gameplay is something Sony barely touched on in the PS4 conference.  It was all about the same or similar gameplay, with better graphics and/or bigger worlds.  It was almost completely about the graphics (well, there was sharing too, but that hardly changes actual gameplay).

            Please define “baby crowd”.

            Also, realize that consoles aren’t the best choice for graphics, PC’s are.  If graphics are really that important, nobody would be playing the PS3 and 360 today, and few people would invest in the PS4 or 720 (or the Wii U).  They’d go for PC’s.  People who attack Nintendo for having lesser graphics while playing consoles at all are being very hypocritical.  They are playing consoles with lesser graphics themselves.

          •  The PS3/360’s graphics are still not outdated except that they are all not in native 1080P.  Consoles ARE the best option for gaming because developers give their all to the consoles while PC games get compromised. I go for PC when things do not look right or I am undecided.  I would have bought Madden if they still made it for PC, but since they don’t there is no need to buy.

          • TrueWiiMaster

             Wow.  Have you never seen PC games?  How about Battlefield 3?   It looks a TON better on PCs than on consoles.  The PS3 and 360 couldn’t begin to have graphics like that, and that’s just one example.  Even now, the PS4 is only bringing consoles up to where PC’s have been for quite a while.

            That’s irrelevant.  If you’re talking about power, PC’s are best, hands down.  It’s actually pretty funny to see you adopt the “games are what matter” argument that most Nintendo fans use.  If games are what matter most, there’s no problem with Nintendo’s hardware.  If power’s more important, all consoles are sub-par.  Take your pick.

          •  I personally think that PC’s are only better because you have options and updates.  You can change the resolution and with each new video card you add, the graphics and/or performance can improve, depending on what Direct X version was used.   PC’s used to have the price advantage on the games, but now that is a problem.

            I used the PC during the entire PS2 generation and right up to about a year after the 360 came out.  For that generation, PC graphics were certainly better, depending on who made the game.  I mainly went PC because I was tired of systems failing and I thought that the PS2 would flop since it was ugly.

  • Cesar Barroso

    u got trap on the monster hunter universe my friend. big welcome to the new hunter!!!! don’t worry abut time, if u don’t engage in a quest u can explore anything u want, on the main game

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Not my cup of tea. Graphics are OK but desperatly empty. You can, at least in the demo, walk in a few small zones. When you reach the limit of the zone (weird map), you enter an other zone – it’s not like you are really exploring an open world. And I don’t like it when a guy runs with the feet passing through his coat (1st guy, with the sword), looks buggy and rushed. But I guess that game offers a good challenge, I died many times 😀

  • I played it. I got my ass kicked by that giant bunny in the icelands.

  • Look at those ‘high-powered’ graphics!

    • DK_Hadouken

      Really, is that all you can do Donaald? Trolling, much?

      That being said, we all know it’s an HD port. That does not mean that’s all the Wii U can do.

      •  See, I don’t praise the PS4, I am a great guy and intelligent.  I don’t praise the Wii U, I am a troll and every other name in the book.

        • DK_Hadouken

          Intelligent? Yes.
          Not stating the obvious so you can appear accurate, like a troll? Yes.
          I can agree with you.

        • TrueWiiMaster

           Here’s the problem with your logic: this is a Wii U fan site.  If you wanna bash Nintendo, go elsewhere.  If you wanna praise Sony, go elsewhere.  If you come to a place where Nintendo fans gather just to attack Nintendo, yes, you’re a troll.

          •  Here is some new logic – I am not paid to post or support Nintendo so I will write what I want!

          • TrueWiiMaster

             Did I say you couldn’t?  I just said bashing Nintendo on a Nintendo fan site makes you a troll, by definition.  So, no, that wasn’t “new logic”.

  • DemonRoach

    Game should be 29.99 since it’s just a re-release. and same price on 3ds.

    • Johny

      nope.. it fully deserves the price since its really NOT a re-release.

      for ONE … would a re-release have 51 boss monsters while the original release had only 18 ?. and that many more monsters mean just as much TIMES more weapons and armors (expecially since in this game there are ALL the classes.. including the ones that were absent in the original version) then there are even more areas and of course following with TONS more quests and other content… + its graphicly very improved and it has a 3ds connectivity,cross play feature and ability to swap save files between systems.
      if you played the original version of the game, you would definately agree that it more than deserves the full price. i got nearly 700 hours on the mh3 on wii, and theres no doubt in my mind im not getting both the wii u and the 3ds version. it was also one of strong reasons i got a wii u in the first place

      • Scott Duperree

         You know 700 hours would be something like 45 minutes a day since the game was released in April 2010

  • Alienfish

    Garbage. Capcom could have done so much better. Cheap remake doesn’t deserve my money.

  • Horrible Demo, but check it out for yourself and decide.

    • It sucks, because I really wanted this game, but based off the demo I have no reason to believe the game is any good, except for everybody saying the game is so much better than the demo…..well then what is the point of the demo?

      • AKT4

        Yep unfortunately the demo showed the real game very poorly. A lot of demos do though as there are often features missing. This demo does it especialy poorly however.

