Aug 31st, 2014


The hit PC game Minecraft has been released on last gen consoles and mobiles, and will soon be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One as well. It appears that the only platform that’s left is Wii U, and so far the chances of seeing a Wii U version haven’t been that great. Minecraft creator Notch denied rumors that the game was coming to the Wii U.

Now developer 4J Studios, who is in charge of porting the game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, commented on the chances of seeing the game on the Wii U. And it doesn’t look good.

Basically, their answer is the tried and tested “it depends on the install base”. 4J Studio’s Daniel Kaplan was asked about this in a recent interview, and he said:

“With the release of PS4 and Xbox One I think we have fulfilled most of the needs for now. There aren’t many platforms left to release on. We’ll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort.”

Whether we’ll ever see a Wii U version will depend on the install base of the console, which so far has over 7 million worldwide. Kaplan also talked about the update process, which has to be fairly easy since Minecraft gets constant updates, pushing out new content and features. He said:

“The whole point of Minecraft is that you get updates all the time. If you release somewhere you want to make sure that we will be updating rather than, ‘Oh yeah, we only sold 1000 copies on that platform so let’s kill it off’. That’s not the way Minecraft has been developed.”

Minecraft is scheduled for release on the PS4 and Xbox One next month, and has already been released on pretty much ever other platform, including iOS, Android, and even the PlayStation Vita.

Are you a Minecraft fan? Would you buy the game if it was released on the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • eclectic*raptor

    nintendo – please work on your relationships with as many game developers/publishers as you can. i don’t care if this game comes or not, but more offerings probably won’t hurt.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Too true.

    • Rich Garriques

      they dont need to most of them are greedy .

      • Mojang isn’t. They actually advocated pirating their own game.

        • Marioman21

          I am not sue if that is stupid or admirable. It just makes me want to pay for it the legit way.

          • they said “There’s no demo. If you wanna try it, pirate it. If you like it, buy it afterwards

          • Marioman21

            But there is a demo I have played it.

          • Ben English

            They probably said that regarding the PC version years ago.

    • Will W

      Wii U doesn’t need any more crappy games, but the fact that it’s popular (and would work well with the G-Pad), and possibly stimulate more third party growth is a positive…

      • I wouldn’t call Minecraft crappy…

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Neither would I. It’s just the usual sour grape responses. Shame really. Though, I understand up to a point, that they’re upset.

  • The fact they are bringing it to Vita and not even 3DS… f**king hypocrites!

    • ben

      Don’t use logic.
      The reason that this game is not coming is that Nintendo wont let them have a million microtransations.

      • Vorpal Blade

        That is interesting. While the consoles make you pay for skins and such, you can get anything you want on PC for free. Would the Wii U be along side the consoles, or PC?

        • A neat feature would be drawing your own skins using the Gamepad.

    • JudgeMethos

      Well, I read somewhere that the 3ds would only be able to handle the pocket version because of its specs. I just can’t get into the game but it sucks that they don’t wanna bother with the Wii U. It could have 15 million install base and they’d probably still wave it off.

    • John Andalora

      OF course it wouldn’t be the fact that the Vita can handle Minecraft much like the consoles and has an install base bigger than the Wii U, and the 3DS, while having a good deal of power, doesn’t quite have the same capabilities.
      It’s because Notch sucks and hates Nintendo.

      • Did you really just say Vita has a bigger install base than Wii U and 3DS… I shall no further talk with you.

        • Guest

          I didn’t say it had a bigger install base than 3DS.
          But it does have a bigger one than Wii U. Also, that install base buys a lot of indies.
          There are currently 8.8 million Vitas floating around, and 7.1 million Wii U’s.


        • John Andalora

          Ah! I see the problem!
          I wrote that sentence improperly.

          Hang on, I’ll fix it.

          I meant to say this:

          OF course it wouldn’t be the fact that the Vita can handle Minecraft much like the consoles and has an install base bigger than the Wii U. And the 3DS, while having a good deal of power, doesn’t quite have the same capabilities.

          Shouldn’t write posts at Midnight…

    • Ben English

      Uh I think that’s more likely the 3DS processor not being up to snuff for it. Maybe on the New 3DS?

  • N1ntendo

    Vita has a large install base?!? Could have fooled me. More Wii Us out there than Xbox ONEs as well. I guess when the clones make their way to the eShop they will make all of the money intended for Notch. Works for me! 😀

    • Adrian Brown

      That Notch guy has trashed on Wii U before. He just doesn’t like Nintendo. We all know Minecraft Wii U makes sense thanks to the gamepad, even a MC bundlle would be possible, but for some reason I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

      • Milky Bacons

        He hasn’t trashed the Wii U. From what I head from his tweets and stuff he has a Wii U.

        • Adrian Brown

          He does have a Wii U,, but that doesn’t stop him from trashing:

          • Sheik

            WTF!??! I hate him now, WHAT A LOSER. No games, Huh? HAHHAHAHAHH!!! THERE’S SO MANY GAMES COMING OUT IN 2015!! Notch sucks, hate him

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It makes sense to you, but at the end of the day, does it make sense to the developer? Apparently, not at this present time. Perhaps in the future. Developers do tend to change their minds.

        • Chelseafan1989

          The developers excuses are retarded. Just like you Daniel.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Ohai Davey boy. Still upset as per usual? 🙂

          • Chelseafan1989

            I am not upset but this dude is retarded. I’m not going to make a Wii U version but I am going to make a Vita and Xbox One version. What is the logic in that?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Then there is no need for the high strung attitude, correct? I agree nor disagree with the guy. I don’t understandwhy there is no Wii U port, but it’s not my call and nothing can be done about it. More importantly, it’s not the end of the world, is it really a deal breaker not to get it on another platform? Besides, there are plenty of games coming to the Wii U as well, so it’s not like you’re deprived of quality titles.

          • Chelseafan1989

            I know but having it on the Wii U would have been nice as the features of the console match the game. Also it is selling more than the other consoles. These third party developers don’t seem up to date with the latest sales news.

