Mar 6th, 2013


Minecraft took the world by storm before it was ever on consoles, but it debuted as a console exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in 2012. Mojang had a one year period of exclusivity with the Xbox 360 that will be ending in May. Now the developers are looking at bringing the indie sandbox game to PlayStation owners. When discussing a port of the game to the Wii U, Jens Bergensten said it was “very unlikely” that we’d see that happening.

That’s a bummer, but Minecraft was never really expected on the Wii U and if you have a computer at home, the PC version is far superior than what’s available on consoles anyway.

[via Joystiq]

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  • OMEGA48

    I think its better on WiiU because of the gamepad. That will be great for it. On Playstation? No. Go with Nintendo, Mojang.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Never cared wheter it was coming or not

  • SirDjss

    couldent care less ,i rather have REAL games not a crappy MOD like minecraft lol

    • You clearly haven’t played Minecraft… GTFO of Life please

      • SirDjss

        of course i havent played it you moron, if i wanna build bricks and use my imagination ill do it with my kid, insted if waisting time on this crap

        • Guest

          You have a child? Poor kid. His father isn’t even intelligent enough to use spell check.

          • SirDjss

            well i thought you were intelligent enough to read between the lines that you dont need to read stuff that are grammaticly correct to understand lol, i quess not.

  • Nintedward

    Their loss. Minecraft and Nintendo seems like a natural fit. What ever trevor…

    • ejownz6

      Hardly their loss. Minecraft is on IOS, Windows, 360, and now Playstation 3. The one losing out is the one missing something everything else has.

      • Nintedward

        No , it is sill their loss. They could potentialy sell millions more copies of Minecraft on 3DS and Wiiu. If they don’t want to put it on those platforms. Their loss , no sweat off my back or Nintendo’s back , I will just play it on PC if i want to play it.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I don’t think they could sell millions of copies, it’s an old game, there is a free PC version, and it’s just plain better on PC. I do think that it’s possible that it will come to the Wii U at a later date though. But I don’t think the 3ds is powerful enough to run Minecraft.

          • [000]

            Mobile phones can run Minecraft…

          • MadCrain

            The problem isn’t if it can run it or not, the problem is that they just don’t FEEL like adding Minecraft to Nintendo, want to know why, because fuck you, that’s why, that seems to be the most credible answer to lack of 3rd party support, we have the technology, we have the innovation, but why put DLC or actually support it with games, no thanks, fuck you Nintendo, because fuck you.

          • CTRAINGAMER

            I’m not sure I understand what you just said. :/

          • MadCrain

            Read again, boyo, shouldn’t be that difficult.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            It takes time, effort, and resources to port. The Wii U is different than a PC, ps3, xbox, or phone. And I’m sure that people who want Minecraft on the Wii U would want gamepad features and what not. That takes additional time and resources. It may be very unlikely that Minecraft comes to the Wii U, but no impossible.

          • MadCrain

            So they can take the time to develop for a PS4, who has a new controller, which also has bullshit touch pad features, but it seams unlikely to bring it over to the Wii U, yeah, ok.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            And yet my laptop can’t. I’m sure the ios version is majorly dumbed down , which isn’t something anybody with a brain would buy for the 3ds.

          • lonewolf88

            for 10 bucks you would….. and if your laptop can’t run minecraft then it really sucks plus the 3ds is made to play games while ur laptop is probably a note book with a terrible heating system memory graphics card ect

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I wouldn’t pay 10 bucks for anything that is well known to be outclassed by the free PC version. My laptop is perfectly capable of running less complicated games, such as emulated DS and gamecube games. Since when can a 3ds run PC games without dumbing then down?

          • lonewolf88

            you really are stupid aren’t you it can’t run on 3ds when monster hunter ran on it and on top of that i phones can play it…

      • SoulSilverZero

        They have Minecraft on Android too.

  • Tmaster

    The Wii U gamepad seems like such a obvious and great tool. Mojang should really reconsider.

  • Donaalld

    Mojang is a small studio. They can’t port to all platforms at once. They seem to be prioritizing development by install base. Wii U will get there. I’m not too concerned.

    • Eli Braden

      finnaly a good comment!

    • Richard Yates

      Well slap me sideways you can comment without trolling!! pat on the back for you mate!

      • You clowns. You only praise when people kiss Nintendo’s ass, but you call it trolling with the truth is revealed.

        • WiiUltra

          Guys, the person that I replied to is the real Donaald. You guys are being decieved.

          • Lord Carlisle

            Look at the way his username is spelled. I don’t think it was always like that. I smell impersonation!

          • Donaalld

            Correct. As stated before, there is a new don in town. Pleased to Meetcha!.