        There’s a lot more to the game than just killing the monsters. Also killing the monsters isn’t meant to be easy there, but it takes some time to learn how they work.

  • Lars Jansen

    I don’t get this game… At all! So, you’re running around, swinging your weapon 1000 times on these dragons.. For what? Whats the point in killing them? Mission complete – and then what? New items, gear? Do they drop any loot?

    This game seems pointless and extremely over hyped to me. Played and talked about since we have no other games to play.

    • Jake Lood

      They do indeed drop loot, you use the loot to craft new weapons and armor that you can use to kill stronger monsters. The reason you don’t see this is because capcom did the demo REALLY badly.

      if anyone here wants more info on the game you can either check out monsterhunter.wikia.com



      • Remember this is just a demo the real game has so many missions weapons and armors so you can always be ready for anything they throw your way this game is great its so fun with friends or even by yourself check out the links man study this game don’t pass it up i hate that not many people know of this great game.


        They don’t “drop loot”. After you defete a monster, you carv it for resources. And the game has a story, you just can’t play it in the demo.

  • Scott Duperree

    I have never played Monster Hunter, but I suppose the timer may have given you difficulty because you played in hard mode.  Then again, I have never played it.

  • mralloverit

    A good demo. What they should have done with this game, however, is built it from the ground up specifically for the Wii U instead of just “remastering” something that was clearly made with the 3DS in mind. As it is now, it does little to showcase the potential of the Wii U. I may still buy it, but it’s not a game I’ll be keeping for a while.

  • yenly

    People don’t get it… I spend 2 Days few months ago on pizza and skipping classes to play this game.. It is a lot of fun and YOU NEED A TEAM… That is the best way I would describe this game it is rewarding because you fight crazy Monster that are Mostly hard to beat…


  • Richard Garcia

    For all you new hunters, welcome, and by the way the full game, not the demo, starts the hunter off mainly on gathering missions first and gradually gets harder so by then you will develop experience. Before playing the demo game I recommend looking at the manual and then play the game. This demo was probably easy for veterans like myself but for the beginners it takes time to learn the creatures movement and remember pick your shots!!!!!, don’t just blinding attack the monster which will result in a very tough fight and the player dying a lot. Personally I prefer the Katana over all the weapons since that’s what I’m’ use to from playing previous Monster hunter games. Also it takes time to get better because I remember struggling to kill the Rathalos but eventually got the hang of it. So keep practicing, the game is worth it.

    • Thanks for the tip man,am loving the demo have played few times trying get used to the right system.The graphics are not up the likes of trine two and need for speed but as the some of the guys said it was wii game original still good enough for me.Not played rpg in years can’t wait to get started with this one.

    • Everyone who says the demo is bad just doesn’t understand monster hunter. It’s not about being able to pick it up and instantly be able to kick the collective ass of everything around you. It’s about learning from your mistakes, taking a chance now and then, and WORKING like Hell until you finally attain the ability to maneuver your way around monsters

    • Thanks for this comment it explains the intended gameplay well. I am new to Monster Hunter and really want to like this game being a huge fan of Lost Planet 2 and it’s epic boss encounters. I did not enjoy the demo but it was because I just hacked at the monster and felt I had no time to try and understand the gameplay. Felt the demo could have explained itself a bit to. Graphics have been badly upgraded, I was hoping for at least Skyrim level of detail to world, but can’t expect too much with launch games I guess as devs tend to be rushed as a result of late arriving development system and sub-standard documentation from also rush hardware manufactures.

  • Nintendofreak

    its nice to see my favorite wii game after xenoblade get a remake cant wait to kill diablos…holy shit gun lance is back :,,,,,,,,)

  • leemass25

    this guy sucks at mh lol
    but then again we all did 1st time we played 😉 lol

  • tooby77

    Not very impressed. Tried it on wii and now the demo. Will buy it anyway coz i like to own many games

    • AKT4

      It takes some time to learn. Need to watch the monsters, what they do and how they behave in combat, and learn from that and use that to advantage.

      Also there’s a lot more in the game than just killing the monsters. Unfortunately the demo doesn’t really show that.

  • AAAkabob

    LMAO …”This is hard mode? It’s so easy…Wait I’m Supposed To Kill THAT?”

    *proceed getting ass wooped*

  • bizzy gie

    I hope there is some sort of Nintendo 3DS/Wii U cross-platform play like local co-op or online VS. to increase the multiplayer community. It could work plus Miiverse is coming to the 3DS soon so they’d get the MH3:U community too.

    • AKT4

      There is local cross-platform play for Wii U and 3DS. Was demoed in the last Nintendo Direct video.

  • AAAkabob

    I actually found that people aren’t joking when they say there is a viscous learning curve.  I actually never looked in that blue box-.-  So they could’ve given us some more instructions.  Also why the hell would you disable the combo list in a demo!? It makes no sense.  Lastly, the aiming with range weapons SUCK, like horribly bad.

    However, I did kill the easy boss and had fun doing it, but the hard boss was too much for me.  

    I actually didn’t like it on PSP.  I say I’m gonna pass on this until way later cause I have a back log right now.  Otherwise I’d only buy if the Online multiplayer is very fluid.

