Jun 20th, 2014

Mario Kart Mercedes-Benz DLC

Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America both tweeted today confirming that the previously Japan-exclusive Mercedes-Benz DLC will to coming to their respective regions this summer. Licensed by Mercedes-Benz, the DLC is free and allows the player to drive a Mercedes-Benz themed Kart throughout the game. You can read the full tweets below:

Aside from being confirmed to be arriving this summer, no specific date has been given. So, what do you all think about this? Would being able to drive a Mercedes-Benz in Mario Kart interest you at all? Does the idea of having sponsored content in your game bother you? We’d love to hear your opinions!

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  • DoctorFart

    I hope the leak picture is real so maybe we get more than just the mercedes

    • CEObrainz

      What Leak? Do you have any links?

      • Guest
      • Guest
        • Officer Raichu

          ugg accidently made a 2nd one πŸ˜›

        • CEObrainz

          Oh….that one, although the first time this popped up (before E3) it was shown to be a fake, or at least a very suspicious picture.


          • greengecko007

            Yes it has been all but confirmed by Nintendo as being fake. Notice how the picture shows mario gliding holding a bob-omb, yet the gliding ramp in Mario Circuit is removed in battle mode.

        • Well, if nothing else it’s a good fake at least.

        • Chris Orr

          Is that Plessy? How would it fit in a car?!? Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad all fit on it easily in 3d World!

          • CEObrainz

            How about cars for skates? That would be insane to race against….

          • rp17

            They got this to fit in a kart…

        • Lusunup

          who is that old guy next to metal mario? and where is king boo and funky kong?

          • CEObrainz

            Professor E.Gadd – Luigi’s Mansion and other games….

          • MerryBlind .

            good questions.

        • greengecko007

          Kamek seriously needs to be in Mario Kart!

        • Mozellergodt

          I actually doubt this is a fake. Doesn’t show any signs of beeing edited. And I found this “hidden” in the reflection at the top of the TV.

    • Stuart Thomas

      wow its hard to find a falt with that photo, just wish they had Diddy highlighted so we could see his model.

      • CEObrainz

        The fault could be that none of the new characters were selected?

        • john johsnon

          I don’t think that new characters should be a focus. More stages, and more items are what I want.

          • CEObrainz

            I’m not talking about what the DLC should contain, I’m saying that the image may be fake because there are no new characters highlighted, instead we see Donkey Kong’s model which is already in the game.

  • miltownrob

    can DLC content expire? or once you download it, it’s there forever?

    • the_battery

      it’s forever

    • CEObrainz

      In most cases it counts as a purchase, so once you buy it it’s yours.

  • David Trail

    Yes, Nintendo you are rocking the house at the moment. I didn’t think this dlc would come.

    • Shota

      I knew it would.

    • abe

      I’ve been waiting for this can you imagine the Luigi death stare from this car

      • Joseph Oliveira

        Luigi ain’t the only prick with the death stare.

        • MerryBlind .

          Yeah but it’s funny cause it’s Luigi….

  • Alex Klingel

    I like the idea of any DLC, although a Mercedes might not be my vehicle of choice, its a concept that interests me

  • I would be very interested yes, in real life it’s so far unlikely I’ll be able to drive a Mercedes anytime soon, maybe in a few years an Audi or BMW, but Mercedes probably not. So yes give us Mercedes.

    Finally a good decision from a German company. All of a sudden my Eastern neigbours and me became even better friends then before. Vieler dank Herr Mercedes-Benz.

  • ShortyStock

    Yay! I’m happy it came. The more content the better, good or bad. In this case, good.

  • MerryBlind .

    I think we all hope MarioKart will get a couple of DLCs.

    -A Battle Arena DLC package would be awesome, like 2 new arenas and 2 remakes.

    -5 or 6 new characters (to add to the 5 by 6 grid of characters we already have): At least Dry Bones, Diddy Kong, Boo and Bowser Jr. Those 4 really should have been in the game to begin with. Birdo could be nice too.

    -2 new cups would be amazing too. I say 2 so that they can make a cup of 4 new races, and another of 4 remakes to keep up with the current concept of 4 new cups and 4 remakes cups.

    That is all.
    And that would be amazing.

    • WarioForever

      More cups and battle arena. Oh and option which doesn’t allow computers to hit you when they’re in your team.

