Feb 19th, 2014

Zorpix armor

Let’s face it. Monster Hunter is invading the western world. Last year we saw the western release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It was also recently announced that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Frontier G will be heading westward as well. There was also a sale on 3 Ultimate not too long ago. With all this Monster Hunter madness going on, I thought it might be a good idea to have a little intro tutorial out there to help new players ease into the game.

Short Tutorial for Monster Hunter Beginners

For this tutorial, I’m mainly going to be talking about gameplay mechanics like weapons, armor, and skills. For basic controls and such, see the owners manual that comes with the game (physical and digital).

So the first thing I’ll mention is that the smashing young hunter up there is me! Sorry about the picture quality, but that’s what happens when you’re a broke college student! Anyway, the armor I have on is a little flashier than what you’ll have as a newbie, but that’s okay. The entire Monster Hunter experience is watching yourself slowly get better as you use parts from the beasts you take down.


First things first, let’s talk weapons. When you first start the game, you’ll be given one of each item type. My advice is to give each a try and see which play style you like best. But you’re not here to hear that. You’re here to be told what to do. Take the sword and shield and go try messing around with the aptonoths in Moga Forest (Big grey plant eaters). You’ll only get some raw meat and bones, but you’ll learn how your weapon feels to use and operate. The reason I said to attack aptonoths is so you can get used to your weapon’s feel without being thrown against a monster that’s out of your league. I suggested sword and shield because they’re fast, you can use items without putting away your weapon, and it offers a shielding option for tight spots.

For quicker weapons that offer a lot of flexibility in terms of dodging and agility, try the sword and shield, dual blades, bow, or the light bowgun.  For heavier, offensive weapons that are a bit more sluggish, try your hand at the hammer, switch axe, long sword, or the heavy bowgun. For bigger defensive weapons, try the great sword, lance, or gunlance. Again, it’s all about what fits your play style. Try them all and see what you like!

Armor and Skills

Now, the armor system in Monster Hunter might be a bit different than what you’re used to. Instead of just having armor from harder monsters give you better defense, pieces of armor have skills associated with them. Let me show you what I mean.

Zorpix skills

Alright, so that’s a lot of numbers. Let’s break down what they mean. So, in the middle of the image, you’ll see the words “Skill Tree”. Below that is listed the skills that I have points for (Eating, Fury, Perception, etc). As you can see by the numbers under the different armor parts, I’m getting points for each skill from my armor. While wearing them, they add to the total you can see in the highlighted column. You can also create decorations and wear talismans to boost your skills as well. So to recap: in order to get skills, you need skill points. You get skill points from armor, decorations, and talismans. Now let’s talk about what happens after you get a certain number of points.

You can see in the box on the right that for the eating skill, 10 points will reward me with Speed Eating +1, and 15 points will give me Speed Eating +2. However, if I end up with -10 points in the eating skill, I’ll have the skill “Slow Eater”. The eating skill affects the time it takes to use a consumable. There are skills for almost every action under the sun. They can help you with sharpening your weapon, or even make monsters act like you’re holding a torch. If something about the game is bothering you, you can probably use a skill to fix it. Google is your best friend when trying to find out what skills do and how to get them.

Actually, Google is just your best friend in general with Monster Hunter. Keep it handy. 90% of my smartphone use is Googling Monster Hunter things.

Zorpix Farm

Well, hopefully that helps you at least get a handle on which weapons are good for what, and how skills work. There’s a lot more to learn, but I thought I’d elaborate on these two things. Mainly because the game does a mediocre job of explaining them itself. It’s also two of the things I’ve had to explain the most to my girlfriend and roommate, who just started playing with me. I hope this has helped you some as well! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me below.

Miiverse and Zorpix

Post Text: Big fishies!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

big fish animal crossing

My little aquarium in my Animal Crossing village. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say little. Those are sharks in there! That poor puffer fish. I hope his toxic spikes help protect him. A true monster hunter would go in there and save him! Hopefully my character read my tutorial! πŸ˜‰

Post Text: NOPE!

