Jun 13th, 2013


Shigeru Miyamoto has weighed in on the used games issue, stating that he believes games should be treated like a physical toy that remains the property of the owner after its purchased.

He believes that consumers should be able to keep the things they purchase so that they can go back and experience it again, should they desire. Of course this view is in direct contrast with Microsoft’s recent policy with the Xbox One, which sees games more as a license than a physical product to be owned. This has caused a lot of back-lash among gamers who like to trade-in their games.

“What’s really important is viewing Nintendo almost like a toy company where we’re making these things for people to play with. As a consumer you want to be able to keep those things for a long time and have those things from your youth that you can go back to and experience again.”

It’s important to note that Microsoft is the only current-gen console attempting to emulate the PC market by using license-based games instead of actually physical products. Both Nintendo and Sony have stated that they plan to allow games to exist on the disk separate of online check-ins and accounts.

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  • Elem187

    Shiggy just bloodied up Microsoft’s lip…. Shots across the bow

    • RockGod

      So we already know what PS4 has in common w/ Wii U. Waiting for the article that tells us what PS4 has in common w/ XBONE. This is gonna get interesting.

  • MrTravan

    So then he agrees with Microsoft then? He says you should keep your games. That’s right along with MS’ policy. Buy and keep it. Don’t give it away or sell it.


      Exactly what I got from that too.

    • No, he’s saying there should be no restrictions on what you do with a disc once you buy it. With the Xbox One, if you install the game, the disc is useless to the next person unless they pay a fee.

      • MrTravan

        “As a consumer you want to be able to keep those things for a long time and have those things from your youth that you can go back to and experience again.” Says nothing about being able to trade them. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said what I said. He says nothing in this statement about doing with it what you please.

        • That exact statement is what doesn’t agree with Microsoft. As soon as they decide to shut down their servers, those games that you bought no longer work. The disc is useless after you install.

          I can pick up one of my SNES games from 1996, put it in the console, and play it today.

          • MrTravan

            So what about my Wii U games that I bought and downloaded? What happens to those? And why can’t I lend those to my friends and sell them? My point is this change to digital is happening whether we like it or not. It’s happening. Might as well just get used to the idea. I don’t have my classic games, but I’ve bought the ones I want through VC on Wii and Wii U. Now I can play them again, until nintendo stops allowing me to. That’s the reality we face. Digital is the future.

          • Nintedward

            What happens to your downloaded Wiiu games ? You can play them for ever as long as you have the Wiiu you downloaded on them (if it breaks Nintendo WILL transfer your data , yes)

            Stop trying to defend Microsofts, potentially industry ruining choices.

            All Miyamoto is saying is he plans on keeping Solid games the way they have always been. Obviously Nintendo will offer digital games to those who WANT that choice. 1/4 of Animal Crossing New leaf in Japan was digital for example.

          • MrTravan

            Oh and I guess you have information to prove that MS won’t do the same thing? It isn’t Microsofts choice. It’s what the publishers want. It’s what Sony was set to do as well, until they saw MS getting hammered for it and they backed out last minute.

          • jay

            You just contradicted yourself:

            “It isn’t Microsofts choice”

            “It’s what Sony was set to do as well, until they saw MS getting hammered for it and they backed out last minute.”

            Your statements prove that ms indeed, like sony, have a choice.

          • Luna Moonfang

            For some reason i assumed you played Phoenix Wright.

          • Andreas Sunde
          • RockGod

            Actually Rock thinks that Sony DID make some bad decisions, but we’ll talk about that when the time comes… Microsoft has just entered The Fuck-Up Hall Of Fame! They know PC industry is in decline, so what’d they think of?
            Their just selling you a mid-range PC, dressed up real UGLY and tried to pass it off as a game console. Good news for you is this, when your “console” cooks itself, MS will have employees watching… and Laughing while you try to get your game to work.

          • Maxwell Baumgarten

            You said nothing in your post other than “PC is the worst platform for gaming.” And FYI, the PC game industry is stronger than its ever been and is growing rapidly. It’s not in decline by any stretch.