      • Niknique

        God I hate it when computers do that XD

      • Ghazbaran

        And optional disabling ghost damage for online battle mode. God I hate when people just stick behind you trying to take you down for revenge

    • RetroSquid

      I think it would be great if they systematically released re-vamped versions of all the classic tracks… It could extend the life of Mario Kart 8 but 12+ months!!

      • MerryBlind .

        Well I think that would be demanding a bit too much now wouldn’t it?

    • Darkness
    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      I love everything about your post. Please NES, read this, please?

      • MerryBlind .

        Thanks mate!

        • Andrew W Garttmeyer

          Thank YOU, if I would have wrote this there probably would have been more expletives therefore nulling all the good points I would have made ;).

          • MerryBlind .

            Well thank YOU for making me learn what “expletives” mean hahaha. I have to say, I tend to write too much too myself. I’m rarely straight to the point; bullet points help with that hahaha.

    • Rich Garriques

      i really hope mario kart 8 gets dlc , i dont care if i spend an extra 100$ on all its dlcs. its simply a better game.

      • MerryBlind .

        careful what you wish for! I’m all for DLCs in games, but Nintendo better not go overboard with them and start selling us 100 different cars at 1$ each.

  • bistricky

    Bravo!!!! I was hoping that countries outside of Japan would get it. Give me a hell ya!

  • Officer Raichu

    where do you send news in because i have some great news about minecraft on wii u πŸ˜€

    • Sdudyoy

      It’s on the top of the page, where it says “Got article ideas? tip us!” you just click that and send information and sources.

      • Officer Raichu


    • bistricky

      If it was from Epoch Times …… it was click-bait.

      • Officer Raichu

        nope it was from another nintendo media site
        it was in an interview with miyamoto and shinya πŸ™‚

        • bistricky

          Cool. πŸ˜€

  • Sdudyoy

    I didn’t think they could make this exclusive to Japan, because if this karts any good than people with Japaneses Wii U’s would have a advantage over other people, and if they made it a bad kart than nobody would want to play with it.

    • MerryBlind .

      Except there is no such thing as ‘bad kart’ or ‘good kart’ in Mario Kart 8. It all depends on the character you take and what stats you prefer for your playstyle.

      • greengecko007

        The vehicles and parts are definitely more balanced than Mario Kart Wii, but there are still parts that are just objectively inferior. While the karts and bikes both specialize in useful stats (top speed and handling respectively), the ATVs are worthless, specializing in traction. I guess that’s why they only made 3 of them.

        • MerryBlind .

          Well depends what character and other parts you have. If you need traction because your character has low traction, and your wheels bring it down even more, well an ATV might fit right in there.

          • greengecko007

            But you never need traction/off road. That’s the point. ATVs specialize in a useless stat. The only time you should be off road is when you are using a boosting item, which negates the effects from driving off road.

          • MerryBlind .

            I have to say, I never use ATVs either, and I’m not entirely sure what traction is for lol, you say it’s for off-road only? I figured it made you ‘stick’ to the road better. Like, handling allows you to turn tighter, but traction makes you slide less as you’re turning. Isn’t that it? I have no idea, I just thought that was logical.

          • greengecko007

            You would think so, but it’s been tested by players including myself that traction is what they are calling off road. How much you slide out while turning or drifting is affected by weight. There’s also no noticeable benefit when driving on tracks like GCN Sherbet land with traction tires or slick tires.

            Also, the Mario Kart 8 wiki page on IGN is now just pulling information from the official guide book, and says

            “Traction allows you to traverse routes off of the main kart path faster, also known as “off roading.”

            and, “Weight affects both how far you drift off course when you power slide and how much you are affected by other drivers who hit you. Lighter karts get knocked around more. Heavier karts drift farther off course.”

          • MerryBlind .

            Interesting. Thanks! So let’s say I were to somehow max out the ‘traction’ stat, would I actually go at a reasonable speed off-road and be able to take the shortcuts that I would normally have to take with a boost?

          • greengecko007

            From what I’ve seen and tested, no. At least not on the higher engine classes.

            I did several time trial tests, one of them was on Sweet Sweet Canyon, which has an off road shortcut through the doughnut. Using Baby Rosalina, standard ATV, and the monster tires, I reached max traction of 4.75. I spent the first lap getting up to 10 coins, the second lap I took the off road shortcut without a boost, and the last lap I stayed on the main track. I didn’t use boosts on any of the laps.