          • oontz

            It’s selling more than the ps4?

          • Bowsah

            I believe he’s referring to the Xbox One and PS Vita.

          • Brandon

            They already know theres a fanbase, plus the game came out on there last gen counter parts. It does make sense for it to come out wii u, I agree on that.

    • John Andalora

      IT does.
      There are currently 8.8 million Vitas in people hands, while the Wii U is owned by 7.1 million.

  • Phin68

    But why the Vita and not the Wii U? Where’s the logic in that?!

    • Kevin Sepulveda

      Sony probably had something to do with it

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Yes, those conspiracies.

        • not a conspiracy, sony probably has similar software development paradigms and technologies across technologies and probably gives access to kits for all their platforms when you work with them. They may have even insisted that if notch wants a PS4 release then they want to see it on the Vita too.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If Sony wanted it on the Vita, then I don’t see the harm in that.

          • Chelseafan1989

            Because the Vita is more dead than the Wii U ever will be, it’s ironic considering this guys statements about the Wii U.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            His statements towards the Wii U, is his opinion alone. Quite frankly, it’s entirely up to the developers, and they decided that the Wii U isn’t in the cards, but never ruled it out for the future. Besides, you do have a Vita and claim to enjoy it, do you not? So, it’s not like you’re being left out personally speaking. Lol.

          • Chelseafan1989

            I do have a Vita but like everyone keeps saying. This game was made for the Wii U.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well, that is entirely opinion based. It’s really up to the developers if they feel it’s made for the Wii U. Not every game will come to the platform, just as not every game will hit PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Regardless,they still left the door open for a Wii U port in the future.

          • Chelseafan1989

            The sales excuse is retarded though. You must admit that?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think the excuse is quite redundant, but what can you do, right? Whatever the case may be, I don’t make a big deal of it, regardless if I had a Wii U or not. The easiest fix to these situations, is to just have a secondary console on hand. That way, you don’t miss out on games you look forward to.

          • oontz

            Did you read the article?? It said user base, as in the user base that would be interested in minecraft. It isn’t referring to the overall install base of the wiiu.

          • PS4WiiURocks

            I won’t buy it..They had their chance and im moving on but i wanted to know are you getting Destiny next month..The beta was awesome

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Totally understandable. Yes, I am getting Destiny. Already have it pre-ordered for PS4, and the beta was great. Can’t wait.

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Agreed the beta was awesome and have mine pre ordered and ready to go

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Tried destiny loved every minute through the beta.

          • ben

            It was made for pcs/ The game is not really going to sell on the wii u. It is past its boiling point. So no point even reporting on Minecraft anymore.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          No conspiracy probably Sony helped secure a deal with them while Nintendo did not.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        True, though it must be easier to port low-power PS games over to Vita. I would suspect that that’s why Cross-buy and Cross-save is rife on PSN, due to its very integrated online service.

    • From what I hear, if you make a game for PS4, you have to sign something saying you’ll make it for vita too. Indie studios only I think. Idk the deets

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I heard that one too. Though, is there evidence that proves it to be true? Never came across anything.

  • Ducked

    Wii U has a bigger install base than Xbox One. PS Vita is dead everywhere except Japan. Playing this game on the Wii U Gamepad makes sense, also, the 3DS has a much larger install base than PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita COMBINED.

    Clearly, they just don’t have any relationship with Nintendo. It doesn’t look like Nintendo has made an effort either on their side. Nintendo needs to chase after third parties now.

    • JB

      Nintendo seems a little too prideful to chase after third parties, but I agree. Though to be fair, they did have what seemed like solid third party support at launch… But we all know what happened after that. Lol

      • J_Joestar

        well they seem to be fine with doing so in Japan, just not so much in the west.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        People hate Nintendo is because they do not understand why Nintendo games sells best and third party developer don’t.

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      I thought I would let you know I am typing this frommy Vita (mainly because my phone is junk)

    • FutureFox

      There are at least three possible reasons for this:
      1) They expected Xbone to perform as well as Ps4 (apparently they weren’t watching the news) and decided to port it over to Xbone prematurely.
      2) Nintendo having so much bad press and initial slow growth they discredited it ( again not following the recent uptrends) thus making this bogus statement.
      3) Nintendo has some stubborn/good reason behind not allowing Minecraft on their system.

    • John Andalora

      Funny you call the Vita dead when it has a bigger install base than the Wii U.
      Don’t throw around that “install base” garbage if you’re not gonna give the proper comparisons.
      Even then, there’s this.

      And, as for your 3DS statement, I highly doubt that the 3ds would ever be able to process Minecraft. The Vita at least functions like a slightly lower PS3. The 3DS is like a GameCube.

      • Ducked

        Did you read my comment? The Vita is dead everywhere except Japan. That’s true, most publishers aren’t supporting the vita, the only thing it’s getting right now is HD collections.

        The 3DS couldn’t run Minecraft? You do realize that Minecraft is on smartphones, right?

        I’m not not sure what point you’re trying to make here.

        • Ben English

          Some smartphones have better graphics chips than 3DS, and even many that don’t still have much faster CPUs. It is quite honestly possible that the 3DS can’t run a satisfactory version of the game.

        • John Andalora

          I don’t agree with that.
          Low sales doesn’t make something “dead.” If that were true, Wii U was dead for a year and a half.

          And, smartphones are actually more capable than the 3DS. That’s part of the reason why they cost more.

          And the point I’m trying to make is this:
          A) Install base is one of the worst arguments for why a game should or shouldn’t be on a console. I don’t necessarily agree with Notch, but I really don’t agree with your statement. I can sell one game between a group of ten or a group of ten million, but I still only sold one game. Even then, install base is not a good judge for who’s going to buy it, and considering the Wii U’s sales of 3rd party and indie games, it’s not a surprise that someone wouldn’t want to put a game on this console despite having a large amount of users. It’s a safer bet to go with Xbox One because of the original Xbox 360 port that people absolutely loved.
          B) 3DS couldn’t play Minecraft. Smartphones and Vita are better equipped to do so. It has nothing to do with install base.

