Aug 27th, 2015


A few days ago Nintendo announced a Super Mario Maker bundle that will be exclusive to Walmart in the United States. This bundle includes a Wii U, Super Mario Maker, and the Modern Mario amiibo. At the time of the reveal, it appeared as though the Modern Mario amiibo would be exclusive to this bundle, meaning if you wanted it but already own a Wii U, you would have to import it from Japan or Europe.

Now it’s looking like the Modern Mario amiibo may not be exclusive to that bundle, but there’s still a catch. It could be a Walmart exclusive just like the Gold Mario amiibo that released a few months back. A Walmart employee recently leaked a shelf plan for upcoming amiibo releases, where we can see standalone Modern Mario amiibos have been allotted shelf space.


If anything this does provide proof that the Modern Mario amiibo will be available in a standalone package, but it’s likely you’ll have to shop at Walmart in order to get it. That’s slightly better than the amiibo only being available in a massively expensive bundle, but retailer exclusives have always been more of a burden for the consumer than Nintendo.

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