          • RockGod

            You just took it that way! All i’m trying to say is the two SHOULD remain separate. PC gamers are already used to these kind of restrictions, Console gamers are not. While PC gaming is still popular, Overall PC market is in a near free fall. Read some Financial or Investment articles and you’ll see.

          • Andreas Sunde

            I will buy physical as long as I can, and when that is no longer an option, Pirate Bay here I come!
            Those games, I actually own.

          • Thomas Vienna

            I personally can’t imagine Microsoft will render their console useless when the servers shut down for it. Wouldn’t they just stop the 24-hour check in requirement? I think that’s what they’ll do, because after all, what do they care if people hack or sell their systems/games after they’re out of the market?

          • Andreas Sunde

            Or they will make The Xbone useless to make people buy the Xbox Two.

          • RockGod

            They already did it Jack! What do you think no backward compatability at all means? Your current games are worthless to both of these companies… and you already accept that! What makes you think that one day They’ll actually wake up and START to give a shit NOW!

  • As toys…hmm…Use discs as toys…Lol

    • [000]


  • figs28

    Uhm, isn’t Nintendo going the “downloaded games are tied to the console” way? Xbox 360 is doing it right, allowing to share downloaded games, even on foreign consoles. This is not cool criticism when you don’t handle it perfectly yourselves! I can take my toy to any friend but my downloaded games on Wii U are stuck right there.

    • Nintedward

      That’s why digital gaming is crap.

      • MrTravan

        With xbox one, you’ll be able to play your games from any console through the cloud. In fact up to 10 family members can play your games from any console anywhere on anyones xbox, anytime. What’s crap about that? That’s much more flexible than using a disc.

        • Chris Aita

          For one hour.

        • skyloft87

          You can share it with up to 10 people on the console it was downloaded to. But if you go to a friends place it is still just linked to your gamertag.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Up to ten xboxes can be authorised to play your games, but not at the same time,

          • figs28

            It’s not possible to play the same game at the same time on ANY console. Stop using silly arguments. You are twisting words and using contras that are not reasonable. All I said is that Nintendo isn’t doing it right either and they shouldn’t criticize other companies for these things. All the fanboys crawling out of their caves and talking about things that are off-topic just to defend Nintendo. People are the same all over the internet…

          • Andreas Sunde

            “In fact up to 10 family members can play your games from any console anywhere on anyones xbox, anytime”

            He made a statement, I replied. You can’t use any Xbone, you can use up to ten Xbones authorised by you.

            I can see why this is convienient with this, but I’m still not buying that shit. It would be ok if this was a feature with the digital content, that woulld be awesome. But it’s demanding I turn my physical copy of a game into a digital one, and I don’t like to be forced to do something I still have an option not to do on other platforms.
            I know you will say that wasnt the point, but, in fact, it is. Yes, the Wii U needs an account system, but this isn’t just about digital games. It’s about both digital and physical, so stop pretending it isn’t. On Wii U, you can do whatever you want with your copy of the disc, ou can play it on any Wii U you want. And you don’t need the internet to do it. You don’t need to check in at Nintendo to prove to them you’re not playing a copy they don’t want you to play. That was the point of the article.

    • jay

      But with Wii U, you have a CHOICE.

      Some people love the convenience of having games digitally on their console. Some people see the other side of things.

      • figs28

        That wasn’t the point.

    • RockGod

      There’s a place for downloadable games and it works just fine. You might not be aware that Wii U is THE FIRST and ONLY fully portable game console and said downloadable games nearly ALL support off Tv play using the gamepad. How about this, you could hook it up to his Tv? You know, since it’s NOT the size of a suitcase… You have many options w/ it!

      • figs28

        That wasn’t the point either.


    So basically he supports what I do with games now and will do with XboxOne games later. The trade issue wont effect me because I buy games new all the time and I never really trade them in.

    • MrTravan

      Exactly. So he supports Microsofts view. lol

      • finch1229

        Except the second Microsoft shuts down the authentication server for your xbone, you can’t ever play it again. We can all still play nintendo games from decades ago and, based on his statements, will be able to do the same with wii u games.