          • Ducked

            Your statement makes zero sense. First of off, the 3DS is more capable of running Minecraft than smartphones. It’s proven. A PS1 game like Final Fantasy VII is too large to run on smartphones, which was stated by Square Enix. Yet the PSP can run it, a handheld less powerful than the 3DS. Also, people on 3DS are much more likely to buy PS Vita. The Vita has sold less than 10 million in its 2 and half year lifespan. Most of those sales are from Japan, a country that cares little for Minecraft.

            Don’t believe Vita is dead? Some retailers in North America have stopped stocking it. Not all third parties sell bad on Wii U, games like Skylanders and Lego games sell on Wii U. I’m sure Minecraft would.

          • John Andalora

            And you think I make Zero sense?

            So, your proof that Minecraft can run on the 3DS is that the PSP can run Final Fantasy VII and smartphones cannot. And since the PSP is weaker than the 3DS, then the 3DS should run Minecraft.

            Huh… Interesting.
            Well, I have one important question:

            Final Fantasy VII and Minecraft are first off COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and even then there are plenty of games that can be run on smartphones that the 3DS could never hope to accomplish, like Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Infinity Blade III.

            So this comparison is first off ridiculous.

            Next, to put this whole thing into perspective, Square Enix told people that the file was too big for their liking. Since it’s over a Gigabyte, they want to try and push it down a bit.
            So hardware is not the problem with that; It’s the company wanting the game to be a little smaller so more people can download it alongside their already full smartphones.


            And finally, the PSPs hardware capabilities have nowhere to land in this argument.

            As for the Vita thing, yeah, and ASDA stopped selling Wii U’s, so it’s even.

            And finally, Skylanders SWAP sold 280,000 copies, Skylanders Giants sold 190,000, LEGO Marvel sold 280,000, LEGO Movie sold 200,000, Hobbit sold 60,000, Batman 2 sold 30,000, and the only LEGO game that could’ve made its money back is LEGO City Undercover, with 750,000.

            Sales of these games might be better than most, but that’s exactly it: Better than most. There are a lot of worse selling 3rd party games on Wii U, and many of them barely break a quarter Million.

            I’m not gonna try and defend Vita sales because they aren’t great either. They aren’t perfect. But, it’s still going on as it will, and just like the people here won’t give up on the Wii U, I won’t give up on this.

          • Ducked

            You’re saying that Minecraft couldn’t run on 3DS, you really believe they can’t make a Minecraft game on the 3DS? Like it’s really that powerful of a game. I doubt most smartphones couldn’t run plenty of 3DS games out there. I couldn’t imagine many smartphones trying to play KH3D, or MK7.

            The Vita is not the same as the Wii U. Vita is dead, Sony themselves isn’t supporting the system. Vita has also been out longer than the Wii U. The only thing it’s good for in the west is an extra PS4 controller.

            Another thing is Minecraft as far as I’m aware isn’t a $60 game, it’s cheap. Many Wii U owners would be very likely to buy it, the Gamepad gameplay would be great advertising.

            I see your point, and agree with most of it. But the fact there couldn’t be a suitable port for the 3DS just seems ridiculous.

          • John Andalora

            Yes, I really do believe that Minecraft couldn’t be played on a 3DS.
            And that’s not to insult the 3DS or challenge its capabilities, but that game is a big one, and even the smartphone version has stuff stripped out of it.

            I want to ask this question, and I hope it doesn’t offend.
            Do you have a smartphone or tablet?

            If you do, I would ask you to download at least one of the really big games that is out in their market. It definitely helps to see just what a smartphone really can work with.

            And as for the Vita, it’s still got a good chunk of games coming out for it, and not just indies. Just because Sony isn’t supporting it doesn’t mean its dead.

            As for price, that’s not the point. As I recall, Toki Tori 2 was less than $60, and we see where that ended up.
            But Mojang has seen that PS3 and Xbox 360 and people buy Minecraft. They buy it a lot. 5.13 million sales for XB360, and 1.15 million for PS3 (released a year later). So they can bet that that’s the kind of market they’re pushing towards.

            Wii U, on the other hand, has most 3rd party games selling less than a quarter million. Only 1st party and exclusives (for the most part) break the mold.
            So they don’t see a good reason to make it yet.

  • crocodileman94

    “We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort”.

    Ports it to the Xbone.

    • Chelseafan1989

      Also the game pad would be awesome for this game and the free online.

    • i’m guessing the only reason this is happening is because of the fact that since it’s already a windows release it will probably be relatively simple to get it running on the xbone. but still your point is definitely true and hilarious.

      • ben

        Nah, the install base thing is bs. The reason is that Nintendo dont allow masses of downloads. Games can have updates but not on a weekly basis. Plus Minecraft is dead.. Or will be with in 6 months.

    • T J

      Mentioned this on a different comment, but I’m pretty much assuming they are considering the install base on the 360 as an extension of the XB1 due to the Xbox Live connection. People are prob more likely to buy a game like minecraft if their friends already have it and will do stuff online. Its still like pulling teeth convincing people that the Wii U is worth buying. 2 years of media saying it is a dead system has convinced many that it is.

      • JudgeMethos

        True but why wouldn’t they do that to the Wii? It’s install base is over 100 million. No Wii version that may rub off on Wii U owners? What am I sayin? Disregard.

    • LordiMcKill

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Brandon

      It was on xbox 360, so they know theres a fanbase on the xbox one.

      • manowaffles

        Less than 5% of 360 owners I know have yet or even plan to buy the X1. Many of these guys have been Xbox only since the PS1/N64 era.

        • Eric Degrechie

          Impossible. Xbox did not exist in that era.

          • manowaffles

            What I meant was that the PS1/N64 era was the last time many of these guys owned a non-Xbox console.

        • Brandon

          But still there still might be alot of minecraft on xbox one at this time.