Pikmin 3

Shaggy Long Legs

So, I entered an area. Nothing there. Wandered around a bit. Suddenly this thing pops out of nowhere. The monster hunter in me wanted to run up there and destroy it. The Pikmin Player in me realized I had only red pikmin and this was taking place next to a river. So I ran back to another area, left my pikmin there, and came back to take this picture. Such amazing graphics in this game.

Post text: WHAT are you talking about, Ganon?

The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker HD

link confused at ganon

Link’s face. Link’s freaking face. Every time. The faces in this game are ridiculously amazing. almost every face left me with at least a smile. This one especially. Ganon is giving this huge speech about fate or something, and Link is just in utter confusion. I love how this Link is a bit more human than the rest. Instead of just a hero who’s always understanding everything about justice and what he’s supposed to do and whatnot, this is just a kid who happened to get tossed into a huge quest that’s a bit over his head. To keep with the Monster Hunter references, link is using the sword and shield, why don’t you!?

Wrapping up

If you have any suggestions for next week’s topic, any questions about the content I wrote, or just wanna say hey, feel free to sound off below! If you really feel inclined, you can mosey on over to my TwitterFacebook, or Miiverse account. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t respond to friend requests on the Wii U, as I reserve that for people I actually know in real life. I’ll gladly follow back though!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you all soon!

  • palomino blue

    Good stuff. The demo sucked pretty hard and it turned me off from this game. I’m assuming the full version is better?

    • Arthur Jarret

      God YES. The whole flow of the game (Grinding material, combining/preparation, Battle) and the slow progress required to be able to handle the higher ranks – as well as the amazing online co-op are all missing from the Demo.

      If you really, really hate the way you have to fight in the demo – though… it might just not be for you. Although, do mind the demo kinda throws you into an ocean for your first swimming lesson.

    • The demo is nowhere near a good representation of the final game. But dont take my word for it. Take all these peoples words for it: http://www.reddit.com/r/MonsterHunter/comments/1iw9c2/is_the_actual_game_different_from_the_demo/

      • Kingdom Hearts fan :3

        Dude, thanks so much for this guide! I got monster hunter 3 and it was somewhat confusing and hard to get a hold of. But now this has helped! Ty πŸ˜› ( Btw, I like the lil other screenshots you upload, especially the link one πŸ˜› )

        • Glad you liked it πŸ™‚ I hope it helps you!

          • jjbredesen

            Sir, after reading this i am 100% sure you have a future in gaming journalism, one day you will be writing for something like IGN and save the Nintendo part of that site, because it sucks XD

            Donno what your studiying, but dude this is your future!

          • I’m studying Computer Science, but that worries me XD In a good way I guess. I dunno, I’d love to work for IGN, but that’s not what my degree is for XD

          • jjbredesen

            lol, well perhaps you don’t neeed a degree πŸ˜› If you have enough experience you can get jobs, well good luck with you degree πŸ™‚ donno what i am going to study, but i will be deciding this summer….have no clue what to do XD

          • Do comp sci. You already seem to have a foot in the door. and it’s a rewarding field that’s in demand

            (It’s also easier than you’d think)

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah, i guess so best to do something i enjoy, but still have to go to what in Norway is called VideregΓ₯nde witch i guess is A-Levels in the UK and Senior High school in the US, and then i do a degree. In norway i can take something called studiespesialiserande it takes 3 years, and when you are done, depending on your grades you are qualified to go to any university you want in the world.

            So i guess il do that, just in case i change my mind and then take a degree in compunter science, or something along that line.

          • wow… that’s quite a program! I say go for that πŸ™‚

    • J_Joestar

      The Demo was really more of a tease for veteran players rather than something to introduce the completely uninitiated players.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Zorpix, nice guide (didn’t read a lot of it, to be honest – having G-rank B.Diablos armour and all that – but anything that promotes monster hunter is awesome).