        • This exactly. He is not supporting Microsoft’s view at all. Quite the opposite. Microsoft wants to give you a license to play your games, not an actual copy.

          • MrTravan

            What about the games I’ve bought for Wii U that I downloaded? I can’t lend those to someone or sell them later. And what if my Wii U shoots crap, or what if Nintendo drops out of the console business like Sega? What happens to my games then?

          • Nintendo isn’t stopping you from buying physical copies if you want to keep them forever. Their digital policy does need work so that it is tied to an account, but it’s understood that by purchasing digital, you’re giving up the right to that physical copy that lasts 20+ years.

          • MrTravan

            Right. What I’m saying is it’s going to be ALL digital, sooner than later. We are just in the transition from disc to digital right now. We won’t always have the disc option. So what then?

          • Clel

            No we aren’t.

          • MrTravan


          • jay

            OH LORD!!

            You just don’t GET IT!!!!

          • brian murphy

            your basicly renting there games as long as you use your xbox one

          • jay


            WITH NINTEDO YOU HAVE A CHOICE. -that clear enough for ya?

            If Nintendo exits the gaming market you still *gasp* have your digital games!!

            if ms leaves the gaming market your games will be unplayable due to no authentication.

          • thedeciderU

            *buys game on xbox one. asks MS for permission (license) to play said game.*

            “MS, oh please, can i play the game i paid top dollar for? pretty please?”

            paying for something and owning it outright will no longer exist in this business model. consumer rights are out. why the hell would anyone buy this console? never mind kinect 2 and its data collection spying.

            what a bunch of SHIT haha

        • MrTravan

          And you know that for a fact? Or are you just assuming the worst like everyone else?

          • It has happened with games in the past that would only work if it had a server to phone home to despite if the game had an offline mode or not.

  • Lusunup

    I treat my games like how golem treats his ring. Anyone who scratches it or puts fingerprints on it will perish.

    • Yesss if anyone ruins it they shall die. Stupid Hobbitses

      • thedeciderU

        what’sss TAters?!!

    • Clel

      I used to love putting discs on my fingers and pretending they were over-sized rings. What you just said made me have a crazy flashback.

      • Lusunup

        haha i know your feeling back when i was 8 years old I was careless and broke my lord of the rings twin towers discs for my ps2. I played it for hours. So out of the random I felt joy in flinging it around the house like if it was a flying saucer and bam! it broke……I regret it ever since then:( (which made me the way I am now actually)

        • Thomas Vienna

          Lol, we all have done stupid things with our precious belongings when we were little. I used to have this holographic Charizard card, and I had fun sliding around the kitchen floor on it like it was a pair of ice skates. >.< Then I looked with horror as the holograph was all ruined and scratched.

          EDIT: I was about 6 years old at the time.

        • thedeciderU

          that was a good game! had it.

        • Levi Johansen

          Lord of the Rings on PS2/GameCube/Xbox

          ahh… the days of GOOD movie-based games! So many memories πŸ˜€

      • claudio garcia

        When is the summer update comming!?

    • I also am very careful to protect the integrity of my games, but that said I have barely any of my Master System / SNES / Mega Drive / 64 / PSX etc games in my possession any more. I understand Miyamoto’s point that people should be able to return to experiences from their childhood, but who’s going to keep a lifetime of physical games around forever?

      This is why I love Nintendo’s virtual console so much. I can return to those experiences without needing to have a house full of carts and without needing to have my Mega Drive in working order and plugged in forever (although I have that too for licensed games and such). Should I infer from Miyamoto’s statement that he thinks I should only pay for a game once and then access it forever? Because if so he owes me at least $300 cash for all my VC purchases :P.

  • I agree 100%

    There is only one problem with Nintendo’s game delivery systems. They need to have a process for digital game/content sales that users can follow in the event their console breaks or becomes damaged beyond cost effective repair and needs to be replaced. I have seen it be done now but it is a pain in the ass and requires many calls to Nintendo Support and usually escalation up the support chain.

