May 28th, 2013


[Update: It turns out this rumor is false, folks. The person originally responsible for spreading the rumor has come clean and stated that it is just that. The name Liber Novus is taken from Red Book, a tome written by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Interesting approach, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until E3 for the big reveal.]

The above image is taken from a French Nintendo site, which claims to have gotten it from the GameFAQs boards. I can’t find the information anywhere else, but according to this listing, Monolith’s X project that we’ve been seeing so much about is actually called Xenoform: Episode I: Liber Novus. The listing goes into a bit further detail about the game, giving us some idea what the project could be about. Remember this is 100% rumor and unconfirmed, but the details are certainly exciting.

  • Play as one of four character classes, including Soldier, Ethertech, Medic, or Elite
  • Pilot the Archetype Defense System, which are mechanical suits
  • Play online with up to three other players
  • Explore lush environments, including valleys, dark caves, mountain peaks and temples in an open world
  • Navigate menus seamlessly with the Wii U GamePad

The only gameplay footage we have for the project is what was shown in the Nintendo Direct the game was announced in, which you can see below. If this turns out to be accurate information, it looks like we have the makings of what could be something akin to Borderlands-style co-op with open world gameplay. Color me excited!

Thanks, Leo!

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  • Desend

    I’m super excited to play a Xeno game with multiple players online.

  • slade6alpha

    I just wish Nintendo would re-release the Chronicles on Wii, either eshop, or retail. I can’t justify paying over $196 for one game.

    • Honestly there’s no reason they shouldn’t release popular Wii games in the eShop. They’re releasing full 3DS retail games that way.

      • slade6alpha

        I heard a rumor stating they were planning on releasing it again. I hope it comes true, I would pay full price.

        • tronic307

          Wow, do you have a link? I wouldn’t want to have to resort to playing it on an emulator.

          • slade6alpha

            It was somewhere on MyNintendoNews, but if you google “Xenoblade Chronicles eshop” that’s where you can find the article.

      • Frank

        True, the Wii U may be backwards capable, but Xenoblade was doomed by a late launch on hardware that was at it’s twilight(kind of like Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Saturn), a re-release on eShop would do it justice.

        • AceRuby

          Not really it surprisingly the game still did over 400,000 in America alone so when you combine overseas as well it became a million seller. I imagine this is why Nintendo is pushing them this time to be a prominent developer on Wii U (and 3DS now) by showing off their new games earlier this time. Of course their 3DS we don’t know about yet but we do know they have 2 development teams now at Monolith Soft one for Wii U and one for 3DS so maybe E3 will shed light on both.

          • Yep, Xenoblade Chronicles sold about 850,000 copies worldwide. Luckily I got mine near reale here in U.S. for $50 no less.

          • AceRuby

            So glad I have mine as well I knew it’d be hard to find eventually so that’s why I kept mine and love it.

      • RockieOllie
      • Ice Climbers

        They should do the same with DS games on the 3DS eShop.

      • The Wii eShop can’t hold more the 512 MB, the Wii U eShop however is rumored to have Wii titles planned for release.

      • ancientgamer

        they may at some point, right now i think they are focusing on new content to push the new console. i would assume many of us that have a wii u had a wii and already have most of these so they are waiting to have a bigger audience to market them too

    • wober2

      gamefly has it for rent, that is how i played recently.

    • Andreas Sunde

      They should put it on the VC, so we can play it on the gamepad.

  • pfff

    If that’s true I’m hoping that they make it like The Legend of Spyro, Dead Island and some others: two or three games, that are one unit in terms of storyline and stuff.
    If there’s a level system (never played a Xeno game) they could just raise the max level for every game and make it more difficult if you transfer your save to the next part 😀

  • Super Buu

    Can’t. Wait. For. This. Game.

  • Danny Tam

    I’ve never played Xenoblade, so confess I don’t know much about it. I was a big fan of Xenogears and Xenosaga when they were released, would love if this world was closer to the ‘Gears’ world.. Given the details outlined, can any of you guys tell me whether this more closely resembles Xenoblade or Xenogears?

    The trailer looks like a combination of both mixed with Monster Hunter.. I’m hoping for more narrative driven play.

    • That’s what I thought when I saw the trailer. I love the Monster Hunter-style action, but I also hope there’s a bit more story to the game than just, “This monster showed up, go slaughter it!”

    • AceRuby

      I highly recommend playing Xenoblade as well you won’t be disappointed at all and yes I agree in that the trailer seems to show off more of Xenogears vibe but with more of a Xenoblade battle system , atmosphere and scope.

  • Clel

    6 articles in one day… I love you Ashely.

    • Sharing the Nintendo love with you fine people. That’s my job.