  • I played the demo and I was very underwhelmed with it. People have been hyping this game up and have said a lot of good thing about the series, but I saw none of that in this.

    For one, the graphics were just plain embarrassing for what Wii U is capable of. I usually praise gameplay over graphics, but these were just lazy. I literally saw 480p pixel edges on some of the sprites. The colours were also bland and the areas were very empty and lacked a lot of detail.

    The gameplay wasn’t that good either. In my opinion, it was bland, mindless, and boring. I played as an archer, and every time I tried to shoot the rabbit boss, it’d come flying across the map, knock me over, and do the same thing over again when I readied another shot. The load times between areas were unecessary and there was no tutorial, and even after tinkering around a bit, the controls were still weird.

    I really dunno what people see in this game.

    • WiiUltra

      You should try using a blade. Bowguns and archers are hard as hell to learn. The demo gives you a little taste but you really don’t experience anything unless you buy the game. And in my opinion it is way worth it. Learning curve is huge though is you’re a beginner.


        That, and the fact that ranged weapons aren’t that good when you fight alone unless you have high lv equipment.

    • Spend more time with it, and start with an easier weapon, like the sword and sheild. Bowguns are really for more advanced players. Its all about spacing and knowing what the monster will do next. It’s not a pick up and play game. Its a learning experience

    • TheLast

      Weeeeeeak. 😛

    • Nintedward

      If you can’t handle the hunt , you can’t handle the hunt I’m afraid. Leave it to the big playas….


    For whats its worth not all missions are timed, and the ones in the Wii version that were timed were like 60 minutes from what I remember.


    For whats its worth, not all missions are timed, and from what I recall of the Wii Version, the timer was 60 minutes on the ones that were.

    I think this 20 minute timer is demo specific.

    • yeah, plus they give you decent equipment in the demo, as opposed to the BS they give you in arena battles

    • Gregory Edcius

      well there are bosses that only give you 20 min and online every boss fight is 20 min

      • No Gregory, with the exception of some event quests and arena quests, all online boss fights have the same 50 minute time limit as the offline quests. Even the event and arena quests that do have a shorter time limit are almost always 30 min

  • man the time is perfect it gives you enough time to kill and explore trust me i did both im a veteran at this game i have been playing monster since before freedom 1 and 2 came out and for you beginners out their to pay to much attention to the demo is just to show how the game is the time for each match in the actual game is 60min in game and customization through the roof their is so much so get the demo so you could learn how to play for when the real hunt begins you will be ready.

  • QYM1978

    Hi there fellow MH Fans! My take on this installment of MH is that Nintendo+Capcom are about to pull-off one of the “Best Gimmicks” since the Wii by re-releasing this with “Ultimate Upgrades” for 2 systems, with the intent to entice Players to purchase both versions and I must say: IT WORKED! NOTE: We as fans are being “Pacified” because I’m pretty sure that a totally new version of MH is already in the works that will allow players to use the GamePad exclusively, being that the Wii U is only a few months old! GOOD HUNTING!

  • Sergio Díaz

    One of the main cons about MH series is that they tend to get super hard at early stages, so yeah… But once you get the hang of it, oh boy, you’ll love it 🙂

    51 different bosses, you’ll never get bored! heck, with MH3’s 18 bosses you could spend an entire day killing every single of them >_< then earn titles by killing 10, 50 and 100 of each =o
    make different sets! functionality!… keep forging weapons, equipments, combinations

    A must-have for anyone, even if you didn't like the demo… <-< (you're probably a newbie to MH)

  • babe333

    This review is close to the way I read the game. Not exceptional but great fun!

  • @ John Zaccari. For a newbie you did pretty much okay man, don’t feel bad, my first time was way worse. As a side note the standard monsters form little to no challenge because what I’ve seen in the demo you start it with some high end gear.

    In the beginning the random mobs will be tougher on the actual game as you start as a noob geared player (shirt, sandals, skirt/shorts no armor what so ever) the pleiosaurus will one shot you in the beginning using it’s weaker attacks.

  • RoelSchuring

    With the wii version of the game I had the problem that at one point I couldn’t get an further into the game and that just stopped me dead in my tracks.

    So I was thinking maybe its cool to play again and with a demo there is nothing to lose. Well as I play on a non-HD tv it was almost impossible to play even easy mode as I could read most texts and could see the map clearly (which led me to 15 minutes of wandering). So I’ll try the demo again when I play on a HD tv (or have one for that matter).

  • My first impressions of the demo (from a total MH n00b):

    Graphics, while not at all horrible, are not nearly as good as they should be.  It looks like what it is — a port of a 3DS game that is a port of a Wii game.  Still, not so bad as it makes the game unplayable.  Do wish the environments were more populated and less empty, and the short loading times between small sections of map scream “last gen.” 

    The controls, while not totally broken, are still rather clunky and inaccurate for an action RPG.  I don’t want a game to be too easy and hold my hand, but I also don’t want a game to tie one hand behind my back.  Like I said above, I am a total n00b to this series, but it seems like the difficulty comes from the controls as much, if not more, than the actual difficulty of the monsters you are fighting.