    • Yes, this is something Nintendo needs to work on.

    • Clel

      Even though I never buy my games digital and never will, I agree that this has to be implemented. Kinda like Steam.

      • Not even games that are only delivered digitally?? No Virtual Console?? No DLC??

        • Clel

          Except for that, of course lol. Like Super Mario World and New Super Luigi U.
          But even that, I’m hesitant and only get very, very few.

          • I too prefer having them on discs but have bought a couple full Wii U titles from the eShop, and I got a free 3DS full game I downloaded. But I have lots of VC content and a few Wii U Ware titles that are only digital.

            I think of it this way. I still buy my music on CD and manually RIP them to MP3s. So I wouldn’t mind installing games to the console so they show up in the menu for easier access as long as they were still playable off the disc. I guess that would be hard though because there will be some that would install the game and sell the disc.

            It’s a tough call on that

          • david jarman

            I love buying physical copies. I love the box art and instruction manual. I still have copies of nintendo power from the 80’s. There’s just something awesome about looking at your library of games stretching across the room.

      • Guest

        Not even a virtual console game?I understand though where you are coming from digital isn’t my #1 option when it comes to buying games, unless it is something like an NES game or something that is hard to get.

    • ItzameyaToad

      I agree. For example I have my Nintendo ID account on my Wii U with all my purchase/download history and I would love to be able to have the digital receipts sent to my email as I would feel much better having the ability to go to my email and see what I have bought on eShop instead of relying on my console to hold all my record of purchases/product numbers.

  • Super Buu

    May the tradition of lending your games to friends and renting them never die!

    • Mario

      Long live lending and renting game!

    • Lending games to friends is one of the best advantages and longest traditions that console gaming has! Take that away and we’ve truly lost something special!

  • Edward
    • jay


      Those were the titles I wanted!!!!!

  • A SNES Day Off

    If their games were like ‘toys’, then after moving all my Wii V.C games to an SD Card, I should have been able to insert that into my Wii U and just play them.

    • Zuxs13

      You can.

      • A SNES Day Off

        No you can’t. You need the original Wii console to transfer them through an overly convoluted process, where you then can only play them in Wii mode.

        • Zuxs13

          Which means you can still play them on your wii u.

        • Did I miss where Microsoft is going to allow and have a process to transfer your digital games from the 360 to the XBOX One?? Oh wait…they won’t and don’t have such a process. Microsoft’s solution for playing your old game library is just to have the old console. 2 Consoles (3 if you still have the XBOX), 2 sets of controllers, each using it’s own port on the TV or another TV all together or you swap. So convenient.

          Sure Nintendo has some things they need to rethink with digital sales but they at least try to keep your game library alive as long as possible when they release a new console.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Maybe that’s what the HDMI in on the Xbone is for? At least that seems more practical.

          • The HDMI In is a pass through for your cable/satellite box for TV information. So you can use the XBOX to watch TV while you are Watching TV on your TV.

          • Andreas Sunde

            But if I don’t have a cable box because I prefer not to pay for stuff I don’t use, it seems practical to plug the 360 in there insead.
            Of course, this is hypotethical, since I don’t plan on getting either.

          • The way I understood it is that the HDMI In passthrough could not be used for anything other than a TV Receiver box.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Welp, that’s lame.

          • RockGod

            Don’t forget watch sports on tv while your watching tv w/ your CoD dog.

        • jay

          “No you can’t.”

          “you then can only play them in Wii mode.”

    • Relick

      Do you expect a tamagotchi v2 to work with a v3? It didn’t, and that’s a toy.

      If you want to play Wii VC without the hassle of transferring, play it on your Wii!

  • Clel

    Miyamoto has such an contagious smile; every time he smiles, I can’t help but join him.

    • MTGSWE

      I do that too. I can’t stop smiling when he does it. πŸ˜€


    Miyamoto πŸ˜€ A legend in gaming and creator of the biggest franchises ever. He’s awesome.