    • XD I just got the Vangis X armor you see above. I’m actually not liking it too much

      • Arthur Jarret

        I still love my B.Diablos armour – despite hating B.Diablos with a passion now (I hunted so many of them… and when they rage they can be very unpredictable – and on G-rank they rage constantly… luckily, sonar and flash grenades make it a bit easier)

        The armour provides a great set of stat boosts geared towards hammer users… I’m still working on a good gunner armour set – and I want the Gold Rath-based set too.

        This is after already having spent hundreds of hours in the game. You can expect to see four digits of gametime if you want to see every equipment set the game has to offer.

        • Saul Rivera

          The one I mostly use is that insect looking one..just because of how cool it looks haha…also has anit-venom and hg earplugs and stats for my dragon weapon…but yeah I love seeing all the gears and having gear sets even if I don’t use them

      • lol I just wanted to ask what armor set is yours, I have my answer it seems. Personally I’m on my way to G Rank myself, need a few more hunts to reach. I’m also a collector though, just got Rath Soul Armor, and working on Zinogre set, hate Zinogre’s fearless style, it almost never runs, and so causes long battles in 2-3 rooms πŸ™

        Other then that Great game indeed, excellent guide too, only read it to see what you had to say, (HR4 here and 9 star moga almost completed). My weapons of choice are Defensive (Lance) and Evasive (Dual Blades).

        • Really? A lance user! I knew you existed πŸ™‚ Why do you prefer it over gunlance? Not criticizing your choice, just curious what made you make the decision :3

          • Ony

            Gunlance > all o/

          • That’s a good question indeed. But an honest reaction would be basic, I played lance in MH tri, and gave a shot on gunlance in 3U in both Moga and in Arena, personally Gunlance felt awkward to me no other particular reasons though.

            The recharging time for the shots is to long imo and the attacks via Gunlance lacked quite a bit compared to the normal lance, only the ranged shot made it somewhat interesting. But that’s it really. I love the Lance’s running attack, until you loose sharpness, it can get very awkward then. The sweep is pretty neat. For a melee weapon it has very long range, bad movement freedon but the lack on that is compromised by it’s excellent defense.

            As it’s usefull for both stabbing and smashing it’s a pretty good allround weapon. Very usefull on tall monsters, but that’s my opinion I suppose. For long distance weapons I would prefer bowguns over Gunlance. No other particulair reasons. I just feel comfortable with the lance, gives me the feeling I’m a Dragoon knight as the class in FF I guess.

          • I feel like using it in tri was the biggest motivator ;P

            I prefer gunlance because I like weapons that have kind of a “It’s down! Get it!” attack, and I just dont see that from the lance. Especially when the gunlance can offer, what it seems, everything the lance can.

            Basically, Zorpy like the splodey :3

          • It was a motivator indeed but not the biggest motivator, spent the first 20-ish hours trying all weapons, but only mace and dual slicers felt really nice to me, but I prefer to be close to my enemies, yet not to close.

            Ranged weapons aren’t my preffered playstyle unless I play wow, then I prefer a ‘caster’ over a melee class, but guns never really did much to me, didn’t do much to me in tri (bowguns) and doesn’t do much to me in U either (gunlance, bowgun, heavy bowgun and last hunting horn)

            It’s a personal preference the above 4 to me in person don’t give me ‘that’ feeling. I do agree the first weapon I started with was the lance because of tri, but not the biggest motivator to keep using it in U πŸ™‚

          • Thanks for sharing :3 I love hearing about why people prefer the weapons they do

      • Andrew Chambers

        I see you use a GL. Try S Uragaan. It gives great boost for that weapon. Artillery, fencing, biology, guard, and a decent amount of slots.

        • I have Uragaan X. Fastcharge sadly doesn’t affect GL, but the Defense L is so niiiice… 688 defense!