    In regards to the lack of off-screen play because the dev says the gamepad screen is critical to gameplay, sorry, but this just seems like laziness on part of the dev.  All that appears to be on the gamepad screen are inventory and other shortcuts that can also be accessed by just using the correct inputs on the controller.  I played the demo using the Pro controller and didn’t even use the gamepad.  Nothing on the gamepad is critical to gameplay, unlike a game like ZombiU where I understand why they don’t have offscreen play because the gamepad is a major part of the gamplay.

    In terms of co-op, I know you cannot do it in the demo, but the more I read the less I am thrilled on how they are handling it in the final game.  At the very least the game should have off-screen play, but what it really should have is local co-op play with one player using the TV and a pro controller, and the other using the gamepad and its screen.  Games like Black Ops 2 and Sonic Racing Transformed already do this on the Wii U, and both those games are more technically demanding in terms of processing power needed than this port.  It honestly looks like the dev is just being lazy, and forcing you to buy a 3DS and another copy of the game just to play local co-op is nothing more than a cash grab.

    Local co-op using the second screen approach would of made this a must buy for me, and the lack of off-screen play at all makes this a game I will likely just pass on, because being a parent of young children and having a wife who doesn’t game, off-screen play is a major plus for me.  Also, I couldn’t even get the game audio to come through my headset attached to the gamepad when playing the demo.  If that is the case also in the final game, this will be a game I am not getting for sure.

    No off-screen play = I cannot play during the day when the kids are awake.

    No audio through the gamepad which forces me to have the sound come through the TV = I cannot play at night without waking up the kids.

    Not being able to play at night OR during the day = no point in buying this game.

    • I’m in the same predicament as you bud, could not agree more. I tend to play with sound through my system, kids have now been desensortised:) I don’t know either for same reasons as you. May pick it up? I think online coop is the way to go but honestly don’t know many people who will get this game so have to play with strangers.

    • Nintedward

      I have to agree with you actually on this. The game is an amazing game no doubt! but as you are rightly pointing out this a very basic and lazy port. It should 100% have off screen play , Dual screen coop . 

      I understand these complaints and they might very well hurt the western critical reception of the game , I however am still definitely buying the game as i know I will have 100’s of hours of hunting online!

    • zerooooo

      holly shit really, before the wii U you weren’t able to use seperate screen and now that its here your complaining about it not having that experience… In wii U terms its the correct way to use the wiiU gamepad to enhance experience not just make a game and slap that second screen capability so people like you can be like “omg second screen! im so getting it” Idk about you but I’d rather have a unique/easy access experience than just a second screen to play on. Apperantly you did this last gen huh?

    • Gregory Edcius

      just like you said yourself you dont know monster hunter the controls have always been like that if you master it you can dodge split seconds before being attacked the build up from a new area towards the bosses is very good first some small hunts then bigger ones the material harvesting is addictive and an important part of the game i can search hours for certain crystals or stones after cutting down monsters and bosses you harvest the bodyparts for new weapons and armors to challenge bigger bosses so you can harvest even better bodyparts for gear if you get into it you’ll keep playing

    • Nice points Nathan, i also were really excited about the game but i cant understand why i couldnt play just on the gamepad. Theres no reason for it. I played the whole demo without even looking the pad. Well quess ill wait and look if im going to buy it..

    • disqus_7MyjU7dzSa

      Looks like someone should’ve pulled out.

  • that guy

    don’t like all the people bashing this demo because of graphics. it would most likely look bad because they had to fit all the textures, character models, and code in less than one gigabyte of data (about 900 MB) .i am fairly certain hd textures tend to take up a lot more space than that.

    please tell me if i am wrong in assuming this

  • incoherent1

    Played the demo for 10 minutes, scratched my head, played another 10 minutes, then deleted it.

    I’ve never played a MH game before and had no idea what to expect, so there’s a lot of context missing, but I just didn’t get this game. As noted in the video, there’s no tutorial / overview / introduction / prologue whatsoever, so you’re basically thrown into this game with no storyline, controls, or sense of purpose.

    Not hating on the game if you’re a fan — if you love it, that’s great, but they’re doing themselves no favors trying to lure in new players.

    • AKT4

      Yep they should’ve done a lot better. I was very hyped up about the game coming, but when I downloaded the demo and tried it, it sucked. The controls felt clunky and the boss fights seemed to last forever. I too had no previous experience of the game.

      However, then I read people’s thoughts about it from internet sites. I saw people comparing it Dark Souls. I saw people saying that it’s not a pick up and play experience, but it’s a learning experience. I understood. I tried it again the next day, and it felt already so much better. At first try I had used the sword and shield, as people had recommended it for beginners, but I had found it a bit boring for me, so I gave greatsword a shot. It rocked. Felt a lot more complex than just hack and slash and I didn’t think at all how long the fight lasted. Felt very tactical and the controls felt almost natural to me, as if they were an important part of the hunt. I started understanding the monster’s behaviour patterns. I started seeing when it clearly started to be weaker.

      Also need to remember that the demo is indeed very lacking. You don’t have the incentive to kill the monster as you just start straight from the hunt. There’s not the important part of customizing your gear. You don’t get a reward from killing the monster.