            BTW: If you actually enjoy being trolled, enjoy rappn with your new friend KnowNothn.

        • RoadyMike

          LOL! “Truth” my ass
          “Biased opinion” is all we get from you,real Dolan.GTFO fool!

          • You can tell when I have facts to back up what I say. You can look them up or you can find the truth and still dismiss it simply because you don’t like it.

          • RoadyMike

            O RLY? You never answered what I asked for about a week ago.Remember?
            “3 games where the fun,depth and/or gameplay was enhanced because of great graphics.Not power,just graphics”
            You didn’t answer because of ONE word.That wasn’t a reason to not reply with an actual answer,that was an excuse

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Hi Donald, no we don’t praise people for “kissing Nintendo’s ass” everyone here often [constructively] criticizes them for things like slow Wii U OS, bad advertising etc. Whereas trolls just say bad things about Wii U with little/no grounds in reality and when people prove them wrong with facts then they’re accused of being fanboys. You’re not fooling anyone troll.

          • They don’t often do anything buy claim that everything is “awesome” and the slow OS is nothing. Bad advertising is an opinion. You call anyone who says bad things about Nintendo trolls, because it’s a Nintendo site.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            No, I call people who constructively point out flaws correct, I call people who bash things with no reason & who do it purely to be inflammatory trolls.

          • lonewolf88

            well thats your opinion

    • Wh-huh? You actually posted a comment that wasn’t supposed to piss people off? Good for you Donaalld! I’m proud of you.

    • ElladanCZ

      OMG I actually agree with you Donaald. I now believe a miracle has happened.

      • Nintedward

        All you guys above. that isn’t the real Donald , it’s an imposter…

    • ejownz6

      What do you base this on? In the article a developer of Minecraft says it’s ‘very unlikely’ that the game will be released on Wii U.

      19 likes for conjecture and I’m sure a ton of dislikes for quotes and information.

      • Donaalld

        “Very unlikely” leaves the possibility of yes, as “we’ll consider [Playstation]” leaves the possibility of no. What is left but conjecture? *IF* they go with Playstation next, the pattern that emerges sorts on install base size. *IF* they were prioritizing by the best and most natural fit, clearly Wii U would be next, because of the Gamepad.

    • Tobias Naustdal

      i don’t think that mojang is a small studio anymore… there is little to none reason for minecraft being on everything, since it has such a broad audience, and com on there are a couple of small indie developers on the wii u right now so why not?

      • Donaalld

        Mojang is a 16 person indie game studio. Source:


          Mmmmm…… smell that humble pie.

    • Guest

      If they releasing the minecraft on Playstation (If Mojang will still say no on porting to Wii U), I will take legal actions againest Mojang because of not porting to the Wii U (I’m serious because I want a better day with minecraft fans). I understand

      • sdmac200600

        You would sue a company because your console of choice is not getting a game? Why not just buy it for the ps3 (if it does come) or 360 and be done with it….

    • Guest

      If they releasing the minecraft on Playstation (If Mojang will still say no on porting to Wii U), I will take legal actions againest Mojang because of not porting to the Wii U (I’m serious because I want a better day with minecraft fans). I understand that mojanf was a small studio but Here’s the thing, I’ll own a Large studio so that way they can ported to the Wii U.

    • If they releasing the minecraft on Playstation (If Mojang will still say no on porting to Wii U), I will take legal actions againest Mojang because of not porting to the Wii U (I’m serious because I want a better day with minecraft fans). I understand that mojang was a small studio but Here’s the thing, I’ll own a Large studio so that way they can ported to the Wii U.

      • Guest

        You would sue a company because your console of choice is not getting a game? Why not just buy the game on ps3 (if it does come) or 360 and be done with it…

    • RyuNoHadouken

      minecraft costs all of 500 bucks to make….they can release it on every platform available….the game uses 8-bit graphics for heavens sake!!!!

    • RicardJulianti
  • It might be cool if they released this on PS4 because I’ve heard they are one of the developers developing for PS4 but it would be nice to see this come out on the Wii U and their isn’t much of an excuse because the Wii U is perfect for Minecraft.

  • Savion Tucker

    To be honest guys I really donn’t care nor do other Nintendo fans. Nintendo gamers don’t wanna play Mindcraft we just want our franchises and some third party games. This wouldn’t get much attention anyways so it’s all good.

    • ElladanCZ

      And this is the reason why I am sitting hear on WiiUdaily and not playing the new Tomb Raider. The classic stance of “Nintendo” fans is destroying Nintendo. If you want good games then also think about indie and thirdparty. Not just we are ok with our Zeldas and Marios, we dont care about other games.

