Feb 7th, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii UMany Wii U owners in North America and Europe are eagerly anticipating Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. While we only have to wait until next moth for the game, Capcom has dropped some bad news for us: Monster Hunter 3 multiplayer will be region locked. This means that North American gamers will only be able to play with others from North America, etc. So if you have any friends in Europe or Japan, you won’t be able to slay monsters with them.

While it’s obvious to blame Capcom for this issue, remember that Nintendo will run the Monster Hunter 3 servers for the Wii U multiplayer. Which means that Nintendo could have had a hand in the decision to region lock the multiplayer part (although we think this is unlikely). The Wii U console is already region locked, which means games purchased in one region cannot be played in another.

Monster Hunter 3 on the original Wii also had region locking for the multiplayer portion, so it was likely Capcom’s decision to continue this on the Wii U. Why do this, that remains a mystery…

While you’re waiting, check out an hour of Monster Hunter 3 gameplay footage.

  • SoulSilverZero

    We have to wait until the next moth comes by Capcom so we can get the game?

    • science_guy_nathan

      is that even english?

      • SoulSilverZero

        I was pointing out a typo they had on there.

  • Why do this? Language barriers, lag, possible differences between versions. It does suck that it’s region locked, but it’s not like it’s just them trying to screw with us. 

    • MasterPpv

      This man speaks sense. Refreshing indeed.

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      Exactly what I thought before I read your comment.

    • Adam Porter

       yea but monster hunter isn’t massively popular in europe, so for us english speaking countries, ireland and the uk, we don’t have a huge player base we can easily converse with. it just would’ve been nice to play with more english speaking people.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It’s always nice to have options though. “/ Couldn’t they have made a feature where you choose whether or not to play inter-regional?  Mario Kart Wii, a game that is several years old, allowed you to pick between regional or world online.  This would have been much better.

  • DemonRoach

    God forbid an Englishman, an American, and a Australian sit down to the table. lol fuck capcom fuck nintendo.

    • LOL Demonroach go hug your PS4/Xbox and buy a crap game you really hate, you’ll be stuck to it wasted $60,- for it as you can’t trade them in both systems won’t support used games, that’s how they kill the console marked.

  • Nintedward

    I ABSOLOUTLY WORSHIP my Wiiu now for what it can potentially be. But why are there so many little niggling , Amateur issues ? Nintendo is the biggest player in the Video game industry. The Xbox 360 didn’t sell half as much as the DS , let alone the 100M the Wii sold.

    They need to start spending some of that banked money and pull their finger out. Little things like like Europeans can’t watch 18 content until 11PM is just embarasing. 

    Long live the big N…

    Rayman legends petition.

    •  This article was not even about the champ of consoles – the 360, but you mention it.  You and Nintendo are stuck in the past.  Nintendo still thinks this is the 80’s and they are #1 while you think that the Wii was a real gaming machine!  You throw the DS in, the Wii in, like who cares?  MS does not make portables and many people with consoles don’t care about portables.

      • Nintedward

        Who cares about DS and Wii ? hmmmmm how about 260 million people ? 

        You idiot. The 360 has sold 74 million.  Nintendo is much much much much bigger than the xbox division. And bigger than Sony’s near bankrupt ass too.

        Real hardcore gamers play Nintendo , PC or Sony. Microsoft is just shit and means nothing to gaming. Halo is OK I guess , but not even the best FPS.

        • Hardcore gamers go to the Xbox because of the games on it and the graphics, which is quite important in a first-person shooter game. “Hardcore” doesn’t meen “shoot guys down with my gun”, It also has things like Zelda: Skyward Sword, (I think) Dragon Quest X,etc. Any thing where there’s combat of any kind.

        •  I mean that “I” don’t care about the DS because I don’t do portable and this is not a DS site.

      • Rick van der Linde

        If your 360 is the champ of consoles, how come you’re only trolling on Nintendo news sites instead of playing a game? Looking for some attention I guess, it’s really sad. 🙂

      • ECM

        So you define “champ” as third place finisher in userbase, then? Cause the 360 is about to be passed by the PS3 in userbase.

        It also can’t be sheer amount of software sold.

        So, basically, you’ve decided that it’s the champ because…you said so…oh.

        •  Once again, when the NES was #1, games were designed around it.  SNES and Genesis had games designed around both since each had unique capabilities.  When the PS was #1 as well as the PS2, games were designed around them.  Now, games are designed around the 360 because it is #1.  Notice that games were not designed around any Nintendo system since the NES…

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Irrelevant comment looking to start a console war? You have succeeded.

  • Lev M

    this is a great thing, look at COD, when you play in your region it works fine but when you play asians or anyone else overseas it’s horrible 

  • Henry Hotspur

    Sheeit, I barely have AMERICAN FRIENDS. I don’t care.

  • RoXas

    Really bad news for me…..

  • ByteManNeo

    Dayum, Capcom hasn’t wanted my money since 2011. We’ll see what happens soon with Mega Man… if anything.

    Miiverse: ByteManNeo

  • xdlugia

    “You won’t be able to play with your Japanese or European buddies…”
    Why do you guys only care about Americans? The same goes for release dates… you only give out American release dates.

    a lot of the articles here are also poorly written, which is why I prefer IGN and David Turnbull’s WiiUBlog over WiiUDaily.

    • Thank you! 😀

    • ECM

      Going way out on a limb: the vast, vast majority of the traffic here is from the States? Ya think?

      (This is like asking why Entertainment Weekly doedsn’t cover European cinema with the gusto it covers Hollywood’s product–it’s obvious and self-evident why.)

  • You mean “you won’t be able to play with your American or Japanese buddies” *chuckle*

  • Johny

    thats bad news for me >.>….the thing i was MOST sick about mh3 on wii multiplayer was 70%+ FRENCH,SPANISH and GERMAN people speaking their own friggin language and either not being able to speak english, or not WANTING to…or both.. that pisses me off so much.. thats why i hate playing on european servers… in ALOT OF GAMES….sorry im being racist.. but i really hate how for example french people dont want to speak english of a principal.

    • D Moness

       maybe we are lucky and get australia in europe’s region (seeing as with miiverse the region is europe/oceania

  • NintendoNoob

    I feel this is pointless. It’s like saying “here is a phone, but you cant call or text with it”

  • Death47

    No, Just No. Nintendo did not, I repeat, did NOT have a hand in the region locked servers. Capcom Japan, without even telling Capcom US or EU, just went ahead and region locked it before Nintendo even set up the servers. And I heard this from a Capcom US representative.

    All capcom japan’s fault.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Well at least I won’t get uber-pwned by asians now
    Although I’m gonna miss world-wide multiplayer

  • That’s kinda dumb, why would they do that?

  • I’m not sure why this is a big deal; I was expecting it, anyway. I don’t really have international connections, either.

  • Gavn64

    Its lame but it is understandable i wish they linked the U.S and Irish and enlish servers somehow. We all speak english so no language barrier its not going to happen though so i dont mind

  • I don’t find this disappointing  at all, less lag for me!!!

  • will South American players be able to play with north American players?