            The results where that taking the off road shortcut takes about 1.5 seconds longer. Now, I’d give or take .5 seconds for line consistency. So, maybe I did my lines slightly worse taking the shortcut, and slightly better not taking the shortcut. This means that at best, taking the shortcut without a boost takes .5 seconds longer. This is quite disappointing, especially since that is with full investment in traction.

          • MerryBlind .

            Well that sucks… I guess you would want more Traction only if you don’t have much Acceleration and/or Handling then, so that you don’t lose too much speed all the time when you miss a turn.

            Basically, traction is a stat for noobs lol.

          • greengecko007

            “Basically, traction is a stat for noobs lol.”

            Unfortunately that seems to be the case.

  • Ducked

    I hope to see Diddy Kong and Dry Bones become DLC

    • MerryBlind .

      Me too!

    • great deku tree

      I was surprised that there weren’t dry bowser, dry bones or birdo to be honest since there’s the track bone dry dunes and the ad boards with birdo on them in the Mario track shaped as an 8.

  • Krzysztof

    Fix that God awful item destrubution first!

    • LukeMM95

      Fix what? The item system is the best it’s been in years.

      • rp17

        How is it fair? I have gotten a single green shell or mushroom in 12th, while I have also gotten stars or a golden mushroom in 2nd. It is almost impossible to catch up with items like that. Sandbagging as a strategy is now worthless. You have to frontrun if you want a chance of winning. Unless you have lightning. Lighting is very OP.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want constant Bullet Bills but the item system needs some work. (There should also be a lot less coins in first. If I am in first, I likely have 10 coins… just give me an item I can use for protection!)

        • firedragonsage88

          It’s fair because it forces everyone to be a skilled driver and item user. I guess people can get things like stars in second place, but that doesn’t happen very often.
          Grab coins as early as possible. Use the mushrooms to your advantage, save them for shortcuts. Aim your green shells and banana peels carefully and you can claim the ranks. I consistently place in the top 3, even if I’ve fallen far behind by a bombardment of red shells and the like. Just use your items wisely and cut the inside corners closely.

          • rp17

            This is coming from a skilled driver who also consistently places top 3. I know all the shortcuts, best lines, and firehopping. But I have seen countless PROS complain about this, the most notable, TW98 and Sword.

            (Also I have gotten a star or Crazy eight over a dozen times in 2nd or 3rd.)

      • Dark Lord Sauron

        its flawed dude mostly everytime i get is the green shell,coin,and banana peal and it sucks

        • firedragonsage88

          That’s the way it should be. Powerful items should be rare, even for those behind.

          • rp17

            I agree. (The Crazy 8 appears way too often though.) However they made the common items too powerful. Red Shells are almost harder to dodge then Blue Shells. But worse, you have chance to get 3 at once.

            And as for mushrooms, they are so common place… 4th-6th almost consistently get mushrooms. If they all know the shortcuts, then they aren’t going to be passing anyone. They will just stay in the same positions but will be going faster.

            As for lightning, I have seen it several times where the guy in 7th uses the lightning on the last lap, and 7th, 8th, and 9th become at least 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

          • firedragonsage88

            I rarely see the crazy eight. Maybe you’re just lucky, I dunno. I don’t really find red shells any worse than any other Mario Kart game. Actually, I’ve been having better luck dodging them in 8 than ever before. (Actually dodging them, not just blocking with an item.) The mushrooms do appear very often, but I don’t think it’s a problem. I feel like the main focus is on driving skill and proper use of mushrooms compliments that sentiment.
            I do agree with you about the lightning, though.

            I don’t know how you feel about MK7 or MKWii, but I feel the system is WAY better than either of those. I stopped playing MK7 online because it’s a total crapshoot. That’s why I’m happy with MK8. I think it’s an improvement, as It feels more consistent.

          • greengecko007

            Red shells are ridiculously overpowered. The main reason for this is the ability they have to traverse over gaps in the tracks, and fly up in the air hitting airborn drivers. Because of how coins work, getting hit in Mario Kart 8 is a major blow, not only stunning you, but lowering your top speed. The fact that only viable way for drivers in first is to play defensively for fear of red shells speaks volumes. When something like that defines a metagame, it’s overpowered.