      Also I imagine the hunt would be so much better online with other people.

      Don’t judge the game because of your quick experience on the demo. There’s just so much more, and it’s not impossible at all to learn if you give it some thought.

  • Kind of looks like they ported and upscaled the 3DS game here.  The Wii U is capable of so much more.   This is what happens when 3rd Party developers don’t put in the effort to make a game as best as they can.  

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I really tried to like this demo, really tried, but the characters are stiff to control, the environments are tiny and I find myself traveling a few feet and then it loading to the next area. After Playing AC3 on Wii U I’m not impressed at all as far as levels. I know this is supposed to be a HD port of the 3DS version, but they really needed to put more effort in and make it feel like a home console game.  Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it.

    • AKT4

      It’s a very different game than AC3 and such games. It’s more like Dark Souls.

      The controls are intentionally a bit stiff. You can’t just smash the buttons, but you have to think a bit of what you do. If you do a mistake, the game punishes you easily, but if you do well, the game rewards you a lot. It takes some time to learn, but it’s definitely worth it. Also it depends a lot on the weapon you choose I think. I tried sword and shield first but I couldn’t understand the point of the game with them. When I tried greatsword however, it felt so much better.

      Also the demo does a poor job showing off the game. It’s so much more than just killing the monsters.

  • I don’t understand why people keep talking about the graphics and controls being bad/awkward. This game was PORTED to the Wii U and 3DS its not natively built for the consoles. They come from MH Portable 3rd in Japan. Second, the controls are purposely restrictive because this game is a risk/reward type game where you have to commit to your attacks unlike most action rpgs where you can just mash xxxxxxxyyyyyyyy.

  • Kirzan

    For the comments about the controls: Resident Evil 6. They listened to all the “Durrr controls in 4 and 5 are so clunkyyyyy” and turned it into an action game. Then, people complained it was an action game and not scary anymore.

    Believe it or not, the more restrictive the controls are, the more skill is required to achieve things in the game. Because simple controls lead to simple, mind-numbing gameplay. Games like Dynasty Warrior (pretty much all Koei games) and Assassin’s Creed are fine examples. Your first fight, is exactly like your last fight. Parry when attacked, attack when open. The general theme (like horror, or challenge) is also vastly increased. Monster Hunter is not / has never been Assassin’s Creed. It’s got control schemes in place to have you think about every single move you’re going to do instead of mindlessly button mashing and/or timing 1 or 2 parries once in a while.

    MH is about observation, evaluation, and appropriate reaction. It’s about balance. Yes, this sword feels extremely heavy and slow, but it hits hard as HELL! So, you observe the enemy’s pattern, you evaluate at what time is it most appropriate to strike, and you do it. Just like real hunting. While the animal isn’t as smart, it’s physically superior in brute strength, or speed. Use tact to counter said advantages.

    • demo did a bad job at making the game seem fun

      • Kirzan

        Honestly, this is personal, but I’ve never based a purchase off of a fantastic Demo experience. I can’t think of one… I just know what I like and rarely buy games I will dislike.

        I still believe most demos, in general, suck. It’s usually one of these scenarios: 
        – You don’t have all features, and the game thrives on the balance of all of its elements. 
        – The demo starts you off, but cuts at the most epic build up moment just to tease the shit out of you. 
        – It’s a MP demo, so you get to try 1 map with few classes or w/e the game uses.
        – It’s a random part in the game that would be REALLY nice if you knew who the hell these characters are / cared about them.

        I guess they’re good at spotting the obvious terrible game, like Colonial Marines. With most demos, though, people need to take em with a grain of salt. For some reason, a lot of people seem to think Demo = Game and it’s all you’re gonna do in it. Which is completely ridiculous…

        • I actually think demos going forward are crucial to stopping mafia (bribe/spoon driven) websites like gametrolers, ign and gspot from controlling what games succeed. I have seen to many great games get bad reviews and suffer in sales for it. Subsequently resulting in all game companies making the same action/fps game to match the most well known review sight tastes. If they dont make the expected game they loose their jobs. This kind of contol review sites have can be reduced by supplying users decent demos. I would say the best demos I have played take you through the how to play tutorial and then at the end give you a chance to put together what you learnt.

          • Kirzan

            Any smart consumer doesn’t base purchases off of reviews. When EVERY SINGLE SOURCE says the same thing, then it might be leaning towards that direction (like Colonial Marines). But when you see 5s and 10s from different places, something’s icky.

            The best way to judge if a game is of your liking is to watch LPs. Or just some dude playing a random level. Some YouTube channels live on being the firsts, on day 1. Here’s what I do:

            Trailer comes out. Watch it. IF not convinced THEN search for gameplay video from convention or people with media builds. IF game is released THEN watch LP OR player-made gameplay videos OR player-made review. You know, the cheap kind that speaks the truth. Because Johnny88473 with 100 views is not paid to say it’s good.

            When I know a game/franchise that has exactly what I want, I’ll get a demo. Not to decide whether to get it or not, but to satisfy the itch. Demos NEVER represent the full game appropriately. This is a fact.