          • manowaffles

            How many X1 owners have Minecraft for their X1? I’m not aware of any sales figures being released for it. VG Charts is reporting a whooping zero sales, but obviously someone must have bought at least one copy…right?

          • Brandon

            Sorry i forgot to put a word in. I meant minecraft fans.

    • DC777

      Obvious b.s.

      It’s obviously the best platform for the game but let them believe what they want. No doubt it sells well on other platforms because it is one of the only kid friendly games they have.

    • IRJason

      The port to xb1 was a day 1 announcement. Why stop when your half way through. Not saying WiiU doesn’t deserve a version. The game is so popular and the gamepad would probably make for minecraft being ideal on WiiU. Just saying why throw away money you already invested.

    • Kaihaku

      And the Vita. While skipping the 3DS.

  • Mitchematics

    I really hope Minecraft comes to Wii U would be amazing

    • agreed. how cool would it be to have 2-player local co-op with the gamepad as one player and the screen as another?! It would be a major selling point for people to get the wii u version as many people probably already have this game for other platforms.

  • Milky Bacons

    Listen, as an avid Minecarfter, all I’m going to say is this: It was made on the PC, for the PC. Not the Xbox, PS-whatever, and as much as I love my Wii U; it was not made to be on the Wii U. IMO, of course.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It’s not really a matter of it not made for the Wii U, but the developers at this point, don’t feel it’s worth the effort. It’s unfortunate, but it’s their choice. I can see angry Wii U owners already.

      • Milky Bacons

        Yah… well, I’m good with my current library, and it’s not like I’ll re-buy it on the Wii U if it ever does come out. Some games are meant for the PC, right?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Depends on the game, I suppose. In the case of Minecraft, I mostly agree with you there.

          • Milky Bacons

            So… this comment chain ended pretty quickly.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Hahaha. It doesn’t have to. 😛

  • JB

    I personally don’t care for Minecraft, but given how perfect it is for the Wii U, I’d buy it and snap it up in an instant. Honestly I just think the Minecraft guys don’t care for Nintendo, but whatever.

    As far as install base arguments are concerned (U vs XB1), I’m sure projected growth is in their equation. Wii U has been out almost two years and the XB1 for almost one. At this point, Microsoft is about to catch up.

    I thought the issue with the 3DS was power. Let’s see what they do with a pocket Minecraft when the New 3DS drop? Perhaps there will be enough under the hood to run it?

  • Lusunup

    “it’s much too big of an effort.” LMFAO!!

  • Chelseafan1989

    This is bullsh%t. Wii U is outselling Xbox One. Yet there is a Xbox One version. Also everyone who has a Wii U has free online. Unlike people with Xbox One who have too pay for online. Updates would be easier on the Wii U than Xbox One and the game pad is perfect for this type of game and last of all people make Nintendo stuff in the damn game!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    If it could be released on Vita, then it could be released on Wii U. Then again, as a Vita player I can say that Vita players are very invested in their library.

  • Chelseafan1989

    Wii U sales > PS Vita and Xbox One sales

    • JB

      To be fair, Microsoft have sold more XB1 units in less time than the Wii U’s almost two year existence. The Vita has cross capability with the PS3, so it has that going for it.

      • Yen

        It’s true, but that’s not what they said, they said install base. In terms of pure install base, the Wii U should still be considered.

        • JB

          If you’re looking at pure install base, yeah the U should be considered… Though you have to ask yourself, how long will it be before the Xbox One pulls ahead? Like I said in one of my other posts, they are more than likely looking at projected install base, which I’m sure any company worth their salt looks at all the data available to them.

      • Petri

        Excuse me?
        You just can’t simply port a game from PS3 to Vita, and have it magically work with minimal effort.
        If you think of cross buy, that Sony artificially keeps up, then that does not really mean shit to a third party dev.
        And more is more, no matter what the span of time it has got on it.
        Seeing that xbone sales has stagnated since the early rush to Wii U’s levels does not help either.

  • Bowsah

    Ehhh…..I’d say this coming to the Wii U would be justifiable if there’s people that’s haven’t played Minecraft yet and wants to. But….I’m going to assume here that a vast majority (including myself) have already played Minecraft on another console/device. I of course welcome more 3rd party games. I’d like the Wii U to get as many as it possible can.
    Including Minecraft for the people who haven’t played it and/or want to try it on the Wii U. But (if this were to get released on the Wii U) I just don’t think it will sell that much.

    Though, I do see how lousy the excuse that they’re giving is. The Xbox One’s install base is smaller than the Wii U’s but….wtfe I guess.

    • T J

      I’m guessing that Xbox Live would let 360 owners play with xb1 owners. In that context, the XB1 has more of a claim to Minecraft than Wii U (as much as I hate saying that).
      Its a funny thing that you mention, though. The line about “I’m going to assume here that a vast majority have already played ______ on another console/device.” is the biggest problem with 3rd party sales on Wii U devices. Why would I buy Watch Dogs months after initial release when I’ve played it at a friends place? 3rd party games generally aren’t good enough to warrant post-release buying. Only reason it works for PC is modding.
      I’ve never sat and played Minecraft myself, though. I’m curious to.

      • Bowsah

        Honestly, in general the thing that completely destroys a games chance of selling well is delays for a specific console. Chances are people have already played whatever game it is on another console. Such as with Minecraft and WatchDogs.

        If you ever get the chance, you should try Minecraft. It’s not a very engrossed, action packed, explosions everywhere kind of game. It’s a game where build whatever you want. And (for the semi story mode of it) try to survive in “the wild” by making things out of the resources around you.

    • Petri

      I’m going to speak out of my ass for a minute.
      I do not give a single duck about Minecraft, and it physically hurts me to call it a game.
      Now that we got that out of the way,

      I’m pretty sure, that people who owns the game…, they would still get it on the Wii U, just to see what it could bring to the table.
      Now if they made it just simple plain 360 port with no usage of special features, and asked 20$, that could turn people off from it.