          • Andrew Chambers

            Steel Uragaan, not regular. It’s geared more toward GL then anything.

  • Hey everyone! I’m Zorpix, the writer of this here article. Reply to this to let me know if you have any comments or questions! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Guest

      Why hasn’t the pixel-perfect Luigi picture I drew on miiverse back in March last year been sufficiently highlighted on Wii U daily yet?

      (ooooh, you meant questions about the article… )

      • Arthur Jarret

        Aw, darn it – forgot about disqus’s lack of real deletion of posts when I wanted to wipe this failed attempt at humour from my record.

        Sigh… sorry for bugging you on your well-intended promotion of the biggest timesink the wii u has to offer.

    • Dylan Clark

      Explain how MS beats nintendo in your next “furfag den”

      • I’ll consider it, thank you for the input πŸ™‚

      • steve

        is that the xbox branch of microsoft behind him?…. i just realized that you used a meme dissing xbox to try and bash nintendo… that picture is clearly representing him ruining the xbox brand before resigning…

    • Arthur Jarret

      An actual comment: When will WiiUdaily have an online stream again? Because Monster hunter (with kicking of the longest-present player after every hunt to ensure everyone can join) would be an excellent follow-up to that great experiment started with splinter cell, said to be continued but then abandoned.

      • I’d love to do that, but I dont have any streaming software, so you’d have to talk to someone else who does… :/ i dont have 100 dollars to drop on elegato, so I’m out of luck…

        • Arthur Jarret

          Who did the splinter cell stream – maybe he can host it?

          • I dont remember… John maybe?

          • Arthur Jarret

            (looks at the pile of archived articles)
            Well, if Vulpix can learn dig by using TM28 – then so can you!

          • I can also learn energy ball by breeding πŸ˜€

    • J_Joestar

      just a little nitpick, but in the weapons section when you outline the general weapons into different categories, you completely left out the Hunting horn.

      *mains Hunting Horn*


        I knew I was forgetting something >.>

        In my defense, it’s a bit complicated for beginners. (It’s really not, but i need an excuse :P)

        • J_Joestar

          I dunno, outside of song memorization and maybe close range recital/encoring, it’s pretty easy to learn.

          • a lot of people I try to explain HH to don’t understand attacking to make songs that give boosts. It’s apparently a hard concept to wrap your mind around

  • Ducked

    I wish Monster Hunter would invade the US faster. I don’t know anyone that plays Monster Hunter. I recently got my friend to buy the third one on the Wii. And he’s actually gotten into to it, which is different from the games he plays.
    It be so sweet to see Monster Hunter be the next CoD in popularity, but I don’t see it happening.

    Good article Zorpix. I’ll probably show one of my friends this to help him. As a weapon, I usually use the switch axe. Because, why not!?

    • Switch axe is a really good weapon :3 I just like hiding behind shields like a little pansy πŸ˜›

  • steveb944

    This is a great little guide. The game honestly just throws you in and says good luck. Thank GOODNESS for Google. It got me past my first 100 hours.

    This post makes me want to go back to the game. Since I beat everything on my 3DS offline I haven’t gone back to beat online. Curse my large Wii U/3DS library, but I have to beat Fire Emblem first.

    • Online is WILDLY different than offline. it’ll be fun

      • J_Joestar

        Multi-player is really where the game truly shines.
        only had a 3DS so i was glad my brother also loved the game enough or else i’d have had to solo everything.

        • yeah… Multi is almost needed in order to enjoy it fully

  • Steven McDowell

    I just grabbed this, so good timing!

  • Carlos Webster

    Zorpix, I’m glad you’re praising Google.


      • Carlos Webster

        ‘U’ (yes, that is a smiley face).

  • Shagrath1983

    Pointy end goes into the monster and dont get hit

    • You should’ve written this instead of me! πŸ˜€

  • Drowrin

    nice guide, covered the basics pretty well.