    • Mario

      He’s also the who made you Mario. HE IS YOUR FATHER!!!

      • MTGSWE

        Finally I found him <:D

  • Sdudyoy

    I like to be able to share games, there have been multiple games that my cousins have gotten before me, And when there done with them they lend it to us, If we like the game we buy that game for our self’s, same goes for them we lend our games to them and they see if they like them, I can see not wanting people to sale used games because than developers don’t get there money for that sale but I don’t think sacrificing the ability to share games is worth it, there have been at least 10 games that we would not have bought if it weren’t for our Cousins lending them to us! And we all ways buy them new, and what if after the Xbox one when they stop making new games for it, it will become useless unless you owned it with all the games, you won’t be able to just order one on Ebay, Therefore the Xbox one will become useless.

    • RockGod

      You’re absolutely right, in fact Microsoft has totally screwed the pooch on this one! MS doesn’t even have a console here, Their trying to sell us a freaking PC dressed up as a console!

      • And the original PS3 ran Linux… Your point?

        • RockGod

          PS3 also had discs that contained games within them… Forcing digital only gaming on “your fans” is not good, That’s the point!

          • peeer

            Their not exactely forcing digital only gaming, they just using license based DRM protection. They will still sell games in discs as well.

          • Exactly!

          • RockGod

            Yeah, they Will sell discs, that will then install to your system, So you won’t be playing your games straight off the disc, you’ll be Renting your game collection from MS. once XBONE servers shut down next gen, POOF! your collection no longer exists since games are NOT played from a disc but from a cloud based internet connection.

          • peeer

            I’m not seeking to have an opinion on the subject. I only provided the fact that Xbox One will have discs too. You was comparing to PS3 having discs and Xbox One only having digital…

            But I understand what you trying to point out. The fact that they forcing to install the disc to a Hard Drive/cloud making it all digital like on PC. Like on PC you purchase a game on a disc you can’t play it directly from the disc, you gotta install it on Hard Drive first. Thats what you forgot to specify. πŸ˜‰

            And… Yeah that is true, they have mandatory game installs.


            EDIT: But keep in mind that you will only be playing from cloud if you are playing the game through a different Xbox One that does not have the game installed on its own Hard Drive. Otherwise the game will be playing directly from your Xbox One’s Hard Drive.

          • Yea, not sure where you are going with that?

    • Pikachief

      There’s a Family Share plan type thingy on Xbox One where you can allow up to 10 people to play any of your games that you put on a shared games list.

      My cousins and I would always trade games with each other but this way is even cooler and easier because we can just download it and play each others games whenever we want to.

      Just thought you should know πŸ˜› I’m not sure why they’re not advertising that option more or why they didn’t state that at either press conference.

      • Sdudyoy

        I haven’t heard of that feature yet? But that sounds like it would be useful, I still think the should remove the DRM all together but that makes it better πŸ™‚

        • Pikachief

          Oh I definitely agree.

          But here’s a link.

          Another article I found had a representative saying that there will be people not in that family on people’s lists and they seem to be alright with that.

          EDIT: I know I’ll definitely have around 10 family and friends on that list and we’ll be passing games back and forth. It’ll be a lot better than how we currently say “buy this game! It’s great!” because now I can say “Hey, try this game I just got, see if you like it!” and they can just download and play.

  • peeer

    This is comforting to hear! I admit that after what Reggie stated before this woke up some doubts in me on this subjet. Its good to hear Nintendo feels that way about the video games.

    I understand other companies want to protect their properties from being pirated, but that don’t justify using draconian measures like that to prevent this. These DRM measures should only be applicable to online-only games like Diablo III on PC for exemple. Not to offline-only games like that Sim City game EA have been using DRM onto…

  • Edward

    Crimson Dragon developers Grounding INC. has a unannounced game in development for Nintendo.

  • Jack5221

    While most of my prized toys from when I was a kid are gone, one thing I STILL have to this day are my Nintendo Consoles and Gameboys with all their games too! Dating back to the NES all the way to the Wii U. I’ve got them all and they still work! I love that picture of Miyamoto!

