Jun 28th, 2016

Miyamoto: we're not talking about NX because of secret idea

Nintendo has been very quiet about the NX. Despite numerous rumors out there, the company hasn’t come out and set the record straight. With less than a year before release, we still don’t know anything about the new console, which is highly unusual for Nintendo — usually they reveal the console 18 months before release.

There’s a reason for the secrecy, according to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto. Speaking to the Associated Press, the company has “an idea” that they are working on which they cannot share yet.

“In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on. That’s why we can’t share anything at this point”, he said.

Miyamoto also made it clear that this “idea” wasn’t just a matter of hardware and specs. “If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.” he said.

Whatever this new “idea” is, hopefully it’s not a gimmick.

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