Sep 2nd, 2015


Nintendo has been releasing a drip-feed of information about several upcoming bundles and amiibo, which helps to establish some of the rumors that were circling just a few weeks ago. Remember how we said the Modern Mario amiibo would be exclusive to the Walmart Super Mario Maker bundle? Well, that turns out to be only half-true.

After a Walmart worker posted a product schematic online showing room for the Modern Mario amiibo as a separate SKU, we discovered that the Modern Mario amiibo won’t be bundle exclusive. The kicker here is that the Modern Mario amiibo page on Nintendo’s site informs us that the amiibo won’t be available outside of the Super Mario Maker bundle at launch, so if you want just the Modern Mario amiibo you’ll still have to wait until Nintendo decides to release it.

Exclusively available in the Super Mario Maker Deluxe Set at launch.

For fans who want the amiibo without having to purchase the bundle, you can still import it from Europe or Japan at a higher cost.

This is exactly the type of situation many Nintendo fans wanted to avoid, especially with so many amiibo going to retail exclusives. No launch details for the single figure have been announced by Nintendo for North America, but Europe will be getting the modern color variant on October 23.

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