  • Scott Duperree

    Just got done losing to the bunny.  The boss fights are definitely fun, but is there any more to the game other than the boss fights?  I love a good boss fight as much as anyone else, but I think it goes best with great levels leading up to the boss fights.

    • AKT4

      There’s a lot more. Exploration, gathering, questing, customizing gear etc etc.

      The monster fights are just a part of it, though a very important part of it. And it is a lot funnier online in a group.

  • It was ok but not sure if i want to pay 60 for this but who thinks this would be worth getting need some help to deside

  • @John Zaccari I had the same problem This is the first time to play this or any of the other games and i just could not figure out the contolls and was not sure of what i was doing so im not sure if i will get this because of the other amazing games coming in march for wii u

    • AKT4

      You can see the controls from the game’s manual (trough home button).

      It’s also about timing your attacks, not just slashing around. Need to observer what the monster does and adapt to that. It’s not easy, but it’s a matter of learning. Once you learn how the game works, it’s so much worth it however.

      Also there’s so much more in the game than just killing monsters. The demo unfortunately does a poor job showing that. It also starts out slower than the demo does and introduces you slowly to weaker monsters first.

      •  Thanks man i will do that im glad for the info

  • Retro Cool

    Never playing a MH game in my life and trying this demo.  I have to say I am on the fence with this game.  The controls seemed a bit clunky. The camera angles were hard to use, but I imagine this game is all about having multiple players duking it out on a monster.  

    I have about 25 more times until this demo is done, but honestly … IDK.  I want to really like it at this moment. It is a no go for me.  

    • AKT4

      The controls and the camera are intentionally a bit clunky. It’s kind of like Dark Souls. It’s not easy at first. It takes some time to get used to. Also I think it depends a lot on the weapon you choose. I tried sword and shield first, but I hated it. It seemed pointless hack and slash. Then I tried greatsword, which seems to me a lot nicer. Gives a lot more tactical feeling to me when I really have to time my attacks well.

      And indeed, the game is so much better online. I find it quite fun alone too, but online it’s so different.

      Also the demo unfortunately does very poor job showing off the game in reality. There’s so much more than just killing monsters all the time. And also it starts out a lot easier. The demo just puts you against a monster, whereas the real game starts out with gathering stuff, and then slowly introduces you to different monsters, which are easier at start.

      And by the way, be sure to check the manual (home button > manual) for the attack combos and such.

      • Dark souls and demon souls were not clunky at all.

  • Since playing the demo I have been counting down the days until I get that game. It’s so much fun!

  • These types of games I believe nintendo should try to make the best, I believe xbox and sony try to take on shooter based games and with the wii u game pad would in my opinion fits perfect for it.  I would like to see games like Rift and which I’ll never let down is Icewind Dale XD , I been dieing for least a revamped graphics just graphics and extra spells and I know the have an hd patch for it but its still not that great

  • just wanted to say one more thing on here, that games like this dont need to be benchmark breaking graphics, so they can keep the same graphics in this game just make it have lots of fancy light shows and tricks and something.  Make the world huge, monsters hard, tons of quest this game kinda reminds me of old world of warcraft but now their graphics are better I think but anyways they need to take this franchise and make it exclusive if its not already and beef it up and work with it polish it up you know cause the game has lot of potential from what i seen of it in the demo video on my wii u so Im little excited about a game again awesome.

  • Gregory Edcius

    i played a few hundred hours on the wii hunter rank 140+ already preordered this game can’t wait for mh4

  • Gamer Cake

    I personally don’t think that I’ll pick up this game. It just seems like the whole game will be you just going round killing stuff, with nothing much else. I also didn’t like the fact that the world is split into sections, each which have to load. The time limit is also a pain mainly because I completely hate time limits, which is why I enjoyed Pikmin 2 far more than Pikmin as you can explore the worlds. I don’t really care about graphics too much, so long as their good enough to play, their good enough for me. I might pick up the game later on but I think I’ll spend most of March playing Lego City Undercover.

    • AKT4

      The game is so much more than just killing monsters. Unfortunately however the demo doesn’t show that at all. It’s exploration, gathering, gear customizing and a lot more still.

      Also the time limit is apparently 60 minutes in the real game. And that’s only when you’re hunting. No time limits with exploration.

  • I played the series 1st time, i would love to have a little tutorial on keys atleast. I figured after 4 tries of same mission how to apply the different coating on my arrows. (had to push X and A on same time.) Also i had “special attack” on my gamepad and nothing happened when i pushed it. Other than that i liked it, waiting for the launch. If someone has any decent guide to link i would love to read one. 🙂

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Yeah, I have to agree about the timer.  I was doing pretty well against the Plesioth, but ran out of time.  That wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the fact that it ran away 3-4 times, and every time I had to spend a minute or two swimming to catch up to it.  That took at least a quarter of the allotted 20 minutes I had to kill the thing, plus the time it took me to go all the way across the map to get to it in the first place.  I had the same problems in the Wii game.  I’d spend so much time chasing runaway monsters that I’d often run out of time and lose the mission.  Why can’t they just lower your “grade” like they do when you die, and add on another 10-20 minutes?  Also, like you said, the world of Monster Hunter is fun to explore, but the strict time restraint discourages any significant exploration.  That said, without the time limit, the missions would be too easy.  You could just gradually wear the monsters down.  That’s why I like the idea of giving you a time limit, but rather than ending the mission if you fail to meet it, cutting your rewards.  To get the best stuff, you’d have to finish under the limit, but you could continue the game even if it took a bit longer to slay the monster.