      But they are choosing to wait, until Minecraft no longer supports their lifestyle,
      then make a last desperate attempt to port the game on the left out platforms, only to cry when it does not sell.

      • Bowsah

        “It physically hurts me to call it a game.”

        First of all, I’m a bit concerned if calling it a game causes you physical pain. Second of all, even you must admit Minecraft is a better game than Super Man 64, yeah? XD
        I respect you opinion, though. I’m just saying. There ARE worser games out there. Also keep in mind that Minecraft did start out as an indie game. I don’t think the creator imagined Minecraft being a big hit and internet sansation. Like Slender and Amnesia.

        I guess I can see people wanting to try it out on the Wii U. But realistically how many? I personally think not that much. It’s kind of like WatchDogs. Yeah, it’ll be coming out on the Wii U “soon”, but again, realistically how many Wii U owners are going to try it let alone buy it? Not very many. That’s how I think Minecraft would turn out.

        • Petri

          I did not say it’s bad, just don’t think it should be called a game, I would call it a chore.
          I have never played Super Man 64, but that’s what I hear.

          Though I have wasted this topic more time than I’d prefer.
          But I do not think it’s the same deal as Watch Dogs.
          Though I agree that more time passes, less appeal it will have.
          But that’s the nature of industry and the consumer.
          And even though I would not touch it with ten feet stick with dog poo on the pointy end, I bet that it would do whole lot better than Watch Dogs will.

          As far as the Nintendo fanbase goes, don’t you think that millions upon millions of Nintendo themed Minecraft clips on YouTube alone would have already justified a port?
          Though I think it should have been on the system at launch, and it would most probably be among top sellers competing with Mario for the top spot.

        • JudgeMethos

          It is a fun game but nowhere near as better Super Mario 64. Seriously, dude. When did that come from?

          • Bowsah

            Dude, you completely misread. I said Super MAN 64! Not Super Mario 64! How did you get Man and Mario mixed up?

          • JudgeMethos

            Umm…I think I misread yew O:-) I could have swore 8 read Super Mario 64. My bad. My bad.

  • bquick1314

    Minecraft would work perfect on the Wii U. I think the dual screen gameplay would be better than even the original PC controls. On top of it all, both Wii U and Minecraft are big hits for kids and families, I think Wii U would make a lot more sense than some of the other platforms the game has been on.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Nah..i’ll pass..Once again excuses…Not buying it this time because 3ds has more of a fanbase than vita over 40 million but the vita 6 to 7 million last i heard so cut the crap 4J No one want to hear your lame excuses..We all know you hate Nintendo just as does EA..

    • ben

      Yeah, these little digs at Nintendo backfire when people use logic. These companies should just admit they dont want to work with Nintendo.

  • HavokPants

    its liek they wnt quiksc0ped

  • Arkamarky

    I think this game would be better on 3DS

  • Rich Garriques

    install base of 7 million? mean while x1 has lesser n is still getting the game, i think the problem is third party devs and not nintendo at this point. this really getting old.

  • Christian Schoff

    The install base is bigger than Xbox One! That’s hecka bulls***!

  • Rich Garriques

    fuck minecraft games garbage anyway

  • Yen

    I like Terraria better.

  • the_battery

    if nintendo/WiiU are known as the “kiddie company/console” and MInecraft is generally incredibly popular with kids. wouldn’t that mean that the player base would be huge? (this does not express my opinion on nintendo or WiiU)

    • ben

      Yeah, that is the thing, turns out the wii u is actually for hardcore gamers. Kids like the 3ds. Dad likes the wii u.

      • oontz

        That doesn’t make much sense seeing as the same titles and IPs appear on both systems.

        • ben

          I was just making a joke because Miyamoto said that Nintendo is for hardcore gamers. I was not being serious.
          The wii u does have more teen/adult rated first party games than the 3DS. Has nintendo made a teen/adult game for the 3ds?

          • Bowsah

            There have been a few. Such as:

            Bravely Default (T)
            Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (T)
            Fire Emblem: Awakening (T)
            Does Resident Evil Revelation count? If memory serves me right, wasn’t it a 3DS exclusive for a time?
            Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (T)

          • ben

            FE is not really an adult game and the rest are not first party.

          • Ben English

            You asked for teen or adult though…?

            Spirit Camera was rated T…of course it was also terrible so.

            Sakura Samurai, as well.
            And that STEAM Heroes thing coming out next year.

  • LordiMcKill

    Can I just point out that it’s not up to 4J to decide on a Wii U port its Mojang.

  • LordiMcKill

    I just commented about this to 4J on Twitter, doubt I’ll get a response though.

  • J_Joestar

    They could at least come up with a better excuse than that…

  • Lily AJ Page

    I would definitely buy it on Wii U. Would be nice to have something I can play it on thats more portable than my Goliath of a PC. so I could take it to my grandmothers house when we visit her and such. or possibly get the fag lighter adapter and play it in the car :L

  • halofanatic

    I’m pretty sure they’re going to make one, because of features on the Wii U gamepad. And also because of demand in a way.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    It would be very stupid of them not to make a Wii U version the system has the best interface for a game like Minecraft

  • “We get paid by Microsoft and Sony not to release our games on Nintendo consoles…”

    • Petri

      “We are too cool to develop for Nintendo consoles, console fanboys, buy our shit!”

  • Gabe Hoffman

    The install base argument is bullshit for two reasons.
    1. Wii U is already on track to outpace X1
    2. Yacht Club has said Wii U has a very solid attachment for indie games
    I wish publishers would stop throwing around this whole install base crap its getting old

    • Lee

      It’s not bullshit at all, developers look at install bases before going to that platform..
      also the wii u being on track to outpace the XB1 is not an achievement as its been out an extra year. I love Nintendo, although their first party games are the best, they definitely need to bring third party developers to their console, imagine a console where you can play ALL great games.

      • Bowsah

        “Imagine a console where you can play ALL great games.”