  • Ony

    In 20 years, I could get my old N64, GameCube and Wii U and show such nostalgy to my kids.

    Those who bought a Xbox One will never bring back memories, years later.

    • Andreas Sunde

      It’s almost like the Xbone games have no replay value…

      • Maxwell Baumgarten

        That’s not hat he meant at all…

        • Jordan Olling

          But it is a related thought.

          • Zombie Boy

            They have replay value. You just have to pay for them again to reinstall and replay them!

  • Fred

    “It’s important to note that Microsoft is the only current-gen console attempting to emulate the PC market by using license-based games instead of actually physical products. Both Nintendo and Sony have stated that they plan to allow games to exist on the disk separate of online check-ins and accounts.”

    That makes sense considering Microsoft is the only one that is really a PC OS company that decided to make video game consoles.

    • RockGod

      You may be a little confused by the fact that Microsoft actually made two gaming consoles. This third thing is Weird… like a PC wannabe…

  • peeer
    • Kevin Duran

      It’s almost as if Sony had nothing against nintendo to a point where it’s fine with protecting it from Microsoft.

      • peeer

        Well, the PS1 was originally supposed to be a 32x CD adapter for the SNES back then. So, if Sony are in console market today its somewhat because of Nintendo. πŸ˜‰

        • Tobias Naustdal

          and if you look at the dualshock, you will see a resemblance to the snes controller πŸ˜›

        • Evang3los

          You mean how sony took all of Nintendo’s ideas and decided to make a console instead with all the stolen ideas.

          • peeer

            I don’t see where Sony stole anything. Nintendo asked Sony to build them a 32x CD adapter for SNES, they decided not to use it. Sony had the prototype all done and Nintendo is not wanting to use it anymore…

          • Zombie Boy

            That’s right, and it became the PS1. I remember all the news at the time well πŸ™‚

            I have nothing against Sony and it seems that Sony have nothing against Nintendo. In fact the two companies seem to be working together to oust Microsoft. It’s just sad that the Sony fanboys ruin their company’s image.

          • peeer

            Yeah, they wanted that 32x CD adapter only because of Sega Genesis that had Sega CD and 32x cartridges adapter. But seeing the next gen coming, they decided to leave that out to Sony and proceed with the N64 instead.

          • Zombie Boy

            It was actually the main reason I bought a PS1 as well as an N64. Before that I’d been a Sega kid, but the 32X and Mega CD put me off a bit and that’s when I went Nintendo.

          • Zombie Boy

            Turns out it was a good choice after their consoles failed from that point on (with the exception of a few good games).

    • SeroReviews

      Lol! What movie is that from?

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I said it a thousand times before. This guy is driven by greed. He will force the company on its knees with these leech policies that only serves to suck out money.

    EDIT: Sorry, thought this was Microsofts page. Miyamoto is a good guy.

    • Relick

      You almost had me xD

    • jay

      what the….

    • gamesplayswill

      I was reading this thinking “is this what Miyamoto does behind our backs!?”

  • ChiwawaBoi

    That picture. Epic!

  • Kaihaku

    It’s true, I still have all of my SNES games…even though I probably could make some good money by selling Super Metroid and Star Fox with their original packaging.

    • Quicksilver88

      Same here have a lot of NES and SNES and about 20 N64 including the super valuable Conker. I also have about 25 GC and 25 Wii. I never trade any games in but often give away games from my other systems to kids in the family or friends (I know Imam nice)……but my Nintendo games I keep and replay over the years. Been on a GC kick lately as I recently finally found Baten Katos and put over 70 hours in on it. Planning on replaying Tales next. I really want GC on VC so I can play them on the gamepad.

  • Joyous Killer
    • jay

      This gave me an idea.

      The Wii U animal crossing should be a large open world free-to-play game.

  • Michael Jurado

    Simply put a video game is a toy not a soul binding contract swearing your allegiance too that company. So go Nintendo go πŸ˜€

  • DemonRoach

    So what he is saying, as soon as you get a toy, then its yours. But if your family moves to a house, you need to be a 20% tax to keep using your toy there.