    • Aenifer

      This is not true. I’m a Nintendo gamer (also) and i would like to see a Wii U version of Minecraft.

  • Sdudyoy

    It would be cool to play Minecraft on the Wii u, but I already own it on the PC and I wouldn’t see the point of buying it twice.

    • Tmaster

      Totally agree with you.

  • I own Minecraft on the PC. I wouldn’t want to buy it twice, so this doesn’t really matter to me.

  • Andrew Comer

    It would be a neat concept with the GamePad and all. But no chance I would buy it. Minecraft without all the mods you can install is crazy boring.

  • Zorlac79

    That’s too bad actually. I don’t prefer to play games on PC and had some fun playing it on 360 while I had it temporarily. Never aimed to purchase it though, but definitely would on the Wii U. With the touch pad and controls combined, and on the Nintendo network, it is almost the ideal platform for it. I think it would add a lot of appeal for the Wii U as well.

  • Nintendofreak

    look at those hd graphics omg the AA is amazing the lighting the water effects dam what a loss for the wiiu damn

    • ejownz6

      Looks about the same as Lego City.

  • Although it’d be nice, Minecraft is really far superior on a computer. You can install texture packs, mods, custom maps, not to mention you can have many kinds of servers, like a Bukkit server and have unique plugins. And typing in commands or maneuvering through the menus is easier with a mouse than a controller.
    Soartex Fanver x256 texture pack, Optifine, Rei’s Minimap, and TooManyItems (just in case~) are like some of the good basic things to get for the computer version that only enhances the experience of Minecraft.
    Plus you can always like Skype of Oovoo with friends that also have it for easy communication.

  • Another biased article. “Minecraft was a great game – too bad it won’t come on the Wii U. Ah well, the PC version was far superior to the consoles anyway,so that’s the one to get.” Of course if it would have come on the Wii U, the article would have cheered it.

  • aww that sucks. minecraft is PERFECT for wii U. (gamepad)

  • Adam Fox

    I hate Minecraft, but I honestly think if they are going to port it to a system, it should be the Wii U since the PS4 is due out later this year…..why put it on a system on its way out?

    • Gregory Edcius

      i’m actually wondering why someone who is buying ps4 would buy this not trolling or anything but this game is old i bought it for my nephews one for pc and the other for 360 it costed 20 eu i dont think people want an old game thats out for years to play on a system that can handle things like killzone maybe later when it just appears in the shop but not as a launch title and probably they just mean ps3

  • audi lover

    Not to bothered its complete crap on my pc

  • Wayne Beck

    PC version of this game is just incomparably better than the Xbox version. I would much rather see them create a new game and put it on Wii U than see the Xbox Version ported over.

  • Johny

    seriously Mojang.. why not go with nintendo ? .. the console is very indie friendly… + the convenience of the minecraft experience would have been so much better with the help of the wii u’s gamepad

  • Orange Lada

    The reason for PS4 ahead of Wii U is likely that they are developing on x86 hardware already and that is what PS4 will be on, so it is an easier move from the Xbox version. Wii U poses new difficulties.

  • It just doesnt make sense… the Wii U would work so well with the inventory/crafting system. And people wouldnt have to deal with that weird “here is everything you can craft” menu on xbox…

    • Juan Benitez


  • ejownz6

    Another disappointment for Wii U owners. We’re used to this by now though.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      I wouldn’t call missing out on getting a port of a 2 year old game that is obsolete to the PC version a disappointment.

  • Nothing is coming to WiiU!!! This is all I hear about…. smh :/

    • JumpMan

      you’re looking at it from a totally pessimistic POV, then. we got ZombiU, exclusive. Lego City: Undercover, exclusive. NSMBU, exclusive. and a butt-load of other amazing games coming/ already here.