        Joking mode: you mean the PS4? Sony’s tagline is “greatness awaits” after all. 😉

      • BrBa

        A system that is as powerful as the PS4 and have the exclusives as great as Nintendo, + the advance Kinect would be the Ultimate Console XD.

        Actually, we have it, It’s called PC. Smartphone.

  • Ghazbaran

    I’d buy it. Minecraft is pretty fun if you are creative enough and using the gamepad would add to the experience.

  • iamserious

    My son loves Minecraft so yeah I would get it definitely just for him to play it. Minecraft is huge with elementary and middle school aged kids. I honestly think it would do well on the Wii U. Sad that it has a larger user base than Xbox1 and it still gets no love. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • BrBa

      I agree, I still don’t understand why the Studios didn’t port their games on it. the PS4/ONE already have it since the launch … I mean sure, Wii U owners ain’t buy much 3rd party games, but if it’s a right game, I believe it would sell very well.

  • Frangie Yu

    hell yeah minecraft on wiiu.. why not …

  • leo bel

    this game make more sence on wii u because of the gamepad , imagine how easy would be to build .

  • Madmagican

    Ehhh…. I don’t want it, but I know a lot of people that do

  • Gozeta

    Screw them, just back this for the wii U instead. Better hurry, only a few hours left. XD

    • Petri

      Yeah, no.
      Two fundamental problems with this one:
      1. Wii U port is almost at 3 times more than the initial goal for the game.
      2. It’s a kickstarter.

  • BrBa

    Imho, Minecraft is best to play on PC. Not on the consoles, console versions is very limited while on PC, it’s basically endless contents, all thanks to the Huge mod community.
    Just like Skyrim, Fallout 3/Vegas, GTA V, or any open world games.

  • Nova Prime

    What the hell should 4J even care about sales money for? They (and Mojang) made MILLIONS off of this piece of crap. How about give the game to people who want to play it instead of being money grubbing scum? They’re the laziest, most untalented developers on Earth and think that they are god’s gifts to the gaming world or something.. This is absurd. I understand if Ubisoft or something won’t develop on Nintendo’s ‘failed’ console because they have a worldwide business to run, but these guys..

  • Big_Dean

    minecraft developer says “Oh yeah, we only sold 1000 copies on that platform so let’s kill it off’. That’s not the way Minecraft has been developed.”
    I blinked and over 1000 wii u owners would have bought minecraft for the wii u. I blinked again, another 1000. blinked. another 1000.
    worst excuse I ever heard for not bringing minecraft to the wii u. there is plenty of demand for it.

  • Petri

    I wish this crap just went away.
    It has over stayed it’s welcome a long time ago.

    But on the topic…
    More from categories “we’re too cool to develope on a Nintendo platform, so we’ll just make a bunch of excuses.”
    The reality of this shit currently is, that it would sell on toasters if it was released, but I guess they want to wait that the fad is over, and then make the last desperate attempt to suckle remaining platforms and cry when it does not sell.

    Releasing on vita kinda blows their whistle, unless Sony is funding that shit.

  • Andrew Clear

    tired of this install base lie. So, release it on the Xbox One, which has a smaller install base than the Wii U, and then you say it depends on Wii U’s install base… pfft.

    Sounds like they just don’t like the Wii U, or Nintendo, for the most part, and they should just be freaking honest. Tired of these damn game devs who think they are running for public office..

  • A – Kuma

    While i’m not a minecraft person in the slightest, and i definitely wouldn’t buy it for myself(my gf loves this shit though), i do have to say it would be completely retarded to not make this for the Wii U.
    The install base isn’t big enough? 7 FUCKING MILLION PEOPLE is not enough? These guys are full of shit, there has to be something else behind that statement. The install base is bigger than XboxOne and falls a few million short of PS4, that’s the most retarded excuse they could ever come up with.hell, who says the entirety of the PS4/XB1 owners will buy this game?

    To say the install base isn’t big enough for a game like minecraft is laughable and at the same time makes me shake my head in disappointment at the obvious lame ass excuse, they’re literally just jumping on the bandwagon. Seeing this makes me thing all the 3rd party devs are doing that.

    To the mentally self-entitled “gaming industry experts”: save the bullshit for the toilet

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I have normally ignored Minecraft on multiple platforms as I had little interest in it, so I am okay with offense to those who likes the game.

  • I’m not a huge fan of Minecraft, though it is a good sandbox game, but this is pretty irritating. Especially since they have put the game on Vita which should be the absolutely the last place to port the game. I’d rather see it on Dreamcast than Vita… Okay that’s a bit far but you see my point. I’m pretty sure it’s their own personal reasons for not putting it on Ninty platforms.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • BrBa

    I usually defend 3rd party game companies when it come to porting their games on the Wii U. But games like Minecraft, which would fit very well with the Wii U audiences, and what not. this is just an excuse from them.
    What a shame :P.
    I don’t really care much anyways, since I already got the game.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Meh i played minecraft like 6 hours in total or something, and i didnt like it that much, got repetetive. And theres nothing more to it then just buld and create stuff out of blocks. also the envoirments is a turn off point for me.

  • JudgeMethos

    So, the fact remains that the Wii U has a BIGGER install base over XBox One but that’s the line they wanna go with? Dude, just say you don’t wanna put it on the Wii U and be done with it. At least try the Vita since the 3DS would only possibly get the pocket version.

  • Salamihawk

    Minecraft. “Much too big of an effort.”


  • Justinr

    My 2 kids play minecraft a lot. I’ve watched them play it a lot. I have zero ambition to get into that mess. Its very creative and the imagination at work is insane, I just don’t get the popularity of it.

  • Sean

    mine craft sucks…badly

  • Mr. J

    I really want this game on Wii U, but if it doesn’t come to it I’m still good because I own a ps4.

  • Venus Adept

    Minecraft is still important?

  • Alexthechill


    • 3DS is “To weak” they would say, even though Notch said a few years back he was interested in the idea of Minecraft in 3D…

      • Ben English

        Notch being interested in 3D doesn’t change whether or not the 3DS is not fast enough to handle the game.