  • nonscpo

    I’m surprise this game isn’t becoming more popular among Wii u owners, I find MH3U to be a game that offers excellent replay value. I’m 200 hours into the game and I still haven’t finished the story mode, close though.

    • Right? It’s probably the best game on the Wii U right now.

  • disqus_Dk6KM2972y

    Are we getting another Monsterhunter for WII U? I really hope so.

    • I hope so as well, but I want one made FOR the Wii U. Not ported from the 3DS

      • Arthur Jarret

        I’d be quite happy with frontier G – it’d be the only game I would happily be willing to pay a monthly fee for.

        It may be multiplatform – but it is made with HD consoles in mind. There were some rumours of it coming to the west, but alas – they have since debunked the rumor for now:


        If they would include some cross-platform play (like Portal 2 did for PC and PS3 owners) – it would be an amazing release for PC and Wii U (I think MH3U’s unexpected success on Wii U warrants it being a console exclusive – while a PC release would guarantee a decent community to quickly break even on the investment of the required servers)

        • Yeah, that one I’d gladly welcome to the west. Sorry to see it debunked though…

          But its the only thing I’d pay monthly for

          • Arthur Jarret

            Any game that gets me to wield a hammer and yell out ‘Arthur SMASH!’, ‘Stop. Hammer time’ and ‘I used to be a great hunter, until I took a monster to the knee’ is a brilliant experience.

            I did read, back when 3U came out, that capcom was pleasantly surprised by western sales of the wii u version and said it was possible a future installment would come.

            It’s just a matter of time, really.

          • A matter of too much time, rather >.>

            Also, you use the hammer? may I ask how? πŸ˜› It’s the only weapon I cant get the hang of!

          • Arthur Jarret

            I only really got the hang of the hammer in it’s current form. The special move under R is adjusted a bit and there are several moves that string into combos in tri – but didn’t in freedom and freedom 2.

            A mini guide to using the hammer:
            The hammer is a weapon of patience, you can’t jump in at any chance for a hit, as it takes a bit of time to get a combo going. It does do the most damage per hit out of any weapon in the game.

            The best way to start a combo is to hold R until you’re fully charged, then release to spin into a monster if it has an opening (if it doesn’t get one, roll to cancel or you’ll spin once your stamina is gone). Make sure to press X after 4-5 spins to end with a finisher that can be put into a combo if you mash X some more. The finisher after 4-5 spins does most damage, letting yourself spin out does the least damage and leaves you vulnerable.

            You’ll need to run some risk, as the best place to put your hammer is onto a monsters head, no matter what the weak point is. The hammer has the highest rate of stunning a monster if hitting the head – especially when you use black diablos g-rank armor.

            Now, once a beast is stunned – the hammer really shines. as it can make quick, high damaging combos once you get it started. Tap R very shortly to make a forward leap + uppercut, then mash X to stomp the hammer on the ground a few times (I think 3 is the maximum) – then immediately tap R again for another uppercut, mash X etc. It brings a constant stream of pain.

            The move under the A key (the side-swipe) is only useful to start a combo against smaller, agile monsters or to mash through multiple minions.

          • gosh darnit, you’re making me want to try using it again… AND I WAS HAPPY WITH THE WEAPONS I HAD, DURNIT!!!

            Thanks for the miniguide :3

        • J_Joestar

          the bad thing is a lot of the time i hear the game is very pay-to-win though.
          It is pretty much a heavily upgraded MH2.

          Probably it’s main selling point though is that the monster count is pretty unmatched compared to the main series.

  • steve

    i havent played monster hunter in months. good job you article brought me right back. putting in monster hunter now


    • J_Joestar

      i’d be the same if i werent preoccupied with Bravely Default.

  • Saul Rivera

    I’m available to help anyone new to raise their HR online


    Love this game, burn in hell Lucent narga…I hate you. Time for my revenge you invisible bastard!!!