      • Dude, I’m so pissed! All I hear about is how the Wii U is gonna fail and how it’s garbage! (I have the Xbox360, PS3, PSVita and WiiU) I’m a universal gamer… What pisses my off is that, It’s been what? almost 4 months since launch? I had Zombie U….. Traded it in, I thought it was garbage, Black Ops II… traded it in. I only kept my Nintendo Land (Came with my Deluxe) and Mario WiiU… I want nintendo to prosper… I reallty do! I want to see hits like a new Xenoblade roll out and New Zelda HD (Not the remake) and Nintendo is taking their sweet ass time. At the same time losing customers (eg. Go on Craig’s List and see how many people are trying to get rid of their WiiUs…. It’s ridiculous! You say that I’m looking at it from a pessimistic view? Okay I’ll give you that… I’m fucking annoyed to hell! (I’m sorry, that I’m venting on you) I just want to scream out to Nintendo and say WHAT THE FUUUUUCK!) *Sighs…* My Wife got me the console for Christmas and I feel bad at times cause I’m mostly on my PS3 and Xbox360 more often… I beat Mario WiiU and Nintendo Land and I’m just sitting here waiting with my hands open waiting for a AAA title to come out for the damn system already! I want to read good things about the WiiU! Not how this 3rd part dev canceled or how this dev isn’t fucking with the console and how shitty the CPU is… I want to read news that tells me that the system is Fucking KiCK ASS! And how they have AAA titles rolling out sometime in the (Immediate) future! Not 3rd Quarter of 2013 or beginning of 2014! FML! Quite honestly the way I feel right now, I want to shove this console up Iwata’s ass and clothesline him across the face with the tablet controller cause I’m seriously getting the vibe that this is it for the big “N”

  • Ben howes

    r u fucking kidding me? everyone on miiverse was like “MINECRAFT-U LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!” to sum up, EVERYONE wants a wii u version. trust me..

  • DragonSilths

    Mojang is rich they could make a Wii U port.

  • Joseph Parsons

    Minecraftis shit so ther

  • sdmac200600

    it would be good on the wii u cause of the gamepad but please don’t put this on the wii u. its a WAY overhyped game for no reason. its online legos. if i want to play legos, I’ll go to toys r us and buy some legos.

  • NoPuNintendo

    I don’t mind. I was never drawn into Minecraft myself, although I do know a lot of people love it. I do hope to see it on the Wii U though. I wonder how they would implement the gamepad.

  • Ford Crews

    Thank god my 10 year old is starting to out grow minecraft, it’s the most pointless mindless game on the planet. It’s really just a level editor with random animals stumbling around.


      Amazing! Your right AND wrong at the same time. I don’t know whether to up vote or down lol

  • Juan Benitez

    my dreams have just been shattered

  • Paul

    The cool thing about a wii u version other than the fact that you can use the gamepad for some awesome stuff is that we would probably get a port of the PC version like need for speed and what not.

  • Squid

    I got a great idea, a petition might work. Mojang is a indie company right? Nintendo’s fanbase can do this.

  • Tobias Naustdal

    i own the pc version but i would definitely buy a copy for it on the wii u, just think how much easier it would be with the gamepad! having all your items and other miscellaneous items on it!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Why is it unlikely? The Gamepad could work brilliant in Minecraft. I suppose there’s the argument about it working better with a Mouse and Keyboard but the the console version on 360 did great without and the Wii U could even better. I don’t see why they’ll work on a PS version and pretty much rule out a Wii U version when it would surely be superior.

  • Juan Benitez

    dont worry guys mojang will get to the wii u.What do you want? a rushed up game that isnt good. or a good well developed game?

    • It’s already developed… they just need to port it and add gamepad functionality.

  • majong makinging a more money reciving choice but itd be supior and much more fun on the wiiu

  • John Andalora

    I’m starting to get bummed out by the news on this site.
    Most of it tends to be “probably won’t” and “isn’t expected to”, and it makes me wonder if Wii U is going to get any more games that actually interest me.
    I already have Minecraft on the Xbox, but if Nintendo doesn’t port more games into its library that are new, unique, or exciting, I don’t expect much hope for its future.

  • Kirbyomega

    The Portal Series on the Wii U would be like the next best thing. It fits almost as perfectly as Minecraf would.

  • Don’t really care. Playing it on anything but a mouse and keyboard is awkward. And it’s not like the minimum requirements are demanding, so there’s really no point in not playing it on PC, which controls better and is most up to date. I guess it might be nice to be able to play on the go on handhelds, but any time you’re on the go you wouldn’t be able to play online.

  • They should really consider about the wii u with they could be creative with gamepad

  • Potemkin

    I don’t get the hype for this game. Got it for PC and then for my phone… and I still didn’t find it appealing at all…

  • wii u crazer

    i love minecraft i wish it was on the wii u becousse the inventory can be on the gamepad . it can have off-screen play and be compadible with the wii u pro controller, wiimote and nunchuk, classic controller, an classic controller pro.

  • RicardJulianti

    Oh hey….just thought I’d leave this little update here….

    “just as likely to appear on Wii U as any other platform.”

    Hell yeah.

  • Martin Kearney

    The Wii U could be a perfect match. It could be like the Zelda tech demo at E3 2011, or Zombi U with your arsenal right on the gamepad. Switching from a pick ax to a sword would be easier than on the other platforms. They should reconsider, it’s the only way I would play Minecraft. My PC sucks and it won’t play games as well as others.