  • Kirbyomega

    Funny cause Nintendo started out making cards and toys

  • Ryan Chan

    First Sony pooped on MS about raping people who buy used games and now the
    nice kid (Nintendo) is making fun of them… XBone you are now the most
    hated kid in class…

  • TULFich

    Games are Smeagle PREciousssss!!

  • Edward

    Platinum games have stated multiple times that they would like to work on a Star Fox game, I say let them. When Retro is done making DKCTF they should make a Metroid game. Whoever is making Mario 3D World should make another Mario Paper or RPG game. I also would like to see F-Zero, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Sin and Punishment, Mario Party, Wii Sports, and a new IP would be nice. I also would like ports of Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Yoshi’s New Island.

    • thedeciderU

      i’m happy with what they announced, but imo, they need a new, edgy IP badly. i am expecting one, not because i feel entitled, but because they have fans that have been asking. it would be a nice change of pace from some of the lighter titles.

      • Edward

        I’m happy with the announcements too. Every game they announced I am going to buy 1st party wise with the exception of Wii U Party probably, only because I rather have a Mario Party.

      • Quicksilver88

        How about another stab at Geist which was sort of cool but incomplete in other ways……

    • thedeciderU

      and it could broaden their appeal, which is always good. then maybe more 3rd party support.

  • Nintendofreak

    i still think tropical freeze sound like u know…..KOOL-AID OH YEAHH

  • Nintendofreak


    this vid is funny watch it especially the ending

  • Rey Hardy

    “stating that he believes games should be treated like a physical toy that remains the property of the owner after its purchased.”

    So then how about those youtube lets players? Its our property after we bought it according to Miyamoto…

    • peeer

      They actually don’t block those videos to be uploaded on youtube. They’ve only disabled the ads revenue to pay the uploader of the video, redistributing that ad money to Nintendo instead. The lets players can still upload the videos on youtube if they want. They just won’t be able to get paid from youtube ads. That can easily be solved if they ask for donations with paypal if they really want to get paid that badly. Many peoples generates donations for stuff worse than that lol.

  • Wanderlei

    Based Miyamoto

  • Though I am a huge MS fan, I can’t believe they are treating used games like Server 2012 activations!

  • Justis Bistawros

    I treat my games like my second nut anyone whose ready for it is free to play.

  • Stephen Davis

    If this is true, then WHY are our Nintendo ID’s and MiiVerse Usernames tied to one console? πŸ™

    • WASD

      yea, why nintendo?! D:

    • Petri

      I think they should do same as was on PS3.
      You could put your ID on max 3 consoles, and you could use all downloaded games on all 3 (though I doubt that was the original intention).

      If Nintendo did this, I would buy another Wii U, and all games digitally.
      Digital is more expensive here, so thats why I prefer physical.
      In the end, that would make more money to Nintendo, because I would not buy 2 games in physical form, even if I had 2 consoles.

      But this could be abused, so I dont know.

    • Shaise Mughal

      uhh, why would you want your ID on more than one console!

      • Maxwell Baumgarten

        Not 2 wii u consoles, more like wii u and 3ds owned by the same person.

        • smashbrolink

          Unified accounts isn’t something left out of the equation quite yet.
          Give it time and it may happen.

  • Petri

    Well, used toys doesnt have Gamestop ripping you off.

  • Inviable Gaming

    Yeah I agree people can do what they want with toys so the same should be done with games you can put games on fucking you-tube don’t make statements that will lash other ones.

  • Seth S. Scott

    that is exactly how I think of my games. Love you Shigeru!

  • I have always been particular about my games collection. I still have the boxes for a number of my original 8-bit games… and in fairly good condition too! We’re talking old school cartridge titles that still work!

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Teach microsoft that we want to play with our toys the way we want. DON’T BUY XBONE!!

  • smashbrolink

    It makes sense because, technically, game systems ARE toys, toys that we play with, just much more digital than most others with far higher entertainment potential.
    Miyamoto’s a smart man.