  • Michele Gurrado

    Take a Wii game, mix it up to 1080p and sell it at full price. The recipe is done.

    • Moshugaani

      Yeah, I really do think this should be in the $30 price range.

  • RetroSquid

    I was incredibly interested in Monster Hunter, until I played the demo… I just didn’t enjoy it at all… Definitely won’t be parting with any money on this title…

  • tomtank91

    I’ve never played a MH game and on first experience I think it’s pretty amazing so i’ll be getting this day one. So hopefully some people will join me online. My Nintendo ID Tomo910

  • DemonRoach

    Played the demo, seems fun.  Has anyone experienced framerate issues?

    • Yeah, I did. This demo didn’t convince me to buy the game. It just seems like a mediocre port of a great game (that I never got the chance to play) on the Wii. The Wii graphics are overly obvious on the Wii U and there’s the choppy frame rate.

      • Moshugaani

        Wow, really?? There’s no excuse for having poor refresh rates in a game this low-fi. 🙁

  • I bought MH Tri a month ago to demo it befor the demo hit 😛 Loved it. And I know I’m gonna love this even more with the shinier pictures and all that other stuff they crammed in there just for shits and giggles. If I didnt already own a Wii U, this game would force me to buy one.

  • kyuubikid213

    I thought it was cool, but why is it set up the same as the 3DS version…even the GamePad screen! The graphics are really just upscaled from the 3DS version as well. It’s still fun, no doubt about that. And I still want both versions!

  • Anyone familiar with Extra Credits? It’s a web series that has insightful little discussions into the gaming world. I would recommend checking it out if you haven’t already  http://penny-arcade.com/patv/show/extra-credits

    The reason I mention it is a while back they did an episode on the value of game DEMOS and why they aren’t really valuable to a developer. And by looking through these posts it seems to be following the pattern they outlined.

    Anyone that is already a Monster Hunter fan (I ended up with close to 600h on the Wii version, my first MH game) that has played the demo probably had the same experience as I did. Bit of a learning curve with the Gamepad inclusion, seems like a Wii Port with the addition of more weapons and monsters. Was probably going to get the game anyway and still will.

    Anyone that has no experience with Monster Hunter games. Probably had heard a lot of hype (from MH fans) because it is the type of game you can invest some serious playtime in. Played the 2 boss, no tutorial provided, WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING, Demo and got smashed or didn’t understand the real point of the game. Might have bought the game having not played the demo but probably wont buy it now.

    The Demo based on this would result in LESS people buying it than if they hadn’t released it.

    I didn’t like the demo but will (and always was going to) buy the game and am super excited for it to

    • Kirzan

      Totally, 100% agree with you. I’ve never owned a Monster Hunter game per se. I’ve played around on my friend’s consoles across a few years. I am, however, a big fan of FROM games Demon’s / Dark Souls, so games like MH very much interest me.

      My biggest gripe with the comments and the reasons why many won’t be getting it is that: For the entire Wii lifespan, it was ridiculed as a kid’s platform. And it was! I remember a lot of fans being like “Why don’t we get more hardcore games?!”. Then comes a game like MH which isn’t about button mashing your way through that requires concentration and thinking, and people hate it.

      Too many people don’t know what they want.

  • Adrian Brown

    the 20 min timer it’s just for the demo. The game actually gives you a 50 min limit per mission. Also, for those wondering, the 3DS Circle Pad Pro is compatible with the game, but not with the demo

  • karlos e Alvarez

    never been a fan,but im buyingit..

  • $41809923

    too slow of a game not getting it

    • Chris Ojinaka

      you can sprint in the game though…

      • Not too slow movement, too slow of a game.

  • azac13

    I loved MH Tri put 100’s of hours into it. So playing this demo was too easy lol. That being said got this game pre-ordered (Wii U version) and can’t wait.


    The demo was good except the fact that I found out that Wii Remote+ nunchuck weren’t useable! This news sucks for me. Also, the camera was funkier then before and I hate it. This news aside, the game was good and I look forward to fighting a Great Jaggi and other monsters with dule swords.

    •  Had another crack at the game using some more weapons. Holy crap the Dual Swords are awesome. Loved just raining down slicing terror on everything.

      In comparison the Bowguns seems less responsive than it did on the Wii and more combersome to use. the BOW though… I must not be using it right OR it is terribly designed for controlling. Anyone else feel like you need to be able to fine aim and draw with your right thumb? It seems completely stuffed up to use.