          • rp17

            You can dodge a blue shell with a mushroom but not red shells. Red shells can also fly and follow you anywhere, except select antigravity sections like in MK7. So if 2nd gets trip reds might as well be 3 blue shells… but at least blues shells hit the people around you.

            Never played MK7 but heard it was awful. MKWii is still my favorite. However MK8 did good in nerfing blue shells, slowing down bullet bills, making bloopers affect drifting, etc. I just wish that mushrooms, shells, and stuff were determined more by position then random luck.

            All in all, I guess it doesn’t matter. I spend most races in 1st or 2nd anyway… but if I ever drop back I get raped until I can make it back to the front…

          • C.S. Bailey

            I have yet to see the crazy eight. When I play with my kid, In first I get coins or a shell, in 12th she gets Bullets and mushrooms.

      • Krzysztof

        Today, I was 7th, guy in front got three mushrooms, guy in front of him three red shells and I got … the coin! Being 7th for crying out loud. Certainly, it must be the best system ever.

    • greengecko007

      I don’t think it’s the distribution of the items that’s the problem, but rather that some items are very clearly over powered. Lightning, red shells, piranha plant, and fire flower seem to be the worst.

    • c-s-a78

      has anyone else notice the star in this version is not as powerful as previous versions?its not fast enough when using it,and dose not last long enough to even catch up with anyone else!i have to agree with you on the weapon distribution!i have noticed it a lot lately,especially on-line racing!!!

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I hope we get a few more tracks. I like the ones already provided but the mario universe has an unlimited amount of potential for new track designs.

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    New mariokart mode: Kart broken down on the side of the track.

    • FlashFan207

      LOL!! So true!!

  • marks

    but mercedes benz is a german nazi company :'(((

  • Justin OrdoΓ±ez

    Tthey should put on an AE-86. It’s just kind of an obvious thing.

  • juan

    An update to allow voice chat during races would be awesome.

    • MerryBlind .

      They should, but with Friends only though, because there would just be way too much swearing if voice chat was on for everyone in the race, and it could go ugly really quickly.

      At least I know I personally swear non-stop in that game, same for my friends lollll. We don’t insult each other, we’re just mad every time we get hit by something. I’m sure it’s the same for pretty much everybody on this Earth playing Mario Kart.

      • great deku tree

        voice chatting already is restricted to friends-only lobbies so I don’t see how it could be a problem.

        • MerryBlind .

          The subject at hand here is voice-chat during the races; not in the lobbies. What I’m saying is that yes they should add voice-chat support in-race, but keep it friends-only like it already is in the lobbies.

          • great deku tree

            sorry I didn’t put across my point very clearly. I agree with you that there should be voice-chat during races. that’s what I meant by “so I don’t see how it could be a problem.” and yes, I think it should stay as friends-only.

      • greengecko007

        Mute option? Another standard online feature. All lobbies should support voice chat.

        • MerryBlind .

          The point of what I’m saying is that swearing isn’t suitable for kids, or many people who can be offended by it. Sure they could mute certain people AFTER having heard shit, but they would already have heard it, and you know damn well that kids wouldn’t mute people and would just take part in all the swearing and probable insults, and that wouldn’t be good for kids. Nintendo is supposed to be good for kids.

          • greengecko007

            They could just as easily make all non friends in lobbies muted as the default setting. There are many, many solutions. This is just Nintendo being behind the times.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You’d think they would catch up with it. Sadly, they still have a lot to learn about online gaming.

          • MerryBlind .

            Which is what I suggested…

          • greengecko007

            When? You said it should be usable only with friends. I’m saying it should be usable with everyone, but the default setting could be to have non friends already muted.

          • MerryBlind .

            Well it’s not entirely the same thing I give you that, but having friends-only and everyone else muted by default is pretty much the same as what I’m saying, except you give the option to hear other people too if you wish to.

            Which again, like I said after, isn’t suitable for kids, and many kids play Mario Kart.

          • greengecko007

            It’s nothing close to the same thing. Having that option is crucial and makes a major difference. If I want to talk with random strangers online and be able to actually make more friends to play with, I should be able to have that option.

          • MerryBlind .

            You keep missing the point… It’s not suitable for kids.

          • greengecko007

            What is and isn’t suitable for kids is up to their parents to decide. Parental controls are a thing too. Saying that we shouldn’t be allowed to talk with online strangers at all because kids play the game too is ridiculous.

          • MerryBlind .