        • JudgeMethos

          I believe he or one of developers have said before that the 3ds could only handle the pocket version of MC.

        • The “New” 3DS is about as strong as the PS3/360, so it could have the 360 version. And Minecraft isn’t very complicated or anything anyway.

          • Ben English

            Uh.. citation needed to the max there buddy. There’s no word on how powerful the New 3DS processor is, and it’s not even possible yet to match the power of the 7th gen consoles in the 3DS’ form factor. It would run too hot to hold.

          • Uh no. The PS3 and 360 are 8 year old technology, Nintendo by know could easily have made similar stuff compressed into a handheld. I guess you think the Vita is weak or it would “run to hot” as you say.

          • Ben English

            Running too hot is the explicit reason given by Sony that the Vita isn’t as powerful as the PS3. Eight year old technology thought it is, we still don’t have the ability to keep it cool without a heat sink and fan, and the 3DS is too small for that to be a viable solution. I expect the New 3DS to be 500MHz, maybe 1GHz at most. The PS3 has a *3GHz* processor. Even the Wii U, with it’s lower heat and power consumption by design, needs a significant heat sync and fan with a 3-core 1.24 GHz processor.

            There’s a big difference between ‘similar’ tech and ‘equal’ tech, and there’s no way the New 3DS is going to be even as powerful as the Vita because then it might as well be a whole new system.

          • But the “New” 3DS has futuristic technology that hasn’t even been invented yet. Nintendo went into the future to obtain it (I can’t go into details due to an “NDA” but lets just say the “New” 3DS has a bit of tech in it from the year 5084 in it….

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Eh don’t really see the point when the PC version is and will always be superior.
    Don’t want to be one of those “pc master race” guys, but really, Minecraft should be played on PC

    • To be fair, Minecraft on PC has changed so much since back in the day, it’s hardly the same game anymore, with it getting way more shit, and making item crafting way more difficult and complex.

  • Petri

    Got me thinking…
    Will Mario Maker make any difference to this situation?
    It is similar “make your own game, because we can’t be bothered” deal.
    Would it mean that there is a market for “creativity” games, or its selling only because Mario, and there is no market for Minecraft in Nintendo fans.
    But why do I get 1.1 million hits with “MC (minecraft) Nintendo”, 3.9 million with “MC Mario”, 12.7 million with “MC Zelda” and whopping 14.5 million hits with “MC Luigi” on You tube?
    Of course most of those hits might be about adventures of stereotypical Italian middle man gangster named Luigi.

    But still, Minecraft can go choke on a turd for all I care.

  • brian

    Does anyone really care? I mean, Ive got it on my PC, my phone, and soon my PS4.

  • Cyburg

    If they realeased it for wii u i would buy it the day it comes out or pre order it.

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    3 Words: W T F
    “We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort”

    Yeah Port it to freakin’ xbone and pSHIT

    “Mojang go kill yourself” – MewtwoWillBeBack

    Oh i forgot Microsoft have DEAD Minecraft.

  • Mads

    Quite a missleading headline…

  • thomas stevenson

    Developers act like consumers are dumb and dont know which concsoles are selling better

  • Kiefer Wickham

    But the Wii u has a bigger install base than the Xbox one

    • Shhhhh. Don’t speak commons sense, some people don’t like that. The truth hurts as they say. And any truth that exposes 3rd parties as liars makes alot of people hurt lol. Butthurt that is.

  • Joshua Williams

    Hell yeah I would!

  • Erwin234
  • Nintenjoe82

    The most sickening thing about the failure of the Wii U is the fact that it could enhance so many of the games it isn’t going to get

    • oh no

      Wii u fail ? what failure are you talking about the over 7 million in sales that is pushing to 8 million ,….lol….or I get it the failure of that piece of junk xbone one is what you really mean with not even 5 million in actual sales…….

      • Nintenjoe82

        I love my Wii U, I played 1500 hours of games on it in 2013. It is without doubt my favourite console ever created, even with its many flaws (including things I have never known on a Nintendo like frequent crashes). If it had been marketed well from launch, it would now be the top selling console but would be getting caught up by PS4.

        Despite how much I love mine, the Wii U is a failure by many measures such as retaining 3rd party support, Nintendo hardware sales expectations, the reception of the gamepad, the 1st party retail game droughts, the untapped potential of the gamepad, keeping retailers on board, the ridiculous amount of misinformation that is spread about it by gaming media……

        It might reach N64 numbers or better if it continues to improve but that’s not a success in the grand scheme of things. Xbone isn’t exactly a failure yet. It’s outselling the 360 in relative terms and has a much longer planned lifespan than Wii U.

  • Gizmo

    3Ds is a perfect platform to do it on. Heck, the New 3DS in Japan is perfect for the game!!!

  • Minecraft isn’t too important. Would be cool and would work perfectly fine on the WiiU Gamepad, one of the games that could really profit from that Gamepad. But talking of profit, I guess a game that has been made by one single indie-dev can’t have enough of it nowadays, huh?

    As I said, it’s not so important, what really SUCKS tough is that Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been announced for everything but the WiiU.
    No surprise somehow, but Resident Evil has been one of the franchises that at least COULD have been released in the WiiU. After they’ve ported RE Revelations 1 it would make sense to at least give us a XBox360 Port right? Nope? Damn.

  • Ben English

    The Wii U has a bigger install base than XBO.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Yeah, but most of that install base dont buy enough games to be considered a bigger install base

      • A – Kuma


  • HydePark1980

    Let’s cut the shit people, third parties don’t want to put their games on Wii U. Nintendo came to terms with this a long time ago and they seemed to have moved on, the rest of the world needs to come to terms with it and move on too. Third parties can keep doing what they’re doing and Nintendo will keep doing what they’re, ten years from now we’ll see who’s still around.

  • Squid

    Wii U in my opinion could have the best controls. For people who prefer the double analog sticks, there you go. Or an easier way of placing blocks, touch screen.