      Hoping it is corrected/turotialed better in the real thing cause a bow is such a MH weapon

  • Zorbo85

    Nintendo have dropped a serious boo boo with the wii u,the reason the wii was so popular was due to the fact that it was only 250 bucks when launched with a free copy of wii sports compared to 600 bucks for the ps3 and gave us all a new way of playing games.
    To price the wii u at 350 bucks with no free game is suicide, the ps4 and xbox 720 will launch at only 400 bucks to give them a huge kickstart so why would anyone want a wii u that only has graphics of the 6 year old ps3 when for 50 bucks more you can get a true next gen console that is 10 times more powerful than the wii u?
    Nintendo should have priced the wii u at 250 bucks to get them flying of the shelves at launch due to lack of decent games,to price it at 350 with abysmal launch games and ubisoft screwing them over like they did with the 3ds launch is hillarious.
    The wii u is the 3ds all over again,in 3 months time due to cack sales the wii u will get a massive price drop like the 3ds did in order to save it, nintendo should have learnt from the 3ds but they have not,350 bucks with no killer titles is ludicrous.
    Patcher was right they should have launched it at 250 with a free copy of nintendo land or with a new wii sports type game and it would have sold like hot cakes until the big nintendo games came out.
    Its no wonder ubisoft delayed rayman and changed it from a wii u exclusive after poor sales,once again nintendos marketing for the wii u has been shocking!!
    Also why did they give 3rd party developers the entire launch window after the failure of the 3ds strategy?seriously super mario wii u,total rip off the of the wii game but with hd graphics?no wonder it sold so badly!!!
    with the xbox 720 and ps4 arriving in time for xmas nintendo better release some awesome games and fast as if they do not the wii u will be the n64 all over again!!!

    • The price of the Wii U is not a problem.  If you account for the fact that the Wii U is more expensive to produce than a Wii and you factor in inflation…and you factor in the ACTUAL VALUE of your purchase, the price is extremely fair.  350 bucks is nothing as an investment towards years of entertainment.  Let’s see you can buy a Wii U, or go to the movies as a group of 3 people and get a little bit of food 7 times.  What is the better purchase?

  • The graphics don’t bother me really. I mean yes I love great graphics, but to be honest I really enjoy games that are bright and vibrant as opposed to photo-realistic games. Go back and play a game that was “heralded” at the time of it’s release for photo realistic graphics, lets say to the year 2001. Now play Luigi’s Mansion which came out around that time as well, TERRIFIC GRAPHICS but not anywhere near photo realism….now tell me which one looks better. Games that have their own graphical style will always look great no matter how old they get. Games like Mario Galaxy will look terrific in 15 years while games like Battlefield 3 will look subpar. Like I said I do enjoy graphics, but from the standpoint of vibrant/colorful not photo-realism.

  • I just sent this Email to Capcom feedback:

    Re: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo

    Hello Capcom U.S.A..

    I am writing in response to your release of your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo on the Nintendo Wii U eshop.  I must say that I am a huge RPG and action RPG fan.  I love challenges, and I love complex games.  I had never played a Monster Hunter title before, but I had heard good things about it.  This was going to be my first Wii U game purchase, and I was very very excited to finally have a Wii U game!  Along with a hard RPG.  However, after playing the demo, I lost all interest in purchasing the game. 

    The demo seemed a bit clunky and limited.  But what bugged me most was that there were no RPG elements in the demo.  I have no idea what the game is even about.  I don’t know the story line, I don’t know how equipment works, how stats works, what I get for killing monsters, if I can create my character, if I get skills or magic, or even what the items do (you could have included some info descriptions).  All I know is that I can kill a monster, which honestly isn’t that fun or fulfilling if I don’t know the work that goes behind preparing for the fight. 

    I don’t understand why you released an action demo for an RPG game.  Are you still finalizing it so all the features aren’t ready yet?  I am just really confused, and disappointed. 
    I really, really wanted this game.  But unfortunately after playing the demo I have zero interest in purchasing it.  Because if the game is like the demo suggests, then I must say the game is boring and pointless.  I’m sorry.  If the game is, however, more complex and more fine tuned — then the demo certainly didn’t communicate that very well to your target audience.  I have read several reviews of your demo and I can honestly say that the vast majority of the ones I’ve read agree that the demo was extremely poor.

    Here is my suggestion.  If your game really is worth buying, then please release a demo of the actual game with maybe 2 or 3 hours of gameplay allotted before it shuts down.  Because the only way I will purchase this game now is if I can play the actual game and see first hand that it isn’t as limited and hollow as the demo that was put out.  If you do this, assuming the game actually is good and worth playing/purchasing, you will redeem yourselves with consumers who, like me, want this game to be good, but failed to see the good in the demo.  I honestly think this will help you drive sales. 

    Please consider releasing a demo that actually shows some game content.  Something that shows what Monster Hunter is really all about.  Because right now this is the line I hear from Monster Hunter fans: “The demo doesn’t show nearly any of what is in the actual game, the game has SO much in it.  It is amazing.  The demo was just horrible.”

    And you know what, I can’t take their words for it.  After that demo, I need some proof that your game is decent before I invest in it.  Please provide that to your would-be fans.

    The funny thing is, if you had never released a demo, I definitely would have purchased this game.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!


  • Schultz38

    How do *you* pronounce Plesioth? I always pronounced it “plee-zee-oth” but hearing how Mr. Zaccari pronounced makes a lot more sense (“pleh-sie-uth”). Thoughts?