Feb 27th, 2014


MixedBag is an Italian developer currently working on a PS Vita title called Futuridium EP Deluxe, but the team may have a Wii U announcement soon. Our press account received the mysterious image above with a call to contact the team in order to learn more. We’ve reached out to them and hopefully we’ll see what the team is working on and plans to bring to the Wii U. For reference, here are a few shots of the PS Vita title they’re working on.

The game looks like a bullet hell shoot ’em up and is already scheduled to be released on the PS Vita sometime this year, so perhaps the team is looking to bring the title to the Wii U as well! We’ll let you know when we find out more information.

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  • Seth S. Scott

    always interested in hearing about new titles coming to wii u

  • abe

    is it just me or is the wii u going to be all first party and indie games? because thats cool

    • Capt. Smoker

      Doesn’t sound very cool to me, I want and expect at least some form of third party support for my money

      • abe

        i’m sure third party support will pick up once sales increase. the third parties always wait for Nintendo to release their big IPs *points at 3DS* I’ll buy what every third party games come to Wii U but frankly i’m here for the first party titles. I suspect kinda like how the Wii Got dual releases with PSP i think the Wii U will get ports of Vita games

        • Capt. Smoker

          I’d take some ports of Vita games, Ys Celceta being the main one, or any Ys game for that matter, Wii U needs a variety of different 3rd party stuff, if it’s not gonna get the same as everybody else, the 3DS gets these sort of games, no reason why Wii U shouldn’t, I’m crossing my fingers for an open world one piece game since we recently got romance dawn on 3DS, I haven’t come across me though yet, damn straw hats!

          • abe

            all we need for the good vita games to come over here is for the Wii U to get some Japanese sales. the low sales over here will scare western devs. like what happened with3ds and nintendo will prepare to patch gaps in our releases with japanese imports. If the 3DS sold really well in that first year we wouldn’t of got the likes of bravely default or project X zone. I’d kill for an phantasy star or a tales of… game for Wii U

          • Christian Schoff

            I am glad to see that you’re not the silly version that had the cigars missing.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Those bastards made me wash up and smoke less in the new world, I blame Tashigi, it’s always her fault

          • Christian Schoff

            I was talking about the english dub. I’ve fallen way behind in the manga. Did Tashigi really do that?

  • Those images remind me of the gummi ship from kingdom hearts…

  • gtosheex

    reminds me of an old DOS game – Sky Roads. Loved the old ass computer

  • companyoflosers

    so what? am i supposed to get excited over every little studio that develops something for wii u? a dev needs to have some credibility and a decent background before i get excited over it. this seems like a studio that is getting a bit ahead of itself. dont get me wrong, i love my wii u, but why am i supposed to care about some random little developer nobody has ever heard of?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Yeah, they don’t seem to have any background at all – just look at the screenshots – it’s all black!

  • TheJrockfreak .

    im with abe i like that the wii u at least for now is a first party and indie console

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’ve read several people ranting on forums now that X1’s sales are lower or same-ish than the Wii U around the same period after launch.

    I wonder if that can be substantiated with hard numbers. Seems like it’ll be the PS2/gamecube era all over again if true – without the loss that was the dreamcast

  • JimTheSG

    Looks good to me http://forma8.net/

  • MerryBlind .

    Looks psychedelic as phuq; color me interested!