            Well for a game like Mario Kart I don’t think it’s too far-fetched. Sure if I was saying the same for like CoD, that would be retarded, but CoD is a game which kids shouldn’t be playing in the first place, whereas MK is a game ARE expected to be playing.

    • palomino blue

      I’d be happy if they at least made the voice chat not sound like butt and or delayed 3 seconds.

      • Darkness

        Well if this were Xbox or Playstation your request would be very easy to fulfill. Nintendo will never be up to date and dreaming of catching up to Sony and Microsoft. Pretty sad when you think about how much longer Nintendo has been in the gaming industry over the others. Nintendo is the 1st grader who can never make it on time or fit in with the big boys. In 2020 expect voice chat during games a work in progress

  • Alex0714

    This is awesome news!!But i hope there is a future update for being able to customize number of laps. i just think rainbow road 64 is too short.

  • C4
  • Christian Schoff

    I’m wondering what the stats on it are.

  • Rinslowe

    I like my golden kart and golden tire combo for the moment…



  • truMADDness

    Not a fan of Mercedes, but all in all-free is free.

  • Nicolas Eddowes

    And bring the ARCADE COURSES please, they are ignored in the retro cups

    • C.S. Bailey

      Arcade courses, or even the game itself, would be something I would pay for.

  • TaintedXGamer

    LOL! it looks so outta place and I still love it!

  • hahahero


  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    I lol’d so hard when I read this

  • Darkness

    Wow so the rumors are true. They said Nintendo was hurting for money due to profit loss on Wii U. What a bunch of sell outs! Nintendo can take money from Mercedes to make a car that doesn’t even fit with the rest of the karts/bikes but they couldn’t even make new or copy old battle arenas?! Wtf
    That’s why every tone should sign this


    • Jacktwo13

      Umm, how about no? Why does it matter if they release one promotional DLC? If you dont like it, don’t download it. It’s as simple as that.

  • zerooooo

    Please just update it so we have better item options and a MAP on the screen… If theres dlc in the future release funky kong and flame runner. I know it wont happen though.

  • steveb944

    I want even more licensed cars. If anything these auto makers can pay Nintendo to add them and it increases profit for both.

  • HorizonChaser

    I am so glad that Ninty are beginning to see the value of DLC. Still, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I want all the content on the disc. On the other, I like being able to add on stuff that may not have fit in the development schedule for original release or that can update the software for balance improvements or bug fixes. Finally, given that Nintendo’s software is only ever “licensed” to us for use and that it is locked to the console and most importantly that the DLC is only useful for the life of the console (another 2-3 years for Wii U) I question the value of paying for it. I definitely don’t think we should have to pay for updates to fix bugs or balances to the game.

  • WiiUisgaming

    Nintendo should release a patch allowing player to have two itmes at once, like previous Mario Kart games.

    • Darkness

      This is huge! They messed the game up when they did this 1 item at a time garbage!
      We should be able to have 2 items like the past Mario Karts

      • john johsnon

        It should be an option; I don’t want to be forced into two items, but I sure do want the option. Double Dash was a blast.

    • john johsnon

      They should also add more items. The whole underwater thing should only be possible while metal, so there should be a Metal Box item. So much needs to be improved in MK8 for it to be on par with the past games.

  • Spoon

    Ugh… Give me the flamboyant Blue Falcon instead!

  • Keith D. Witherspoon

    Hey as long as it’s free and it doesn’t become too crazy. I’m all for it. Mario Kart 8 will eventually lose it’s steam and different types of DLC should be encouraged.

  • Tetlee

    Can I put button wheels on it?

  • cool

  • gamingpalooza

    this is cool… i hope we get more branded vehicles.

  • Brandon Carroll

    How bout an update to allow 2 player local multiplayer without split screen! Such an oversight to not do local multiplayer with one player using the gamepad screen and the other using the tv.

  • john johsnon

    What I want is DLC racing levels; all of the ones from all of the past games, exactly as they were. I don’t like the new ones; they’re too easy, and boring, and not nostalgic at all. Nintendo tried way too hard.

  • WellWisher

    Real cars looks out of place in this game. I wouldn’t pay for this. But battle arena dlc? Hellz yeah!

    • Darkness

      Battle arena DLC is what everyone wants!

  • Princess Sparkle

    It looks gross. Who would want this?

  • Paul Maddox

    Im looking forward to it πŸ™‚