      • AceRuby

        And we thank you for that 🙂

      • Nintedward

        Best editor this site has had. Many came and went. But you should stay Ash , it seems like you actually like the job you are doing!

      • DUNNY

        love u ashly (lol)

      • AceRuby
        • Awesome!

          • Alex

            How do you get so many articles?

          • Research and tips from people like you. See something somewhere that looks interesting? Hit us up on the tip line at the top of this page.

          • Nintedward

            I never saw that tip box. I’ll be sure to tip you if I see something good!

          • Kirbyomega

            Iiiiiii still don’t see it..

          • Nintendofreak

            dont worry kirby i dont see it either

          • Clel

            It’s actually in a somewhat big box, in the top right section of the page. It says “Got article ideas? TIP US!” It has an envelope right next to it.

            Took me awhile to spot it too, I expected it to be smaller.

          • Kirbyomega

            Aah It was so big and right next to an ad that I guess I thought it was an ad an didn’t pay attention to it XD

          • Andreas Sunde

            Top right corner, rather big image, next to the ad. It says “Got article ideas? Tip us!”

      • slade6alpha

        You single handedly crush IGN Nintendo’s team.

    • No love for Waluigi?

      • Nintendofreak

        biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuug

        • Thank you :’)

          • Nintendofreak

            np just dont get all into it

      • Clel

        From me, you get lots of love.


  • Nintedward

    Hope for a full reveal at E3.

    • This is probably my number one title for E3 in terms of excitement when it comes to Wii U games.

      • Nintedward

        Yep , same probably. But it’s tough when you Have 3D mario , Mario Kart , SMASH BROS!!!! and much more expected in the same conference *scribbles out conference and writes Direct* . Retro’s game ? :O

        But yeh . Xenoblade is one of the best games i’ve ever played. Have my mint copy right here!

        • MetroidZero

          I already requested June 11th off from work. xD

          • Nintedward

            nice!!! Yep I always have a drink when I’m watching E3 , it helps settle the excitement :P.

            Nintendo Wiiu direct will be One hour of pure unadulterated bliss!

  • ancientgamer

    i bet this game will have a huge showing at e3, and from looks of video its probably not to far off from completion, this game looks to be one of the games that will put all the wii u doom articles to bed.

    • AceRuby

      Apparently they are aiming for a Spring 2014 release in Japan so its not far away at all it seems. Hoping for a 2014 Fall release in other countries :D!

      • ancientgamer

        its hard to say really, that vids been out for a while now, i wouldn’t be surprised to see it much sooner

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Wait…episode 1? That means there can be an episode 2, an episode 3! Infinite xenoforms! Mwa ha ha ha!
    (Sorry I just had to)
    Anyways online multiplayer would be a great addition. It would be awesome exploring the vast world that monolith soft is making with a few friends. It would also make fights easier, as I was pretty bad when I first played xenoblade chronicles. Scratch that I was HORRIBLE.

    • ancientgamer

      hope if there is multi titles we can transfer characters over to new game

  • D.M.T

    E3 is so close, yet so far away. I have to wait 14 more days aka 2 weeks!!! Ugh…

    • Nintedward

      Time to get the Rocking chair out!

    • Clel

      I’m so pumped!

  • bizzy gie

    Honestly, the game looks a lot like Monster Hunter.

  • Ony
  • aldo2410

    Archetyp defense system, mechanical suits?
    whe’re getting Mekon suits, awesome!!!

  • Adrian

    I just need a release date.

  • Aiddon

    y’know, it almost makes it sound like Takahashi is TRYING to revisit his original idea for Xenogears’ entire timeline and this is what I say: NO. Seriously, the game looks good, but the last time Takahashi tried to remake Xenogears we got Xenosaga which was…a mixed bag, to be generous. Hopefully I’m wrong and he’s just doing something new.

  • ZakAttack7

    Yesssss 😀 I like what I hear

  • Wolfie

    Episode I? Then that means open ending :d

    I’ve played Xenosaga I and II but can’t find a copy of III 🙁

    • AceRuby

      Same here III is the hardest version to find its so rare 🙁

    • powerhour24

      Thank God, Were still good for Xenoblade 2.

  • This is a hoax. The same person who created this admitted to it being false.

    • ancientgamer

      eh that dont really matter to me still going to be a great game

      • Never said that it wasn’t

        • Chris Heskin

          yo AZ you still playin the blops2?

  • This article alone was great thx Ashley and Leo, but really did you really have to add the trailer? (seen it dozens of times allready but still it’s osm)

    Now I’m TOTALLY HYPED!!!

    *Runs to store throws in a Window steals a wiiu and places €400,- in the counter with a note saying payment for wiiu and repairs for the Window, yours sincerely, Sylux*

    I had no choice, stores are closed allready.