  • oh no

    hmm xbone one sold nearly 5 million …in actual sales they said….Wii u has sold over 7 million and pushing to 8 million ……..ps4 is 10.1 million ……so what makes sense here …..ps4 and the Wii u does…..xbone one is a garbage system to begin with……ps4 and the wii u are the best for games and all…..

  • oh no

    Wii u is the best…..

  • oh no

    what’s so great about this game …I don’t get it…

    • It’s for the creative types who like making things from their imagination.

  • happy gilmore

    yes i would buy for the wii u

  • Jason Rodriguez

    yes i want minecraft 4 the wii u it a good way to sell it in WW

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Well… He is right. The fanbase is too small

    • Yet Xbox One’s is smaller, and what about the 3DS? Hmm? Notch at one time said he was interested in Minecraft in 3D…

  • MasterpieceGamer

    There so many gamers in Miiverse community that want Minecraft coming to Wii U and 3DS. Come on and bringing it onto Nintendo systems in 2015. You must be happy since u got lots of Nintendo gamers waiting for it. Go check Miiverse community and trust me. There more social sites. Come on and be kind to Nintendo gamers. 🙂

  • Marlon Frijters

    We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort.”….

    …Well then FU.

    • JudgeMethos

      Even though the Xbox One has a lower install base…the effort must somehow be worth it. They have weird logic.

      • TheNightmareIsReal

        What’s funny is the Wii’s install base was larger than all the other last gen systems and still it didn’t get the game.

  • jlahoud

    I do not believe that install base theory …this is just BS for fools….XBOX One has a couple of millions less units sold than Wii U and still will get this game

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Well, the thing is that there are more Minecraft fanboys on PC, SONY, and Microsoft platforms.

      Just because the Wii U install base is bigger, it doesnt mean that of they are going to buy the game…. or games. Most of the Wii U install base only cares about Nintendo games, thats all.

      And Sorry for my Grammer

      • Petri

        Stop with that “fanboys” bullshit.
        Minecraft is not a series with serious following.
        Believe PC is pretty much where the serious fans of the game are.
        Minecraft would sell pretty much on any system it is put on to.
        There is millions upon millions of Nintendo themed Minecraft videos on YouTube, so to state that Nintendo fans, or even Wii U gamers would not want it is just absurd.
        Miiverse is packed with kids that would love that shit.
        But these twats think they’re serious triple A mature games developer, too cool to develop their game for a Nintendo platform in fear that kids might play it and MSony fanboys would talk smack about them behind their backs.

        And you are excused for your grammar, in fact this is the internet, not literacy convention, so you don’t have to apologize for grammar, only twats will care about grammar when you can obviously tell what the person is trying to say.

        I am sorry, if this message comes off as angry or hostile, since neither is the case here, just making some points.

    • james

      And they know Xbox One’s install base will surpass Wii U’s.

      • jlahoud

        How do they know ? There is more than 2 millions difference between Wii U and Xbox sales and we are not sure Xbox will catch up here are the reasons: Since E3 and Mk8 Wii U is on the roll…. Wii U is doing better than some media whan people to think..XBOX One must compete with PS4 and PC to some extent…they share the same market or audience …as for Wii U it appeals to a different audience or market….if PS4 is performing better is no good news for Xbox…as for Wii u its on a planet of its own…finally people realise that there is plenty of great games coming and actual..and plenty of exclusives that cannot exist on any other platform or PC…

        • TheNightmareIsReal

          All you need to state are the facts, and the fact is Wii U has been outselling Xbox One for a good while now.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo


  • Jon Turner

    Hypocritical statement in every sense.

  • Shant Kesheshian would be awesome to pick items with the gamepad
    2.This game would make wii u more popular
    3.The free wi-fi will make it an appealing port of MC

  • Eric Degrechie

    Eh. Anyone with a crappy PC can run this game. A Wii U version would be great, but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

  • Guest

    I don’t understand why so many kids games aren’t on Wii U. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Minecraft both seem like apt titles for this system — I don’t mean that as a knock against Wii U or Nintendo systems. My nephews play my PS4 to play Garden Warfare for instance, but it seems like it’d be first released on Wii U. Plus you only hear kids using the party chat.

    I know they’d want Minecraft on that system, but they’re unlikely to get an Xbox or PS system any time soon is my point. They only have nintendo systems and tablets (where they play minecraft!)

    I guess every family is different but PS and Xbox seem catered to more M-rated stuff and Wii U seems like a good home for these sort of games.

  • Des

    They should just port it to the original Wii. Minecrafts graphics are so retro (horrible?) that I’m sure it can be ported without a problem. There you have the install base. With backwards compatibility, Wii U (only) owners can get their hands on it as well. Market it as Wii/Wii U compatible. Problem solved.

  • William Cole

    Minecraft was made for Wii U. This would be the best GamePad use since well… ever!

  • Well, this was expected.

    But, they didn’t disconfirm 3DS…

  • Waffle_Warri0r

    If they do decide to release MC for the wii u they would make a ton of money. Same with 3DS

    • FutureFox

      Nintendo would be better off making a more polished clone at this point. They are not above taking ideas and doing something with it. With the vocal power of the community if this said game were to their liking it would likely sell very well. It would need some killer differentiator though.

  • fireheartis1

    My boys love this game and all they have is the Pocket version on their Tablets. If this came out for the Wii U I would buy it on day one. It does look like a fun game and I would even try it out if it came to the Wii U. Using the “user base” excuse sounds like BS to me.

  • Dan Jackson

    What a load of horse shit!
    Xbox one and PS Vitas install base are just as low, in the case of xbox lower and they release on those systems. What a weak excuse, it’s the easy get out card now, blame the install base on Wii U all the third party developers do it, but continue to release on xbox one
    What a joke!

  • Zach Cruz

    I gotta pick this up for Vita I didnt know it was out already on Vita.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    I know my wife would enjoy so of course I would have it here, but the only console I want to see it on is the wiiu. It’ll just feel right playing it on the wiiu