  • darkstar18


  • Waitin’ for “Nintendo Directo”(LOL,that’s what Iwata says in Japanese) and Electronic Entertainment Expo.Want to get Pikmin,3D Mario(since it’s the home console,Yoshi is 99,8% surely going to be in that game),Mario Kart,maybe Game&Wario…I don’t know what is next…

    • But I still want to see Monolith Xenoform.

  • Devilus

    Sooo hope this is not true, this greatness of a game need not be turned to an mmo.

    • I wouldn’t compare optional four player co-op to a MMO

    • ancientgamer

      and whats wrong with an mmo if its done right? obviously this is just a 4 player co-op. or are you just an anti social person?

    • Smashninja22

      Its not an mmo -_-

  • Ryan House

    The Character they show wearing all leather reminds me of the Final Fantasy XIV Character

    • Virus6

      Reminds me of Zack from FFVII

  • wober2

    So exciting!!! I do not think there is another game I am more excited for, for any console. Xenoblade was just so damn good, and this looks like an improvement on that… hope the story hold up.

  • Johny

    woah O.o … that… would be … AWEOSOME ! >.>
    hope its true

  • uPadWatcher

    Keep up the very best work, Ashley K.!

  • DeedsGaming .

    This definitely looks like it could be real. Refers to ADS as the Mechs we see in the trailer. I’m so excited for this game, haha.

  • Potemkin

    I want to play this game

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i still remember when Xenogears came out…it took me by surprise…great game with a great story…one of the few games where i actually cared about the characters stories

  • Lev M

    i’m really looking forward to this game, it looks great

  • Ice Climbers

    To be honest, if they do put online multiplayer it will probably be similar to Monster Hunter’s.

  • Michael Jurado

    I hope this is a nintendo exclusive

    • tython

      Don’t worry it is Monolithsoft is owned by Nintendo after all

  • Kirbyomega

    See, I’m not too used to buying games that aren’t Nintendo, and the ones that I do usually let me down. But this looks pretty cool. Although it looks like it could be a little more Hi-Def (but this is probably because the games not finished yet.)

    • Julio

      Monolith Soft is Nintendo’s first party developer just to let you

  • Joyous Killer
    • Virus6

      OMG that is great

    • Clel

      LOL! I think this si one of my favorite gifs out there.

    • ancientgamer

      that sums it up better any thing ive read to date!

  • Nintendofreak

    xenoblade liver nova or which ever they name it doesnt make a diff to me as long as its as good or even better than the first one…feel the wrath of my true MONADO

  • Wolfie

    I keep seeing people mention “Monster Hunter action”. The gameplay looks more like Xenoblade than MH. In fact, it doesn’t really look like MH. I think it’s the MH3U hype where everybody thinks it all looks like MH.

  • Kenshin0011

    Huh, so apparently it IS fake, though it sounded pretty real to me (someone who actually played and beaten Xenoblade).

    I think Monolith are better story tellers though….Xenoblade had an AMAZING rpg storyline with a huge twist that was not given away in the product description or back cover of the game case. I honestly think Xenoblade’s script is on par with great hollywood films.

    Oh, and like the guy said below me, Xenoblade is nothing like Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay. Actually, Xenoblade had some larger monster’s than Monster Hunter.

  • Nintendofreak

    Hey ASHLEY I readed on another nintendo website that rayman legends coming for vita plus 5 exclusive levels that use the touchpad

    • Nintendofreak

      oh yeah were is the tip box

  • person

    Episode 1? It might be a trilogy!

  • Lalolomelingmailcom

    What about virtual console Dreamcast?

  • Virus6

    its funny because the guy on gamefaqs that posted that nonsense confirmed it himself that it was complete BS. Why does any site get “news” from a message board?

  • Morits Lian

    To be honest, I don’t like this rumored name.

  • Dave

    That Graphics, that RPG feel and THAT MUSIC.

  • Frankie

    This is already confirmed to be fake by the person who made it. He said he wanted to see how quickly it spread. Why do things like this get posted?

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Looks genuine…

  • Guest No. 3

    I’d prefer if it was an MMORPG like they originally wanted…

  • Kaihaku

    I’m excited about the multiplayer, not as much about the story… I’ve played Xenogears already and I’d like something new.

  • Elem187

    Why would anyone believe any rumor about anything to do with Nintendo? They keep their lips sealed with zero leaks… If a “rumor” surfaces its just someone wanting attention.

  • I was already expecting the online part since in the trailers you can see your party on different areas battling…I’m really hoping it’s a jump in-jump out situation and that it’s not required…

  • Madmagican

    It was all a lie….